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Clear Turquoise Sea

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husband wants to be punished for affair

Emma stepped out of the plane into the hot Greek sun. She stopped to let the heat touch her skin, breathing in the air. Following her was her husband Sean. Together they ran a successful finance company and all in her life had been good until Emma became pregnant. The sex stopped almost immediately and Sean, frustrated, started an affair with the company accountant and Emma's best friend, Jane.

This was kept secret until Jane, in error, sent a text to Emma's phone. It read, “Hi sexy, canʼt wait to have your cock between my big tits. I'll come over at two while Emma's at her Mumʼs.”

Emma was mortified. Neither Sean nor Jane tried to defend themselves and a month later she miscarried. The Doctor said it was just one of those things and that it happens sometimes. Emma blamed the stress of Sean's affair.

The holiday had been Sean’s idea, a chance to patch things up and hopefully save their marriage. So here they were, in a taxi, on their way to a beachside hotel. Passing the olive and lemon groves, the glorious sweet smell from the jasmine trees took her mind away from the stress and betrayal of the previous months.

They arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon and Sean booked them in, and listened politely to the sales pitch from the travel representative while Emma wandered around the pool area. Sitting in one of the sun chairs, she looked around and was relieved to find it was mainly adults with no screaming children or teenagers. They were shown to their room which was a little on the small side, but they didn’t intend to spend too much time in there.

“Nice?” Sean questioned as Emma was busying herself putting her clothes in the dresser and wardrobe.

“Okay, beach or bar?” he continued.

“Bit early for the pub isn't it Sean, even for you?”

“Beach it is then,” he replied with a smile.

Sean rooted through the suitcases for his shorts while Emma put on a one-piece blue swimsuit. Sean admired his wife's naked body; heʼd always loved her figure and the way her arse and large 36D breasts always got male attention. The fact that she never realised it, turned him on even more.

“Haven't you brought a bikini?” Sean said, disappointed with Emmaʼs choice.

“Iʼm more comfortable in this,” Emma replied, feeling self-conscious on the first few days at the beach. She tied up her long brown hair and put on a big floppy hat and sunglasses.

At the beach, they found two sun beds by a bar. Emma laid her towel down on the sunbed and buried herself in Victoria Hislopʼs latest novel. Next to them, a couple Sean recognised from the hotel arrived, who he guessed were in their mid-forties.

“Hi,” Sean said.

The man smiled and nodded, taking off his shirt and sandals. As he walked to the sea, Sean noticed his physique and a tattoo of an angel that dominated his back.

“He must live in the gym, Emma, look at the size of his shoulders.”

“He does,” the reply came from the neighbouring sunbed. “Sorry, I'm Karen and he's Ray,” she said, pointing to her husband in the sea, “have you just arrived?”

“Yes, we have,” Sean smiled, “hi, I'm Sean and this is my wife Emma.” Emma, her head buried in the book, was not in the mood for conversation.

“Heʼs a builder as well, so heʼs lifting most of the day,” Karen laughed. “You here long?”

“Just a week for a quick break.”

Emma, looking over the top of her book, spotted Ray. He was striding back up the beach from the sea. Wearing incredibly tight black shorts, it was an impressive sight indeed. Grabbing a towel, he stood by Emma drying his hair. Behind her sunglasses her eyes bulged as she saw the large outline of his cock in great detail through his tight wet shorts.

My god, he's just out of the sea and it's huge, she thought. Sean too was aware of his wife staring. He swallowed hard when he realised what she was staring at.

“Hi, I'm Sean.” He introduced himself and held out his hand.

“Ray. How you doing?” The two men shook hands while Emma remained mesmerised by Rayʼs cock as it hung lazily down the right side of his groin. She had never seen anything like it.

Karen knelt down by Emma and whispered teasingly, “You should see it when he's hard.”

Emma could feel her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Turning her head, she saw Karen wink.

“Huge,” Karen said, smiling.

“Is the sea warm?” Emma said, embarrassed at being caught, and trying to change the subject.

