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First Affair 3

After our first encounter, I prepare for a second round.
In the weeks following our first affair together, Tina and I couldn’t get enough of each other. We texted and chatted every chance we got. I would sneak down to the bathroom at work and we would masturbate over the phone together. I was amazed at her sexual appetite – she seemed horny all of the time. I had not experienced someone quite like Tina before, at least not someone who was willing to share that appetite with me.

I knew as soon as we left the hotel that it wouldn’t be long before we were together again. My hesitation was gone and I was already planning what I wanted to do to her the next time we met up. But we had to work through our personal and professional schedules to find just the right time to be together, without being suspected or caught. The weeks turned into months. Tina was getting no satisfaction what so ever from her husband. I at least was still having the regular sex with Stephanie.

Tina and I exchanged almost all of our sexual pasts with each other – what we’ve done, what we haven’t, what we like, and what we don’t. I had several items on my sexual bucket list I still wanted to experience and so did she. The big thing I wanted to experience was a ménage a trios; sex with two girls at the same time. Tina fully understood my desire to have two women at the same time. She offered to make my dream a reality with Stephanie and I. What Tina didn’t understand is how Stephanie would never even give the idea a thought. In her conservative manner, she would find it repulsive and wrong.

I asked Tina if she had ever been with another woman. She said no but she was more than willing to try it for me. I asked if she was offering because she wanted to or because I wanted it. I was pleased with her answer, both!

With Tina offering to make my dreams a reality, it made me want to reciprocate and help her achieve some “firsts” in her sex life. Tina wanted to experience two men at the same time and have both her pussy and ass filled simultaneously. I wasn’t sure how safe it was to bring another man into our affair, after all, discretion was of the upmost importance to the both of us. So I began to plan for the next best thing.

I pressed Tina if we could meet again soon. I know that she was doing everything she could to make it happen. But work and family kept getting in the way. Finally we set a date in a secluded small town more than an hour away. What Tina didn’t know was that I had other plans.

Like before, I instructed Tina to meet me at the hotel right at noon so we would have the entire afternoon together. She arrived on time. But rather than greeting her in the room, I greeted her in the lobby as she arrived. We hugged quickly and I told her that we had a field trip first. She looked mad and perplexed. I could tell the only thing she wanted to do was go to our room and fuck. It had been a long time since she had a man pleasure her. But I insisted the trip would be worth her while.

We got in my car and drove to an adult store near the interstate. While Tina was open minded, she had never really been inside an adult store before, nor experimented with its many toys. There were a few things I wanted to buy for her pleasure, but I wanted to buy them together. A nice young sales lady greeted us and asked if we needed assistance. I said yes and asked her to take us to the dildos and vibrators. I knew exactly what I wanted from having done a lot of research on the internet. But I wanted the sales ladies help and wanted to watch Tina as we picked out the items.

First we picked out a Triple Action Utopia Love Ring (vibrating bullet sleeve). It’s 1-1/2” sleeve would help me maintain an erection by hugging my shaft and a second sleeve contained a 2” vibrating micro-bullet which would stimulate her clitoris during sex. Tina was amazed that such a toy existed and I could tell she was getting hornier by the minute. She was rubbing her legs together and walking funny.

Next we picked out a Double Penetrator Cockring. It had a nice ring to go around my cock and a mini bullet vibrator to rub against her clit. But most importantly it had a 7.5” cock attached to the top so I could fuck both holes at the same time. Tina almost creamed in her pants when she saw it. The sales lady was very helpful and professional – taking each items out of the box and showing us both how to use it properly and maximize our pleasure. Tina thought we were done, but there was one more item I wanted.

I told the lady I wanted a wireless remote control egg to tease her with. The sales lady knew exactly what I wanted. She directed us to the Silver Remote Control Bullet. I knew the egg would fit just perfectly in Tina’s snug pussy and itss remote was small enough that I could hide it in any pants pocket. What’s more the egg had two speeds; slow and torture. Tina wasn’t so sure why we needed this toy after already picking out the first two. But I persisted. Again the sales lady was very polite, explaining the optimal depth for maximum satisfaction. At one point, I thought the sales lady was going to pull up her skirt and demonstrate for us first hand.

By now Tina was almost distraught with sexual tension and build up. I thought she might physically attack me if I didn’t get her out of there soon. I told her I wasn’t going to leave until Tina demonstrated the wireless egg for me. If the darts from Tina’s eyes could have killed, I would have been six feet under.

