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A Dark Possession

A wife discovers that there is truth in the saying 'Once you go black you never go back'
Judy was visibly shaking as he walked towards her. His broad, towering frame dwarfed her own slim, petite body as he closed up on her. The front door had now been shut upon her husband and they were finally alone; it was just the two of them now. She could see hunger in his eyes and glancing down at his groin she could see that hunger manifesting itself. She was nervous standing there like an expectant virgin waiting that moment of surrender. He rested his hands on her shoulders and lowered his head to kiss her. “There’s no need to be afraid baby” He told her.

She responded with a nervous smile as his hands slid down her body to her bottom. She could feel the heat from his hands through the satin material of her black skirt as he gripped her and pulled her against him. “It’s okay for you,” she told him, “You are used to doing this sort of thing.”

He smiled. The whiteness of his teeth contrasted sharply with the dark skin of his face. “So there’s nothing to be afraid of then is there?”

She smiled nervously again. “But you are going to...”She started to say, as his hands slid under her skirt and made contact with the nakedness underneath.

“Yes I’m gonna take possession of your pussy and use it for my pleasure!”

His words send shivers down her spine; nervous tremors combined with tremors of pleasure; delight, and excitement that she had never felt before. His hand slid under her bottom, between her thighs and his fingers found her wet opening. She sighed.

“I’m glad to see you have been a good girl for me and left your panties off!” He said as he probed her.

 She almost swooned and gripped tightly onto his waist for support as his tongue forced its way into her mouth almost as if it was a foretaste of what was to come. He kept his lips pressed tightly against hers for a few moments as he took her hand and held it against hardness. “It’s waiting for you baby!” He whispered.

 She broke away and looked him once more in the eye before moving away. As she left the room she stopped and turned once more to look at him. He was following her. In a state of almost abandonment she started to climb the stairs. It was time to surrender herself to him.

Over three months had passed now since that fateful night when Judy and her husband, Alan, had settled down to watch some porn clippings on the DVD player. Seven years into their marriage they both found that a little extra stimulation helped bring some added excitement into their sex life. They had also lived together for a couple of years before marrying so all in all they had lived as husband and wife for nine years.

It was at her recent twenty-seventh birthday party that they were first introduced to porn movies when someone brought a DVD along. A few of them settled down to watch it when most of the guests had gone home. Judy found the scenes of explicit sex very exciting.

After that Alan started to download movies from the internet himself for them to watch and lately they had begun watching a lot of interracial sex movies. The contrast of black skin against white flesh; black male penetrating white female; black dominance and white submission excited them both. For Judy it was the sheer aggression of the black males that she loved; watching a black male take possession of a white female and using her for his pleasure was hard to put into words, and the size of some of those guys was unbelievable. Of course, she knew that most of the scenes were stage managed; out of work actors and actresses or models performing in staged hotel rooms, but they still excited her.

That night however the movie they had watched was no choreographed performance. The black male, though well endowed, was no handsome hunk and the woman no model. Quite the opposite really; she was plain looking, a little plump and had stretch marks on her tummy. The scene had been shot in a real bedroom too by the woman’s husband. What made this clipping so special though was the realness of her orgasms. She seemed to orgasm throughout the whole of the fifteen minute ordeal as the male pinned her legs right back against the headboard and pounded away at her. When he finally came she lay there sobbing from the pleasure of it all. Her concerned husband came over to the bed thinking she was in pain but she just kept sobbing with happiness, rambling on about how good it had been. Judy wanted some of that!

As they sat next to each other on the settee watching the movie, Alan had lifted her skirt back and rubbed her pussy through her pink cotton panties. She in turn had unzipped his trousers and put her hand inside to stroke his erection through his briefs. By the time the clips finished they were both ready for sex. There was no foreplay required, both had been suitably aroused. Judy pushed her knickers down her thighs and kicked them off before lifting her skirt up over her waist and lying back with her legs open. Alan stood up and quickly stepped out of trousers and briefs before settling down between her thighs.

