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Wendy's discovery

Wendy discovers an old paper bag.

Wendy Harrison grew up just like her two big brothers, both in stature and in looks. Like her big brothers, she was almost two metres tall, with a solid build, and she looked very much like how her brothers looked. Fair to say, that's not pretty, with short mousey brown hair that kind of gave her a nondescript look.


Wendy found getting work difficult after leaving high school with an average set of grades. She spent several months job hunting and had short stays at a few places, but that lead to no actual ongoing work. Eventually, at the age of twenty-one, she found a job working in a second-hand book chain at their warehouse sorting out books. The work suited her as she was able to haul about the heavy boxes of books with ease.


Sorting out books kept her from the public eye, and she did not mind. Some weeks were slow, while others were very busy. Occasionally there would be items that were not book related and she would either dispose of them or refer them to her manager to make a decision. Once in a while, she would discover a banknote or two, and these she would hand over, sometimes they would get handed back. She was also allowed to take any book she wanted home, but she had to return any that were classified as pristine. She now had a quite a nice collection of Sci-fi and Fantasy.


Wendy liked to keep to herself when away from the warehouse. She had a small double bedroom unit next to a park, where she would tinker about with an array of different electrical and electronic bits and pieces. She was still fairly much a tomboy at heart, but with a gut-wrenching reminder once a month that she was still actually a woman.


Her sex life didn't exist, she had never been able to masturbate herself effectively, and after occasionally trying she gave up. Her one and only sexual encounter was with a lad from her final year at high school. A brief encounter in her room where she tried to kiss him as he rummaged his hands over her modest breasts, and then a thirty-second grope of her crotch through her underwear, while she squirmed and cringed, unsure what to do. It ended quite suddenly when their garage door began to open as her mother arrived home.


One week, it was quite busy for the first couple of days, followed by a quiet day. On Thursday, a stack of boxes arrived from a deceased estate. There was a large number of books, a lot of them were old, but in pristine condition. One carton had jigsaws in it, another had old vinyl records. She carefully began to sort them all out, a lot of the books would fetch good prices, but the jigsaws and records were much less likely to do so.


Wendy spent most the afternoon sorting out the books, then she turned her attention to the jigsaws. Most were still in their original wrapping, a bonus as there would not be any pieces missing.  She went to put the carton aside when she realised there was something more still inside. She looked in and found a brown paper bag fitting snugly across the bottom of the box.


She carefully levered the package out. The paper bag was old, there was a piece of sticky tape holding the bag shut, it was dried out and yellowed with age. As she rubbed her finger slowly over it, the tape lifted, allowing her to straighten up the bag and take a peek inside. There was a box inside with what looked like Chinese writing on top. Carefully she eased the box out, then turned it over in her hands. The front of the box was clear and showed a couple of items held in place in blister packaging.


At first, she thought it was some kind of toy, but then she wasn't sure. She placed the box on the sorting table, to look at it in a better light. What she could now see was two pink globes about the size and shape of a couple of eggs. The first one had what looked like wire linking it to the second one, then the second one had another wire going out the far end and up into the box.


Carefully she pried open the box and slipped out the blister packet. Over the back was what looked like a small battery holder, and a small instruction booklet, all in Chinese. 'Battery powered,' she thought, 'some kind of a gadget for her to tinker with, something to figure out what it's meant to do. Nice.' Carefully she repackaged the pack back into its box, then took it over and placed it in her bag.


After dinner, she again looked at the box. It did seem odd, she turned it over and over in her hands, still none the wiser to its purpose. It took little effort to pull open the blister packaging, she took hold of the double pink eggs in her hand. They were hard, smooth and seemed to be well sealed, linked by wire about six centimetres long. The wire going to the battery pack was about sixty centimetres long. There were two small batteries supplied, but they were very dead.


Wendy tried to decipher the small booklet but had little success. There were a couple of very stylised diagrams that showed a Chinese woman with strange expressions, and what looked like a hot spot on her lower belly. She thought for a moment it was something to help relieve menstrual cramps, but she didn't really think that was quite right.


