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Old Friends And Fuck Buddies - Part 2

Old Friends And Fuck Buddies - Part 2

What happens when the get into the room...
I went over to the desk and pulled Linda’s profile up on Facebook. Becky walked over and handed me my glass of wine and then bent down to see the picture displayed on the screen. Obviously, she was very interesting in seeing them. She pushed me back in the armless desk chair, sat down on my lap, took the mouse and started clicking through the pictures.

“Linda still looks pretty hot. She was such a slut when we where in school though,” Becky stated.

“I’m having a hard time believing that you’re same quiet girl I knew in college with all of this dirty talk,” I said.

She slowly slid her ass back against my crotch, and looked back at me over her shoulder. With a twinkle in her eyes and a devilish smile, she said, “So my dirty talk is making you hard?”

Her mouth was very near my mouth and I could smell her perfume. I leaned forward to put my lips to hers. I quickly felt her soft lips mash to mine. It was that electrically charged moment when two lovers lips meet for the first time. Almost immediately, her mouth opened and her tongue began to explore mine. It was a hungry, wet open-mouthed kiss.

Becky slowly turned her body toward mine as I wrapped my arm around her waist. She immediately put the palm of her hand over my hard cock, and I heard her moan as we kissed passionately. Her breathing became almost a panting as we kissed and rubbed my cock through my pants. She didn’t want to break the kiss and saliva started to run from the corners of her mouth onto her chin.

When our lips finally parted, she breathlessly said, “So, am I giving you a hard on?” as she rubbed my cock more forcefully.

My left hand moved to her legs and slowly slid between them. She immediately started spreading her them open for me to have access.

I moved my hand up near her pussy as I asked, “Is this making you wet?”

She removed her hand from rubbing my cock and put it over my hand, took it, and placed it right on top of her pussy.

“Feel my wet married cunt,” she said breathlessly.

I felt the heat first, then felt that the entire front of her pussy was saturated. She was literally soaking wet.

“Keep talking to me about your married cunt and I’m going to fuck you all night.”

She leaned into my ear and kissed me as she moved her hips to ride my hand rubbing her pussy and panted, “Call me a dirty little cheating slut and you can fuck me however you want," she groaned.

My mouth immediately moved back to hers, our tongues intertwined, as I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me. She stood up, while not breaking the kiss, her hands holding my cheeks. She turned her body to face me, put one leg, then the other, over my own legs, and sat back down in my lap. Her legs now spread around my body. She wrapped her hands around my neck pulled her crotch up against mine. Between kisses, she was moaning, “I need to get fucked!”

“I want your cock so bad, I’ve thought about it for so long baby!” she said, as out tongue intertwined.

“What do you want? You can have anything you want!” she said, putting her tongue in my mouth again.

I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her closer. “Wrap your legs around me while I carry you onto the bed”

I moved forward in the chair, and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I lifted her up, holding our deep wet kiss. I held her in my arms moved her to the bed. She looked at me with her deep dark eyes and said breathlessly, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so many years”

I laid her on her back with her legs still wrapped around me, my mouth kissing her ear. I whispered. “I don’t have condoms Becky, and I wouldn’t want to use them if I did. I want you to be full of my cum. I want you to feel me cumming inside your pussy.”

She grabbed my head and gave me the hottest deepest kiss of the evening as she panted and said between kisses. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck I want that, I want your cum!”

Kissing me more and looking me in the eyes as she held my face, her hands slid around the sides of my head as she said. “I want you to fill my married cunt with your cum. I want your cum all over my hairy cunt, dripping out of my ass, and all over my tits and all over my face...and then I want you to fuck me again, while I’m you’re sloppy little slut.”

“Oh my god! You are so fucking dirty! I love it!” I said.

I put my arms under her legs and brought them to her chest. Her pussy was grinding against my cock in my pants. She reached between her legs and unbuckled my pants. I put my hands over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples through the blouse fabric and her bra.

She undid my buckle and frantically unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Quickly, she reached inside my boxers to wrap her hands around my hard cock. As her hand brushed over my throbbing head, I knew her fingers where now wet with my pre-cum as she stroked me.

