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Twenty Words For Snow

She stared out at the newly fallen snow, amazed at how itsparkled like a star strewn field, kissed by the sun. If only she could capture that it and describe the wonder, the beauty, the magic in a single word.

“I’d still have nineteen to go.” She mumbled, her warm breath clouding in the cold mountain air.

Twenty words for snow. That had been the assignment. So far, it hadn’t gone well.

Cold. Icy. Pure.

She had never been good with words, using them with an economy even in conversation, feeling more secure in the art of listening.

“How are you doing, Kylie? Time’s almost up.”

She sighed, shaking her head, blowing her honey colored bangs from her eyes in exasperation.

“It’s not fair.”

“It wasn’t meant to be fair, pet. You asked for a distraction, I gave you one.”

“Yes, but I wanted…”

“I know what you wanted. What you wanted has nothing to do with this, now concentrate. How many have you written down?”


He chuckled, shaking his head. Sighing, she did her best to focus on the assignment, chill creeping over her bare flesh like spidery fingers as she stared out the front door at the drifts, the other cabins ruining the view of the mountain. Isolation. She longed for it. When Robert had suggested this trip, she’d pictured a quaint little cottage nestled in the woods, hidden away from prying eyes. Not some cookie cutter ski lodge full of vanilla couples. She felt her lips turn south in a stubborn pout as she concentrated on adding words to her list.

Frozen. Endless. Sparkly.

“I’ve decided to change the rules, pet.”

She froze, her eyes going wide, hearing amusement in his voice. The crackle of flames beyond called to her, promising comfort and warmth. Resentment swept through her at her predicament; anger that Ryan had forced her to stand naked in the doorway while he sipped whiskey and enjoyed the heat of the hearth. She hated the games he made her play almost as much as she hated how much she longed for them, thrilling each time at those six simple words; I’ve a game for us, pet.

“To what?”

She blushed at how her voice shook, hoping she could blame it on the cold or perhaps on fear rather than anticipation.

“I’ve decided to give you more time. You have until my brother and wife return.”

She almost turned, her jaw dropping at the thought of being caught out like this, naked and recently fucked, his cum seeping out of both her ass and her pussy. How was she supposed to concentrate knowing the consequences? Of course, she could simply call his bluff, slam the door shut and get dressed. If only it were that easy. Nothing was ever easy with Ryan. Besides, she knew that, if she did, it would be over. His cruel games would end. There were no second chances. That was the nature of the games they played. Once she committed herself, it was impossible to back out.

“What if I fail?”

He answered with a laugh, leaving her uncertain, struggling for inspiration.

Clean. Soft.

Taking a deep breath, she stared across the freshly fallen snow, remembering the night before, of being safe and warm inside the rented chalet, of laughing at the fake bear skin rug covering the floor, the white fur turned orange by the firelight. She smiled, the memory of soft plush against her hands and shins as she knelt, her legs spread for him, the weight of him against her, the feel of his strong hands circling her waist as he pushed his thick cock slowly into her ass, pushing her tight anal ring open, coaxing her to relax, to push back as he took her from behind, warning her to silence. It wouldn’t do to wake Robert or Jenny…

“I can’t even come up with ten.”

“Because you’re not trying, pet. Concentrate.”

She stared down at the spiral notepad resting against her rib cage, her pen poised uselessly. Jenny had always teased her about her breasts, but she liked the way they looked, her perky nipples stiff with cold, ringed by pink, her skin as pale as the moon. Moving her hands she felt a warm blush creeping across her cheeks, shivering as the winter chill hooked its claws into her once more, the memory of the car ride up playing in her mind again, the drive through the mountains in the dark. Her husband at the wheel, Jenny keeping him company while Ryan ran his fingers teasingly over the seam of her jeans and toyed with her zipper, his smile gleaming in the moonlight, amused by her inability to stop him.

Heart pounding, recalling how she’d spread her knees for him as he drew her zipper slowly down, discovering both surprises that she’d prepared; a lack of panties and a smoothly shaved pussy. He’d teased her about that since they’d begun their affair, never once thinking she would actually do it.

“For me?” he’d asked, his words so soft that, had she not been watching his lips, she’d have missed them.

She simply nodded, her smile shy, eyes closing until she’d shut out everything but the feel of his fingers as stroking her pussy, stoking the fire between her thighs, his touch as light as a feather, her excitement slowly building over the miles, oblivious to all else.

He’d never let her climax, gauging her reaction, pausing when she got too close, resuming when her breathing softened. He’d kept her like that for an hour, poised on the edge of nirvana, pretending to be asleep while Robert and Jenny droned on and on about the snow, obviously excited about spending the day on the slopes, something she’d never been interested in. As always, she was just along for the ride.

“You’d better hurry, pet. You don’t have long.”