Sliding his hardness into her, she hooked her heels over his ankles to draw him deeper into her and hold him there. “Bet you wish that it was you being fucked hey?” Alan whispered as he thrust hard but slowly into her.

“Ooooooh yes….yes you know I do!” She responded meeting his thrusts with excitement.

“I’m going to get someone for you.” He told her, “Someone to fuck you good and hard like that!” He added as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

“Please Alan. Pleeeeease get me a man like that!” she begged.

“I will baby. I will, believe me” He told her as he started to speed up and thrust even harder.

Judy closed her eyes and clung on as she relived the scenes she had watched. The taut, muscular bottom of the black male pounding between the thighs of the white female. She imagined that it was her lying underneath him; that it was her who was receiving his hard thrusting cock; that it was her screaming in ecstasy as she came again and again. She did cum of course but it was not of the same intensity and neither had she had the pleasure of a fifteen minute pounding. Later than night, when Alan was asleep, she slipped her hand inside her panties and closed her eyes as she brought herself to orgasm fantasising about a black male lover taking possession of her.

It was a couple of weeks later when she went into the dining room one evening and found Alan busy on his laptop. He seemed startled. “What you up to?” She asked him.

“Well actually I’ve been in contact with a guy you might be interested in.” He told her.

“Oh!” She responded as she stood at his side looking down at the screen.

Alan explained that he had found a dating site and then pulled up the details of a man from Michigan USA. “His name is Joe.” Alan told her as his photograph came up on screen.

Joe was black, tall and stockily built. He wasn’t strikingly handsome but he had a look of aggression that interested her. “He looks more like a heavyweight boxer!” She commented.

“Actually he used to be one. Has his own sports goods company now. He travels to Europe too” He told her.

Suddenly he pulled up some more photos of Joe. One showed him sitting naked in a chair with a huge erection reaching up past his waist. The other showed him standing sideways with his erection stretching out. “Bloody hell he’s huge!” Judy commented.

“It’s ten inches!” Alan told her.

Judy stood open mouthed for a few minutes looking at the photos. “You….you would let me sleep with him?” She asked him.

Alan slid his hand up her legs and under her short denim skirt. “Yes.” He told her as his fingers prodded her through her panties.

Judy looked down at him, peering into his eyes silently for a few moments. “Don’t you want to?” He asked her.

“Yes I do.” She responded, “But are you sure you want me to?”

Alan nodded.

“It’s not going to bother you having someone bigger and better than you fucking me?”

He shook his head. “Yes, I’ll be jealous, naturally, but I would love to watch you get fucked by another man!” He told her.

Judy was surprised. Yes, they had fantasised about her getting shagged by another man but they had never discussed it outside of the bedroom, so to speak. She looked him in the eyes once more. “”Ok, organise it then!”

She walked away not really expecting anything more to come of it. Although this was new territory for them, Alan had a history of promising things and never fulfilling them. ‘This was going to be another one them.’ She thought to herself. She wasn’t disappointed though; the thought was there and it gave added excitement to their sex life.

It was about a week later however when Alan suddenly came into the lounge as she was watching television with his mobile phone in his hand. “Joe wants to speak with you.” He told her.

Judy started shaking and almost dropped the phone as he handed it over to her. “Hell……hello.” She said.

“Julie is it?” Said the voice on the other end.

“Judy.” She corrected.

“Sorry, Judy.” He replied. “Hope you don’t mind me catching you unawares like this but there are lots of phoneys out there. Guys pretending to be girls etc. Just want to be sure you are the real deal.” He explained.

“I understand” She responded as she started to calm down.

“So you want some brotha lovin’?” He asked her.


“Why?” He asked.

“W…w……well…..I just want to try it!” She replied nervously.

