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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses - Chapter 4

Torn with anxiety over her cheating, Leila confides in an old friend
Leila was at a neighborhood park on a Friday afternoon. She had called in a personal day to avoid work, and made arrangements with an old friend to meet at the park with their kids.

Leila sat across a picnic table from Delia. They chatted and watched the little ones scramble all over the playground equipment.

Delia was admiring Leila’s two-year-old, Lisa, who was playing with her own daughter who was one year older. Jonathan, Leila’s four-year-old, had made a friend with a boy his age.

Leila had been seeing Ace for nearly four months now and the strain of hiding her affair from everyone was taking its toll. Delia was one of the few women, maybe the only one, Leila felt she could confide in.

It was their routine to keep in touch on a daily basis and Delia had been noticing absences. Leila couldn’t sacrifice any time commitments she normally made with her husband. Instead, her friends were getting neglected.

“I’m so glad you took some time off,” Delia said, smiling as she cautiously made glances at Leila. Something was bothering her, she knew. “You’ve even been ignoring me on Facebook.”

Leila’s face twitched and she thought to herself, that was a blunt comment!

“I’m sorry, you’re right. I… I haven’t been quite myself lately,” Leila said.

“Is everything right with you and Joel?” Delia asked. Then she reached across the grainy and stained wooden planks of the picnic table top and touched the back of Leila’s hand.

Leila looked down at where she was being touched and in a pained cry said, “Yea! Yes, sure. We’re fine. We… are… just… fine.”

Then she shook her head and said, “No. He doesn’t know it but we’re not fine. Delia, you can’t tell anyone.”

She looked up then and piercingly into Delia’s eyes. “You can’t tell anyone!”

“Leila, I would never. Why must you even ask? You know me,” she said as she sympathetically squeezed her hand.

Leila took a deep breath and after the exhale said, “I’m seeing someone. I’m having an affair.”

Delia let go her hand and recoiled. “Oh my god. Leila!”

Delia and Leila were two peas in a pod. They met first semester of community college and Delia was a campus slut. Leila was friendly with her but rarely went out with her, since she was trying hard to reform her bad girl ways.

But she could relate and she was more than willing to share her own slutty past over drinks. But when some guy would hit on them, Delia would go off and fuck and Leila would go to her place and hit the books or watch TV. She didn’t miss those times.

Now the shoe was on the other foot. Delia, with Leila’s help and friendship, had reformed herself and married. And Leila was backsliding.

“Who is he? Do I know him?”

Leila was blushing, ashamed in front of her best friend. Even though it seemed Delia wasn’t judging her. “I don’t think so. We were boyfriend-girlfriend in high school.”

“I thought you dated Joel in high school?”

“I did, but just for a little while. This guy, he was with the football team, his name is Horacio, I started seeing him. And that’s when Joel broke up with me.”

“So… uh, you cheated on Joel with him then, and now you’re doing it again? Wow, that’s…” but she didn’t want to finish.

“Fucked up?” Leila said it for her.

And they both said in unison, “Yes.”

That elicited a mutual giggle, but then Leila looked strained again.

“What are you going to do?” Delia asked. “Are you thinking of leaving Joel?”

“Leave him?! Oh, no, no, no,” Leila said, and frowning added emphatically. “I love him!”

“Then what is this thing with Horacio?”

She shook her head in response and with a hang-dog miserable face said, “I’m such a slut!”

“That’s what he does for you?”

She nodded her head, basically conceding moral defeat.

“Well, you know I’ve been there, Leila. And I’m here for you if you need me.”

Leila forced a smile. “I’m sorry to unload on you, this shit, it’s just, I needed to talk to someone, to get it out and you’re the only one I trust.”

Delia smiled and stood up, walked around the table and sat by Leila and gave her a loving warm hug, caressed her back and asked, “So, he’s really hot, huh?”

Leila smiled, now relaxed, laughed and nodded her head. “Yes, yes he is. Let me tell you. Yesterday, he made me late for work!”

“What? How?”

“He was waiting in his car, parked down the street from the house.”

“Oh, my God, like a stalker?” Delia said as her long nails gentled tugged at the fabric on the back of Leila’s blouse.

“He’s crazy! I’m telling you,” Leila said, now getting excited at the recollection.

“Details, girl!” Delia said.

“Joel leaves for work first. He drove away around 7 a.m. And I had just kissed him goodbye and I was going to the kids' room to get them ready for daycare.

