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Blondie's A Naughty Girl

Blondie's A Naughty Girl

It's Been So Long
It’s been so long since we've been with each other, I've missed having you. You’re finally here with me; you plan to fuck me so hard. I want you!

We don’t have much time, we both know it, we might not even have time to fully finish, but it’s worth it.

Coming up to me, pulling me into a hard kiss we groan together. It’s been ages since I've tasted your mouth on mine. Why can’t I have you more often? I don’t care, I have you now. You begin to undress me, pulling each layer off of me. It seems to take ages, but once you do, you look at me. You look at me as though you've never seen me naked before. We know this isn't true; you've had me many times.

It’s my turn; I strip you naked as quickly as I can. I nearly fumble, feeling silly. I want you as naked as I am.

My legs wrapping around your waist, as you hold me close you carry us to the bed. You kiss me gently, the way you move your hips against me makes me want you more. Bending down you nibble on my nipples, then up my neck and shoulders. I feel the urge to giggle; it tickles but feels so sexy. I reach down, gliding your cock along me, wanting you.

With one motion, you thrust inside me. You attack my pussy, taking over it with all you have. It’s been so long, I know you could cum fast, but you won't. You’ll make this last as long as possible. Your mouth moves from one sensitive spot to another over my body, I moan out to you, “you're going to make me cum, baby.”

Thrusting hard, you begin to kiss my lips, moving to my neck again. Your mouth is all over me, as though it can’t get enough of my taste. Your moans are growing, pushing me closer to my orgasm. I squeeze around your cock, and you groan out, “Come for me, Blondie.” With each kiss over my body moving over me as though it has a mind of its own. Over my neck, chest, shoulders and back again. It consumes me, as you fuck me harder.

Your words make me scream out your name, as I begin to cum for you. I do just as you ask of me. I feel you throb hard within me, pumping harder. Your mouth covers my breasts, as I cum, slowing down just a little. Your moans are loud; our heart beats strong in our chests. My orgasm dies down, you move your hips so slow inside me now.

“Such a good girl,” you tell me with kisses. Each thrust is a little harder now, but still slow.

I grab a hold of you, pulling you close to me, “I want to feel you cum inside me, I miss the feeling,” I groan out.

You smile down at me, thrusting a little harder. Pushing deeper inside me, making me want you to move harder. You begin to cum hard, and moan out so loud it makes me gasp out. It’s so intense, grinding up into you begging you to keep going. You don’t disappoint, and keep fucking me. Grabbing a fistful of your hair, I kiss you hard as you cum. Our kiss is passionate, filled with needs.

Your orgasm that rips through you keeps you thrusting, looking at me as we kiss. I love the way you taste as we kiss, you moan into my mouth, making me moan along with you. It teases our lips.

We continue to kiss, our orgasms over, you stay on top of me. We grind against each other, your full weight over me. I love the pressure it causes me against the bed. You stay there for the longest time, kissing me until you move off. You draw a finger from my neck, between my breasts, over my slim belly before finding its way to my clit. You begin to rub it softly, as I move my hips with your easy touch. I moan through the touches, knowing you’re going make me have to cum again if you keep this up. I’m sure it’s your goal.

Your fingers are circling my clit slowly, gently. Your fingers on your other hand making their way inside me, you lean into my ear lightly, “cum again, Blondie.”

My clit is hard, my pussy throbbing deeply, wanting to cum again. Your words pull me closer to this need. I look at you, my eyes watching yours as you bring me closer to what we both want.

“I’m so close,” I whisper, looking at you.

“I can tell, my Angel,” you push deeper inside me, fucking me with your fingers at a slow pace.

Pushing myself into you, I grind my hips as you move faster. Your fingers on my clit are so fast, fucking me deep with your fingers. It’s unable to be held back. I tip my head back, and begin to cum hard. I feel you move even faster, with the same movement though your mouth is on my clit, sucking and licking hard. I cum even harder, shaking entirely for you.

You can taste us as you do, drinking me in. You can’t get enough and I can’t get enough of you taking me. Finishing my orgasm you slow, teasing me until I almost have to ask you to stop. You come back up and kiss me again. I can taste us on your mouth, loving it, it’s so sweet.

“I don’t want you to go. I miss you when you’re gone,” I pout, looking at you.

“Your husband will be home soon, and my wife will be wondering where I am. I miss you with all I am when we’re not together. One day, Blondie, one day we’ll be together. Until then, we have this,” you kiss me deeply, taking my breath away.

I let out a sigh, because I know you’re right. I know my husband will be home soon, and you have to go. I caress your face, wishing I could keep you still. We've been doing this for years, it’s nothing new.

One day, I’ll be yours… One day…

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