With each stroke of her hand on my cock she gasped out years of pent up dirty talk. “Oh god! I love how big your cock is!"

"Jim doesn’t have a big cock!"

"God damn, I need your cock! Jim hasn’t fucked me in three weeks”

I was reaching around to open the back of her blouse, telling her, “I want you naked now!”

She pushed me away from her with her knees in my chest and quickly jumped up saying. “Strip for me while I strip for you!”

And, with that statement, she reached back, undid her blouse, and pulled her entire dress combo over her head. With a wink, said, “This is why I bought this Alexis Mabille dress, so I could strip for Jim, but he’s never let me be a slut, so I’ll be a slut and strip for you.”

I quickly undid a few buttons on my shirt and ripped it over my own head. My pants were already around my ankles. I pushed both shoes off, and then quickly pulled my socks off, as Becky walked toward me on the bed. Dropping to her knees in front of me, and sitting back on her ankles. She took the sides of my silk boxers and dropped them to the floor. She looked up into my eyes and spit on both of her hands saying, “I want to suck your cock. I want to be your cocksucker. I want to be your dirty little whore!”

The she wrapped one hand around my balls and the other at the base of my cock and began stroking me. Moving her mouth to my cock, I could feel her breath on my throbbing red pre-cum coated cock head. “Rub my cock on your face, Becky. Mmmmm, I want to see you looking at me and rubbing my cock all over your face”

She then spit on my cock head and stroked over the head, pulling it. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my head and began pulling and squeezing with short strokes. She looked up at me as she rubbed my cock on her cheeks. Her dark brown eyes glazed in lust. “I love that you tell me what to do!”

Then she rubbed my shaft all over her face, he tongue licking the sides of my cock. “Call me a married slut and tell me to suck your cock! I wanna suck your gorgeous cock right now, Tony.” she mewed.

“Oh god damn! Suck my cock Becky, mmm suck my cock with that mouth you kiss Jim with!”

Becky moaned “Oh god, fuck yea!”

She put her mouth over my head. Fuck, her mouth was tight! She first sucked in the head of my cock and and sucked it. It jolted our of her mouth with a loud pop. Then she leaned back and spit on my blood engorged cock head while she stroked it, muttering under her breath, “I’m such a dirty whore!”

As saliva dripped down her chin, I noticed that she was still in her bra and panty hose. It was a tight form fitting bra. I could see her hard puffy nipples poking through the fabric. Becky was stroking my balls and sucking on my cock head. It was a very wet sloppy blowjob she was giving me. “Mmmm baby, take your bra off and rub your tits on my cock!” I said hotly.

She reached back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall onto her pantyhose covered thighs. She took both hands and spit into them again and wrapped them around her tits, stroking her nipples and looking at me. “I want to rub your cum into my tits like this baby, I want to be fucking covered in your cum tonight!”

She leaned forward on her knees as the bra feel to the floor. She took my cock once again, and rubbed my red throbbing head, dripping with her saliva, over her nipples. God, it sent chills up my spine as I felt her rubbing the slit of my cock up and down her hard nipple. “Ohhh, fuck baby!” I moaned, “That’s so fucking hot!”

She looked into my eyes and slowly leaned up to her knees moving her face up to mine. Holding my cock against her body the whole time. Letting it ride first between her tits and then over her belly as she slid her nipples up my chest bringing her mouth to mine. She took my cock in her hands and pushed it down between her pantyhose clad legs. As her mouth reach mine, she panted, “Do you want to kiss my cocksucking mouth? Will you kiss me after I suck your cock? Jim never kisses me after I suck his cock” she said breathlessly.

I put my hands on her cheeks and puller her face to mine. My mouth was not able to devour enough of her tongue. I was running my hands through her hair as I felt her legs tightening to squeeze my cock against her pussy in the gap between her thighs.

“Oh god, I’m so fucking hot! You have me so fucking turned on, Tony!’” she panted in my mouth.

