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“I know you’re in there, bitch!” I slammed my palms against the door of Unit 12, pausing only to double-check the address that I had stolen from Nick. 12, Selinsgrove Apartment.

The bitch in Unit 12 was Lisa. And I was there to take a good look at the cunt who’d been fucking my boyfriend for the past two months. What I would do after that “good look”, I still wasn’t sure. But it did not matter at that point.

The door opened and I found myself standing face-to-face with tits. A voluptuous blonde who towered over my 5’6” cocked her hips to one side as she leaned against the doorway. Everything from her hair, to her tits and tan, screamed, "Fake!". God, I hated the sight of her. The smell of cheap perfume that was forced up my nostrils made me want to retch.

“Honey, I’m trying to put on my mascara,” the Amazonian blonde hissed. “Richard will be here any minute now.”

I opened my mouth to tell her what a cheap slut she was but she cut me off with an irritated tone. “Look, whatever you’re here for has got to wait.”

Her fingernails – no, talons – punctured my skin as she grabbed my wrist and dragged me into her messy apartment.

“Sit,” she instructed plainly. The dingy couch did not look at all inviting. And were those cum stains on the wall?

The bitch took quick strides inside. She must be going into the room where Nick filled her with his seed. Seed that was supposed to be mine. The thought made my stomach churn and my blood boil. I was confounded by how this plastic-looking slut held any appeal.

A knock sounded at the door and she rushed out, wearing only a sheer white babydoll and panties. Both were barely there. “You can watch. He loves it,” she acknowledged me briefly before turning her attention to the man who had just stepped in. He looked like a regular bloke in his forties but his good build was evident under his office garb.

“Richard, have you missed me?” she cooed in a disgustingly sweet voice. I winced. What kind of spell has she cast on these men? Granted she’s a bona fide slut, asking me to watch. And she’d spread her loose legs for anyone -- for a fee, of course. But still, who would pay to fuck a woman like that?

The bitch rubbed her jugs against his upper chest, pulling her face into a pout while he blatantly ignored her.

The man turned towards me and asked, “Who is she?” His cold, direct question was hollowed of emotion. The stark contrast between his detached demeanour and the bitch’s putrid attempt to gain his affection was a warped, but oddly arousing sight.

“Oh, her?” the bitch pretended to only notice me then. “She’s just a passer-by. Who likes to watch.” Her lips curled up into a wicked smile, mirrored by a twitch in the man’s cruel face.

I stood there, bewitched by the sight of them kissing. His hands were groping and squeezing her ass cheeks roughly, drawing moans from her mouth into his. They slid under the sheer fabric of her scanty top and crawled their way up her torso to her huge tits. The way he manhandled them -- pulling on her nipples, slapping and squeezing on the luscious flesh – made me shudder.

A bead of sweat ran down my temple.

A bead of moisture leaked from the hot and bothered crevice between my thighs.

Both sight and sound were simply too much for me to take in at once. I closed my eyes as tightly as I clamped my thighs together, as if that would dull my senses and quell the ache in my own cunt. All it did was make her moans ring louder in my ears and my pussy throb in time with her uninhibited noises.

“Slut, I need your cock. Now.”

My eyelids flew open when I heard that stone-cold voice. I choked, unable to believe what I had just heard. The bitch caught my surprised expression and winked at me.

“Come, let’s take it to my boudoir,” she said loudly, making it clear that it was an invitation for two.

This time, it was strange fascination mired with dirty excitement which led me by the hand. I settled myself into a steel chair in the corner of the room, my eyes transfixed on the customer and purveyor of sex. The latter obviously held more of my attention. Freed from the confinement of clothes, I could now confirm what my mind had to imagine earlier.

Lisa’s eight inches hung below her slender waist and flat belly. I was mesmerised by the blur of light pink fingernails on the slender digits stroking the thick, long shaft. Even more conspicuous were the huge tits that danced slightly from the jerking hand movements that induced self-pleasure. Feminine and masculine themes both featured on the same body; it was such a queer sight, but one that had me hiking my skirt up to slip a hand between my legs and pull my panties to one side. Cool air teased my exposed pussy while the live show of Lisa getting her cock sucked titillated my mind.

“You want this bad, don’t you?” The saccharine dripping from her voice still disgusted me. But the scene of the emotionless man now worshipping her cock, kissing and licking it, made me reach for my own pussy. I was dripping wet by now. Their oblivion to my presence dared me to scoop up my own wetness and lick it from my fingers as he slurped pre-cum loudly from her slit.

“Oooh,” Lisa moaned lustily.

Oooh, my mind screamed as I tasted the juices from my tingling pussy.

