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Forbidden Encounters

Forbidden Encounters

A 39 year old woman continues to seduce her son's best friend
Since his last visit to Larry’s Mum’s house, Matt had hardly thought of anything else. Being his best friend’s Mum, he had always attempted to keep any ‘thoughts’ he might have under mental lock and key. Being alone with her in her kitchen, while Larry was in hospital and her husband working away, had gotten out of hand.

While his first blowjob and tit-wank from the buxom 39 year old, should have eased his frustrations, it had the opposite effect. Being nearly 17 with a teenager’s rampant hormones, he was already prone to unwanted erections, but it had become much worse now. He found himself thinking of Judy Morris, even when he didn’t want to. Her face and her tits would just pop into his head. The recollection of his hard cock slipping between her lovely tittys and then coming in her mouth was preoccupying his mind.

Matt normally masturbated daily anyhow, but now he would make an excuse after school to run upstairs and would jerk off into his sock. He would think about her upon waking and toss himself off. When he went to bed, he would wank before going to sleep.

Almost a week had passed and Larry was now recovering from his operation but had felt well enough to go and spend the night at his girlfriend’s. Matt missed him at football practice and knew he would take a long time before he would be able to play again. It was on the same day that Judy Morris had asked Matt over to finish her garden. It was just a case of tidying up the lawn edges and some weeding.

When he arrived, Matt felt slightly awkward. Mr Morris was home, but was about to set off on another business trip.

“Say son, you’re doing a good job with the garden.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Mr Morris. The extra money is handy.”

“Yeah, Judy says you’re saving for driving lessons.”

“That’s right, Sir.”

“You don’t have to call me Sir, but I appreciate it. Robert will do.”

“Oh okay, Robert.”

“Anyway, I have to be off. Help yourself to a beer. I’m sure Judy will look after you, anyhow.”

“Mrs Morris! Yes, she does… I mean she will, yes.”

Robert Morris gave Matt a manly slap on the shoulder, went to kiss his wife and set off on his next trip, briefcase in hand.

“I’ll just get the tools out of the shed and I’ll make a start, Mrs Morris,” said Matt.

“Okay. Actually before you do, Matt. I wonder if you could give me your opinion on something?”

“Oh. Yeah, sure.”

“I have new pantyhose. I wondered what you thought.”


Judy Morris was wearing a cream-coloured blouse and a black thigh-length skirt. She gathered up her skirt from the hem and pulled it up to her waist. Matt gulped and took an uneasy breath as he saw Judy’s legs and nether regions for the first time. Her pantyhose were a light tan colour, which covered her ample, panty-clad ass and pussy. Matt shivered as he looked at her pussy bulge and the deep cleft of her labia, nestling beneath her hosiery. His cock was getting hard quickly and Judy knew it.

“They’re very smooth. Do you want to feel?” she said.

“Mrs Morris. Mr Morris has only just gone. They… you look fine. I’ll get the tools!”

Judy smiled to herself as he disappeared in a panic. She went upstairs to make her bed and then to get a shower.

Matt was nearly done with the garden, but wanted to string it out. He feared the next encounter with his best friend’s Mum. She seemed to be actually teasing him now. He tried to concentrate on his task but his mind would drift back to her pantyhose and that gorgeous pussy mound and her meaty ass. He was getting a hard-on every few minutes and that made gardening difficult.

A few minutes passed and he saw the bathroom window opening and then a little later, the sound of the shower sprinkler. It was a quiet neighbourhood and he could hear Judy humming a tune as she showered. Matt’s imagination began to run riot, as he now knew that she was naked just a few metres away.

Matt was raking up the grass cuttings when he heard Judy calling him from the bathroom.

“Matt dear! Could you come here, please. I need your help!”

The young guy threw the rake on to the path and went inside and climbed the staircase. He had been up there a few times, to play Call of Duty in Larry’s room and use the toilet but Judy had always been out.

“Mrs Morris! It’s Matt, where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom, silly. It’s okay, you can come in.”

Matt opened the door. It was hot and steamy inside. He covered his eyes and entered, cautiously.

“You don’t need to shield your eyes Matt. I have nothing to hide.”

Matt’s mouth went suddenly dry and his heart missed a beat. This was too much for his 16 year old libido. He was beginning to boil over. He put his hand down and saw Judy standing fully nude in the shower. Her body was wet and randomly covered in soap suds. Matt blinked and then his eyes wandered over her body. She was curvaceous and sexy. She wasn’t overweight but just had that little extra in all the right places. A little roll of flesh around her waist and broad hips with just a hint of cellulite on her beautiful, firm thighs. Her tits were magnificent, but Matt already knew that. Matt though was fascinated by her pussy. To a teenage virgin like him, it was perfect. A wonderful triangle – her pubic hair neatly trimmed into a rectangle and her labia pink and swollen, bordering her juicy and protruding inner lips.

“I would like you to do my back, please,” said Judy, firmly.


Judy handed him the loafer and then she turned, displaying her plump, round bum cheeks. Matt’s cock was hard to bursting, as he squeezed the loafer, sending a river of soap down Judy’s spine. He rubbed the sponge with a circular motion, gently massaging the lather into her flesh, all the time glancing down to her fine ass. After a minute or more she turned, giving Matt a second view of her full frontal nudity. For a woman of 39 she had an amazing body. Voluptuous yet still retaining an elasticity to her stomach and the mere hint of a tummy, which guided the eye to her pussy.

“Thank you, Matt, you may go now. I expect you have plenty to do outside.”

“Yes, thank you… I mean, yes…” stammered Matt.