“I know…” Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to recall anything to help her in her quest for words describing snow, wondering if Ryan would really keep his promise, the threat of making her stand in the doorway, naked, his cum trickling down the inside of her thighs until she either thought of twenty words for snow or Robert and Jenny returned. He wouldn’t dare. Would he?

“I’m freezing!” she declared suddenly, stamping her foot petulantly on the wooden threshold.

She was met with frustrating silence. It could have been worse. At least the sun was out, warming the thin mountain air enough to endure for a short time. All she had to do was come up with another twelve.


She took a deep breath, shivering as an errant breeze curled around her, pulled in by the warmth of the fire. Ryan could be such a prick at times. The exact opposite of Robert. He would never make her stand in the cold like this with an impossible task. He was always sweet to her, spoiling her and showering her with affection. Robert was the perfect husband, and yet, Ryan was the one who played perverted games with her. Ryan was the one who made her feel dirty.

The shiver that ran up and down her spine had nothing to do with the weather. It was the memory of the morning they’d spent together while her sister Jenny and her husband hit the slopes. This trip had been for them. Those kind of winter sports held little interest for Ryan or herself. Breathlessly, she recalled his words, whispered in her ear the moment they were alone.

“Who is going to be my dirty little girl while Jenny is away, pet?”

“I am.” She’d breathed, trembling at the warmth of his breath, her heart pounding so hard she thought it would burst.

They’d spent the next few hours in the unused loft, exploring his every whim. She’d been bent over the railing and spanked until she begged for mercy, and then fucked up the ass. Afterwards he’d pushed her to her knees and ordered her to clean his cock with her mouth. Before she was done, he’d shot his load again demanding that she swallow every last drop. She was, after all, his ‘dirty little girl’. She’d pleaded with him, after that, to make her cum. No, not to make her cum. To let her cum.

“Only on my terms, dirty girl.” He’d growled playfully.

Grabbing her wrist, he’d pulled her down the stairs and pressed her face down on the sturdy wood table in the dining room, kicking her legs apart as he entered her dripping wet snatch, his cock still sticky with her spit and his sperm, thrusting himself inside of her hungry cunt, his fingers digging into her thighs until wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her. She smiled, recalling how he’d teased her, telling her that her screams had shaken the snow from the eaves.


She smiled at the irony of that word, printing it carefully in her notepad, nervously stroking her nipple with her thumb, her back turned to him. He hadn’t explicitly told her not to touch herself. Still, she dared not be blatant about it. Letting out a sigh, she drifted off, teasing her aching nipple, circling it slowly, Ryan’s game momentarily forgotten.

What would it be like, she wondered. What would happen if she didn’t come up with twenty words for snow? What would Robert do if he found her framed in the doorway naked, full of his brother’s cum? And what would Jenny do? Her beautiful, dark haired sister had pushed her around ever since they’d been children, had always taken what she’d wanted without regard for her feelings. Favorite toys or dolls at first. Later, it was boys. Kylie had learned early on not to show interest in any boy, knowing that as soon as she did, Jenny would steal him away. There’d been times that her parents had even asked her, embarrassing her in front of her sister, if she ‘liked girls’. Oh, how Jenny had gotten a kick out of that, teasing her about it for weeks, calling her Kylie Cunt-licker.

Not for the first time she wondered if she had designs on her husband as well. On the trip up, Jenny had insisted on taking the front seat, claiming long windy roads made her queasy. Kylie knew better, but let it go. After all, she hadn’t minded sharing the back seat with Ryan...

“You have a lovely ass, Kylie. It’s still pink from being spanked. I wonder what Robert would say about that?”

Startled out of her reverie, she pulled her hand guiltily from her tit, wondering if he’d noticed, timing his remark to remind her of her task. Not that it mattered. She’d already resigned herself to failure. She’d try, but it was hopeless. Words had never been her domain.

Powder. Flake.

Two more. That made twelve. Over half way there and each one a struggle, each word seeming obvious in retrospect.

With sigh she let her hand drift down, her fingertips sliding over her taut tummy, brushing over the smoothness where golden down had once decorated her mons veneris, swallowing the primal moan that seemed to rise from somewhere deep inside of her as she toyed with her plump clitoris, her lips curving upwards, the pleasure of her own touch pushing aside her frustration and worry for the moment. What would it be like, she though, to bring herself to climax like this, in full view of everyone? The other cabins were distant, but not so distant that no one could see her. A voyeur with a pair of binoculars, perhaps, or a telephoto lens on his camera. Even now he could be taking photos of her, murmuring between shots, directing her from afar while jerking off…

That’s it, slut. Play with your clit. God, I can’t believe it. She’s just standing there naked, playing with herself. Fucking hot. Shit, she’s finger fucking herself now. Wait until I show these to the guys…


Startled, she almost dropped her pen as she pulled her fingers from inside her grasping cunt, his mirthful chuckle bringing her back.

