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Old Friends and Fuck Buddies - Part 1

Old Friends and Fuck Buddies - Part 1

A chance meeting of friends reignites old desires
It had been a long flight. At least I had tomorrow to get over my jet lag before I needed to start the project. I checked into my hotel room, after picking up two bottles of wine and a twelve pack for the fridge. The room had a great scenic view looking over the river front.

I put my clothes in the drawers and hung the suits in preparation for the next five days of work. Tomorrow would be a pretty easy day, with just a visit to the office in the afternoon. I decided to make it an easy night as well and just go down the elevator to the restaurant and have bite to eat... and a drink or two, but planned to make it an early evening.

The bar and restaurant was nice. It was done up in dark mahogany walls with brass lights and green sconces. The bar stools were covered in leather with dark wood stain everywhere making it feel like a pretty expensive place. I opted to grab a seat at the bar which wasn’t overly crowded. It was one of those rectangular bars where the bartender was in the middle. I moved to the far end against the wall near the darker corner where I could see everyone who entered.

As I was ordering my Merlot and getting a menu from the bartender I noticed a short brunette woman entering the bar out of the corner of my eye. I noted that she looked familiar but listened to the bartender recite the specials.

As he brought my wine to me I heard a female voice ask, “Is anyone sitting here?”

As I looked to my right and was about to say 'grab a seat' I looked upon the face of the brunette who had just walked in.

Before I could say anything, her eyes grew in size and she blurted out. “Tony?!”

“Becky?” was all I could say.

“It’s been twenty years,” she said. “WHAT are YOU doing here?”

“I’m in town all week for business. Yes, it has been years since college!”

Becky and I had gone to the same university and had been in a couple of organizations together. As I recalled, she had always been pretty religious and had dated within her crowd of friends. At one time, way back then, I had recalled thinking that she was hiding a very sexy body under her heavy sweaters. We had been working on a project for a couple of hours one day, and I had noticed the sexy contour of her hips as she had bent over a table, but hadn’t really thought about it until she was nominated for Homecoming Queen our senior year. I saw her in a rather tight fitting dress and she really did have a hot hot body. It wasn’t until then that I had kicked myself for not talking to her more when I had the chance. But, soon, senior year had ended, we graduated, and I had not really thought of her since.

I stood up and we hugged. She wrapped her arms around me for a long time.

“You look great!” she said. “I’ve run into other people from school and they look sooo old.”

“Thanks, I’ve tried to stay in shape, I only saw you out of the corner of my eye when you walked in, but I thought you were in your 20’s, You look fantastic too.”

Becky really did look great. She’s 5’3” and about 115lbs and her mid 40’s age was definitely not showing. Her hair was still jet black and her Italian olive skin was just as glowing as ever.

I thought to myself, 'Oh my god, every time I look at her sexy mouth I can’t help but think how good her lips would look wrapped around my cock with those big dark eyes looking up at me'.

Sometimes when you meet someone you just feel an almost animal attraction and you can never be sure if it’s just you or if the other person feels the same way. I couldn’t tell at first, but I thought she definitely had a bit of a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m in town all week as well,” she said as she slipped into the chair next to me. I couldn’t help but notice her dress riding up her sexy thighs and her black pantyhose. She was wearing, as I soon found out, an Alexis Mabille pullover dress, but it looked like a very nice form fitting top and skirt with some bows at the shoulder.

"All very professional and still rather conservative," she said.

We began chatting and ordered some dinner. As we ate and drank our wine, we had the kind of small talk that any old friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time can get into. We both had three children. Becky had gotten married soon after college to Jim, the guy who escorted her to that homecoming so many years ago. Professionally, she traveled rather extensively. We talked about work and how we where going to be here all week together. She asked if I had plans to meet anyone after dinner. I explained that I didn’t.

"In fact," I said, "My big plans were to go back to my room and have a glass of wine on the balcony."

She mentioned she had stopped by down the street before checking in and had picked up some wine as well.