“Yeah it's fantastic, the bay keeps the heat in,” Ray confirmed.

Emma slowly walked down to the water’s edge, desperate to get away. Ray was right. The clear turquoise sea was warm and inviting so she dived in and swam out. Lying on her back, with the great expanse of blue sky above, she shut the world out and then remembered Karen’s one word---huge.

As the evening closed in, Sean and Emma sat in a small taverna watching the sun go down on the day. Harbour lights along the bay reflected on the calm water between the fishing boats. Tavernas came alive with chattering locals and lovers.

“Bottle of wine?” Sean ventured.

“Yeah that would be nice,” Emma replied, scanning the menu. Much to her annoyance, Sean spotted their afternoon beach companions, Ray and Karen, as they were walking past. Attracting their attention, they walked over. Emma’s annoyance was compounded by Ray, who asked the waiter for two extra chairs at their table. Ray’s behaviour on the beach hadn't endeared him to her. He’d started by showing off Karen’s ‘new boobs’ that he’d funded. Emma felt uncomfortable around him as it seemed that he took every opportunity to ogle her. He lay on the sun bed and watched the women doing double-takes whenever they spotted his bulge. After the meal, Ray suggested they all took a taxi into the capital where there was a nightclub he wanted to visit.

“I’m tired Sean, it's been a long day, so I think I'll give the it a miss,” Emma said, stifling a yawn. Sean’s disappointed was obvious as he had been looking forward to letting his hair down.

“You can go, but I'm struggling,” Emma said, secretly hoping for some time on her own.

“Okay, I won’t be too late,” smiling as he replied.

“I’ll be asleep when you get back. See you in the morning.” They kissed, and she headed back to the hotel.

Early in the morning, she was woken by Sean stumbling into the room. This was his attempt at being quiet.

“Sorry love,” Sean slurred, “great night, wish you'd been there.”

“Looks like it. You can sleep it off at the beach tomorrow,” she replied, looking over at Sean, but he was already dozing. She then heard the next room’s door open.

“He's Okay, but Christ she’s up herself.” It was Ray.

My god, they were in the room next door. Emma couldn’t believe it.

“She's fine Ray. Just a little shy. Caught her eyeing your cock at the beach earlier.” Emma heard them both laugh.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why had Emma said that? I’ll never be able to talk to him now, Emma fumed to herself, turning over to go back to sleep.

THUD - THUD - THUD! Banging on the bedroom wall. What the fuck? Emma shot up in bed.


“Yes Ray, that's it, yes, yes, YES!”

My god they're fucking. They're fucking, and I can hear everything, Emma thought in shocked surprise. In her mind, she could picture Karen impaled on Rays huge cock. Her hand moved under the sheets. The moaning got louder as the banging on the wall got faster. Emma looked over at Sean who was fast asleep. My god these walls are thin, Emma thought.

“Yes Ray, uggh, Yes, fuck me with that huge cock.” Emma found she was wet. Wetter than she had been for months. The affair had hit Emma hard and physical relations with Sean had been limited to the odd peck on the cheek. She put two fingers into her soaking pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, uggh, uggh, my god I’m cumming, I'm cumming,” Emma heard Karen moan through the hotel wall.

The thought of Ray fucking Karen with his monster cock filled her mind. She again looked over at Sean who was still sleeping like a baby. Listening to Karen's moans, she started to rub herself. Finding her clitoris already swollen and not believing what she was doing, she pinched the erect nipple of her right breast, embracing the sensations. Her stomach muscles tightened as she came for the first time since the betrayal.

Still the fucking continued next door and Emma looked at her phone. My god he's been fucking her for thirty minutes, she realised. Sean barely lasted five.

“Yes, yes, yes,” it was Ray this time. “Where... where do you want it?”

“On my tits, do it,” came the reply. Emma imagined Ray spraying huge loads of cum from his giant balls all over Karen's tits.

All was quiet, then she clearly heard Ray say, “Clean me Karen, lick my cock, balls and arse. Do it. Lick them clean.” Emma couldn't believe what she was hearing. She couldn't imagine doing something so demeaning, but in the silence that followed, it was surely what Karen was up to.