“I have to eat you, Becky! I have to fucking suck on your pussy! God, I wanna taste your married hole right now! I wanna to suck on your clit! I wanna to make you cum right now, I wanna fucking eat you until you cum all over my face. I want to shove my cock all the way into your slutty married cunt while you’re still cumming. I wanna feel your pussy spreading around my fucking cock while you’re still fucking cumming from my tongue!!”

Becky jumped backwards on the bed. Then she shimmied her way up the bed to get her head on the pillow. Watching her shake her hips as she moved was fucking hot. I couldn't wait to find our how she good would fuck me. She grabbed three of the other pillows and pushed them under her ass as she heaved her hips up. She immediately spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy though the fabric of her pantyhose. “Oh god, I want you to eat my hole! I want you to eat my dirty fucking hot cunt!”

She took her fingers and poked them through her pantyhose. Ripping the crotch open. Ripping until it was almost to the waistband. The she reached down and ripped it even more along her thighs exposing her entire crotch. “God!” she panted, “I’ve wanted to be fucked like this for so long! I’m you’re dirty little slut Tony! Come over and get your cunt!”

I could see that the entire front of her red thong was covered in a huge wet spot. She pulled her silk thong to the side. She was not fully shaven, but her pussy was trimmed a bit wider than a landing strip. Her black curly hair was matted down in her own juices. Her lips were swollen and I could see them already open and glistening. Her clit was swollen clit and I knew it was going to be very sensitive. I was drooling over the prospect of getting it in my mouth.

I crawled up the bed quickly. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her wet pussy. I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy, to lap up her juices, to run my tongue up between her pussy lips.

I pushed my hands inside her ripped panty hose to the underside of her thighs. Pushing my hands under to her ass cheeks as her panty hose ripped open even more.

“Oooohhhhh fuuuuucccckkk!” Becky moaned, as she felt and heard the ripping of her pantyhose and as I reached under to cup her ass cheeks in my hand.

I put my mouth right over her pussy lips and looked up at her glazed hungry eyes. “Spread it for me baby, Spread your cock hungry pussy for me and show me what you want me to eat.”

Becky let out a slight groan. “Oh god yes!” she said. Her hands reached down to spread open her pussy for me.

“Oh baby, don’t stop calling it my cunt. Fuck I want to be so fucking dirty for you. Ohhh Fuck! Treat me like your whore! Call me your cunt!”

With that, I spit into her pussy and on her fingers. She ground her hips up as she felt the saliva hit her pussy. I needed her now. I wanted her now; I wanted to bring her off now!

I lifted her up to my mouth with my hands on her ass. She ground her hips onto my mouth. I put my tongue at the bottom of her spread pussy lips, and ran it up inside the length of her wet open lips. I could taste her honey. Her pussy was not just wet, it was thick like syrup. There was so much juice; I had to swallow some halfway up her pussy. Pushing my tongue into her hole, I her her let our a moan. That made my cock throb harder, knowing that soon I would inside her. Fucking her, fucking her needy pussy.

I pushed my tongue up farther, and put my mouth right over her clit and started to suck. I felt Becky clench her legs tightly around my head, grinding her pussy onto my mouth faster. She took her soaking wet hand and put it on top of my head, running her fingers through my hair, and crushing my mouth on her dripping pussy. I could see that she moved her other hand to squeeze and pinch her tits.

I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more of her. I wanted my tongue in her. I wanted her whole pussy in my mouth. I was licking and pushing my tongue deeper, tasting her juices. It felt like her pussy was pouring juice into my mouth. She was shaking already and breathing rapidly.

“Oh god! Oh Fuck! I’m going to fucking cum already! Oh FUCK! Oh fucking eat my cunt!!” She screamed.

I lifted my mouth from her pussy. I could feel my cheeks coated with her juices. I kept my chin between her parted lips. I could feel her juices running from down under my chin and starting down my neck.

"Yes, baby! Yes, Becky! Cum for me! I wanna taste your fucking slutty married cunt while you cum for me!” I told her.

With that, she ground her pussy onto my chin. One last bob of my head to run my tongue up the length her cunt lips and I started to lick my way up to her belly. Bringing my right hand from under her ass to push my middle finger into her open wet hole.