Matt almost ran downstairs, his heart beating and in dire need of a release. His cock was so hard he wasn’t sure if he would ever go slack. He continued to rake the grass, but his mind was everywhere and nowhere. He found himself raking the same bit over and over. He looked at the pile of weeds on the dump and swept the grass in that direction.

Eventually he completed as much as he reasonably could for the day and figured he had earned his 20 bucks. He went inside and washed his hands under the hose tap in the garden.

“Mrs Morris, I finished for the day. I hope it’s…”

Matt’s voiced had trailed off at the site of Judy Morris who was standing in the doorway, which led to the back room. She was wearing a short negligee, black hold-ups, black bra and panties.

“Oh fuck!”

“Come through, Matt.”

Matt had never been in that room, as he normally went into Larry’s or otherwise into the sitting room. He entered and looked round, trying not to ogle Judy too much. There was a small drop-leaf table with a little candelabra centrepiece. In one corner was Mr Morris’s drinks cabinet and in the another was a music centre and a rack with CDs laid diagonally in the slots. On the far side was a long window and a small cream sofa.

“Did you enjoy last time?” asked Judy.

“You mean just now?”

“No, Matt before. The other week in my kitchen.”

“Oh, why sure. It was great. I mean it was amazing, but…”

“It’s okay Matt. Relax. Do you think of last time?”

“Yes,” said Matt, looking down, guiltily.


“All the time, actually.”

“That’s good, Matt. Shows you have a healthy sexual appetite.”

“I guess.”

“I have a very healthy sexual appetite,” said Judy.

“You do. I mean you do?”

Judy giggled mischievously. She could feel the naughty teen in her begin to surface again. She sensed the excitement in Matt and she wanted to feed his desires and take him to the next level of his pleasure. She untied the bow, which held her negligee together and allowed it to slip to the floor. Matt’s Adam’s apple bobbed and his cock twitched, growing rapidly again.

“Take them off dear. They must be strangling you,” she said.

Matt sighed as he undid his jeans and his cock pushed the fabric of his boxers forward in a stiff tent.

Judy licked her lips and stroked the outline of his cock.

“Such a nice one, Matt and so hard. Let me see it again.”

Matt looked down and then up at Judy who was waiting expectantly and with more excitement than he realised. Judy’s pussy was getting wet with the anticipation of seeing his big, stiff cock again. It sprang up in the same way as before and the foreskin immediately peeled back with the force of his erection.

“Hmmm Matt, it’s such a beaut." Judy reached down and stroked his cock with the lightest pressure sending a shudder of delight through Matt’s young body. She wanked him tenderly, just enough without actually making him come. She was sure he was on a hair trigger after all that had happened, but she wanted to save him for herself.

“Kneel down, Matt. Next to the sofa.”

“Just here?”

“That’ll be fine.”

Judy first unhooked her bra, releasing her gorgeous swaying tits and then rolled down her panties, inch by glorious inch. Matt’s eyes were wide open and his heart felt like it would burst out of his chest. Judy put one foot on the sofa and curved her index fingers up and in, spreading her pussy lips, showing Matt the moist, rich pink inner flesh.

“Lick me Matt.”

“Mrs Morris?”

“Put your tongue in. Taste my pussy, Matt.”

He placed a hand over her foot and stroked her toes with one hand and put his other hand around her right calf and began to nuzzle her sweet, musky scent. His cock felt like it was going to explode as all his senses fused into a single super-sense of raw sex. His whole body was devoted to his tongue, which was probing and delving into Judy’s sweet hot pussy. Her juices were running down her legs and glazing Matt’s face and mouth. He didn’t so much lick her pussy as devour her. He might have been inexperienced in the art of cunnilingus but that just made his initiation all the better for both of them.

Judy held her hands around his face, cupping his cheeks and ears, pressing his mouth into her pussy as she quivered and trembled with deep, intense orgasm. Her orgasms from oral sex were always the breathless sort rather than the all-out Earth shakers. She ran her hands through his hair as he continued to run his tongue along the length of her pussy. He hadn’t got as far as her clitoris, but that would wait. Judy wanted to make him her project. There would be another time and then she would take him all the way and some. She hadn’t done with Matt Baker by a long way.

”Stand up, Matt,” she said.

“Mrs Morris, I’m so hard. I need to come. I can’t bear it any more.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I want you to come on me Matt.”

“On you?”

“On my face. On my tits and my body. Just come on me. Wank on me, Matt.”

Matt began to jerk his cock as he stood over his sexy host.

“Oh fuck!"

He continued to tug his foreskin, his legs going wobbly.

"Oh fuck! Mrs Morris." 



His legs were going to jelly. His eyes fixed on Judy’s eyes.


“Come on me!”

His body was shaking, his nostrils flared and his voice a series of grunts.

“Unnnngh! Ooooooh!"

“Yes Matt!”

“Aaaaahhhh fuck!!!”

Matt's penis erupted in a fountain of spunk, his ejaculation almost pouring out, like it was a tap. He had never come so hard and Judy was taking it all. His cum went on her face, on her hair and all down her neck and breasts. Even she was surprised by just how much he came, but she loved it.

"Oh Matt! You needed that, didn't you!"

Matt's face was red and he was still puffing and blowing as Judy wanked his cock with one hand and tasted his spunk with the other, as her fingers ran over her nose and mouth.

"We seem to be making a habit of this, don't we?"

"I guess. You're just so hot! Sorry."

"No need to apologize. I'm enjoying myself, aren't you?"

"Yeah, yes.... of course," said Matt.

This was not the end for Judy Morris and Matt. It was just the end of the beginning.

Hope you enjoyed the latest instalment in my new writing style. More to cum in part three, soon!

Danny xxx

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