“Sorry to be so direct.” He told her. “I expect Alan is with you and you can’t talk freely. How about you tell him to send me your mobile number and I will call you in a day or two. We can talk privately.”

“Okay then” She told him.

Their short but sweet conversation came to an end and Judy asked Alan to email her number to him. Two days later he rang her when she was on her own. “So why do you want to go black then?” Joe asked her after they got the introductions over with.

“I just want to see what it’s really like” She told him.

“Want to see if we are that good hey?” He laughed.

“Yes I suppose” She told him, pulling her legs tightly under her as she sat on the settee chatting.

“We are, believe me!” He told her. “I guess you have heard the saying then?” He asked her.

“Yes.” She told him.

“You prepared for that?” He asked her. “Because it is true!”

Judy shifted nervously finding it a little strange talking to another man so intimately. “Yes” She told him.

“And Alan…is he prepared?”

“I don’t know”

“Well it’s something you need get sorted because I get the impression from him that it will just be a one off thing. I have seen this happen before.” He told her, “White guys letting their wives try it and then getting upset when they want to continue seeing black guys. I’ve seen marriages fall apart.” He told her.

“Yes I suppose you are right.” She said thoughtfully.

“Also I ain’t into one night stands.” He told her. “I like to get to know my girls properly and you can’t do that in one night. Besides, I ain’t coming three thousand miles just for one night, I can get that on my own doorstep if I want it! If I do come over it will be for three or four weeks and I will expect to have you to myself for the whole time”

Judy was quiet for a few moments. “I see.” She told him.

“Sorry to be so blunt but it’s important that we are on the same lines before we take things further.” He responded. “Not just for my sake but yours as well!”

There conversation soon ended and Judy told Alan what was said. “Yes I know the saying!” He told her. “Once you go black you never turn back!”

“And three weeks?” She asked him.

Alan was silent for a few moments. “What do you want?” He asked her.

“No Alan.” She told him. “What do you want? Are you willing to let another man spend three or four weeks fucking me?”

Alan nodded.

Judy had already made up her mind. The images of his manhood; the images from the DVD that night; the sounds of that woman sobbing in ecstasy; the sound of Joe’s dark voice ringing in her ears, Judy had already decided but she was yet to be sure of Alan.

Three nights later he telephoned her again and she told him that they were both up for it. “You sure this is what you want as well as Alan?” He asked her.

“Yes” She told him.

“I would like to see a photo of you.” He told her.

“I thought Alan had emailed you one?”

“I meant a proper photo!” He told her. “You’ve had the pleasure of seeing me naked now it’s your turn. One of you naked in an armchair like me but with your legs over the arms. I want to see what you have to offer me!”

Judy was silent for a few moments.

“You still there?” He asked.

“Yes. I am just thinking.” She told him. “You won’t show anyone else will you?”

“No, I ain’t that sort of guy. Your pics will stay private” He told her.

“Okay I’ll do it” She told him.

After their conversation ended she went and spoke to Alan and a few minutes later she undressed and sat back in the armchair, legs splayed, for Alan to take photos of her.

An hour later Joe was back on the phone to her. “Thank you.” He told her. “You got me all horny thinking of that tight pussy of yours. I’m gonna enjoy stretching it.” He added.

Judy wanted to tell him that she was going to enjoy having him stretch it but she did not want to appear so sluttish. He called her again the next evening. She had got used to his voice now and liked his dark American accent. His tone had also become softer and not so blunt and direct. His talk had also become dirtier. “Been thinking about that pussy of yours babe.” He told her. “Thinking how much I am going to enjoy filling it!”

Judy swooned in silence.

“You looking forward to my cock babe?”

“Yes” She sighed, feeling the moistness between her thighs.

“You gonna suck it for me babe?” He asked her.

“Yes” She sighed once more.

“Good.” He told her, “’cause I like a good suck before I fuck!”