Wendy hunted for a couple more batteries and found a pair that was starting to go flat. She opened the battery holder and slipped the batteries in. She placed everything on her workbench and then eased the small switch on.


BBBZZZZZZZZZ. The two eggs jumped and rattled about and she quickly switched them off. Carefully she picked up the first egg and then tried again.


BBbbzzzzzzzzz. Her hand felt weird as the egg buzzed and vibrated in her grip. The second one rattled and shook on the bench. She switched them off, then she held them both and tried again. A much fainter buzz drifted up from her hand, then as she tried to shift her grip the eggs touched, and vibrated wildly, making her drop them. They buzzed wildly for a moment before she turned them off.


Slowly a small light came on in her brain. She picked up the instructions again and looked them over. The vibrating eggs were, well, vibrators.  Just how they would work still didn't quite dawn on her, but she realised they were designed to go in between a woman's legs.


"Oh...Ohhh... " She murmured as she placed her hand down over the front of her jeans.


Carefully she packed them away again, placing them up into a cupboard, out of sight, out of mind. Well, that's what she thought, out of sight, yes, but not out of mind. She tried for several days to ignore them, but on the next Friday, she could no longer resist the urge to get them out again.


Later that evening she readied herself for bed. As the evening was warm, she felt it was ok to use one of her summer set of pyjamas. She stripped back the blanket and climbed onto her super king-sized bed. She wondered what she should try first with the dual eggs. She realised that her pyjama bottoms would be in the way. She eased them down, folded them and placed them under one of her pillows.


She picked up the eggs from her side table and went to place them on her lower belly. She held the eggs tightly, unable to release them. She found it hard work just to hold them in her hands and release them. She took a slow deep breath and then exhaled. She tried again, slowly her hands uncurled. She whimpered as she felt them against her skin. She pushed the first egg so it nestled in against the top of her thighs, while the second egg sat at the top of her pubic hair.


She realised she was puffing, but she had yet to try to turn on the switch. Very slowly she picked up the battery control and felt for the switch. She gave a little tremble, then looked up at the ceiling. She decided to count down from five to turn it on. Under her breath, she began to count down. "Five, four, three, two, one, go."


Nothing happened, her hand locked up and she could not push the switch.


She changed her grip on the controller, she would use her thumb this time and countdown from five again. "Five, four, three, two, one, go!"


The switch slowly began to move, sliding across to the 'on' position. The current from the batteries flowed along the wires and started to make the eggs vibrate.


Less than half a second later Wendy was cowering behind her pillows at top of the bed, looking very much like a startled rabbit caught in the lights of a big truck. The eggs were lying in the middle of the bed, buzzing softly on the sheets. It took a couple of minutes of hard breathing before she could calm down enough to reach out and silence the eggs.


While Wendy was not stupid, she could be stubborn at times. She wanted to find out just how these eggs worked, and as she hardly had a chance to find out, so she decided to try again. Carefully placing the eggs again, she began her countdown.


She thumbed the switch and felt the buzz against her sensitive skin. She lasted a little bit longer before she lept from the bed, and stood there trembling, looking confused and bewildered again.


After some serious consideration, Wendy decided to try just one more time. This time she moved the placement so the first egg was right between her legs, nesting in against her crotch, the second one was now where the first one had been just at the top of her thighs where they met together. With the controller in her hand, she was ready; time to countdown. "Go..."


Wendy bucked, squirmed and writhed on her bed, hoping to ride the sensations out. But she didn't last very long before she was up again. This was not in any way working out as how she had thought it might. Reluctantly she decided to call it quits for the evening, she sought out her latest book and started to read instead.


It was the following evening when she looked at the eggs again, trying to figure out the best thing to do with them. She began to realise that perhaps they would work better from inside her, but that would involve her pushing them inside, and she wasn't so keen on that idea. Then she considered using her very firm shape-ware to hold them in place while she tried again.She went to her dresser and sorted out the underwear she needed, and pulled them on.