“No not again tonight.” She heard through the paper-thin wall.

“But you've made me hard,” Ray replied.

“I can't again Ray. You'll have to wait till tomorrow.” Then silence and Emma drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week passed without incident. The routine of beach, sea and great food in the many tavernas was exactly what Emma needed. Sean and Emma sat in a small quiet bar, Sean with a beer and Emma with large glass of chilled rosé.

“Hasn't gone so bad, Emma?” Sean offered.

“No,” she agreed, “no, it's been lovely, and I wish we were here for another week.”

“You know if I could turn the clock back, I would. I can't believe I was so stupid.” Sean knew this conversation wasn’t going to be easy, but he also knew they had to have it. Things between them were at best amicable and Emma still wouldn't go near him as far as sex was concerned.

“I don’t really want to talk about it Sean. We have just got to move on.” It was this level-headed calmness that sometimes infuriated Sean. He would love her to rage, hit out, anything but this. Sean did feel remorse, but Emma's refusal to punish him played on him. He would be happy to accept any punishment.

“You must have wanted to kill us?” Sean questioned.

“Yep, that was definitely one of my thoughts,” Emma snapped, really not wanting this conversation.

“What were your other thoughts Emma? I'm surprised you didn't find someone and fuck them for revenge. I could've understood that.” Sean pleaded.

“What, and reduce myself to that level? Is that what you want? Really? Not everything can be solved by sex.” Emma finished her drink.

“Another?” Sean asked.

“Have we got time?” They had booked a Greek evening back at the hotel. Sean looked at his watch and realised they were running late. He paid for the drinks and they made their way back to the hotel.

Emma and Sean walked to the dining room where an evening of Greek entertainment was promised. Ray and Karen were already at the bar. Ray was holding court as usual, telling jokes and stories to the other guests. He always seemed to have a group around him. Karen spotted them and waved.

“Hello you two, nice day?” Karen and Emma kissed each other on the cheek.

“Lovely thanks,” Emma replied, “shame we’re not staying longer as we are just starting to relax.”

“Always the way and then it's back to the grind.”

Sean walked over to Ray. “Hi mate,” Sean said as they shook hands, “how you doing?”

“Great, great. Here have some of this Greek plonk. Not too bad actually,” Ray replied, giving Sean a glass of white wine. “Everything ok?” he continued, nodding in Emma's direction.

“Yeah, we've had a tough year, but I think we're coming out the other side.”

Dinner was traditional Greek fare. Various dips and vine leaves, pork and chicken souvlaki, fish and Greek salad, all washed down with copious amounts of wine. Emma was aware that Sean was spending a lot of time with Ray. They were deep in conversation, with Ray stealing glances in her direction.

“What are those two up to?” Karen quizzed.

“Don't know Karen, no good I'd imagine.” They laughed, emptying another carafe of wine.

“So to punish yourself, you want me to fuck your wife?” Ray was puzzled. “Have you thought this through?”

“I feel really guilty, and by doing this, I hope it makes us equal. I want you to fuck her brains out.”

“Does she know about this?” Ray replied. “Don't get me wrong, I'm up for this but---“

“No, she'd go mad,” Sean interrupted.

“And what makes you think that's still not going to happen?” Ray replied.

The fact was, he didn’t care what the fallout from this was. He'd been admiring Emma all week and the chance to get her into bed with her husband’s blessing was too good an opportunity to pass up. Sean had no answer. The music began, and everyone watched the hotel staff dance to Zorba the Greek.

“Let’s see what happens, yeah?” Ray said, but already his cock was stirring. They walked over to the girls and joined in on the dance floor. Ray paired up with Emma, twirling her round the floor. Over the next hour he danced and flirted with her. Karen and Sean watched from the side.

“What are you two doing?” she asked in Sean’s ear.

“I've been a fool Karen, and it's time I put it right.”