Judy could feel herself getting wetter. It had been a long time since Alan had talked dirty to her, and she had never talked to a stranger so intimately before. When he called a few days later he asked her what sort of things she enjoyed doing in bed and she found herself telling him some of her deepest and most secret desires. He listened quietly and intently and when she finished he spoke. “You want me to own you don’t you baby?”

“Yes” She responded.

“Are you still letting your old man fuck you?” He asked her bluntly.

“Yes.” She replied.

“I want you to stop!” He told her. “Give him a hand job if he is desperate but not your pussy. That belongs to me now.” He told her.

Judy agreed without hesitation. Having Joe tell her that her pussy belonged to him struck a submissive cord deep within her. She had visions of him walking up to her and demanding what was his; tearing at her clothes; ripping away her underwear to take what belonged to him. Judy was beginning to hunger for him now.

When she told Alan that Joe did want not him fucking her again there was no objection, just a resigned acceptance of the situation. Judy was pleased because the last thing she wanted now was Alan changing his mind and ending her relationship with Joe.

Joe was also pleased when she told him that Alan was no longer fucking her. “That’s nice babe.” He said. “You will be all hot for me now!”

Judy smiled to herself and then listened intently as he suddenly told her take her panties off. “I want you to touch yourself babe” He told her.

Judy obeyed, taking off her damp panties before settling back on the settee and sliding her fingers between her swollen pussy lips. “Think of my cock babe!” He told her. “Think of my cock sliding in and out of your sweet pussy.”

She did.

“Imagine my black meat pounding your pussy baby” He told her.

She did, as her own fingers slipped deep inside her.

“I wanna hear you comin’ babe.” He told her. “Wanna hear you scream in my ear as I push my cock harder and faster into you.”

She closed her eyes listening to his soft voice telling her that he was going to make a whore out of her; telling her that he was going to pound her pussy in every conceivable position when he visited her; telling her that she would never want any other man’s cock again after he had finished with her. Judy came; came with an intensity that she had never experienced from masturbation before. Judy had experienced her first phone sex. Joe’s grip on her was getting tighter by the day.

Joe had told Judy very little about himself at first during their telephone conversations at first but one night he told her that he had been involved with nineteen couples so far. He explained how he had started to get interested in white girls when he was eighteen and had continued his interest over the last twenty years. He had enjoyed some long relationships with some couples, two of which he had known for over five years. The thing that shocked her most though was the fact that eight of the women had had children to him. Two of the women had two children each to him and one other was about to have her third baby to him. She had asked him if their husbands had agreed to their wives getting pregnant by him and he told her that only two of them did not know beforehand that their wives intended getting pregnant.

“You sound to have enjoyed getting them pregnant?” She said to him when he told her.

“Of course!” He responded. “Sex is always better when you’re baby making!”

“Did you tell them to stop taking contraception?” She asked him.

“No!” He told her. “I would never tell a woman to do that, but I did ask them. If I like them then I will always ask.” He added. “There was no pressure; it was their decision. I always go bareback anyway. Three of them took the risk to have regular sex without taking precautions to begin with and the others stopped taking the pill when I asked.”


“Sex without a condom.” He explained. “They nearly always break on me anyway,” he told her.

Judy was silent for a few moments.

“You have no children yet do you babe?” He said to her.

“No” she told him.

“Sure would like to give you your first!” He said.

His words sent shivers down her spine.

“Now that would be worth coming over for babe!”

“I….I could never do that.” She told him.

“Why?” He asked her.

“It….it’s nothing racial.” She told him. “It’s just that there is family and friends to think off.” She explained.

“I understand babe.” He told her. “I know about the cultural acceptance.”

“Yes.” She told him.

“But I know that deep down inside you want to babe!” He told her. “I’ve been doing this a long time now babe and I know just how the woman feels under me when I am pumping my seed into her.”

Judy said nothing as she visualised him on top of her pumping the last droplets of his seed into her.