"Oh, FUUUUCK!" she moaned as my finger slid all the way inside her pussy.

I was leaving a wet trail of my saliva from her pussy, up her belly and finally got my mouth to her right nipple. They where so rubbery and hard! So very hard! I opened my mouth and put it over her tit. I sucked it deep into my mouth. Sucking it until her hard nipple was tightly in my lips the way she had sucked my cock. She reached down and squeezed her tit for me. Her nipple left my mouth with a popping sound and I immediately when down and sucked her tit again the same way. Leaving her nipple wet with my saliva.

I took my mouth off of her right nipple and licked my way between her tits. Licking all around the center of her chest and making it wet. I moved my mouth to her other nipple as she squeezed it for me. I was pumping my finger in and out of her dripping pussy. I could hear it squishing with each plunge of my hand. As I got her nipple into my mouth, and began to suck deeply, I pushed slid my finger out of her, feeling her hot vulva in the palm of my hand. I slid my hand down yet again, but this time pushed two fingers into her welcoming hole just as my mouth got her nipple between my lips. As I sucked her nipple up and pushed both fingers into her cunt at the same time.

"Ohhhhhhhh, I fuckinnnng love that!' she moaned.

I loved how fucking turned on she was. Becky grabbed my face in her sticky hands and pulled me to her mouth. My fingers plunged in and out of her parted pussy lips. With my thumb on her clit, I pumped my fingers in and out of her sloppy wet hole. She ground her hips up to take more length with each thrust of my fingers.

As my mouth neared hers she was looking at me in writhing passion. Panting. She opened her mouth and put it over my chin, to suck her own pussy juice off of it. She then licked all around my mouth. Sucking her sweet juice off of my face.

I was sliding my fingers in and out of her. I could feel her red-hot pussy walls squeezing my fingers. As she licked the side of my cheek, my mouth near her ear, I whispered, “I’m going to put three fingers in your cunt, Becky. I’m going to stretch open your hot married cunt for my cock so I can fuck you. So I can shove my cock up your fucking cunt. So I can make you my slut.”

“Use me! Finger fuck me! Oh, god I love being treated like this. I’m such filthy fucking whore. I’m your dirty cheating married slut that just needs your cock.”

Becky moaned in my ear as three of my fingers now spread her open. She began pumping her hips frantically in rhythm with my fingers sliding in and out of her wetness. I could hear more squishing as my fingers plunged in and out. She was so fucking soaking wet!

“Reach down and finger fuck your pussy with me baby. Reach down and put your finger in your cunt with mine. I want you to stretch it open for my cock baby.” I told her.

I felt her hand immediately move to her pussy, going underneath my own. I felt her finger slide in with mine. We were both now working our fingers in and out her pussy. She was letting me use her finger to pump it in with my own. I was pushing her finger up inside her. Pushing it so she could feel her vulva pulsing with each thrust in the palm of her own hand.

“Rub your clit now baby! Rub your clit and cum on my hand for me!” I told her.

I felt her hand move and I knew she was rubbing frantically underneath my own. Her hips pumping up and down on my fingers. Her legs wrapped around my back as I was kneeling between her spread thighs. She was using her legs to drawn her pussy up to each thrust of my fingers. I could smell her sweet pussy which just made me that much more consumed in lust for her.

“Cum baby! Cum! Show me how much you love being my slut!” I told her.

With that, she began to shake. Her legs tightened around me. I felt her pussy walls clench tightly on my fingers as I penetrated her to my knuckles. She wrapped her hand around mine and used my fingers like a dildo to fuck herself. She started sliding her finger in with my own. Fucking herself for me until finally she was holding my fingers deep inside her swollen pussy and shaking. She was consumed in short, sudden pumps and jolts of her hips as she shook in orgasmic spasms. Then I felt it. Her pussy was squirting into the palm of my hand. I could feel her faucet of cum filling my hand and leaking around my fingers.

“Damn, she is so fucking hot!” I thought to myself.