“Are you trying to get Ray to sleep with her?” Karen questioned, confused. “You’re crazy. Sean have you even asked Emma?” Sean shook his head in reply. They watched as Ray chatted with Emma.

“So, good holiday?” Ray inquired.

“Yes, really nice and just what we needed.”

“I've noticed you coming out of yourself more and more as the week went on.”

“Not up myself then?” Emma smiled, remembering Ray’s comment from the first night.



Ray, seizing the moment, leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Why don't we go somewhere, and finish the holiday on a high?” This didn’t feel like a question, more a demand. Emma stepped back, taking in what Ray had just said. Even with the wine, she couldn't mistake his intentions. Looking towards the bar, she saw Sean and Karen. She had their full attention. Then it hit her.

"You arsehole,” she said, walking towards them, tears forming in her eyes. She wanted to hit him, slap his face, but it just wasn’t in her nature.

“What the fuck, Sean,” Emma said, struggling not to scream, “you think you can pimp me out like a fucking whore?” She walked and then half ran to the exit, and back to their room. Sean looked at Karen, then Ray. Ray just shrugged his shoulders. In that moment, he finally realised he'd lost everything.

An hour later, Sean was still at the bar nursing a beer.

“You’ve got to go and see how she is Sean. You can't leave it like this,” Karen said, sitting next to him.

“To be honest, I'll be surprised if she's still there.” Sean feared the worst. ”Ok, I suppose there’s only one way to find out.” He left his drink on the bar and headed back to their hotel apartment, stealing himself before opening the door, and not knowing what he was going to find on the other side.

He was just a little shocked to find her standing beside the bed, wearing a purple bra, matching thong and black stockings. Her hair hung loose, and she was holding a black dress. Sean's favourite. His jaw almost hit the floor. She looked gorgeous. What a fool he'd been. Emma stared at him with a look of steely determination. Her words were calm, almost rehearsed.

“I was saving this for you, Sean,” she said, standing back and presenting herself to him, “but If you want me to be a whore, I'll be a whore.” She struggled with her emotions, fighting to get the words out. “If this is what you want Sean, I'll do it. Now go and get your friend.”

Sean stood still, wanting to tell her this was all a mistake, that he didn’t want her to do this, but it had seemingly gone too far. He turned and walked out of the door. Watching him leave, Emma's head dropped. Her bluff had failed. She was convinced Sean wouldn't let her go through with this and now she sat on the bed and waited. Her phone bleeped a text.

Sean: “He's on his way. Text me that you’re okay. I love you.” What to do? Reply? Tell him she didn't want to do this? She desperately wanted him to come back and put an end to this nonsense. The door opened, and Ray stood in the doorway grinning.

God no.

“So, I was right.” Ray could see the apprehension on her face. He could tell she didn't want this, but there was no way he was living without the prize. “I knew you couldn't resist this.” To emphasise his point, he grabbed his cock through his cotton shorts. Emma felt sick; how did this go so wrong.

“Unbutton the dress.” Ray knew he had to take control even though Emma looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“You've two choices Emma. You take it off, or I'll tear it off.” She had a sudden realisation that she’d lost.

She remembered her father’s words, “For every action, there’s a reaction.”

She never gambled, never made a decision without first weighing up the penalty if she lost. She looked Ray in the eye. Losing hurt; it hurt badly. Emma’s hands were shaking as she undid the first button. She paused, hoping for a reprieve but Ray remained silent. Six buttons later, she let the dress fall off her shoulders to the floor.

“Now turn around.” Puzzled, Emma did as she was instructed. It felt like a dream, as if she was sleepwalking. Ray’s eyes widened as he saw her delicious arse. He took three paces forward and spanked her right arse cheek. She jumped, not expecting the punishment. Closing her eyes, all she could hear was her heartbeat, as he undid her bra revealing her perfect 36D breasts. She moved to put her hands over them, but he held her arms by her side. Ray turned her around, drinking in the vision. He looked at her breasts, noting there was not a hint of a sag. Perfect. Ray knew it was now time to test her.