I asked the sales lady if Tina could enter one of the dressing rooms and insert the egg into her pussy. The sales lady smiled and knew that I wanted to tease Tina. Moreover, she knew what was coming next after we left. The sales lady gave Tina permission to do so on the guarantee that we would purchase the egg. I agreed and Tina stood there dumbfounded. She said she was not going in the dressing room and inserting anything into herself.

I told her we could stay there all afternoon. To prove my point I asked the sales lady if she could show us some of her finer lingerie. The sales lady showed us about 3-4 items before Tina grabbed the egg out of her hand and nearly ran to the dressing rooms. I thought it took Tina longer than normal to return. I knew she was wet enough that lubrication certainly wasn’t the issue. When she walked back into the showroom, her cheeks were flushed and red. Then I reached into my pocket and hit the slow button. Tina jumped so hard that she nearly knocked over one of the display racks next to her.

The sales lady rushed us to the counter before Tina could destroy anything. Tina grabbed my bicep tight as we stood there to check out. The longer it took the more she squeezed my arm and begged to hurry. We hurried to the car where Tina gave me an ultimatum; either fuck her there in the car or turn off the egg. I relented and reached into my pocket to turn it off, but not before quickly hitting the torture button. Tina jumped so hard she hit her head on the ceiling of the car.

I told that her surprises were over and that we could head back to the hotel. She nearly pulled me through the lobby and to our room door. I knew Tina was going to turn into a savage beast as soon as we got in the door. The moment the door was closed Tina began ripping the clothes from my body while also undressing herself. She couldn’t remove the clothing fast enough. She pulled me naked in front of the bed and shoved me hard on to my back. Before I could even come to rest, Tina was positioning herself pussy over my face with my cock in hers.

I didn’t waste any time. When my tongue probed the entrance to her hole, Tina raised her head and screamed. She wasted no time on my cock. Gone were the pleasantries and preliminaries. Tina immediately began to deep throat my cock, or as much of it she could get in her mouth at one time. I was enjoying her oral skills – it had been a long time since someone had swallowed most of my cock. I didn’t waste any time either. I alternated attention between her clit and her hole. Within a few moments, Tina was going crazy. She was pushing her pelvis down over my mouth so that I had no choice but to apply as much pressure as possible.

Meanwhile, Tina was going to town on my cock. I warned her that I was getting ready to cum. She didn’t hesitate and swallowed all of my jism as I humped upward. Despite my strong orgasm, I didn’t relent on her clit and Tina had a thundering orgasm. However, she never stopped sucking my cock, which never fully deflated after my orgasm. Tina took notice and said that she was ready to be fucked. She laid back in the missionary position and waited for me to mount her.

Before I did so, I retrieved one of our new toys. I took the love ring and inserted the sleeve over the base of my cox. I inserted my balls into the ring and made sure the mini-vibrator was ready. I positioned the head of my cock just outside her opening and began to run the head up and down between her luscious lips. Tina grabbed my head and pulled me forward for a deep kiss. Meanwhile, her legs wrapped around my ass and pulled me into her pussy. Tina moaned in my mouth while we kissed.

I didn’t bother with pleasantries and found a quick tempo. By now the room smelled of sex. Her pussy was so wet it made squishing sounds each time I bottomed out. My balls made a slapping sound as the bounced off her ass. Tina was helping control the motion by pulling me deep into her pussy with her legs.

I reached down between us and turned on the mini-vibrator. The vibrating sensation was incredible. I knew that the second sleeve on top was meant to stimulate Tina’s clit. But the vibrations through my slong were fantastic. Tina pulled me into herself even deeper, if that was possible. Every time I pushed forward, the soft sleeve would rub upward towards her clit. When I was fully in, I would grind my hips in a circular motion, causing the vibrator to also grind into her clit.

Tina was so worked up that she started to orgasm but never really stopped. Her pussy mussels would clench down on my cock every 15-20 seconds. She rode one orgasm after another for several minutes. Finally after she could stand no more, she slowed me down to an eventual stop and let me rest on top of her. I reached down and turned off the mini-vibrator to give her a break.

I continued to kiss her deep. Then I began to nibble on her ears and neck. Tina told me to stop because I was tickling her. Without pulling out of her, I slumped down and began to suck on her breasts. Having never orgasmed myself a second time, I was still pretty hard.

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