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The War Diaries:Part 2

Jack and Dot get down and dirty, but not with each other
The incredible story that was unfolding here had me on the edge of my seat. My staid, conservative, parents were being exposed as anything but! Almost like an onion, each letter was a layer that you peeled off, leaving something new and surprising underneath.

I picked up the next letter, dated May3, 1942.

Dear Jack,

I knew you had it in you! She sounds like a lovely girl! I wouldn’t mind meeting her. What you wrote was very sexy! It got me so worked up that when Jane came over after our shift, I practically ripped her clothes off! Normally, she comes over for a cup of coffee and we talk, but today, I met her at the door with a wet sloppy kiss, my hands all over her blouse, squeezing and kneading her luscious breasts. I was in such a state that I popped two of her buttons trying to get her blouse off. I lifted her bra straps from her shoulders and peeled the cups from her bouncing breasts, kissing her neck, collarbone and cleavage before attaching myself to her stiffening nipples.

“Whoa girl!” she said, “I haven’t seen you in 45 minutes and this is the welcome I get?” Maybe I should stay away for an hour or two!” She laughed at her own joke, cradling my head in her hands as I sucked on her nipple like a starving child. We made it to the couch where we sat and kissed, undressing each other, fondling breasts, tweaking nipples, generally getting each other aroused to the point of needing release.

Jane had been caressing the front panel of my panties, which by now were sopping wet. She knelt in front of me, peeling the lust dampened garment from my hips, spreading my legs, and staring at my exposed pussy. “I think we’ll take care of you first!” she said, her voice dripping with lust. She combed her fingers through the moist curls of my bush, exposing my swollen pink lips. Gently, her lips brushed against me, sending a shiver up my spine. Her warm breath felt so good. I wanted her so badly! I wanted her tongue in my pussy, tasting me, thrilling me! I let out a long, low moan as I felt the tip of her tongue part my cunt lips. “Mmmm! You taste especially good today, Dot.” she said between licks up and down, and in and out of me. I opened my legs wider, so she could delve deeper into moist and needy pussy, my hands gravitating to her head, holding her close. The smell of my excitement began to fill the room. Relentlessly she drove onward, making me wetter and wetter, until I felt as if I peed on her face. I was so embarrassed! But Jane, in her soothing way assured me that I had not, and kissed me deeply to prove it. “Does that smell or taste like pee?” she asked between tongue thrusts into my mouth.

Jane is such a good lover, Jack. And a good teacher, too! The feel of her tongue on my ’clitty’ as she calls it, is like heaven! You never tasted me, Jack! Other than ignorance, is there a reason? I know you’ve tasted ‘Winnie’. How delicious is she? And, when you get home you MUST tell me how different she tastes from me! But, I digress.

I returned the favor of eating Jane just before mother arrived with little Tommy, who greeted ’Aunty Jane with a hug and a kiss before going to play in his room. I don’t believe she suspects anything. I’m sure she would never understand!

May 4 th , 1942

Jane came over again after work today and we settled into our routine of fingers and lips, caresses and pinches, breast kissing and nipple rubbing. I’ve gotten so I need her touch on a daily basis. I did confess to her today, that as wonderful a lover as she is, that I miss the feel of a cock in my cunt. I was so afraid, she’d be angry! But to my surprise, she smiled as she said, “I was wondering how long it would take!”

She arose from the divan, rummaged through the dining room hutch, and went to the kitchen. Emerging a couple of minutes later with a red candle that she had carved into the shape of a long, hard penis! It’s longer than I remember you being, but thinner. I couldn’t wait! We retired to the bedroom where Jane spread me wide open and teased me unmercifully with the tip. Brushing the head just barely against my pussy, sending little thrills through me. Tickling my with the wick that stuck out from its head like a thread of cum. I begged her to “fuck me with that wicked little thing!” She laughed just before plunging it deep into my wetness. God! I thought I’d gone to heaven, Jack! I nearly exploded right there on the spot. Then Jane sucked my clitty while sliding “Little Jack” in and out. Oh, Jack! I came so hard! The sheets were soaked! And Jane just laughed as she licked up all my honey from my thighs and pussy. She said I was her wanton slut!

Then she told me a secret! She had one too! Hers, she said was made of ivory and she had bought it from a seedy little store in the city. We are going to go on Saturday to see what we can find for me!

You must tell me more of your adventures with your English lass! And remember, I want all the lurid details!