“On your knees, you slut.” Emma fought back tears. She had never been called that, and in fact it was the very last thing she was. At university she was nicknamed ‘mission impossible’. Her legs had stayed firmly together, despite many offers. Seanʼs efforts to spice up their sex life with porn had always failed. She couldn’t see how anyone could enjoy it. When he tried oral sex, she was appalled, but here she was kneeling before him.

“I know you've been waiting for this moment Emma. Do it.” She took a while to register what he meant, and with shaking hands, she undid the button of his chino shorts. Slowly sliding the zip down, they fell. He wore no underwear. Emma was inches from it and could smell his strong musk. Spellbound, she traced the thick, swollen vein with her index finger, from his pubic hair to the huge engorged purple head.

“It’s too big Ray,” she said, but her point lacked conviction. Ray said nothing. “How big is it?” she questioned.

Ray looked down at her. “It’s as big as you want it to be.” The room was silent, the only sound was the waves breaking on the beach to break the tension.

“Tell me what you want,” Ray questioned. Emma said nothing staring at this monster in her hands.

“Tell me,” but again she said nothing, just feeling underneath and all the way to his balls that hung low. She cupped them in her left hand and was amazed by how heavy they were.

Sean walked along the beachfront, periodically looking at his phone, praying that Emma would text to say that all was okay, and that she couldn't go through with it.

“Hello Sean.” It was Karen. “You have been a silly boy haven't you.” Sean didn't know whether laugh or cry, but either way he couldn't disagree.

“He's still there, if you wanted to know.”

“How do you feel about all this?” Sean said, suddenly aware that it was her husband, in the hotel room with his wife.

“Oh I've got used to it. It’s quite an open marriage and it has to be. Most of the work Ray gets is because he sleeps with the wives. He’s got quite a reputation locally and to be to be honest I could never keep up with him. I'd never get out of bed,” she laughed. “You do know it will never be the same again, don't you?” Sean looked at her then again at his phone.

“Ray may be a good builder, but he's an amazing fuck; she’s in for quite a ride.”

“I need a drink,” he said. “Join me?”

Emma lay on the bed with legs spread wide. Ray held her labia back with his fingers, using his tongue on her vulva and clitoris in circular motions. He then poked his tongue into her pussy, playing her clit with his fingers. Faster and faster. Emma's hand gripped his hair as she got closer. All the frustrations and hurt left her as this mans skilled tongue went to work.

“My god Ray, that’s amazing!” She was never vocal in bed. Never. Oooh, Ray I’m - She couldn’t say it.

“What?” Ray taunted her.

“I’m, I'm -” she moaned, and just as the moment approached, Ray stopped. He lifted his head and looked at her. Emma, her face and chest a pink flush, was desperate for release.


“Tell me what you want,” Ray grinned. Exasperated, Emma’s wild eyes stared down at him. “Tell me,” he repeated.

“I want you to make me cum.” She closed her eyes, embarrassed by her admission.

“What else?” His fingers played with her folds, gently brushing over her clit. Ray reached for his phone, selected video and pressed play.

“Emma what do you want?” She knew all was lost, she needed release.

“I want you to fuck me with that massive cock of yours. Fuck me now. I don't care how much it hurts.” Ray had lost count of the women that had reached this stage. The point where they would, and many have, do anything for him.

“Sorry, I didn't get that.” He couldn't hide a smirk.

“Fuck me you bastard. That’s what you want to hear isn't it? Do what you want.”

“In your cunt?”

“Yes Ray, do it.”

“Your mouth?” She hesitated for a moment.


“Your arse?” Ray looked into her eyes, wondering how far he could push her.

“Do it. Do it all,” Emma almost screamed. Ray could feel her juices on his hand. Raising himself up, he placed his fully erect cock against her entrance. With the phone focused on her face. He pushed, but only the head at first to see how she would react.

