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You Learn Something New Every day

You Learn Something New Every day

I never dreamed my stepdaughter was a lesbian

I was away on a business trip and arrived back at my house around one o’clock in the morning. My wife had told me earlier in the day, that she had gone to visit her sick mother. Madelyn, my stepdaughter was entertaining her friend Madison for the evening. Madelyn was nineteen and enjoying a relaxing summer after finishing her first year at college.

I went upstairs to get myself changed and put my luggage away, when I started hearing all of these moans and groans coming from my stepdaughter’s room. I didn’t know what was going on and I decided to check things out.

I noticed that the door was opened a little, so I peeked in and saw my stepdaughter eating her friend Madison’s pussy. I didn’t know that my stepdaughter was a lesbian. I never thought her friend was one either. She was always flirting with me whenever she was over.

I knew that my wife wouldn’t be happy that her daughter was a lesbian. Madelyn’s mother is rather conservative and this news would be devastating to her. I couldn't believe that Madelyn was a lesbian. I was going to have a little fun with her and her friend. She had a big secret that I now knew. I was pretty sure she'd be up for anything to protect her way of life.

Madison was thrashing all over the bed while my stepdaughter was eating her cunt. I was really turned on by what I was seeing. I watched for about twenty minutes and then left to go jerk off. I knew it probably wasn’t right of me to watch the girls, but I was tired and not really thinking clearly.

I put my luggage into my room and changed into a pair of boxers. I walked to the bathroom to jerk off. The images of my stepdaughter and her friend made me very horny. I guess you could say, I have a little thing for my stepdaughter’s friend. Her friend has a body to die for and is a bit of a flirt. She’s always hitting on me whenever I’m around. I’m really surprised that she’s a lesbian. I never would have thought so.

I took a dirty magazine out of the draw and took my cock out. I moved my hand up and down my firm cock. I held and rubbed my smooth balls while thinking of Madison on my stepdaughter’s bed. I jerked my cock faster and faster and then would slow down to hold and massage my balls. I felt my pre-come oozing at the tip of my cock.

I knew, I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts, but it’s all that was on my mind. I really needed to cool off and jumped into the shower. I finished stroking my cock in there. I put soap on my dick and continued to jerk off my meat. My cock was so hard and the images of that hot piece of ass on the bed was driving me nuts.

I finally came into my palm and then finished taking my shower. After my little jerk off session, I went downstairs to fix a little snack. I was a bit hungry after seeing my stepdaughter munch on her friends pussy and after getting myself off.

I noticed that Madison, my stepdaughter’s friend was sitting on the couch naked and playing with her pussy. I didn’t know what the fuck to think. Madison was so incredibly sexy. I had to see what was going on. I wondered if my stepdaughter and her had gotten into a fight.


“Madison, are you okay?”

Madison covered herself with a blanket that was on the couch.

“Yes, Mr. Woods. I was just having trouble sleeping and decided to come downstairs.”

“Why are you naked, dear?”

“If you must know, your daughter and I were having some fun and she got tired and I needed to finish things. Please don’t say anything to her.”

“If you need help finishing yourself off, I could help you. Why don’t you open your legs and let me pick up where Madelyn left off. I promise not to tell anybody.”


I went over by the couch and Madison opened her long legs and I just looked at her bald little pussy. I then kissed her center and licked and sucked on her pussy lips. She was already very wet from my stepdaughter licking her before. I put my finger up inside of her pussy and finger fucked her hard. She was moaning softly and pulling on her firm and full breasts.

I then shoved my tongue up into her vagina and tongue fucked her hard. Her pussy tasted like spun sugar and vinegar and I couldn’t get enough of it. Madison was riding my tongue and grinding up against my face.

“Mr. Woods, that feels so good. Please will you fuck me? Put your cock into my pussy.”

“Why don’t I sit up and you can ride me.”

I got up and sat on the couch and Madison eased down on my hard cock. She put her hands on her knees and worked her pussy up and down over my cock. Her breasts were bouncing up and down while her wet cunt was fucking my cock. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this girl. She was slapping her pussy hard onto my dick.

I pulled her hair and lightly bit her neck. She was fucking me like a wild tramp.

“Mr. Woods, you’re so sexy. Fucking hell!”

Madison then turned around and put my cock back up inside of her. We shared a passionate kiss while I played with her big breasts. I was getting very excited and needed to come.

“I have to come! Where do you want me to come?”

“Down my throat. I’ll get on my knees.”

Madison got on her knees and opened her mouth. I shoved my cock into her mouth and face fucked her. She was sucking and slurping and holding my smooth balls while I fucked her mouth. She was gagging, but kept pace with me.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

I blew my load down the girl’s mouth and she swallowed it all down.

Then I looked up and my stepdaughter is standing in the room watching us.

“Dan, what are you doing? Why is my girlfriend sucking your dick?

