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My First Bike Ride

I Didn't resist when

We were returning home from our annual trek across the country in our pick up truck. Leaving the east coast, we took the southern route back across interstate 10. It was the typical hot scorching temperate in the 90's as we made our way past Houston, turning and heading northward.

We were ready to take a break and camp for a day or so. We found a camping area just off the beaten path, in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. For the most part it was deserted and the tiny so called town was about 15-20 minutes away.

Setting up camp, with everything arranged I asked "if we could go into town for a hot cooked meal"

"That sounds like a great idea, lets do it" my hubby replied quickly.

Still wearing my shorts and tiny halter top, I went into the tent to change into fresh clothing. I emerged wearing a pair of rather small ass hugging jean skirt, which gave a little peek at my thong clad tight ass cheeks. I had a form fitting tank top on which showed off my well defined cleavage, without looking too sluttish.

Walking over to me, my husband says "what's this" as he unhooks, and removes the skimpy bra from underneath. "Yes, that is much better" pointing out my erect nipples pushing against the tight material.

We drove to the tiny desolate town and located the only place to it. It was a small mom and pop bar and grill, kind of rustic looking with barn board walls and floors. Not so bad I thought to myself as we could have a few drinks and a meal while listening to songs on the vintage jukebox.

We were greeted and served by an elderly couple as we sat in the rather dimly lit back. I could see the man was busy eyeing my cleavage as he took our orders.

After downing a couple of shots while waiting on our home cooked meals, I walked over to the jukebox to play some music. Wow I thought to myself, this place is about 20 years behind the times. Foreigner, Foghat, Kansas, Journey, and Molly Hatchet seemed to be major players to pick from. I danced my way back to the table seeing my hubby and the server watching as I moved to the beat of the music. They watched as I sat down at the table, smiling at me, knowing they had enjoyed the view.

"Where you folks from" the man asked, again starring at my cleavage as he sat my food before me. I knew he caught a glimpse of my hard nipples as he looked at me and smiled fully as if to say thank you.

Looking up at him and returning the smile, I replied "California"

"You guys must be lost, if your heading that way" he stated

I leaned over and hugged my husband, wanting to give him a nice clear view of my rounded breasts I replied, "No not at all. We just wanted to see the countryside between here and New Mexico"

"Oh I see" he stated, and I knew good and well he did see. I caught a glimpse of a slight erection building in his jeans. He turned and walked away as we began to eat our meal and having some quite conversation.

Suddenly the quite was broken by the roaring of motorcycles pulling up to the doorway. The noise was even louder as the procession of leather and jeans rolled in. There must have been at least 20 or more bikers, male and female walking into the quite bar and grill. I immediately felt a surge of excitement as I had always as they entered the room loudly. My attraction to the lawless biker type was unknown to my treasured hubby of 4 years. I felt the wetness between my legs incredible as I sat there watching them from across the room.

My husband was eyeing the mass of bulging tattoo covered tits, that seemed to be bouncing all over the place. Tiny halters, skimpy bra tops, and leather chaps with leather thongs seemed to be the dress code  for the rather trashy, rough looking biker girls. I myself was busy checking out the rough, and burley looking guys as I had often fantasized about a group of bikers having their way with me.

We had a couple more shots, and I was getting pretty fucking buzzed. I watched curiously as the guys manhandled their women, and pictured myself in the scenario as they passed them around to each other. Braless tits and bare asses were being kissed, groped and slapped to the pleasure of the rough necks as I looked on with secret thoughts blaring in my mind. I was so fucking hot, and the buzzing inside my wet pussy was unbearable as I sat there daydreaming.

The leader caught my eye, he was tall and thin with sandfish brown hair down to the small of his back. His jeans were tight and his leather boots were worn as I watched him moving about with chains dangling from his belt. I got even more aroused watching the biker babes flocking around the muscular built leader, flaunting themselves at him. I wanted to touch myself, as I imagined being their little slut.