She held my fingers, with her own, in her pussy for a minute and then began pumping them in and out again, slower this time. Her left hand moved to reach for my cock as I brought it closer for her to hold. I felt her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock. She started to stroke it in rhythm with our fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

She looked me in the eye. “Now fuck me! Fuck me now! Use me! Use my fucking cunt! Use my dirty married cheating cunt! Make it yours! Fuck me and cum in me now Tony! I want to feel your cum! I want your fucking cum deep in my fucking cunt! Please fuck me baby, I need it now!” she panted.

I took my hand from her pussy and put my fingers to her mouth and she hungrily sucked them clean. I moved between her legs and she held onto my cock. She pulled my cock closer to her pussy and tried to pull me into her. I took both my hands and put them on her hips. I pushed them under her ripped panty hose, ripping them even more as my hands slid around to hold her ass. She lifted her ass in the air to let me hold grasp her ass and to finally have my cock touching her vulva. I pushed both hands all the way around her until my fingers touched each other at her tight asshole, spreading her cheeks open.

She guided the throbbing needy head of my cock at her open pussy. Fuck it felt so good to feel her juices on me. She moved my head up and down her wet slit soaking my helmut in her juices. She started pulling my cock into her wet hole. I could feel her ripped pantyhose tightly against my forearms as I cupped both of her ass cheeks in my hands.

I needed her now. I needed to be inside her. To feel her tight pussy walls gripping my cock the way she had gripped my fingers. As I pushed, she was looking me in the eyes. I could see her start to smile. A lustful and satisfied smile on her saliva and pussy juice covered face. She took a big intake of breath as she felt my head going in deeper.

“Ohhhhh” she coo’d.

My head was now just past the opening of her wet pussy lips. She pushed up to wrap more of her pussy around my cock to take me deeper and deeper into her hot tight body. I pulled out some, feeling how wet she had made my cock head when it hit the air.

I thrust in again and I could feel her lips opening around my head. God, she was so hot inside. Her pussy walls were on fire with heat. If felt so fucking amazing. It felt so good and tight as her inner walls opened in front of my cockhead.

I slowly withdrew again. This time not pulling out all the way, then thrust forward. Going gently farther with a longer slow thrust. I was now about halfway inside her.

“Oh god! Your cock is fucking big! I’ve never had a cock in me as big as you Tony!” She panted.

Pulling out some and then pushing in again. This time still deeper than the last.

“Oh god, I want your cock. Stretch me open. You’re going to be deeper in my cunt than Jim ever was baby! Oh fuuuuck” She cried as I slowly pushed almost three quarters of my cock in her.

Pulling back out some. I looked at her lusty eyes.

“Now I want you Becky. I want my cock all they way in you. I want you to feel my balls against your cunt. I want my cock deeper in you than anyone ever had been before. I want to make your married cunt mine now”

“Ohhhh FUCK YES!” she screamed.

Her legs wrapped around my back and I pulled her pussy onto my cock as I pushed into her all the way. Feeling her opening up in front of my throbbing cock head sent electric shocks up the length of my cock. Knowing that I had my cock deeper insider her than anyone had ever been had me close to cumming already.

“Ooohh Fuck! I’m cumming again Tony! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming on your big cock!” she cried out.

I pushed my fingers from both hands to her sphincter. They where still soaked in her pussy juice and I could feel where her cum had run down to her asshole making it nice and wet. The pillow under her ass was soaking wet. I played with her ass with the tip of my fingers. Becky started to grind down on my fingers to get them into her ass, and pushing up to take my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy.

I pumped in and out of her pussy with my cock. Nice, long, slow, strokes. Giving her the full length of my cock. Her juices now soaking my balls. I could feel the cold air around my wet cock each time I stroked out. I could feel her juices running down and dripping from my balls. Stroking my cock in and out slowly at first, then building up speed. Each time I thrust inside of her I felt her pussy walls spreading around my cock head. I felt her contract around my cock, gripping me deep inside her at the full depth of my thrust.

“Oh god, Becky, I’m not going to fucking last long! Baby, You have me so fucking turned on now. I’m going to cum soon baby. You're just so fucking hot!" I told her.