Your ‘wanton slut’ Dot

Every letter brought a new revelation about my parents! Mother’s lifelong ‘friend’, the woman all us kids knew as ’Aunty Jane’ was also her lover! I wondered if Dad ever enjoyed her as well. The had vacationed together many, many times. And Jane, who never married, even moved in with mom, after dad died! No wonder she blew off all our suggestions that she find a new man! I went back to the box for the next letter, dated June 15 th , 1942.

Dearest Dot,

Winnie has introduced me to something new! She called it ‘soixant-neuf’. That’s French for sixty-nine. She had me lie on her bed on my back. Then instead of lying face to face, she turned around and lowered her cunny to my face, asking me to lick her, which I gladly did. “Let’s see who cums first!“ she said. Then I felt her warm, wet mouth on my cock. I licked up and down her slit, sliding my fingers inside her, making her moan. Meanwhile, she is sliding her lips and tongue up and down the length of my cock, ’fucking her face’ she called it. She tasted so good! I can’t wait to try it out on you, Dot!.

We did this for several minutes, me fingering her cunt, while sucking on her clit, drinking the warm tangy juices that wept from within. Her bobbing up and down on my cock, fingering my balls, humming and moaning as she did so. I started to feel like I was going to cum and tried to pull her off! She wanted nothing to do with that and clamped her lips over the crown of my cock until it erupted in her mouth! Ropes of warm sperm jetted from my cock, coating her tongue, the roof of her mouth. Then she mumbled through a mouthful of cum to suck her clit, as she was “almost there!”

Wrapping my lips around the fleshy hood, I feathered her clit with tip of my tongue until her body shuddered, soaking my face with her musky juices. And if that wasn’t enough, she switched around and kissed me deeply, sharing me with her and vice versa. I must admit, I was put off by my own taste at first, but I think I will get used to it.

June 20 th , 1942

Winnie has just informed me that she is pregnant! I guess its no surprise. We fuck almost daily, and multiple times on weekends. It was bound to happen sooner or later. She never wanted me to wear a rubber. What am I to do? She can’t marry me! She doesn’t even want to! But she says, she can’t live without my cock. After she told me today, she led me into the bedroom, but I was so distracted, I couldn’t perform! “That’s OK” she said. “ I think I can persuade him! Just watch!” and she knelt down in front of me and sucked on my cock until it hardened up. She kept sucking, running her hand up and down the shaft, all wet with her spit. Her other hand fondled my balls. I began to feel that familiar ache. My cock telling my head who’s in charge. “Winnie! I think I’m going to cum!” I grunted.

A smile spread across her cock filled face as I spewed my sperm into her mouth. Still smiling, she let it drip out from the corners of her smile, down her chin, and onto her soft, round breasts. “Why don’t you use your fingers on me while you clean up my breasts?” she said, lying next to me. We kissed, then I licked up the congealing cream as my fingers brought her to an orgasm of her own.

June 23 rd , 1942

We just got orders that we are moving closer to the coast, for invasion training. I can’t tell you where. It’s a big secret!

I was afraid to tell Winnie, what with her expecting, and all but she took it very well. It seemed as if she were glad! We made love for one final time. I was very gentle. Very loving, made sure she came four times to my once. She promised to name the baby Jack. I almost cried! “But what if it’s a girl?” I asked.

“I know its going to be a boy!” she replied, “Now go out there and win the war!”

Dot, can you forgive me again? I’ve made such a mess. All because I was thinking with the wrong head!

Your loving husband,


Holy shit! I thought to myself. I have a brother over in England? I told my wife about all these revelations and she chuckled. “So your father was a real stud?” she said. “Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!” she added, fondling the bulge in my pants, and giving me a ‘come hither’ look as she wandered toward the bedroom. Apparently, she had gotten as turned on by this stuff as much as I had, and left a trail of clothes leading to the master bedroom. I followed suit, finding her spread out on the duvet, with two fingers churning up the juices from her hairless cunt.

“C’mon Jack! Winnie’s horny and wants to fuck!” she purred, faking an English accent, referring to my dad and his English lover.

What with funeral arrangements and other distractions, we hadn’t had much time for the two of us, and in my current state of arousal, it didn’t take much to interest me in doing the horizontal mambo. I stepped between her outstretched legs, aiming the glistening helmet of my manhood toward her equally moist slit. Slowly easing myself in, watching my cock stretch open her welcoming cunt. “Oh, God Tom! That feels so fucking good!” she moaned as I stuffed my cock deeper and deeper. “It’s been too long!” she added, raising her hips to meet my thrusts.