“I’m so sorry, Madelyn. You just didn’t finish me off and your stepfather was kind to help me. Please don’t be mad at him.”

“Madelyn, I heard you and your friend moaning. I went to see what was happening and saw you between your girlfriend’s legs eating her pussy. What would your mother think? Are you a lesbian, girl?"

“I guess you now know. I’ve been a lesbian for a few years now. Madison and I have been a couple for the last few months. Please don’t tell my mother. I’m pretty certain she wouldn’t want to know this.”

“What are you going to do for me? I think we should all get together and have some fun. A little fun for my silence?”

“I just told you, I don’t like men.”

“It seems your friend Madison likes both. How about I fuck your friend and you can lick her pussy? I would of course like to watch you both have a little fun together and then I’ll clean you both up." 

“You’re my stepfather and I don’t think my mother would want you licking my pussy.”

“If you don’t want me telling your mother that you’re a lesbian, then I suggest you let me lick your pussy. Madelyn, you might enjoy my skills. I’m pretty sure I could get you off better than your girlfriend. How about you girls get some sleep and we’ll all hook up in the morning?”

“Sounds like a plan, Mr. Woods. I can’t wait to have more fun with you,” Madison said while laughing.

“Okay. We’ll see you tomorrow morning,” Madelyn said to her stepfather in a pissed off kind of a way.

“Goodnight girls. Sweet dreams. I can’t wait to play with you both.”


Madison followed me back to my room and I was really shocked that she was sucking my stepfather off in my living room. I really believed she was a whore. I had just licked Madison's pussy for well over an hour. I couldn't believe she'd cheat on me with my stepfather. I had no idea what to think of Madison. Now, to protect my secret about being a lesbian, I'd need to do dirty things with my stepfather. I wasn't happy with any of this.

We had been going together for the last few months. I really thought she liked me as much, as I liked her. Madison and I were friends from high school and recently reconnected, when I came back from college. Our senior year of high school, we were lovers and had sex often. When we went to college, we decided to see other people. We bumped into each other working as waitresses at a restaurant in town. We picked up our love affair, where we left off. Life has been amazing since connecting with Madison again.

“Madison, what were you thinking? Now, we’ll have to have fun with my stepfather tomorrow. If my mother finds out I'm a lesbian, she'll be disgusted with me. My mother is very conservative. What the hell were you thinking?"

“So, we have sex with him. He’s a really good fuck. Wait till you see how good he fucks?”

“You fucked him too? Jesus! I can’t leave you alone. Didn’t I get you off? I licked your pussy for like an hour. I do all kinds of sexual things for you. I love you! How could you do this?"

“I guess, I’m not really into girls. I like a man to fuck my pussy. Your stepdad is an incredible fuck. Wait till tomorrow, when he gets up inside of your pussy. You’re going to faint. You won’t like eating pussy after that. I bet after we have sex with him, you'll be straight."

I felt kind of hurt that my friend wasn’t satisfied with me licking her pussy. Now, I was going to have to fuck my stepfather, so he wouldn’t tell my mother that I was a lesbian. I really only loved women and didn't like men at all. But, for him to keep my secret, I'd have to do whatever he wanted. I knew he was waiting for a situation like this for a long time.

He was always looking at me when I got out of the shower or when I was sunbathing in the backyard. He would constantly look at me with a horny look on his face. I knew he wanted to get into my panties. Now, he would have his chance.

“We better get back to bed. God knows what he’s going to make us do.”

“You might have a really good time, Madelyn. You might like guys after this.”

“I really doubt it. I love women. I love you.”

Madison didn’t really say anything when I told her I loved her. She kind of just smiled and got under the covers. We were sleeping in my bed together. Madison did allow me to hold her and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was really quite hurt with her behavior.


We woke up about twelve o’clock and we kissed passionately and played with each other's pussies. We mostly just fingered each other and got each other wet. My stepfather would take care of us both when we went to look for him.

“Madison, I can’t believe we have to do this with my stepfather now. I really thought we were in love with each other."

“Madelyn, I do love you, however, I’m more bi-sexual then gay. I love to play with cocks too. I do love to eat pussy, but sometimes I need a good stiff one up my cunt. I need a little variety. I still want to go out, but sometimes I might want to play with a guy too. It won't change the dynamics of our relationship.”

I was just looking at her shocked. I couldn’t believe she was now telling me she was bi-sexual. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be her girlfriend any more. But, I needed to do as my stepfather said, so he wouldn’t tell my mother I liked girls. Madison was sounding like a very different person at this particular minute. She was not the girl I had fallen in love with.

“We better go look for my stepfather. I’m sure he wants to get started.”

“That’s a great idea, Madelyn.”

We both grabbed our robes and went downstairs to look for my stepfather. We didn’t see him in the kitchen and then went outside to see if he was there. My stepfather was naked on a chaise lounge sunbathing. We both walked out to the pool to talk to him.