They were chugging beers quickly, and slamming down shots even faster while encouraging the girls on. The girls didn't need much taunting to heat things up as they began dancing to the music. Bouncing bare tits in their hands openly while rocking their asses to the music, while the guys were busy kissing them and feeling them up. I was getting increasingly interested as I watched the action unfold and thoughts about myself in the action continued.

Downing our 5th round of shots, I was really getting into the ongoing scene. I stood up and began to sway to the beat, dancing around my husband while some of the bikers watched. I knew they were watching and I wanted them to watch me even more. They got pretty crazy when I flashed my perky tits to my husband. I knew they saw. I did it because I wanted them to see my tits, just like the other girls. I was pretty buzzed and excited seeing all the things going on while my desire was raging. Dancing around, I knew that they were watching my fully exposed ass, and I wanted to flaunt it. My skimpy revealing skirt showed my ass fully as I danced to the music, not caring about anything. I felt a stinging on my cheeks, as my husband broad handed slapped my exposed ass while they looked on. They responded loudly as he slapped it again, even harder than the first time.

The jukebox was blaring a southern rock song by Molly Hatchet and they went fucking crazy. Girls were shed of their remaining clothes, and paired off with 2 or 3 guys at a time. I could see girls giving head while being fucked doggy style, I watched girls fondling each other and so much more. I was a raging ball of fire inside as I thought about them shedding off my clothes and having  their fun with me..

A pretty black girl with pierced nipples and a Latin girl with mega tits approached my husband.  Totally naked, they were bouncing tits in his face as they danced in place, one on each side of him. I didn't mind, he was having fun being entertained by the two. I watched as he clutched their raw asses in his hands, with fingers exploring the crack trail while mouthing their nipples.

A voice whispered in my ear "Shhh" as I felt a big hand cover my breast and another cover my mouth. Electricity rolled through my entire body from his touch. I didn't move as he squeezed my aching breast in his massive hand creating a shallow orgasm inside of me. I couldn't see him as he stood behind me, but I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

Again he whispered, "Shhh" as he removed the hand from my mouth. His hand explored the path to my opposite breast, awaiting his touch. He grasped the breast, then rolled my erect nipple between his fingers. I stood there allowing him to freely move his hand from breast to breast, and from nipple to nipple. The tank top material seemed rough as it rubbed against my aching erect nipples. My pussy flooded at his touch, my nipples reacted to his touch as he explored my chest.

Again he whispered, "Shh" as his hand eased underneath my top. He moved his hand in a snake like motion as he moved upwards towards my breasts as he stood behind me. He inserted the other hand underneath my top and immediately grasped my vacant breast. He groped and squeezed as I allowed him the freedom to do so, without hesitation. I liked his touch, and I dreamed of him touching me more.

His hands were huge and very rough on my soft smooth skin as he touched the creases underneath my rounded tits. Slowly allowing his fingers to caress my puffy areolas while kissing the side of my neck, that made me crazy. I squeezed my knees together and felt another orgasm building as he tweaked and tugged on my stiffened bullet like nipples. I knew I was about to cum when he starting biting me on the back of my neck.

Kissing and biting my neck, I heard another voice whisper "shh" as another man, much bigger than him joined in. They squeezed and fondled both breasts firmly while kissing my neck. Their breath was hot to my skin, and it wreaked of liquor. They knew what they wanted and I was allowing them their fun. I could feel a growing erections poking against my side as they bare ass as one held me tight.

I could see my hubby was quite content as the black girl was on her knees with his cock buried inside her mouth. I watched while his fingers penetrated the second girls damp bushy clad pussy in plain view. Seeing his thick cock in her mouth made my pussy quiver with desire as two sets of hands were touching me all over as them began roaming freely.

I heard a loud commotion coming from the center of the bar and turned slightly to see. I saw the biggest chrome chopper I have ever seen being rolled inside the room. It belonged to the gang leader as he was rolling it into position. No longer wearing a shirt, I could see his massive chest and arms, he looked a Greek goddess. He was fucking outrageous I thought as my two playmates continued toying with me at their will.