She lay out on the bed and then wormed her hand down to put the eggs in place. She was ready to try again. She pushed the switch and the eggs came to life. Wendy bucked, squirmed, rolled from side to side, then she fell off her bed. She grabbed the controller and turned it off again.


Once more she got herself set up on the bed again, checked the eggs' position, and pushed the switch. For a moment she bucked and squirmed, but she felt the vibrations getting smaller and slower, just for a fleeting moment, she felt something interesting, but the batteries were giving out.


The following morning Aunty Flow arrived, Wendy took her painkillers, anti-nausea pills, and curled up to ride out the worst of it. All thoughts about the eggs were gone for the next few days. She did, however, finish reading her book.


During work, she thought about the eggs and wanting to try them one last time. She figured out it might be best if she managed to get both eggs up inside her. She also thought about how she reacted each time she tried and knew somehow that she would have to prevent herself from pulling them back out in a hurry. Just how she could stop herself she didn't know, but she would work something out later.


On her way home after work, she called at the dollar saver store to get fresh batteries. As she approached the counter, her attention was taken by a colourful display.


"Yes," she muttered to herself, she had an idea that might just work. She made her purchases and hurried home.


Wendy took out the old batteries and swapped in the new ones. Then she took out the other items in the bag and lay them on the bed. She hoped that this would work. She worked her way around the four corners of the bed, tying into place the new bootlaces to each corner post. Then she made a loop with the free ends. She spread herself out and check that her hands and feet could reach the loops at each corner. They did.


Wendy then tested each of the loops to see if she could get her hands and feet in and out. The loops had slip knots that could open and close, depending on how you twisted your arm or leg. She could pull them tight, then ease up and they came loose again, perfect. However she found it was much more difficult for her feet to be able to get themselves clear, but that was less important.


It was time.


Wendy stripped right off, placing the eggs at the side of the bed as she climbed on. She adjusted her position and pushed her feet to the bottom corners. She reached down and slipped the loops up over her feet. So far so good. She lay back and stretched her arms up to the top corners. She slipped her left hand into its loop, then eased her right hand to gather up the right loop, then slipping it over her hand. She wriggled her right hand and released it, then slipped it back on, she did the same on the left. She was now spread-eagled on her bed.


Releasing her hands again she partly sat up and picked up the eggs and their controller. This was going to be the hardest part. She reached down and tried to feel for her pussy opening. Hopefully, this would be as easy as inserting a tampon. She took the first egg and placed it against her opening, then she froze.


Suddenly the egg felt as big as a melon. No way could it go inside, not a hope. She tried to get her finger to slip in, it did so reluctantly, but it was just enough to make it a tiny bit easier. She gasped and pushed, squirmed and writhed, then it seemed to give a little and slowly the egg wormed its way inside.


Wendy lay back panting, she could feel the hard lump inside and she felt it move slowly further in as her body began to clamp her opening closed again. Her mind span, what to do, should she pull it out again, or should she get the second egg in? She reached down to between her legs again, found the second eggs and began to push it into her body. She was panting hard now and she lay back out as she tried to get used to the awkward feeling of two hard eggs inside her.


Wendy waited a couple of minutes before she found the controller and placed it at her side. She then reached out with her left arm and found its loop, she slipped her hand into it and carefully pulled on it so it closed up a bit. She reached out with her right hand and found the loop exactly where she thought it should be, She slipped it on then off again, then she eased her hand down till she found the controller again.


Wendy eased her thumb over the on-off switch, then she pushed it. Her lower body seemed to erupt. She gasped and tried to twist, but her feet were well held, then she reached out with her right hand and found the loop, she eased it over her hand and then gave it a small tug to firm it up.


Wendy squirmed and tried to writhe, but there was little movement she could make without being restrained by the bootlaces. She felt weird, and she could feel the eggs warming up inside her. For a moment she felt the helplessness of her situation, but it was a kind of scary good feeling, knowing that she could release herself if she needed too.


Wendy began to feel ecstatic and aroused, two feelings long forgotten and buried deep inside her. The eggs were going well inside her and she felt the effects. She began to rock her pelvis as she became more and more aroused. Her nipples hardened and stood up and she felt perky for the first time in ages.