“Fuck me Ray, fuck me hard.” With the cameras lens focused on her face, he pushed his entire length into her and she let out a long moan and then panted.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

She drew her legs up around Rays back, her arms wrapped around his neck. Ray increased his speed. Fucking Sean had never felt like this. This wasn't love, it was animalistic. She could hear her pussy squelch as he pounded into her. Her hair clung to her face, matted, as her sweat dripped down. Ray reached down and put his middle finger in Emma's arse. Her eyes sprang open as he pushed his finger in and out, to the rhythm of his strokes.

“Fuck Ray, yes, yes, yes.”

Every time he entered her, the thick, swollen vein that ran along the top of his cock rubbed her engorged clitoris and G-spot. She felt it build. With all her nerve-endings alive, she came. The sensation was unlike anything she had felt with Sean. He normally made her orgasm with his fingers before fucking her, but this was the first time she had ever cum on a cock, and she totally lost control. Biting Rayʼs shoulder, she dug her nails into his back and buttocks.

“No more, no more. Please, no more.” Ray took this as his cue to push her over the edge. A creamy foam from her pussy had formed on his cock. Taking some on his fingers, he pushed them into Emmaʼs mouth and she sucked on them, staring wild-eyed into Rayʼs eyes. Quickening the pace, Emma was aware that the bed was banging loudly on the wall. She began a wild guttural bark, as if it was coming from deep inside her. Then.

“No, no, nooo -!” To her utter amazement, and not a little embarrassment, for the first time in her life, she ejaculated. She sprayed all over Ray's cock and stomach. Emma was desperate to close her legs, but Ray was too strong, holding her legs wide apart, and continuing his relentless onslaught.

“Where?” he questioned. Emma looked up, not understanding the question.

“Iʼm going to cum.” Ray grunted.

“In me. Cum in me.”

He began increasing the speed, his rhythm becoming erratic. His body stiffened, and a loud grunt signalled he was cumming. He started to fill Emma with his cum, jerking seven, eight, nine, ten times into her until it overflowed onto Rayʼs cock and pubic hair. He raised himself up over her and Emma became even more aware of the size of this man. She stroked the huge biceps, on his solid arms, staring into his eyes. After a minute, Ray withdrew, and Emma looked down. His size was still impressive. This beast of a man had just released a character in Emma she didn't know existed. Ray turned Emmaʼs face to his, drenched in sweat but still beautiful.

“Clean me,” he asked, almost ordering her. Emma realised what he was asking, having heard him order Karen to do the same thing six days earlier, and had felt sick at the thought. With her pussy still tingling, she stared him in the eyes and crawled down.

“Like this?” she purred, taking his now flaccid cock in her mouth, sucking out any remnants of cum left inside. She worked her way down, licking cum off his cock as she went.

Ray picked up his phone, Emma heard the recognisable click but continued. He then searched for the video, and pressed play.

“Emma, what do you want?” The recording of Rayʼs voice from the small speaker was clear. The recording was dark, but you could make out who the figures were. Finding Sean's number he sent a text.

“Just fucked her brains out as requested.” Smiling he looked down at Emma licking his balls, and pressed send. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he again turned her head to face him. Another instruction.

“Now my arse Emma, lick my arse.” He opened his legs to test her. Emma stared at him, drunk in the moment, knowing this was the final submission and humiliated, she went down.

Sean and Karen sat in a small, quiet beachside bar. Karen sipped white wine, Sean a beer. Karen had been here before. Waiting with the husband while Ray fucked his desperate wife. This time it was more complicated, but the scenario was the same. Luckily, Sean and Emma were leaving tomorrow morning, so she wouldn't have to put up with Emma begging for a repeat performance. Sean's phone bleeped, she watched as he looked at the screen.

“Emma?” she asked. Sean shook his head, but she could hear talking, and Rayʼs voice. She watched Sean's face drop, defeated.

“Has he sent a video?” Karen said.

“Yes, looks like she’s fucking begging,” Sean replied, watching his wife’s blushing face. He found it difficult to recognise her, as she agreed to be degraded.

Sean's phone bleeped again.

Emma: “I'm fine, you?”

Sean: “Having a drink. What you doing?”