They spun my chair sideways, so I could see the action going on, and so that my hubby could witness what they were doing to me. I sat there waiting to see why the scooter was placed in the center of the room.

"Shh" the voice behind me whispered as his hands left my breast, and began lifting my top over my head and tossing it to the floor. I didn't resist as my passion was raging to be quenched as they had stripped me of my top. My dark hard nipples now exposed, showed them I was enjoying their actions. I didn't want them to stop as I saw my hubby deposit a thick load of cum into the black girls mouth.

The second guy was much heavier, with a full mustache and beard that tickled my breasts as he leaned into me. His hands were on my aching breasts, and his mouth began to suck my puffy brown areolas roughly. My hands were clutching the back of the guy sucking my tits, damn it felt fucking good as his salvia ran off my nipples. I watched his lips pull on my erect nipples, stretching them as far as he could. First on then the other, over and over. His rough tactics sent a pleasurable sensation through out my entire body. I loved it, and they knew it.

The action around the chopper increased, as a young petite girl was spread eagle on her back with her feet planted on the foot pegs. The leader straddled the bike, unzipped his pants and released a massively thick and long cock. He spat in his hand, rubbed his swollen knob and pushed his fat cock inside her in a single thrust. I could hear her holler out as he drove intentional thrusts deep inside of her. The crowd began to chant something. I couldn't hear it clearly as I was focused on my two biker men.

Again, I heard, "Shh" as they stood beside me and offered the black girl to  join in. She leaned forward and kissed me, sharing the load of cum. Her cum coated tongue traced the inside of my mouth, while dripping remnants of my mans cum.

"Shh" as she rested squarely on my pussy, and fingers raced in between my saturated swollen lips. The  guy stood me up and shed me of my tiny thong and tossed at towards my hubby. Now I was naked, horny and on display for all to see as my throbbing pussy lips were totally spread apart. The stubby fingers slipped between my saturated lips as she knelt before me and tongued my with my swollen labia unmercifully. I cum within seconds, unable to hold it back as her tongue lashed my clit.

The girl up front had the gang leaders cum oozing from the pussy as she now straddled the bike sideways. The others were prodding her holes with their erections at will as she remained in position. The girls were in the action as well, taking turns making her lick their wet pussies, suck their tits, and even plunging fingers into her fucked openings.

These two rough bikers were all over me by now, as their long hard tongues lapped my entire body. They had made me cum, and I wanted to cum even more as their fingers entered my love ports. A thick set of fingers probed my entry, while another probed my tight asshole as they began to penetrate me as the same time. Within moments, I delivered a gush of my juices all over their hands, which they made me lick off.

"Shh" one whispered as he placed my hand on his throbbing cock, as did the other. I began to feel the swelling of their throbbing cocks. They guided my hands, instructing me to stroke their erections while they manipulated my holes. I attempted to one handedly fumble with each of their zippers to free their cocks. 

Moments later, I was on my hands and knees with a massive cock throbbing in each hand as they were on their knees before me. They fingered my pussy, my asshole and tugged on my swollen nipples while I stroked their cocks. They made me cum several times before they made their next move. I was so fucking hot and horny that I couldn't resist their hard cocks before me.

I could see the girl up front had cum all over her face and chest as the guys jacked off and exploded all over her one at a time. She was covered in thick trails of biker sperm as others were ready to spend their jism on her as well.

"Shh" they whispered as they pressed their cocks to my mouth and traced my parted lips lightly. I opened my mouth and the first cock slipped inside. Instantly I wrapped my lips around it and began pumping up and down it. I took it to the base and sucked hard. I could feel the throbbing increasing in my throat. He withdrew his cock just as it spurted streams of thick cum on my face, dribbling into my mouth while his friend continued to finger my pussy and ass. 

