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A Very Good Christmas After All

With her holiday in ruins, she receives a surprise

The parcel in my apartment mailbox on Christmas Eve was a surprise. I hadn’t been expecting anything. There was no return address, but it was very clearly addressed to me, so it obviously wasn’t a mistake. With this Christmas looking like it would be my worst ever, a mystery gift at least promised some kind of delight, or at least distraction, to brighten things up a bit.

The most obvious source of my bleak holiday mood was my recent break-up. Frank, my boyfriend of the past four years, had walked out on me just two weeks before Christmas. Apparently, my bringing up the question of when we might consider marriage and a family had hit a sore spot or something. It was the second time that a long-term boyfriend had flaked out on me when I started talking about commitment and babies. I was thirty and starting to think my dreams of having a family were just that---dreams.

To top it off, a massive storm front had rolled into Southern Ontario that morning, shutting a lot of activities down. My sister had called to postpone our family Christmas dinner since the storm was expected to continue through to Boxing Day. A party I had planned to go to that night had similarly been cancelled, though that was less of a problem since I had originally been going to that with Frank. Even stores were starting to close early as the usual last minute shopping parade tailed off in the face of heavy blowing snow.

So, I found myself facing Christmas with no Frank or family to spend it with. It would literally be my first ever Christmas alone. I wasn’t sure whether to spend it drunk in front of the TV or sobbing in bed. Into that messed-up holiday had come my mysterious package.

When I got to my apartment and opened the parcel, the contents of the package were an even bigger surprise than receiving it. Inside was a vibrator, with a nice shaft about five or so inches long and topped by a clitoral stimulator. The little card inside simply read, “For you to enjoy. Merry Christmas.”

I could not think of anyone who would send me such a gift. I wasn’t involved in any kind of “Secret Santa” and even if I was, it would be odd for someone to give a sex toy for something like that. It certainly wasn’t something that I could see either my family or friends buying me. Frank was clearly out. Even when we were together, my ex hadn’t liked me enjoying anything sexually other than his dick and tongue, even my own fingers.

Putting the parcel down, I stared at it for a bit longer. I had never actually owned a such a device before. Self-satisfaction had always come from fingers or improvised playthings like humping my body pillow. I started wondering how the vibe might feel inside me; what effect the vibrations would have on me. The first stirrings of arousal moistened the soft space between my thighs.

“No,” I said, tearing my attention away, “Not now, at least.”

I had laundry to be washed, presents to wrap, and even some work to finish before I could relax and try to enjoy the holiday; assuming I even could enjoy it under the circumstances. Tempting as a session with the mysterious gift might be, it wasn’t going to happen now.

Picking up my laundry hamper and soap, I headed for the eighteenth floor laundry room. It was fairly quiet there, with only one dryer rumbling away. After loading and starting a washer, I crashed on the couch in the neighbouring tenants’ lounge and found the book I was reading.

There was a bookshelf in the lounge where people could drop off their old books for others to enjoy while waiting for their laundry. I was working my way through a steamy, if rather conventional, historical romance about an English noblewoman seduced by a hunky Scottish laird. It wasn’t great literature and seriously fucked with history but the writer did have a way with words where sex was concerned.

The chapter I was starting to read quickly launched into some erotic action involving the lady’s maid and two of the highlander’s companions. It was something that had been building for a couple chapters and the build-up proved well worth it. As I read, I half-consciously slipped my free hand down my sweatpants and, glad I had gone commando, began playing gently with my pussy. Slowly, I ran a finger along my moistening lips and teased the swelling bud of my clitoris.

I was close to climax when the sound of the elevator startled me back to reality. I pulled my hand out of my pants and tried to look relaxed and nonchalant instead of horny and aroused. Denise, my neighbour and friend, walked by and flashed me a smile. She lived down the hall from me and, after a couple years as neighbours, we had become friendly over the last few months. Denise had sat up with me the night Frank left to provide comfort while I cried out my anger and grief.

Getting up from the sofa, I walked into the laundry room. Denise was unloading the dryer with her back to me. She wore tight yoga-style pants and a cropped long sleeve t-shirt. The former showed off a toned, shapely bum and a bit of camel toe when she bent over.

Still aroused from masturbating to the story, I found myself enjoying the view and wrestling with an urge to touch my neighbour. I had felt a bit of an attraction to Denise before but it had never been strong like this. My bisexuality was a part of my life that I really didn’t talk about much. While I had been aware of it myself since I was eighteen, I had really only ever come out to the handful of women I had slept with. Even Frank hadn’t known.

“Hi, Denise,” I said, turning to open the washer since it had fallen silent.

My friend looked up at me with a smile. Her face was dark and pretty, with full red lips that I was dying to kiss.

“Hi, Heather. How’s it going?”

“Could be worse, could be better. I’m not feeling very Christmas-y, that’s for sure.”

“Any plans for Christmas Day?”

“No. Just me and my little tree trying not to be too glum. The storm has put off my family’s Christmas gathering. With Frank gone, all my other plans have kind of blown away. Don’t even feel like doing much.”

“I totally get that,” Denise responded, “I once had a Christmas bust-up. Thought I would never enjoy the holidays again.”

“But it got better?” I asked.

“I’m not much of a Christmas person anymore, I guess,” Denise answered, “But I get some enjoyment out of it.”

“At least I’ve got something to keep myself entertained,” I said, wondering if Denise might be able to shed any light on my gift.