It didn’t take very long for both of us to peak, with me cumming first, grunting like a wild boar as my seed filled her, spilling out onto the bed cover. Even though I had emptied my balls, I kept thrusting, making her small breasts quiver. She pulled me closer, nibbling my ear, telling me how good it felt to be swimming in my sperm. Then with a shudder, I felt her cunt clamp onto my cock, milking me of the last vestiges of cum. We both rolled over and fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

I awoke early and returned to the task of reading my parents letters. The next one was dated August 15, 1942. My cock already stiff with anticipation of what new revelations I would find within.

Dear Jack,

Don’t worry, darling, I’m not angry with you! Obviously, Winnie wanted your baby, and she will get her wish. I want more of your babies, too!

Jane and I have been busy! The truck plant is at full production, churning out ¾ ton trucks by the hundreds. Who knows? Maybe you are traveling in one that we helped build!

We’ve been busy at home, too! Do you remember my telling you about the ivory ’toy’ she has? We went shopping and found one for me! I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out! It’s made from ebony wood. Its almost black, 10” long, hand carved, with a set of balls on it the size of apricots! The detail is amazing! Right down to the slit in the crown and the bulging veins running down its entire length.

Jane and I stripped the moment we got home and she started to tease me with it, rubbing the head against my thigh, just barely touching my puss lips, then running it up my belly and circling my nipples. I thought I’d go crazy! I begged her to fuck me with it and she just smiled, counseling me to be patient as she gently blew on my hungry pussy.

She trilled my pussy with the tip of her tongue, making me squirm and moan with need. My fingers combed through her hair, holding her face to my freshening sex when I felt the exquisite pressure of the wooden dildo against my wet lips. In it sank, ever so slowly stretching my cunt like never before! Every square inch of my insides screamed for its touch “Oh God, Jane! Stop teasing me! Fuck me with it! Please?” I screamed , rucking my hips up to help feed more of it to my ravenously hungry cunt. She just wrapped her lips around my swollen clit and hummed I came with a long howl, bucking and screaming as my cunt poured its liquid contents onto Jane’s face and my thighs, soaking the bed sheets in the process. She laughed as we kissed, sharing the delicious liquor, telling me that she hadn’t even fed me half of it! I told her that I thought I’d pass out if she tried! She just smiled!

August 16 th , 1942

I’m so glad today is Saturday! We were up almost all night playing with our toys! And, yes she got the whole thing inside me! And, no I didn’t pass out! But between the two of us the sheets are saturated with our cum. I have a lot of laundry to do!

We must learn to be less vocal. The neighbors complained this morning that there was “entirely too much noise emanating from” my apartment. Luckily enough, Jane had slipped out just before they came downstairs to complain. I could see Mrs. Edmonds trying to peek behind me, looking for evidence of a man, but she didn’t find any.

Now go out and find yourself another girl! I don’t want you to be out of practice when you get home!



His reply was no surprise!

September 19 th , 1942

Dearest Dot,

Out here in the country, it’s difficult getting off base, so my opportunities are rare, but I did get to the local pub last week. There was a shy young girl being harassed by a couple of GI’s. Since I outranked them (I made Sargeant last month!) I was able to rescue her without difficulty. We ‘shared a pint or two’ and I offered to walk her home. She told me her name was Pamela, and that she was 19 and lived just down the street. She accepted and we went for a stroll toward her house. She wasn’t prepared for the chill, so gave her my tunic and put my arm around her shoulder. Lucky for us, there was a full moon, so we could see where we were walking. We got to her house and she said, “I’d invite you in but Mum would not approve!” so she leaned up, offering herself for a kiss. I gently rubbed lips with her, not wanting to seem too forward. “I spend an evening with you and that’s all I get?” she said in a teasing way. So I grabbed her by the shoulders and planted a wet one on her. Her mouth opened immediately, sucking in my tongue and her hand went directly to my crotch, cupping my hard-on. Next thing I knew her hand was in my pants and she was stroking me, still kissing, only now my tongue was halfway down her throat. My hands were all over her small breasts and I started to unbutton her blouse.

Coming to my senses, I asked how were we going to do anything out here on the street. Her answer was to drag my next to the house, hidden in the shadows. She was bust unbuckling my pants, freeing my cock, when I heard her say, “Now that’s one hell of a piece of equipment!” Dropping to her knees, she kissed the crown of my cock, licking up the drop of pre-cum that had formed on the head. One hand fondling my balls, the other frigging the shaft and her warm wet mouth bobbing around the head made me groan. “Shhh!” she said, “Mum might hear!” then she returned to the task of bathing my cock with her saliva. It’s been a while since Winnie, so I had a lot stored up, and this little sweety definitely knew what she was doing. I tried hard to stifle the grunt as I felt my cock expand in her mouth. Apparently, she wasn’t quite ready for the volume I gave her and some of it seeped from the corners of her mouth onto my tunic. Smacking her lips, wiping her chin, she noticed, the rivulets of sperm, and apologized profusely. “Tell you what.” she said, “come back tomorrow evening and I’ll have it cleaned up for you!” She turned and ran up the stairs to her front door. “G’night Jack!” She blew me a kiss!