“Wouldn’t take me long either babe.” He told her, interrupting her thoughts. “I usually hit pretty quickly. In fact I make a point of it!”

Judy remained silent. She was scared now. Not scared of Joe but of herself; scared that she might let him.

“Maybe it’s something for you to think about babe?” He said. “Me coming over there and spending three or four weeks knocking you up!”

After that conversation Joe waited almost a week before calling her again. She knew that he was deliberately letting her chew things over in her mind. She told Alan about their discussion of course. He was shocked but there was no forceful objection from him. He just told her that ‘She shouldn’t do it.’ There was no conviction in his voice and she wondered if he was like her and enjoying being under Joe’s influence.

When Joe did call he told her that he was seriously thinking now of coming over to see her. Judy was pleased and told him so. “It depends babe on just how much of yourself you are going to give to me?” He told her.

“What do you mean?” She asked him.

“I think you know what I mean babe!”

She did. “It…it’s a lot to ask of a woman Joe.” She responded.

“I know.” He told her. “But I have something you want; something you need babe!”

She was silent for a few moments.

“When’s your next cycle?” He asked her.

“In a week’s time” She replied.

“So can I take it then that you won’t be resuming your contraception after that?” He asked her.


Judy never went to the airport with Alan six weeks later when he flew in. She was too nervous for one thing and for another she still had some final touches of housework to do. Alan’s belongings had been moved from their bedroom into the spare room. Joe had insisted that the marital bedroom was to be theirs for the duration of his stay.

Then there was the other reason and probably the most important one – she didn’t really want Alan to go. She knew that when Joe walked through the door their lives would change forever. She hoped that Alan would change his mind and stop her from going ahead with everything; saving herself from her own self. She could no longer resist Joe’s pull on her but Alan could. Alan had the power to put a stop to it all.

When Alan walked in the door a while later with Joe she felt a moment of sadness and yet there was also an excitement she could hardly contain. She kissed him nervously as she greeted him for that first time. “Good to meet you at last” He said to her as Alan took his suitcases to their bedroom before joining them for coffee in the kitchen.

They chatted for a while, mainly about Joe’s flight over, before Joe glanced at his watch and then at Alan. “I think Judy and I could do with some quality time together Alan.” Joe told him.

Alan looked at his watch too. “Yes it’s two o’clock I should be heading back to the office.”

As Alan stood up Joe suddenly reached for Judy’s hand and began to take off her wedding and engagement rings. “I think it’s better if these were left off while I am here!” He said as he handed them to Alan.

Judy smiled nervously as he took them and put them inside his jacket pocket. His possession of her was almost complete now. As Alan headed for the front door Joe followed him and Judy smiled again. It was almost as if he was seeing her husband off the premises.

Judy could feel herself trembling as Joe closed the bedroom room behind them. Her heart was pounding as he put his hands on her shoulders again and stooped to kiss her. He said nothing as he reached for the buttons of her blouse and began to unbutton them. She looked down in silence as her blouse opened button by button. When the last one was undone he slid it off her shoulders and tossed it onto the bed before reaching behind her back to undo her bra.

She stood silently as he tossed her bra onto the bed and then reached for the zipper of her skirt. He looked into her eyes momentarily and then knelt down, gazing at her mound for a moment before kissing it. “Been looking forward to this babe!” He told her as his tongue made contact with her.

She gripped his shoulders and moaned softly as his tongue explored her cunt lips. “Mmmm baby I can see you’re ready for me!”

She moaned loudly as his tongue penetrated her and then found herself asking him to fuck her. He seemed to ignore her as he just kept using his tongue to bring her orgasm closer and closer. When he did stop she was on the point of climax. “Noooooooo!” She cried out.

 It was all deliberate on Joe’s part. He had already told her over the telephone that when he fucked her the first time it was going to be for his pleasure. “I ain’t gonna wait for you babe!” He had told her. “”I’m just gonna get my seed into you as fast as I can.” He added.