“Good afternoon ladies. Did you both sleep well?”

“We slept great. What would you like us to do?”

"How about we go inside and I’ll fuck your friend and you can ride my face. Does that sound naughty enough for you?”

“Fine. Let’s get this over with. If I do whatever you say, you must promise you won’t tell my mother.”

“A deal is a deal, Madelyn. I won’t say a thing."

“Fine. Let’s go!”


We all walked back into the house and followed my stepfather into his bedroom.

“Ladies, take your robes off. I think I want to see you two in sixty-nine position and get each other off. I’ll just stroke my cock on the chair.”

We took off our robes and got on my stepfather’s bed. Madison was on her back and I climbed on top of her. We both kissed each other’s pussies while our tongues rubbed against each other’s clit’s. We spent time there and then sucked and chewed on each other’s pussy lips. We pushed our tongues into each other’s pussies and tongue fucked each other while my stepfather watched us.

Our tongues were deep inside of each other’s cunts while we slurped and drank each other’s juices. My stepfather was cheering us on.

“Fuck! You girls are so fucking sexy. It’s time to play girls. Madelyn, ride my face and Madison you can ride me.”

The girls got off of each other and I got on the bed on my back. Madison eased her sweet cunt down on my cock and rolled her hips and fucked me. My sweet stepdaughter stood on the bed with her legs on either side of my head and placed her cunt on my mouth. I moved my tongue all over my stepdaughter’s pussy. Her cunt tasted so sweet and tangy at the same time.

“Fuck! Dan, you’re pretty good at this. Fucking hell!”

I knew my stepdaughter would love all my efforts. I chewed on her pussy lips and pushed my tongue up inside of her pussy. She was rocking and moving all over my face. Her juices were slowly pouring out of her sweet pussy. I was slurping and making all kinds of noises while I devoured her cunt.

“Fuck. I’m coming. Jesus!”

My stepdaughter had an orgasm on my face. I continued to enjoy her sweet cunt.

Madison was moving and rocking and fucking me hard. Her tits were swaying to the left and to right. I started to buck up fast into her pussy. We were in good rhythm with each other.

Madelyn then got off of my face and then sat behind Madison. She played with her breasts and nibbled on her neck while I fucked her friend.

“I need to come! Where do you want it?”

“Just come inside of my pussy. I’m on the pill.”

I started to scream and then pumped hot cream into Madison.

“Madelyn, I want you to clean your friends pussy. I want you to lick my come out of her cunt. Lick that cream pie out of your friend’s pussy!”


Madison got off of my cock and then she got comfortable on the bed. She spread her legs and my stepdaughter got between her legs and licked her pussy. My come was oozing out of her cunt while she slurped it all up. She looked like a little cat drinking her milk.

“Madison, lick my cock clean.”

Madison stuck her tongue out and cleaned my cock. Then she opened her mouth and I shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock while my stepdaughter continued to lick her pussy clean. I loved hearing all the slurping sounds while Madelyn munched on Madison’s pussy.

I then pulled out of Madison’s mouth and had a huge smile on my face.

“You girls are super sexy. Thank you for an amazing time.”

“You aren’t going to fuck me, Dan?”

“I know you only like girls. I think we’re good now. A pussy licking was fine with me. I got to fuck your friend. I have some work I have to do now. Have a great day.”

My stepfather got dressed and went downstairs into his office. Madison and I left to go back into my room.


“See Madelyn, he didn’t even make you have sex with him. He’s a great guy.”

“I don’t know about that. But, at least he won’t tell my mother.”

“It was a lot of fun.”

“Madison, I don’t think I want to see you again. I thought that we were happy together. I don’t need to be thinking that you’re cheating on me with guys. I really am quite disgusted with you. How could you have sex with my stepfather? Are there other men, that you're having sex with?"

“Really. You don't want to go out any more, because I fucked your stepfather. I just told you before that I'm bisexual. We can make this relationship work, if you let me fuck guys sometimes. I can't just be a lesbian with you. I really love cock too. Please don't make a big deal about this. I do love you!"

"If you loved me, you'd never have cheated on me. I really don't trust you anymore. I wanted to have a relationship with you. I don't want to just have random sex. I want something that is meaningful."

"Madelyn, we're still in college. I mean how meaningful is it going to be? We have three more years of college left. We just started to go out. If you want to break up, so be it. Whatever, it was fun while it lasted. I'm certainly not going to waste time crying that I slept with your stepfather."

“I really want you to leave. We’re done, Madison.”


Madison then got herself dressed and left my house. I was really disappointed with her actions. How could I ever trust her again? She was a cheater and cheated on me with my own stepfather. I was just wanting to forget the whole thing. It was going to take me a while to get over Madison. But, at least my stepfather would keep my secret. I didn’t need my mother knowing I was a lesbian.

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