“Really? What?” she asked, perking up.

“Someone sent me a mystery gift,” I said, feeling my cheeks warming, “It’s a… vibrator. A nice one. No idea who sent it.”

“That would be entertaining,” Denise said, grinning wickedly. “Tried it out yet?”

“No, but I’m getting eager to. I was reading one of those romance novels on the shelf in the lounge and… uh… yeah,” I stammered, blushing more.

Denise giggled.

“Two weeks without a partner and you’re already falling apart,” she said. “What happens after two months?”

“Maybe this vibe will help with that,” I responded, “Though I’ve never used one before.”

“I have. Own a couple, in fact. Maybe I should give you a lesson,” Denise said in a slightly sultry tone.

“I’d like that,” I said, feeling excited by the idea.

“Put your clothes in the dryer and then we’ll go down to your place so you can show it to me,” she said.

Almost robotically, I loaded a dryer and started it up.

The elevator ride felt long and slow. All the way down I was tense, both excited and nervous about what seemed about to happening. Between my legs, I felt myself getting even wetter than my reading had left me.

In my apartment, I took the toy out of the box and handed it to Denise.

“Nice,” my friend said as she examined it, “A Misty 3000. These are fairly new. I have the 2500.”

She flicked it on. A faint hum filled the room.

“Here, touch it. Just with a finger,” Denise said, holding the toy out.

I did and felt the light vibrations against my skin.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Good. Very gentle. I always worried that a vibe would be too strong or something.”

“It can be if you don’t adjust things right,” my friend explained, “You’ve got to experiment a bit and see what works for you. Let’s sit down and see what we can do with this. Try it on someplace more sensitive. Maybe a nipple?”

Almost shaking between nerves and excitement, I sat on my couch and lifted my t-shirt to expose my small, firm tits. A hungry look came over Denise’s face as she sat next to me and that excited me. Obviously, she liked seeing my body exposed. Moving in close to me, my neighbour touched the softly humming toy to my right nipple.

“Oo,” I gasped, feeling a beautiful, if sharp, tingling that ran down my body, “I like that.”

“Good,” Denise said in a soothing tone as she slowly rubbed the toy on my erect nipple, “Very good.”

She repeated the treatment on my left nipple. Her face moved close to mine. Our eyes locked. Then, without a word from either of us, our mouths joined in a kiss.

“Ready for the main event?” she said quietly after a couple kisses.

“Please,” I replied.

She sat back and turned the vibe off. Smiling, I slid my sweatpants off, then parted my thighs.

I was quite wet now. Denise looked down, then put the toy between my spread thighs. Slowly and lightly, she caressed my flushed pussy lips and teased my clit. Then she turned the vibe back on. The vibrating tip stroking my pussy, which was still pretty enflamed from my play in the lounge, felt wonderful. I lay back on the sofa and let the sensation of the vibe on my genitals wash over me. Then it brushed my aroused clit directly. My body tensed as an orgasm erupted from between my legs.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped aloud, squealing with delight at the beautiful feeling.

Denise smiled and said nothing, just moved the vibrator away from my now-sensitive clit.

“Feeling good?”

“Very,” I answered dreamily, now in a state of ecstasy that I wasn’t going to come out of easily.

“And you’re okay with me doing this to you?”

“Loving every minute of it, Denise,” I said, “Don’t stop.”

She kissed me again, her tongue sliding against my own. I felt the head of the toy enter me, my slick channel taking it in easily. It vibrated gently inside my body, a new sensation that I quite enjoyed. Slowly, my neighbour pushed it in deeper until the little finger of the clit stimulator was just touching my clit and the bulbous head inside was near my G spot.

Then Denise changed the vibration setting.

“Oh wow,” I said weakly as new, stronger vibrations rippled through me.

My neighbour’s mouth moved to my breast, sucking gently on my erect nipple. She moved the device inside me just a little to put more pressure on my clit. I was on the brink, enough stimulation to get me really hot but not enough to send me over the edge.

I put my hand on Denise’s head, stroking her coarse, black hair as she continued to suckle at my tit. Frank was forgotten. Now I could only think of Denise and the intense pleasure between my legs. This was one of the most deeply erotic experiences I had ever shared with another person. And with that thought, another orgasm erupted. I cried aloud and my body shook.

Denise remained relentless, sucking and biting my nipples as she kept working my pussy with the vibe. I am not sure if that initial climax went on for a long time or if I just had several in a row. All I know is that I was totally lost in a state of erotic bliss for untold minutes.

Finally, I was too sensitive for more and pushed Denise away. Sitting up, she switched off the vibrator and removed it from my dripping snatch. I stared at my friend for a moment, enjoying the sight of her lovely face. Then I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth on to mine for a long, deep kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I said, my voice a little breathless and husky, “And thank you. You gave me the gift, right?”

Denise smiled and nodded.

“Merry Christmas, Heather. I thought you needed it,” she answered, gently stroking my hair.

“But you didn’t get anything yet,” I pointed out.

“Your need was greater. But I am very turned on now.”

“Then let’s see what I can do for you. Something tells me this is going to be a very good Christmas after all.”

I got up, took the vibrator from my friend’s hand, and began walking towards my bedroom. Glancing back, I grinned as I watched Denise quickly shed her clothing before following me. It was hours before I finally remembered to retrieve my laundry.

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