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For my Birthday

Laura surprises me with bondage and a show
Last night was my birthday. I turned thirty-three and after my son was put to bed, I went for the shower, cleaning myself up for what I was hoping would be some hot sex with my wife. After cleaning up and drying off I came out of the shower to find my wife bent over the bed with only a t-shirt and high heels on. She had also placed a rather large butt plug in her ass, letting me know that I was in fact correct, hot sex was on the way. YEAH! I came up behind her and rested my hand on her ass and pressed the butt plug just that much deeper. Laura turned to me and cooed. She was wearing a whole lot of makeup, especially eye makeup. I loved the look. Just loved it. She never wears that much makeup…

She stood and turned around to face me, placing her hands upon my shoulders and leaning in to kiss me. "Do you trust me?" she asked breathily.

"Sure, why?" I asked.

She said nothing but pushed me onto the bed which had been stripped down to the bottom sheet with only one large pillow up against the large log headboard. She urged me up to the headboard and I scooted so that I was sitting up against the pillow. Once I had moved into a position that she approved of, she surprised me with straps. We are not ordinarily into bondage, but sure, I'm game. Once my arms were secure, she further secured my legs down with straps that were apparently underneath the bed. Again, not normally my thing, but why not. Don't knock it 'til you try it, right? Then, a new toy, or at least, one that I had never seen, a ball gag was pulled from her bedside dresser. Wow. I was not expecting that… I was reluctant to allow her to use it, but… She broke the silence. "Do you trust me?"

I opened my mouth to receive the ball and she buckled it around the back of my head, thereby placing her breasts around my face. She kept them there and reached down my body to slowly stroke my engorged cock. She slowly stroked me for about twenty seconds. She lowered herself just a little to whisper in my ear.

"I have a surprise for you baby." She breathed into my ear. "This outfit… and the butt plug." She paused again. "They're not for you."

She pulled away from me a little while continuing to slowly stroke me. "Surprise!" she called out, and three seconds later the door opened.

Through it walked Tyler, a young man that I know my wife had swooned over ever since he started frequenting our bar. He had his shirt off and was wearing a pair of torn up jeans. His body was ripped from his line of work as a hot shot and his arms and torso were covered with many tattoos. He had always come off as a very shy guy, nice, but sort of recluse.

Laura lowered her head to my groin and licked the tip of my cock which was already oozing a little pre-cum. She then sat up. "Later," she said as she gave me one last stroke.

She then stood from the bed and walked over to Tyler. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. He reached around her and grabbed her by the hair with both hands and pulled her down to her knees. He stared at me as Laura undid his belt and pants. His pants dropped to the ground, but Laura's head blocked any view of what Tyler was sporting. Her hands had reached up and were clearly manipulating him in some way. Then her head made the clear movements of a woman sucking cock. A chicken head if you will. Then Tyler grabbed hold of her hair tighter and pushed her head down onto him, again, staring at me the whole time, without me being able to see anything. He grunted as she shook her head back and forth trying to force more of his cock down her throat. "You should really be able to see this better don't you think?" Tyler taunted knowing full well that I could not respond.

"Get up on the bed on your knees," Tyler ordered my wife without yelling but said it firmly as a command. She obeyed, standing up and walking around the bed. She straddled my bound legs before placing them inside of the V that they were making. Tyler climbed onto the bed and stood in front of Laura. To say that I felt vulnerable would be putting it lightly.

I saw Tyler's cock for the first time. It was uncut and large. Not gargantuan, but easily an inch longer than mine, and thicker. It swung as he moved onto the bed and had some of Laura's drool dripping off the end.

Laura licked the drool off and pushed his cock up to suck on his balls. She lapped at them for a minute or so before Tyler grabbed her hands and his cock fell against her nose and cheek. "Where are your restraints?" Tyler asked with an assumptive tone that of course she had more.

In fact, she did, though I was not aware of these. She opened her drawer of goodies and pulled out handcuffs. She came back on the bed into her assumed position, handing him the handcuffs. She looked up at him sheepishly as he leaned over her shoulder, grabbed her arms, forced them around her back, and secured them with the handcuffs.

"There, now I can get to work," He stated as he leered over me. He grabbed hold of her hair and slapped his cock across her face several times before his next order. "OPEN!" he commanded.