I guess what shocked me was to hear her swearing in our conversation. I don't think she had ever uttered a single swear work when we where at school together.

She called over the bartender with a “Hey you! Young hottie! Can you get me another glass of wine dear?”

I commented, “Careful, you’re going to make him think you’re a cougar.”

She put her hand on my knee and looked me and the eye saying, “Now that I’ve had my hysterectomy, I may just have to use that as my fuck fantasy tonight.”

“Oh, you’ve turned into a dirty dirty woman.” I laughed.

“If I had said what was on my mind when we where in school I would have found out if you were as big as Linda told me,” she leaned in and whispered.

Linda was an on-again, off-again, multi-night stand over several years of college. Linda and I had been fuck buddies because she liked sex, but her boyfriend went to another university. I knew that Becky and Linda had been friends but they obviously had talked much more than I was aware.

“What exactly did Linda tell you?” I asked, smiling.

Becky leaned over and put her hand higher up my thigh and whispered in my ear, “She told me that you had a big cock and she loved how 'fucked' she felt after a night with you.”

I put my hand on her thigh and whispered in her ear, “If I had known you where such dirty talker in school I would have definitely hit on you.”

I looked deep into those dark eyes and leaned back as I continued, “I remember watching you walk in your homecoming dress and thinking that I should have hit on you when we where working alone together that one day in...”

“I remember that day! I was really horny that day! I can’t believe you remember that day! So wait a minute, you thought I looked good in my dress?” She beamed.

“Oh god yes, I remember you walking in front of me and thinking to myself ‘What a sexy fucking ass she has' and how I should have hit on you when we had been on that project , but you had a boyfriend...”

“And you fucked Linda that night.”

“She told you that too?”

“Remember I said I was horny that day!" she said. "I remember Linda telling me that I should get a fuck buddy, like you, but I was pretty straight as an arrow then. Linda told me how you bent her over in the apartment window and she came with her tits smashed against the window that night,” she said giggling.

“Linda was fun, she’s married now you know, has five kids,” I said. 

“I haven’t talk to her in years. Do you stay in touch?” Becky asked. 

As I palmed my android phone I said, “Well, she sent me an invite on Facebook a while back. Do you wanna to see some pictures?”

Becky leaned forward and again put her hand on my knee to get closer. “Yes, yes, show me! Is she doing okay?”

I tried to pull up a connection on my phone, but it wasn’t connecting as the bartender walked over to us. “Do you guys want your bill?” He noticed me trying to connect on the phone said, “We have a really crappy wi-fi connection here in the bar. You have to go outside or to your room to get a better connection.”

Becky immediately chimed in, “I’ve got the bill!”

“No, I can get the bill,” I said

Becky immediately chirped, “No, you can buy me a glass of wine in your room and show me pictures of Linda there.”

Being a gentleman, I let Becky walk in front of me to the elevator. I couldn’t help but watch her ass in the dress. I looked up as we approached the reflective elevator doors and saw her smile in the reflection. “You were checking out my ass!” she said.

“I couldn’t help it.” I smiled.

As I pushed the button on the elevator and moved to lean against the back wall Becky suddenly moved to the front near the doors. Looking over her shoulder and pulling her dress tight against her ass she said, “Well, pretty good for a married 44 year old huh?”

“YOU are so much different than when we went to school," I said.

She definitely had “fuck me” hips I thought. She looked back at me with and with those dark eyes twinkling at me, said, “You should have hit on me that day,” and the elevator door dinged open.

She stepped into the hallway and let me lead her to the room. I could feel her eyes on my back. As I opened the door I asked, “So, where you just checking out my ass?”

Becky brushed past me giggling. “Married women don’t tell secrets like that. Oh, this is a suite! You’ve got a living room and all. Very nice. You’ve done well.”

We had brought up the wine glasses from the bar and I set them on the sink and picked up a bottle of red. Becky took it from me and said, “I’ll take care of that. Show me Linda’s pictures.” 

To be continued...

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