Her feeling became euphoric, her whole body began to tingle and kind of simmer like a pot about to boil. Wendy was panting hard out now, she squirmed as the feelings spread but still found herself restrained. She felt as if she was about to burst.


Then she did.


Wendy arched and bucked as her orgasm erupted from deep inside her. "Ohhhhh," she gasped as the ripples flowed up and down her body. Her body clinched tight onto the eggs as she tried to curl up and arch back. She tugged very hard on her restraints, feeling them tighten as she did.


Her orgasm ebbed, but she was still quite ecstatic, gulping deep mouthfuls of air as she began to relax down. The eggs kept on going inside her. She wondered if she should continue for another minute or two, or if she should turn them off now. She stretched out her legs and arms and then decided she wanted to have a rest and savour her first orgasm.


Wendy twisted her right wrist so she could free her arm, but as she did so, she became aware the that the loop was still firm against her skin. She twisted her wrist back and forth, but still, the loop didn't want to loosen. She tried her left side, but the result was the same. Neither loop wanted to ease up and release her wrists. She briefly thought about trying to see if her feet would come clear, but she knew that they would not.


"Shit!" She was stuck.


Not only was she stuck, but she had two eggs buzzing away inside her doing crazy things to her, and no way of stopping them either.


She wriggled her belly as she started to become highly ecstatic again, she realised she was building up to a second orgasm. She knew there was very little she could do but allow it to pass and then try again to free her hands.


Her second orgasm built up and up before it shook her to her core. It was very powerful, and she strained very hard against her restraints, which seemed to add a touch of spice to the orgasm. Panting, she eased back down, not sure what the hell had just hit her, but that whatever it was it sure felt amazing. Then with the buzz still going on inside, she orgasmed again.


Years of sexual neglect and suppression finally found their way out of her body, giving her wave after wave of orgasms. Wendy lost track of the time she was held there, she didn't care. The vibrating eggs were still going, but now beginning to slow a little, but she was well spent.


She tried again to free her hands but to no avail. They were held quite firmly, and she had no energy left to even try to figure out how to release them. She began to doze, feeling the warmth deep inside her body, and not caring at all anymore.


One last orgasm caught her in a bit of a daze as the slowing eggs seemed to hit just the right frequency.


Exhausted and feeling very much relieved now, she drifted off into a deep sleep for a few hours. She woke briefly in the early hours, still finding herself bound to her bed. She could just feel the eggs inside her, but they were quiet, the batteries now flat.


Wendy woke again to the early morning light peeking in through her curtains. She was a bit cold and she needed to pee. She tried again to free her arms, but still no go. She was in trouble. She had no idea what to do, there was no way to call for help, not that she wanted anyone to find her like this. She could still feel the eggs inside her, more a slight discomfort now that she really needed to pee.


The morning wore on. Wendy was struggling now to holding on. She had no clues to how long she would be there before someone came to check on her. She began to resign herself to wetting the bed, she didn't see much choice in the matter now. She squirmed one last time, stretched out, and then readied herself. As she twisted her right hand and her left, she felt the left loop slip just a tiny bit.


Carefully she twisted her left arm again, the loop moved a little, no longer tight. A feeling of relief flooded her, then she had to clamp hard on her bladder to stop herself leaking. She twisted again, yes, it was becoming loose now. Her hand eased slowly through and out of the loop. Yeah, one hand free, she stretched out and was able to free her other hand. She struggled to sit up, but finally, she made it and freed her legs.


A mad dash to the bathroom and she just made it in time. She didn't have time to remove the eggs before she peed. Once she was done she slowly eased the eggs out. She washed the eggs and her hands, she decided she needed to shower, then she went to get dressed.


Wendy broke out laughing, giggling senselessly, 'Wow, what a night!' she thought. Finally, she felt like a woman for a change. For the first time in about four years, she selected her only lace bra and lacy knickers, as well as a dress to wear for the day.


She knew full well she was going tie herself to the bed, and do this all again next weekend.

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