He pushed himself deep into my wife's mouth. At first she stopped about 2/3rd the way down, and a tear formed on her cheek. He then put one hand under her chin, leaned over her a bit and pushed her the rest of the way down his cock. As he did, I could see her throat bulge and she pushed her tongue out to lick his balls and he kept his cock there for another ten seconds. Finally, he pulled his cock from her mouth to allow her to breath. She coughed and spit up copious amounts of drool sputtering with every breath and sighing like she had just finished a marathon. But the break did not last. "OPEN!" Tyler barked at my wife as if her sole purpose on this world was to pleasure his cock.

She did and he again, grabbing hold of her head from behind and in front, pushed his cock to the hilt. This time, he did not keep it there, but instead pulled out about half way before pushing it in again, slowly, fucking her throat. "Fuck, her throat is like velvet." He looked down at me as if looking for approval that I could not give nor deny. "Why the fuck did it take you so long to share the fucking MILF with me. I am gonna fuck the living hell out of your wife man. You want me to don't you?" He continued fucking her throat while he talked at me.

"You want me to fuck her harder than this don't you?" He taunted and sped up his use of my wife's throat. Laura was starting to tear heavily and her mascara was coming down her face. She began to gag on him each time he pushed past her throat, but he was relentless. He sped up and for the next five or so minutes his dick was either entering or leaving her throat, but she did not protest, not that she really could as he held her head and simply fucked her mouth as one would a pussy. Finally he slowed. "I'm gonna shoot my load in this sluts mouth." He stated a matter of fact. One last time he pushed her all the way down and then pulled her head off of his cock, "OPEN!" he barked and she put her tongue out waiting for her prize.

He stroked himself, "Give it to me!" she ordered, and he did. The first shot went off and hit the back of her throat, he kept stroking and some hit her nose and cheek, then he grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down on him again while he finished cumming. His whole body shook as his orgasm waned. Her t-shirt was soaked with her own drool. Her nipples were standing at attention and her breasts were clearly visible in their entirety.

He reached behind her and unlocked one of her hand cuffs. He left the other one on her and wrapped her arm around my leg. He then restrained her while wrapped around me. it was awkward but I got the idea. He lifted her legs up over her head and lowered himself to eat her pussy. He then saw the glass butt plug that Laura had pushed into herself earlier. He pulled it out. "You are one kinky little slut, you know that?"

Laura looked down and smiled coyly, "Only for the right men?"

"Am I the right man?" He looked up at her waving the butt plug.

"I guess were about to find out…"

With that he pushed the butt plug back inside her causing her to yelp slightly and pull on my leg. He licked her vigorously for then next ten minutes before she started to show signs of needing to cum. He alternated back and forth, fucking her pussy with his fingers, while pulling the toy in and out of her now stretched asshole. When she was almost on the cusp of cumming, he pulled his fingers from her and sat up. She pouted but, keeping her legs high in the air he moved up to finally fuck her, he did not waste any time. Her pussy was wet and his cock slid inside my wife with ease. She squirmed as he bottomed out in her and started panting as he moved in and out of her slowly.

"More!" she ordered him.

He pounded her with five fast deep strokes and she screamed. "Is that what you like slut? You like me using your pussy like that?"

"YES!" She moaned at him as he pounded her pussy. A minute later Laura began howling as her first orgasm rolled through her. He was again relentless, just pounding her as deep as he could not letting up at all. He fucked her as hard as she has ever been fucked.

"You like this, being handcuffed to your husband while I fuck your pussy for all it's worth, don't you slut?"

"Yes, I love it. Your fucking cock is so huge. I didn't think I could handle this but I fucking love your big dick."

With that he pulled his cock out of her and she whimpered like a sick puppy. He again grabbed the key and uncuffed one of her hands.

"Up on your knees," again ordering her and she did as told. He placed her right in between my legs facing me. "Suck him now."

By now my cock hurt I was so hard. I knew I would not last long but I could not tell her to go slowly. He grabbed hold of her arms and again restrained them behind her back.

"You're not doing a good job of that," he stated. He grabbed her head and forced it down onto me, fucking me with her mouth. "Suck his cock like you sucked mine, slut."