“Mmm, I don’t think you’ve done a very good job yet, Richard.” That voice which I hated so much was accompanied by the sound of smacks. Loud smacks which left red, rod-shaped marks on his cheeks, left and right. Sharp smacks which complemented the blows I landed on my own throbbing pussy.

“Now, suck it,” she commanded more forcefully this time.

Suck it, you son-of-a-bitch. My mind’s eye saw Nick in that position. Kneeling at the bitch’s feet, taking her as deep as he could in his mouth and bobbing his head with an urgency he’d never had for me. He was desperate to make her hard so that she’d fuck him in his lying, cheating ass.

I watched him suffocate on that cock, my own breaths shallow and quick from the rapid circles I was scrawling on my clit and cunt lips.

Gag. You know you can’t take eight inches the way I can. He was choking hard. His spit, blended with her pre-cum, was slobbering down his chin, dangerously close to soaking a spot on the bitch’s carpeted floor.

“That’s enough, you sloppy bastard!” The sugar was lost from her voice.

“Get up on the bed.” The sugar returned but there was a raw edge to it now

He complied, getting on all-fours as Lisa clambered onto the creaking mattress after him. Her svelte figure offset by those massive tits was displayed to me from the side, as was her rigid cock poised at his tight entrance.

One feminine caress of his neck accompanied by a slight tilt of her head belied the monster in her who would use his asshole for her own pleasure. “So tell me, Richard,” she went back to cooing. “Who are you cheating on with me?” Knowing eyes under blonde bangs stared right into mine.

“My wife!” His voice was terse now. “She doesn’t know!”

Then I heard the ghost of Nick’s voice. My girlfriend. Just please, fuck me now.

A cryptic smile crossed her lips. Was she on my side, punishing him? Or were these taunts to mock me of what I did not have to give?

I blinked. The smile was no more. I was again absent to them in that room.

“Gahh!” a masculine groan was released as she thrust deep into his man-cunt. My fingers dipped roughly into my own folds. In and out she slid from his tight hole, controlling her pace but still making him feel the searing pain. My fingers moved with her tempo. Both him and I were slaves to her rhythm.

“Mmm, you like that, huh? Being my fuck-slut?” The cooing was back for good but I did not hate it now. My body embraced her words, my mind screaming a loud “Yes! Fuck me!”

 “Fuck me!” his strained voice echoed my thoughts.

No more words were exchanged as Lisa started to rip at his ass while I tore at my own hole. Slapping balls and slick fingers were all that could be heard. Neither one of us was ready for our release yet. But it was close. We started building up a rapid crescendo of moans. Mine, hers, his. A cacophony of noises punctuated each sensation that overcame our bodies.

The build was endless. The end was certain but when would it come? When would it let us cum? There seemed to be no peak to jump off from. We were desperately searching for our cliff. The plateau felt like it went on and on and on and…

“Hooooly fuckkkkkk!” It was she who found it first. And with that, she shot her load deep into him, bringing him to his release. The sight of tensed bodies and expressions of pleasure sent me spiralling into my own climax.

Oh God!! Fuckkkkk!! My mind cried out.

Loud, animalistic groans and screams drowned out everything else in our universe.

The room smelt so much of sex. He had soiled the mattress with his own cream and hers that was still dripping out of his loosened asshole. I slumped back into the metal chair that was now warm from my burning body and hot cum. It was dizzying. Everything felt so alive now. I felt alive.

But the magic left as soon as it had bewitched us. I was still bitter with the bitch, she was awaiting his cash and he needed to get back to the wife and three kids. It was almost as though we had just really noticed each other in the room as we gingerly gathered our clothes and the realities we had to return to.

He paid her and left promptly while I asked if there was a bathroom I could use to freshen up. Once behind the locked door, I contemplated on whether I could still go through with calling her a slut to her face after this extraordinary experience she had just gifted me.

I decided: No. I couldn’t.

“So how much do I owe you?” I asked when I stepped out of the cramped bathroom. She just smiled wryly and shook her head.

“He’s already paid for your share.”

“Okay,” I replied, unsure of what more I could say.

I was about to walk out of the apartment when a hand gripped mine. A piece of paper was slipped into my fingers. On it were handwritten numbers that were barely legible.

“If ever you would like to watch again.”

I could not bring myself to thank her so I just threw her a small smile.

Nick and I broke up eventually and I got rid of everything we shared together. The only thing I kept that reminded me (remotely) of him was Lisa’s number. Till this day, I have yet to use it. But maybe soon, strange fascination mired with dirty excitement will lead me by the hand again.
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