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A Timely Introduction

A wife learns that pleasure can come in many forms
We met him at the restaurant down the street. My wife and I were there on a Saturday morning, enjoying a leisurely breakfast. We were down to the coffee and I was talking to her about our oldest daughter when I realized she wasn’t listening to me. Something behind me had caught her attention. I turned to see what was going on, annoyed that she could be distracted so easily.

He was washing the windows of the restaurant. He stood about 6’5” thin and young, early twenties I guessed. He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of very brief white shorts. It was the shorts that had gotten my wife’s attention. In order to reach the upper parts of the glass, the young man had obviously moved close to the glass while reaching upwards. The bulge in his shorts had made contact with the wet glass. The result was a noticeable wet spot that clearly showed the size and shape of his package. It was plain to my eyes that while not completely hard, his penis was in a semi flaccid state. The dampness began at his crotch and extended up his shorts toward his belly, curving gently toward his right side as it rose.

Alicia, my wife of 30 years was clearly mesmerized by the sight. She held her coffee mid sip, hovering over the table. Her mouth was slightly agape and her breathing had quickened considerably. She noticed me watching her just then and composing herself rapidly, sipped at her coffee as if nothing had interrupted us. But she kept glancing back to the window while we finished our meal.

Later, after dropping my wife at home, I had to run a few errands but afterwards we spent the rest of the day doing yard work at our suburban home. With the kids grown and moved out, we often spent a portion of our weekend maintaining the lawn and gardens. We capped the afternoon with some grilled steaks and wine.

Later, after the dishes had been done, I told Alicia that I wanted to soak in the hot tub for a while. She readily agreed to join me, so I opened a second bottle of wine and led the way to tub. Our tub was built as part of the deck which is right off the dining room at the back of the house. It is surrounded by a privacy fence, and since Alicia and I are the only ones living here, we seldom worry about swim suits. I poured my wife another glass of wine before setting the bottle onto a table within reach of the tub. It was her 4th glass of wine and I hoped she wouldn’t remind me of that fact as I handed it to her. She had been thoroughly embarrassed that morning at being caught gawking, and hadn’t said much to me all day. I knew she was feeling guilty about it. The wine would certainly dampen that guilt and help her see that it was natural, lustful reaction. My luck held as she smiled and took the wine, sipping some before setting the glass down and removing her top.

Alicia is going to be fifty next year, but you wouldn’t know it looking at her naked. She is 5’4” with slight hips and lithesome legs. It was those legs that first caught my eye all those years ago. We both enjoy bike riding so her thighs are still muscled and her buttocks firm. Her breasts, which are 34C’s ride high on her chest with dark aureoles and nipples so large they’ll make your mouth water. The privacy fence allows her to sunbath nude so she goes the entire summer with bronze toned skin, although I often tease her about low-flying planes. I’ve been obsessed with one area of her body or another over the years, but my obsession with those breasts has outlasted all the others. In the mornings, I love to suckle each of them in turn, watching as sleep leaves her body and arousal enters. Sometimes, if she’s still asleep, I lay there just looking at them. In fact, I have spent so much time with those orbs that I can often gauge her mood by the shade of her nipples.

I watched now as she reached behind and undid her bra. The ladies as I often call them fell forward flushed pink and looking ready for some play time. She knows I like to watch her undress and took her time, letting me have a good look. She smiled at me again as she undid her shorts and slid them along with her panties to the ground. She knows I prefer her pussy shaven and tonite, as always, she was as smooth and sensual in the front as she is in the rear. She smiled at me as I studied her, stepping out of her shorts and into my arms.

We kissed, long and deep before she stepped back and said,

“Your turn…”

She stepped to the spa and settled in to watch as I undressed. I am sure that I was far more awkward at undressing than she had been, but soon I was naked and in the tub beside her. I was stiffer than normal tonite, and she noticed immediately.

“Awfully friendly,” she said nodding at my have mild erection.

I looked down at myself, then back at her

“Not so many years ago, it would have been hard as a rock”, I replied.

“She laughed, “I guess you’re getting old!”

I knew, however, that age had nothing to do with it. The fact was, we were too familiar with each other’s bodies. There were no surprises and nothing unfamiliar about each other. With luck, that would change tonight.

I sat down and filled my glass with wine, then leaned over and topped hers off. This time she did notice.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she demanded with smile.

I leered at her. What for, I get that gorgeous body either way”

She laughed again,

“Keep it up and you’ll have to wait until I pass out!”

I chuckled and sat down putting my arm behind her and drawing her to me. We kissed again, my hands moving to lift a breast out of the foaming water. I caressed it as she slid her hands between my thighs and began to fondle me.

We were facing the patio door and I could see the kitchen clock through the glass doors. I noted that it was almost time. I turned my attention to Alicia, leaning down to suck her left breast. I touched my tongue to her aureole and slowly moved around it, carefully not touching her nipple. When I finally closed my lips around her breast and tongued the tip of her nipple, she moaned lightly. I looked up again and he was there. Standing inside the glass doors he looked out at us, giving me a nervous smile. I glanced at Alicia. She had her head back, her eyes closed.