Joe stood up and put his hands on her shoulders and applied pressure. She was already starting to sink to her knees before his words came out. “Come on babe show me some appreciation!”

Griping his shaft tightly she ran her tongue over the huge bulge of the tip. “That’s it babe show me how much you want it.”

 Judy did just that, taking the fullness of the head inside her mouth as she began to swallow his erection. It was much too big for her to take fully. Her mouth had no problem in accommodating almost all of Alan’s cock but Joe’s was different. She managed almost half before she started to gag.

As he started to get more sexually excited he stopped her and told her to suck on his testicles. They hung like two potent containers. “I’m gonna empty them inside you in a minute babe!” He told her threateningly as she ran her tongue all over them.

She groaned.

He made her continue for a few more minutes and then gripped her arm and pulled her up. “You have something to give me babe?” He asked her.

Again, he had already told her what was expected of her that first time, and she duly obeyed. Lying back on the bed she gripped her ankles with her hands and pulled her legs back and wide apart. She watched him as he slowly climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. Looking her right in the eyes he held his cock against vulva. His stare was both menacing and exciting as he held himself there. She could feel him against her opening but she remained still and silent. Suddenly a faint smile lit his face as he pushed his huge head inside her. She gasped as she felt herself being opened.

Joe stopped for a moment to look onto her eyes once more before pushing forward another couple of inches inside her. Once again his held his position to allow her to fully experience the gradual possession of her, before pushing forward again and inserting a few more inches inside her. Holding his position once again for a few moments he pushed forward again, this time without stopping.

Judy gasped loudly as he fully entered her.

He held still once fully inside her for a few moments, staring intently into her eyes, and then he lowered his body down against her. With her ankles resting on his shoulders and his huge muscular arms supporting his weight he began to move in and out of her. His thrust were slow at first and Judy looked down and watched his huge dark flesh penetrate and then withdraw; but then his rhythm started to increase and so did the pleasure. Judy closed her eyes and gripped his shoulders as the roller coaster ride began.

 She lost count of the orgasms after the first three hit her and things became a blur after that. She sank into an oblivion of sexual pleasure that she had never experienced before; she could hear the screams of pleasure that escaped from her lips; she could hear the words of obscenity that flowed from her mouth; she could hear the words of abuse coming from him, and she could hear his loud groans of pleasure, but until she felt his cum filling her insides she could not fully grasp that it was all happening to her. It was quite a while afterwards as she felt the fullness of his weight up her that she opened her eyes and realised the truth.

His cock was still hard and deep inside her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “You going to pull out?” she asked him with a smile.

Joe shook his head. “I ain’t finished yet!” He told her, returning her smile.

His virility astounded her as he began to pump slowly again. “I’m gonna take it slowly and enjoy that pussy of yours this time babe!” He told her as he pushed his hands under her bottom.

 Judy groaned and closed her eyes in total abandonment to him.

Enjoyment of her pussy was exactly what he did do as well as he slowly took her back into a state of sexual oblivion again. Not only that, he also let her know just how much he was control of her as he changed position time and time again. From missionary he took her into the ‘spoons’ position for a few minutes before making her get on top for a while. After that he fucked her with her lying on her back with one leg against his chest and the other down against his thigh as he pounded deep inside her. When he tired of that he then took her doggy style; standing at the side of the bed while he gripped her hips and thrust deep inside her. Finally, he took her lying face down on the bed with a pillow under her tummy, entering her from behind with her legs closed tightly together and his spread astride her. This time after he came he rolled off her. Joe was spent now.

Judy recovered quickly from their lovemaking and soon began to feel refreshed. Joe however, had dropped off to sleep and so she pulled the covers over them both and snuggled up against him. She could feel his cum leaking from her but far from being scared of the implications of it all she suddenly found herself elated.

Already she was planning the booking of her flight to Michigan. It was true what they said……there was no going back now!

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