"Ah shit" I moaned out, unable to keep from cum ming again. These two rough ass guys had  fingered my holes to a massive orgasm while I got blanketed in sperm. I couldn't see my hubby any longer, as the biker profiles blocked the view completely.

"Ahh yes, I'm cum ming again, don't stop" I begged as they kept their assault going. "Ahh yes" as I released what seemed to be a never ending gush of my hot juices. It ran down my leg like a flood, and they were busy lapping it up. Their rough tongues lapped my pussy like a dog in heat and it felt so fucking good as  eagerly awaited the second cock in my mouth.

"Shh, would you like a ride on the bike later" the second asked as he deposited his bigger dick into my mouth. I could feel the dried cum trails cracking as I went down the thick shaft. I tongued the head, the shaft and then began to suck his nut sack into my mouth. His cock was jumping up and down for release. I placed my mouth over the swollen purple head, and began to fuck it skillfully with my mouth. I didn't take long for his eruption, as he sent more thick cum onto my face.

Thinking about the feel of the air in my face, I replied "yes, I would like that". I thought about being on the back of the gang leaders bike, holding him tight as we cruised around.

Escorting me to the front, one announced, "She wants a ride on the bike" and the crowd got loud again.

The leader looked at me with his big brown eyes, smiled and asked "Do you really want to ride on my bike"

"Yes, I would like a ride on your bike" I replied to his question

He took me by the hand, and instructed me to lift my leg over the frame. I did so eagerly, holding on to the handle bar grips as I stepped over and into place.

"Stand up on the foot pegs" he instructed, to which I did immediately, I didn't hesitate.

"She looks like a natural" he cracked and the crowd got a bit rowdy as they came closer.

"Nothing for nothing" he said, "Ass, grass, or cash. Nobody rides for free. That's the club motto" he continued.

I didn't hesitate, I responded "well I don't have any cash on me as I'm naked, I don't smoke weed anymore" I continued. Looking around at everybody starring at me in anticipation I added "I guess it will have to be ass then"

The crowd went ballistic when I agreed to swap my ass for a ride on the scooter. My pussy was tingling again as I thought about the girl who had been on the bike earlier.

The leader approached me and looked me up and down, commenting "that he was going to enjoy himself with me" as he looked at my hubby a few feet away. Unzipping his pants, he removed a semi hard thick cock that was at least 8 inches long and 4 inched in girth.

"Ok then, come on and suck this cock girl if you want to ride it" he said while stroking it fully in my face. His cock was hard and thick and I wanted it in my mouth

I didn't resist, I smiled and leaned forward until my lips were touching the swollen fat knob. The crowd was loud as they watched his cock enter my mouth. I closed my lips around it tightly and it sucked up and down with great pressure. My salvia coated his veined thick shaft, allowing it to slide easily into my throat. I swallowed the knob, and the shaft followed, inch by inch until his big nut sack was slapping my chin.

"Had enough yet, do you want to stop" he asked

"Uhum Uhum" I replied with a mouthful of thick sweaty sausage as I shook my head no. The crowd was egging me on by chanting suck it.suck it.suck it as his musty balls slapped my chin repeatedly

I didn't resist when he began to fuck my mouth violently with his big fucking cock.

"Do you want to make me cum" he asked while thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth at will.

Panting, I didn't resist as I replied "Yes, give me your thick cum" as I felt him unleash a series of squirts in my throat. His load was big and thick, as he sent a final spurt onto my face while withdrawing his cock from my mouth. His thick seedy cum trickled from the corners as he asked, "do you still want to ride it". He stood there stroking his cock back to a full erection as I looked at it.

With his cum seeping out of my mouth I replied, "Yes I want to ride it"

He straddled the bike behind me and grabbed me by the hips. He pulled me backwards to I was flat on his chest, and his cock standing between my legs. It was nuzzled on top of my saturated lips, causing me to quiver inside. His hands were groping my tits as he pulled me backwards in position with the tip at my opening.