“Sorry. I got… distracted.” She finished lamely.

“I can see that. Come on, dirty girl. You’re so close”

“I’m not!”

“You are. Just concentrate.”

“Easy for you to say.” She muttered, staring out across the snowy drifts, biting down on her lip, marching in place to get the blood flowing again, trying to stay warm.

Delicate. Pristine.

Six more. It didn’t seem so impossible now. Maybe she could do this. Breathing deeply, she closed her eyes, picturing each delicate flake tumbling slowly down, each one unique…

Crystalline. Frost.

“How many, pet?”


“Good girl. I know you can do it. I have faith in you.”

His words filled her with warmth. Not just the sexual heat that she always felt when near him, but something else, something she’d been missing for so many years, something she had no name for. She felt a sudden determination not to let him down. After all, they were both bound by the rules of the game and if she failed, if she was discovered, it would be over. Heart racing as she tried to guess at how much time she had before they returned, she searched desperately for four more words for snow

Pack. Drift. Slush.

One more. Just one. She felt a giddy joy as she scribbled them down, delight making her giggle softly as the obvious registrared.


Blue eyes full of shy triumph, she turned, her back on the snow covered world, silently shutting the door, gaze drawn towards her lover, trembling with desire for him, aching to feel his kiss upon her mouth, her throat, his lips drifting down her ribs and stomach and settling on her quivering mound. She hungered for the feel of his hands as he pushed her legs apart, revealing her most intimate secrets, his tongue filling her with pleasure that only he could give her.

“I told you that you could do it, pet.”

She nodded, swallowing hard, basking in the heat, the flames thawing her from without even as the promise in his smile set her on fire.

“I didn’t believe you.”

He lifted her chin with his fingers, kissing her, gently at first, teasing her lips open, pushing his tongue between them. She welcomed it, pressing against him for warmth, still shivering from her ordeal.

“I know. Still, you deserve a reward, dirty girl.”

Giggling softly, their kiss broken momentarily, she stood on tip toe and whispered her request in his ear.

“Right now? They could be back at any time, pet.” he smiled wickedly, his hand resting possessively on her shoulder, his dark eyes devouring her pale nakedness.

Biting her lip, she returned his gaze stubbornly, nodding her head once, then twice.

“Yes.” She answered, feeling suddenly bold. This is why she had agreed to this trip, why she’d put up with Jenny’s bullying and Robert’s clumsy affections, and the cold and the long drive through the mountains in the dark.

“Yes, oh, Yes. Please?”

Smiling, he kissed her, his sensuous lips coaxing need from within, teasing a soft moan from her as the tip of his tongue traced her jaw line, the cords of her neck, his mouth hot along her collarbone, the swell of her heaving breasts, finally coming to rest up her chilled nipple.

“Oh, god.” She breathed, reaching for his head, her fingers tangling in his dark locks, so much like Robert’s, and yet, so different.

“My dirty little whore.”

As he pulled her nipple into his mouth, he let his hands roam down her flanks, his fire warmed fingertips burning against her thawing flesh, resting familiarly on her narrow hips. Not full like Jenny’s. The thought was pushed from her mind as he knelt before her, shuddering as his kisses covered her taut stomach, his tongue teasing into her navel playfully, dipping into her like his fingers in her pussy on the car ride up.

She let out a throaty giggle as he pressed his nose against her mound, his lips against her smoothness, his rough tongue lapping maddeningly slowly against at her cunt until she wanted to scream with frustration.


A moan, born of so much longing, so much need, crescendoing as she clenched her fingers in his hair, holding on as if her life depended on his tongue flickering against her pulsing clit, her life blood filling it until she thought she might burst, his fingers teasing her open, his mouth against her pussy, hungry for her in a way her husband had never been, his tongue slipping inside her like a missing puzzle piece, filling her, a perfect fit…

“Would you like to cum for me, pet?”

“Yes, oh yes.” She managed, quaking as he pushed a slender finger into her ass, her hole already slick with his cum.

“You have my permission, dirty girl.”

She clung to him as a wave of pleasure enveloped her, building up inside until she thought she might pass out. She screamed as she climaxed, her pussy clenching, her thighs tightening against his cheeks, his name on her lips as she thrust her hips forward, forcing his tongue into her desperate cunt, the knuckles of his finger pushing her ring apart as he pumped it in and out of her cum greased ass, another wave of ecstasy rolling through her, and then another, until finally, she was too exhausted to stand.

Shaking his head with amusement, he gathered her in his arms and carried her towards his bedroom like a doll. She could feel his muscles bunched under his flannel shirt, feel his strength as he held her against his chest, lust rekindling deep down inside as he lay her down on the quilt that Jenny had slept beneath the night before and ravaged her until their cries of passion merged into one. 

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