"The daycare is in the neighborhood and they prefer the parents get them there between 7:30 and 8. So, I'm scrambling to get them dressed and get them to eat something. I dropped them off at the daycare by 7:45, pretty good on time, and I'm on my way home to get dressed for work. I've just gotten into my work clothes, then I hear this knock!

“I thought it was Joel at first, come back to get something he forgot, but then I thought, he has his key, so why? I get to the door and it’s Ace! Girl, first words out of my mouth was, ‘What the fuck? Ace, you can not be here!’

“He says, ‘Let me in, hot mama. I’m horny.’ Just like that.”

Delia interrupted, “Has he gone to your house before?”

“No! Never, he knows I don’t want him coming there. I told him, ‘Are you serious? No way, you… go… now!’ and I kept the screen door latch locked. He said, ‘I’ll fucking yank this screen off, you don’t let me in'.”

“I got even more worried. I was pleading, ‘Goddamnit, Ace, This is my house! I need to get them ready. I need to get to work!’ He says, ‘Are they awake?’ I said, ‘They’re about to be. This is when they get up.’

“I was already dressed. I was in khaki brown business slacks, short pumps, a matching vest with a lavender blouse under that. It was obvious I had to get to work, but he wouldn’t leave. He says, ‘I’m gonna start yelling. You want the neighbors to here?’ I freaked, I said, ‘You fuckin’ asshole!’"

“You didn’t!” Delia injected as she gently slapped Leila’s butt. Leila giggled and said she did.

“In the living room?” Delia asked.

Leila nodded, adding, “I told him, ‘Make this quick! I have to go!’”

She went on to describe how Ace entered the room, grabbed her by her shoulder and led her four steps over to the lazy-boy chair. He pushed her over the right armrest and shoved her face into the cushioned seat. He stood behind her and undid her slacks, pulling them down to her knees.

Once he had access to her pussy, he fingered it with two fingers. Using his other hand to torment her clitoris. Then were three fingers in her pussy, then four then somehow the thumb.

“Oh, my god!” Delia said. “Did he?”

Leila nodded a yes and now she was trembling from the flashback. “He kept shoving, pushing harder until, oh god! It was so tight!”

Ace was fisting her. Wriggling his fingers inside her vaginal canal, twisting his wrist at the entrance back and forth like a washing machine. Leila came in under five minutes. Then Ace pulled his hand out, unzipped and struck her stretched pussy with his staff.

“He only fucked me for a few moments. He was just using the wetness to moisten his cock and then he took it out and pressed the tip to my anus.”

“Oh jeez!” Delia exclaimed, now horny herself, she massaged along the outer fabric of Leila's shorts, tracing her fingertip along the divide of Leila’s buttocks. Leila responded by reaching between Delia’s thighs and rubbing the inner thigh just a few inches short of her pussy. They smiled at each other, heated by their covert physical interactions.

They became self conscious of their desire. Got up and went into Delia’s car, where they could make out with a little more privacy. Once inside the car, Delia asked, “Did he cum in your ass?”

Resuming the conversation in the car, Leila reached over and held Delia's hands and said, “Oh, Delia, he pounded my ass! He switched back and forth. He’d go in and fuck an inch deep, pulled and out wet his cock in my pussy. Come back and go a little deeper. Back and forth until he was all up in me and my sphincter was relaxed for it.”

“Mmmm, like the good whore you are,” Delia said as she Leila’s ass crack to hug her at the waist.

“Yes,” Leila said. “Mmm, aren’t we the two sluts?”

“Speak for yourself,” Delia said. “I’m not doing that anymore.”

“Aren’t you?” Leila said. And she leaned in, using a fashion magazine she had left laying on the console to conceal a kiss she planted on Delia's mouth.

Leila admitted that he had. Delia smiled and called Leila a dirty bitch. “You’re the dirty bitch!” Leila responded.

They continued to fondle each each and make suggestive comments about each other's bisexual tendencies, but they kept their clothes on. Leila had accomplished what she needed to do and that was reconnect with a close friend, unload what was troubling her and use Delia as a counterbalancing force.

After Leila's encounter with Delia, she felt better. The girlfriends got out of the car and went to watch their children play.

Later, at him, Leila started laundry. As she was tossing dirty clothes, she grabbed the business slacks she had been wearing, the pair and Ace pulled down when he fisted her. They were still wet with her orgasm juices. She blushed, remembering how flustered she was. How she had to rush to change clothes and get on with her day.

She clutched the soiled pair to her bosom and mentally caressed the memory of that orgasm. Then she threw it in the washer and wished it were just as easy to control Ace.

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