Arching his back, he gave a hard thrust. His cock eased inside and then he thrust it forward. I felt the knob moving forward, and the thick shaft spreading my lips apart.

"Ahh yes" I exclaimed at the manly cock entering my smaller hole. "Yes..god yes"

He had his fully erect cock buried inside of me when he said" Stand up and lean forward"

I didn't resist, as his cock was still inside of me. In a crouching position, he instructed me to bounce up and down his entire shaft. I pushed straight down and raised right back up to the tip, then slammed down to the base.

"Ahh shit" I screamed as I began slamming my drenched pussy up and down his fuck stick. "Ah yes it feels so good." I screamed again as I slammed down against the base, "I'm cum ming, ah fuck I'm cum ming" I cum so hard that his balls were drenched and his cock was well lubricated.

Gabbing the cock from my pussy, he rubbed the lubricated knob against my tiny brown hole and asked, "Do you still want to ride it"

"Yes" I replied, "remember I said ass" and with that he forced the swollen knob between the tightly closed opening.

"Lean forward a bit and put your feet on the back pegs" he told me

Immediately I crouched forward and stretched my legs until my feet were planted on the specific pegs and I felt his cock pushing inwards, spearing my tight anal muscles. Holding me by the waist, he began to raise an lower my tight asshole onto his cock head, spreading it as he pushed me down.

"Ahh" I screamed out as his thick knob popped inside my anal cavity, "ahh" as it popped back out. His cock was inching into by bowels as i squeezed the hand grips.

"Ok" he announced, "ride it" as he pulled me down onto his swollen shaft

I responded by pulling my ass up his thick shaft, and plunging it back down on it, screaming "ahh" in delightful pain. I didn't hesitate, as I began to increase the timing of my thrusts onto his cock, until it was fully buried.

"Your asshole looks so good as it opens up and takes my cock in" he remarked

"Ahhh yes your big cock feels so good fucking my tiny asshole" I screamed back at him as he stood up and held me by the waist. He delivered his cock with massive thrusts as he savagely fucked me ass deep.

"Ah yes, fuck my ass" I begged, "I want to ride it" as I pushed back to receive his advancing cock. "Yes, I feel your balls slapping my pussy, I'm going to cum again" I screamed as I cum for the 5th time and even harder than before as he buried his cock hand held it in place. He pulled me back to a sitting position, with my asshole pressed against the base of his cock.

"You want my cum" he asked still holding me in place

Grinding my ass, I replied, "Yes, bury your fucking spunk in my ass, fill it up" With that I felt his cock throbbing and then a warm release deep in my bowels. "Yes, I feel you cum ming, ah yes it is so hot inside of me.

The crowd knew what was next and again became quite rowdy as he pulled his spent cock from my gaping asshole. His cum seeped from my still parted asshole and dribbled towards my already cum filled pussy.

Taking me by the hand he repositioned me across the bike, in the same manner as the first girl. My feet were spread and place on each of the side pegs, and pulled forward until each hand had a hold for the side pegs. I was stretched and spread out over the chromed chopper with my pussy fully open while the gang looked on eagerly.

I didn't resist when the first cock was placed in my mouth. I sucked it until he cum all over my face, hitting me in the eyes as well. I sucked each and every cock, allowing them to spray my face and mouth with their seedy cum.

I didn't resist when several women positioned their spread pussies to my mouth. I laid in position and eagerly licked them, until they cum in my face and mouth as well. Several of the guy took the opportunity to shove their cocks into my exposed openings while I sucked others cocks. They fucked my pussy, my asshole and my mouth, while the woman licked me and fingered me. They stuffed their tits in my mouth while making me satisfy them with my hands. 

Finally the last of them finished, and they had all had their way with me. My face looked like a cum rag, with sticky trails covering it.

Now I was ready for the ride on the scooter and the gang leader jumped on and started it up. He pulled me on and we sped out onto the highway. The air felt great on my naked body. This is a ride I will never forget.




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