Emma: “Iʼve been very bad.” Sean stared at the words, but had to ask.

Sean: “Was it good?”

Emma: “I'll tell you when you get back,” his phone bleeped again.

Ray: “Man, you didn't tell me Emma was such a whore.” Sean downed his drink, desolate and confused. He’d given the best thing in his life away to a monster, but even after all this, he felt a stirring which he couldn’t explain.

“You alright?” Karen asked, but knew the answer. “Sounds like they're still going. Sean, you put them up for this. You organised it. But she should be careful. Ray can go all night and he needs very little recovery time.” Sean handed her his phone, showing her the video. She watched almost disinterested.

“It’s what he does, Sean, it's how he got me, he's very talented. He wants her to beg for it. She’s probably up there now, sucking his cock, begging for another round.” She knew this would hurt Sean, but frankly he deserved it. “He’s a good man and yes, he fucks around, but he always comes home. It’s addictive and Emma will want more, you need to know that. More than you can offer.”

Sean found Karen’s honesty refreshing. He had made some horrendous decisions in the last six months and this one tonight may well have changed his life forever. The two chatted for nearly an hour. Work, family, the holiday, just killing time. Sean checked the time every few minutes. At last Karen’s phone bleeped.

Ray: “In the hotel bar, where are you?”

Karen: “With Sean, I’m on my way.”

“Time to face the music,” she said and then, trying to lighten the mood, she sang, “there may be trouble ahead.” They both laughed, finished their drinks and headed back to the hotel.

“Goodnight, I'm sure it'll be fine and if anything, she'll be feeling guilty.” Karen tried to reassure him, as they parted. She kissed him on the cheek and then met Ray in the bar. He grabbed her by the arse, pulling her to him. Kissing her on the mouth, she could taste Emma along with the wine. Sean walked to the lift, looked at his phone and saw it was late. He hoped she was asleep as he really didn't have the stomach for a fight. Opening the door, the lights by the bed were on. Karen lay there drinking a bottle of water, a towel wrapped around her, but she hadn't showered.

“You okay?” he offered. Emma smiled, a reaction he certainly wasn't expecting. “We good? Are we even now?” He immediately regretted the second question, but knew he had to ask.

Emma got up and walked towards him. He noticed she walked slowly. Was she going to slap his face, punch him or tell him to leave, all reactions he could understand, but she put her arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. She tasted of peppermint toothpaste to his relief. Her hair was matted, and he could definitely smell Ray on her.

“What do you want to know?” she said staring into his eyes.

“Did he hurt you?”

“No, well not intentionally anyway.” Sean's brow furrowed. “I'm a little sore.” She dropped the towel and Sean could see love bites on both breasts. The other thing he noticed was she had shaved all her pubic hair off. He always wanted her to do so, but she refused. Emma noted his reaction.

“You wanted a whore, Sean. You like?” Sean nodded his head. She took his hand. “Gently,” she said, putting it between her legs so he could feel the warmth and also the sticky evidence as they sat on the bed.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“I need you to understand this. We’ll talk about this once and then it’s over. Finished.”

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked again.

“This wasn't my idea, but...” Emma saw the bulge growing in Sean's trousers. “Are you hard?” Sean couldn’t deny it or understand it. “You are, I can see.”

She undid his button and pulled his trousers down. His hard cock sprang out as she wrapped her hand around it, slowly masturbating him; the difference in size with Ray was obvious.

“Ask me what you want, and I won't lie, but just be aware Sean, you might not like the answers.” Sean's cock, throbbing in her hand gave her his answer.

“Is he bigger than me?” Sean started.

“Sean,” she cried. She didn't want this. She didn't want to humiliate him.

“Tell me the truth,” he insisted as she continued to rub him, as pre-cum dripped down his cock, on to her hand.

“Yes, he is, but you already knew that.”

“How much bigger?”

“I don't carry a tape measure around with me.”

“Show me,” Sean insisted. She held his cock straight, then put her index finger about four inches above it. Sean guessed a little over nine inches.