I motioned for him to come out. He slid the patio door open which caused Alicia to open her eyes. They instantly got huge when she saw the young man from the restaurant step through the door. Quickly she dropped her breasts below the churning water. She turned and looked at me, her eyes accusing and demanding at the same time . I smiled at her a bit nervously, not sure any amount of wine would help with this situation.

Alicia and I have always shared a very healthy appetite for sex and our bedroom sessions are the stuff of legend. But we had, until now, never shared our trysts. We had certainly talked about it, but Alicia has always been modest about her body and was reluctant to agree to anything. I was hoping the wine and the obvious lust she had displayed for this guy would overcome that reluctance. Looking at her fierce eyes now, I was not so certain.

The young man, Mark was his name, saved me from any further discussion. As we planned when I recruited him that morning, he stopped just short of the tub and removed his shirt. She saw the movement from the corner of her eye and immediately turned back toward him. As she watched, he opened his shorts, unzipped and dropped them to the ground. He wasn’t wearing underwear and was immediately available for her to view. She stared at the long hard penis standing rigid between his thighs. As I suspected from the mornings preview, he was both longer and thicker than me. My left arm was still around Alicia’s shoulders and I could feel both her sharp intake of breath, and her quickening pulse.

Mark stepped naked into spa and moved to a position immediately in front of my wife. She straightened back up as he approached and I saw that her breasts were once again at the surface and visible now and again amidst the swirling water. His cock however was below the water and therefore lost to view. I reached over and shut the spa off.

Almost immediately Marks cock became visible, the mushroomed head sticking out over the top of the settling water. Alicia was also fully visible, from her shaved pussy to those incredible breasts. Mark took in the view, his cock visibly shaking as it surged. She turned to me, the conflicting emotions apparent on her face. Before she could speak however, I leaned forward and kissed her open lips, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth for a moment.

“Just enjoy,” I whispered as I moved back. She gazed at me a moment, then turned back and once again faced Mark. He was close enough for her to touch so she reached out and gently fondled his balls with one hand while grasping his dick with the other. I put my hand back on her breast and began toying with her nipple as she slowly stroked the long cock. Mark was watching intently, studying her body. I decided to move my hand to her pussy. I slipped a finger between the tanned folds of her cunt and slowly began to finger fuck her.

Her arousal increased and she pulled Mark forward. He stepped between her widely spread legs, watching my hands and her tits. She positioned him so that she could keep me going while at the same time get a taste of him. Bending forward, she dipped her face and began to suck on the distended head of his penis.

I could see it was going to be difficult for her to blow Mark with most of his penis still below the water so I suggested that Mark could sit on the edge of the spa. He willingly maneuverd his body so that she could access him by standing on the bench and bending over his member. The moment she did this stepped onto the bench and put my fingers back into her vagina. I knew it would take a few moments to restore the lubrication that the spa water had washed away. She continued to suck Mark, first working the head thoroughly with her tongue and then slowly taking him into her mouth. When her nose touched his pubic hair, she drew back and began again. I know Mark wouldn’t last long. He was panting and straining from her ministrations.

In only a few moments she was wet again and I put the tip of my penis against her opening. Grasping her hips I moved her onto the head of my dick and then paused, letting the feeling soak in. Her breathing was ragged and she tried to back up and take all of me, however I held her hips and stayed her movements. After a moment, I began to move inside her. I timed my movement so that I entered her just as she was pulling that long cock into her mouth.

I had contacted Mark at the restaurant while running the errands earlier. I had carefully laid out the plan to him and quite frankly, had spent the entire day in nervous expectation. Now, the feel of my wife’s tight pussy and the sight of that cock in her mouth was entirely too much and in moments I was ready to blow. I began pounding her backside, watching as the force drove through her and forced Marks cock deeper into her throat.

It was too much for her. She shuddered as she began to orgasm, the waves pulling her back and forth against the two cocks inside her. I released my load only moments later, shooting deep into her body and reveling at the exhilaration of it. For me, it was easily the most amazing release of our long relationship. As her orgasm subsided, Mark began to moan that he was there. She pulled him from her mouth and began quickly stroking his cock. Seconds later he was spewing cum into the air. The first spurt landed on her face and began dripping down her cheeks. She moved his cock slightly and the rest of his ejaculation landed between her breasts. She continued to stroke him with one hand and rubbed his cum into her skin with the other. She positively glowed with pleasure. She held that cock until it began to deflate. Then, exhausted, we all slipped back into the warm water of the spa.

She turned to me with an expression that was a mixture of love and lust. I knew then that she would be okay with this.

“Honey, “I said, “This is Mark.”

“Mark, meet my wife, Alicia”

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