What choice did I have? I arrived the next night and was invited to dinner. Fish and chips. Do theses people eat anything else? I was introduced to ‘Mum’ who looked at me like I was going to deflower her daughter. After we ate, we all sat in their living room and chatted. A little disappointed that it seemed like a repeat of last night wasn’t in the cards, I grabbed my tunic and made excuses. She offered to see me out to the street, where we shared several minutes of hot kisses. This time I was able to get my hands up under her blouse, my fingers exploring every inch of her small perky breasts. She especially liked it when I gently pulled on them, purring into my mouth and pressing herself forward. “There’s no time for much else, Jack. I’m sure Mum is watching from some window.” Her hands were in my pants and she was jerking me off while I played with her tits. In no time I was spewing my load all over the inside of my boxers. Pam smiled as she licked me from her fingers, turned to go, whispering “Tomorrow night at the pub!”

True to her word, Pamela was at the pub. After a single pint, we went out back to her car. It was an open top roadster and she drove us out to the country. Thank God there was a full moon! Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to see two inches in front of our faces! As it was we spent a lot of time groping in the seats, her left hand on my head, the other in my pants, my lips locked onto the puffy nipple jutting from her chest, my hand hovering over her panty clad cunt. “Your lips feel so good on my titties, Jack!” she moaned, wrapping her fist around my growing manhood. My hand slid inside her “Knickers” as she called them and I began playing with her clit. Her hips moved against my hand, spreading her wetness, making her moan more. Between pants she told me “Jack!… I’m a virgin…and I want….to save myself…for the right man.”

I stopped in my tracks! Noticing my consternation, she added. “Don’t stop yet! Just because I haven‘t done it doesn‘t mean we can‘t have fun” To punctuate her statement, she kept sliding her hand up and down my cock.

“I don’t understand!” I said.

“I want you to fuck my bum!” she replied.

Getting out of the car, she draped herself over the trunk of her car, peeling off her damp panties and exposing as delicious looking an ass as I’ve ever seen! “Come on, then! I want to feel you inside me!”

Somewhat surprised by how forward she was, but remembering what you said, I dropped my pants and stepped behind her. The globes of her ass were very inviting and I slid my cock between her legs, smearing some of her honey on the crown of my dick. Grabbing her cheeks with both hands, she spread herself open, her brown pucker winking at me. Tentatively, I pressed forward, watching as my cockhead kissed her asshole. It held for a moment before opening and letting my stiffness invade her nether regions. My God, Dot! I’ve never felt anything like it! So hot! So tight! So deliciously naughty! I watched closely as her ass swallowed my cock until my balls bumped against her pussylips. Letting go of her cheeks she grabbed my hands and brought them to her breasts, kneading the pointed orbs like bread dough.

I kissed her neck and she whispered “Cum in my ass, Jack! I want to feel you cum in my ass!”

Rocking back and forth, feeling her sphincter massage my cock, my hands mauling her breasts. I felt her hand slip between her legs, caressing my sac with each slow, deep thrust.

“Oh God, Jack! You’re going to make me cum!” she said as she played with my nuts and tickled her clit. “I feel like such a slut!”

The tightness of her ass was just too much! I felt my balls tighten and the cum coursing up my dick, while I pulled and twisted her nipples. I grunted as my cock filled her ass with warm cum and her pussy clamped on her fingers. I pulled out and watched as globs of sperm drooled out of her stretched asshole. She put a hand underneath and let it drip onto her fingers and pool in her palm. Bringing her hand to her face, she slurped the white goo into her mouth, smacked her lips and said. “Kiss me Jack! Kiss me if you enjoyed fucking my ass!” And I did! For several minutes we kissed deeply, trading my sperm back and forth, until it was all gone.

They just called for the mail, so I will sign off for now. Write soon! Tell me more of your adventures with Jane!



It was then that I noticed my wife reading over my shoulder. She leaned over, licked my ear, and whispered lustily, “Hey GI! Wanna fuck me in the ass?”

(To be continued)

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