“It was thick as well. When I put my hand around it, my fingers couldn't meet.” Sean groaned as Emma continued to stroke his cock faster.

“Did he make you cum?”


“How many times?”

“I lost count.” Sean groaned again as his heartbeat quickened.

“Tell me the truth.”

“I am, Sean, he made me spray; I wet myself. I've never done that ever and it was incredible. I've never felt anything like it. I nearly blacked out for God’s sake and he kept going. I must have cum seven or maybe eight times.”

“How many times did you make him cum?” Sean pressed, his mouth dry, his heart beating in his ears.

“Three times.”

“How many times did he fuck you?”


“Where did he cum?” he questioned, doing the maths. “In me, over my tits and face and in my mouth.”

“You sucked him off?” This hurt as in the ten years they’d been together, she’d always refused to do this.

“After he fucked me I would have done anything for him. My body felt as if it was on fire and I've never felt like that. He ordered me to do it and I obeyed.” Sean couldn't imagine Emma being subservient as she had always been in control. In his mind, he pictured her on her knees, sucking his huge cock and begging him to cum in her mouth. Emma could feel he was close, so faster and faster she rubbed him.

“Does it turn you on to know that your wife has been dominated by another man? That she agreed to do anything for him, to have his huge cock in her pussy, in her mouth? Sean, if he came in this room now I'd gladly open my legs and let him do it again. It’s opened a door that I don't think I ever want closed again.” 

Emma watched as Sean shot cum into the air and over her hand. She wiped her hand with the towel and then gave it to Sean.

“That’s it Sean, it’s over, and we will never talk of this again,” she said, walking to the bathroom to shower.

Sean got his phone and watched the video again, watching his wife submit to another man. Emma came out of the bathroom.

“What's that?” she asked.

“Nothing, just YouTube,” he lied, knowing she would be horrified to find out that Ray had sent it to him. They heard the door open in the next room and it was Karen and Ray. Emma got into bed needing sleep and knowing that the taxi was coming at ten the next morning to take them to the airport.


“Bloody hell, doesn't he ever rest,” Sean laughed and they both listened to Karen's moans as the bed banged on the wall.

“Ugggh, ugggh, god fuck me, fuck me Ray, fuck me hard, fuck me like you fucked her.”

Sean and Emma looked at each other, imprisoned in their room, listening.

“Did she beg?” Karen grunted.


“Was she tight?”

“Yes, very, but not anymore though.”

Emma buried her face in her hands, not wanting to hear, but also a little jealous of Karen. They both listened as they fucked and came.

“Clean me.” Emma froze knowing what was coming next and not wanting Sean to hear.

“Lick it all off,” Ray ordered.

“What’s he doing?” Sean questioned.

“My cock, balls and arse,” Ray repeated the mantra.

“Christ, what a perverted bastard,” Sean said, and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Did she?” Karen asked

“Oh yes. Turns out she’s a fucking cum slut and couldn't get enough. I’ve got loads of photos.”

Photos! Emma wanted the world to swallow her up. She was paralysed with humiliation and aware that Sean was looking at her when his phone bleeped.

Ray: “Hope you have a good trip home tomorrow and here's a picture to remember me by.” Attached was a photo of Emma, her hand wrapped around Rays huge cock, her tits and face covered in cum. But it was the expression on her face that hit home - she looked happy, joyous, even.

“What is it?” Emma inquired, and Sean passed her his phone. “Oh my god,” she said, staring at the image, and then at Sean, “he does have a very large willy, doesn’t he?”

The next morning, Sean and Emma woke and packed for the journey home. As the taxi pulled away, she looked back at the holidaymakers enjoying another day in the sun. Breathing in the jasmine scented air, she said goodbye to paradise.

“Christ, how many photos have you got?” Karen asked, thumbing through Ray’s phone, sitting on the balcony to their room.

“Don’t know, I just kept snapping away, I've got a few videos as well.”

“Well, she was a dark horse; we could have some fun with her,” Karen laughed.


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