He said with an almost disappointed tone as if she was supposed to know that. He left her to continue pleasuring me and moved in behind her. He wasted no time in pushing his cock back inside her and bottoming out which caused her to scream around my cock. He grabbed hold of the handcuffs and used them to push and pull her onto my cock or onto his. It was not long before I was starting to moan.

"I think he's gonna cum, slut! Do you want him to cum in your mouth?"

She raised her head off of me "Ye," was all she could get out before he grabbed hold of her head and began pushing her mouth down onto me. After he fucked her throat she had no trouble taking mine all the way down and resting her nose against my pubic bone. He continued fucking me with my wife's mouth.

"Come on man, cum in this slut's mouth. Fucking give it to her. She wants it."

All I could do was close my eyes and tilt my head back as he continued to fuck my wife from behind and fuck me with her mouth. It was too much. I came and I came hard. He pushed her head all the way down. "Eat it! Fucking eat that cum you slut," he barked at her and kept her head buried on my cock. When I was done he lifted her head up.

She gulped down air that she had not been able to breathe in the nearly thirty seconds that I was cumming. "Good job you two. That was great. Now get back to sucking him."

I was confused. I'm no seventeen year old. It's been years since I have cum twice in a night. But I couldn't say a thing. Laura was back to sucking me in a few seconds.

Tyler looked at me like a parent looks at their kids on Christmas day. "You know what I'm gonna do now?" he asked as he pulled the plug from Laura's ass. I think I could guess. "I'm gonna fuck this MILF's ass. That's right, just for you, I'm gonna fuck her ass right in front of you. You'd like that wouldn't you? You wanna see me fuck her ass." Yep, I was right.

He stroked his cock with lube and began pushing it in. Laura moved her mouth off of my cock to breathe deeper. She breathed short breaths as he pushed himself completely inside of her. It was the first time I had seen her face in almost twenty minutes. Makeup was everywhere. The cum had dried on her nose and cheek. She was beautiful and very well fucked.

When he was finally all the way inside, she spoke up, "Please stay there for a bit."

Surprisingly, he did. He stayed still inside her ass for nearly a minute. "Ok, ok, ok, ok," Laura trailed off and put my limp cock back in her mouth.

"I'm gonna fuck this ass now. You want me to fuck your wife's ass don't you, you pervert? I'm gonna fuck her ass, and your gonna cum in her throat again."

"Sure kid," I thought to myself.

He was not shy nor gentle with her. He grabbed hold of her handcuffs and began pushing her off and pulling her onto his cock. Slowly but deep with fervor he fucked my wife's ass. She moaned onto my cock and I began to harden. I couldn't believe it. But the humming from Laura's groans were helping immensely.

Once I was fully hard Laura resigned herself to giving a much less intense blow job than the last but it was enough to keep me hard and make me question whether or not I could actually cum once more.

He started moving in and out of her with more and more purpose and she started screaming around my cock. He then reached under her and began massaging her clit while not letting up on her ass at all. "Come on you slut, cum for me. Show your husband how much you like getting ass fucked by me. You love that cock don't you?"

"I fucking love that cock. I fucking love it!" She screamed as she had another long orgasm, and again, he did not let up on her at all just fucking the hell out of her. When her orgasm subsided, she put my cock back in her mouth and again fucked it with intention.

He continued for the next couple of minutes before I was ready to cum. I tilted my head back and was surprised when Tyler stood up and walked up to me, stroking his big cock. He stroked it over me as Laura continued to suck my cock. We each began cumming almost simultaneously, me in Laura's mouth, while he stroked his cock and shot his load all over my face, covering my nose and forehead, as well as getting quite a bit on the ball itself. When he was finished, he pulled Laura from my cock by her hair. "Eat it." He told her. "Eat my cum off his face."

There was no reluctance. She did as she was told and cleaned my face off with her tongue.

Tyler unlocked her handcuffs, got up and dressed while Laura began to undo my restraints. "Thanks!" was all he said as he left.

Laura laid down in the fetal position and passed out. She was done. Put a fork in her. I could not sleep at all.

The next morning Laura woke up with me before I went into work. "Have a good birthday?" She smiled.

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