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An unprotected romp in the garden while your husband sits by the TV
 It's a beautifully warm and sunny day as I walk up your short driveway with a small, paper bag of tomato seeds in my hand. I can see that you and your husband are both home by the cars parked in the shade. Your husband is inside, watching the pregame, judging by the sounds emanating quietly from the open living room windows.

In the back, your weeding makes enough noise that you didn't hear my feet crunching the fine gravel. Your back is turned to me as you work in the warm dirt, on your hands and knees carefully pulling small weeds from between the flowers. The enormous straw hat on your head gently shimmers in the breeze, and I see for a moment that you are wearing headphones, probably listening to your favorite "sun music." As I watch, the wind whips the bottom of your loose sundress, and I can see the soft curves of your thighs, lit by the sun. I can see the beaded sweat on your legs, and I can see just a hint of deliciously naked pussy. Did you shave? I know you have been trying for a baby, did you shave yourself for your husband?

The sight of your sweet, pink pussy under your frilly little sundress suddenly makes my head spin. I've never seen your husband's cock, but I can imagine it, thick and hard, plowing deep into you over and over, leaving his creamy cum deep inside you. Did he cum in you last night? Did you moan as he gripped your hips and filled you with his cum?

I need to know what it feels like, to be inside you, to feel your soft pussy wrapped around me. I will go to hell for this, but I don't care. As if in a dream, I walk slowly across the grass and kneel behind you. I know when your husband is feeling randy, sometimes he will clap your beautifully round ass and rub; I do the same, but then I slide my hand softly between your thighs and cup your warm mound. I'm praying you don't look back, almost hoping you do. Will you end this madness?

You moan and push back against my hand. You don't look back. My cock is so hard it hurts. I press a thumb into your wetness and you shudder, and shift your knees apart. You are soaking wet. I can smell your arousal, and there is no hint of cum. Why aren't you turning? Can't you tell there is a strange cock about to enter you, about to fill you with another man's cum?

My jogging shorts threaten to rip from the strain. I push them down and my cock springs free, as I gently tickle your clit with my fingers. I shift a little closer, my unprotected cock waving in the open sunshine. It brushes your hip, and you wiggle your hips against it, searching for it. You moan again, "Ohhh, fuck me please..."

I touch my hand to my lips and taste you. My head swims as you moan deep in your throat. You are sweet, aroused, and likely very fertile. A drop of precum mingles with your wetness as I slide my cock between your perfect ass cheeks. You drop your head and grind against me, sliding your pussy up and down the base of my cock. I am beyond caring, my cock harder than it has ever been. Does your body know I am not your husband? Will your soft, fertile pussy ripple around my cock as I shoot into you?

I push my cock down to point into you, and gasp at the sudden wet heat as the head pops inside you. I grip your hips and slide fully into you in one long, slow, delicious stroke.

Your head flies up and I know I am caught! I must feel different than your husband! Your head spins around, and I see the flash of shock, and recognition, then you see my most winning smile and my finger touched to my lips. Shhh! I sqeeze my cock inside you, and your eyes close in momentary pleasure. When your eyes open, it is with a smile, and you sit back into me.

"I haven't been fucked in a month, ohhhh your cock feel good..."

I slid my cock out of you, and back into you, savoring the rush of heat that surrounds me.

"Don't you dare cum in me, tonight is my night..."

My cock swells at the words, and I feel a drop of precum squirt into you.

"He's been saving his cum for a month, for tonight, ohhh...."

In the house, the television babbles gently on, keeping your husband occupied as I start sliding into you harder, and faster. I can feel the cum rising, I can feel my orgasm approach. You are actively fucking me back, shaking your hips around my aching cock. Will your husband know you are already pregnant when he comes to you tonight?

I warn you I'm going to cum, as I slow to long, full strokes into you, You turn your beautiful blue eyes to me, and I can barely hear the whisper,

"Cum, cum inside me..."

I bury my unprotected cock one more time deep inside you, and let everything go. Pulsing, squirting hot cum into you, I grip your lithe hips tight against me, filling you with every drop.

Slowly my senses come back, and I open my eyes again to meet yours. Your words are annoyed, but the smile says otherwise. We roll onto the grass, and you play with your clit as you lie on your back in the sun. My cum, it seems, will remain safe inside your fertile womb.

"You terrible, naughty boy!"

To which I can only reply, "I only came to bring you seeds for your garden!"

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