“Oh yes! Oh God YES! I wanna make you cum! I need your cum! I need to feel you cumming deep in my cunt! Oh fuck me baby! Fuck me Harder! Cum for me! I’ll cum with you!”

Now we where fucking harder and faster. Her legs wrapped more tightly around my back. Gripping me tighter to her body. I could feel her want. I could feel her need for me to be in her. I wanted her even more. I wanted my cock within her. I wanted to be deep within her hot body. I loved how she clamped her pussy around me with each down thrust into her; How she pumped her hips up to take each thrust and her ass down on my finger tips. How she pulled me into her with her legs around my waist. Making my cock harder and harder inside her knowing that she wanted me.

I fell onto her body. I wanted to have her in my arms. I felt her hard nipples in my chest. Her sexy ass was still on the pillows so I was thrusting down deeper into her. Pushing her into the bed. Fucking her steamy swollen pussy. She clamped her legs tighter around my back and lifted her ass fully in the air with only my cock fucking her to keep her there. The small of her back was now on the three pillows where her ass was resting before.

She was panting “Oh, oh, oh!” with each thrust and then she moaned “Put your fingers in my ass! Oh fuck! Put your finger in my ass before you cum in me!!” Her voice was now pleading in pre orgasmic lust.

I pushed my middle finger on my right hand into her ass... at first just to the first knuckle, then, with each thrust of my cock into her, I pushed my finger deeper into her tight ass.

I moved my hand up other under her left arm and cupped her head, grasping her hair between my fingers. Pulling her tightly to me with my elbow bent to pull her body closer to mine. I wanted to be deeper. I wanted her to feel every inch of my cock. Wanted her body to be mine.

“I need to give it to you baby. I want to give you my fucking cum. I have a big fucking load to fill your married cunt. I wanna make you my cheating slut.”

Both of her arms were holding my shoulders and she was pulling me tightly against her body. Pulling me so my chest was rubbing against her hard nipple. She took her right hand and she reached under her own ass with to hold my balls. She began to squeeze them as I fucked her, making my cock swell even more.

She was licking and sucking on my ear with my head next to hers. She moaned. "I want to squeeze all of your cum into me! I want all the cum from your balls inside my fucking hole! Oh, Tony, I need it!"

I moved my face too look at her. Our mouths where inches apart as we looked deep into each other’s eyes. Then she started moaning. Wanton needy, hungry dirty talk with each faster and faster thrust of my cock.

“I’m yours! I’m your whore! I’m your slut! I want your cum!”

I want you to cum so hard in me! Oh God”

“Please fucking cum in my cunt,”

“Please cum deep in my married cunt. I’m your slut!”

“Oh god, Please baby! Please fill me!”

I put my mouth over hers and kissed her deeply. Our tongues intertwined in the same passion as our first hungry kiss.

Our bodies pumping each other, pulling each other closer as we both came closer to climax. We both wanted this. We both needed each other!

“I'm going to cum Becky! Oh Fuck! Can you feel how hard my cock is fucking getting?”



“Give it to me!”


“Oh fuck Becky! My cock is so fucking full of cum for your cunt! I’m going to fucking cum so much in your dirty cunt! It’s going to fucking run down your ass!”

“FUCK YES Tony!!” she cried “Cum in me! I want your cum to fucking run out of me and onto the pillow. I wanna rub my face in the pillow and suck your cum. I’m you’re whore! I’m you’re slut! Cum in me!”

I could feel it building. I could feel my cock about to explode. Her pussy gripping me! Holding me.

“I’m ready baby! I’m fucking ready to cum NOW!”

Pounding into her deeper, harder and faster now.

“Fuck, I wanna kiss you when I cum in you!” I groaned to her.

“Yes, yes, Kiss me and cum in your slut!”

“Cum in my married cunt!”

“Cum sooo deep in me NOW!!”


Our mouths meshed and we began a deep kiss. I felt my cum exploding from my cock as I plunged as deep as I could inside her. Filling her. Felt her moan in my mouth as she felt my white hot cum squirting onto her cervix. Felt her fingers holding my balls and squeezing more cum into her. Two fingers still buried deep in her hot ass.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh!" she moaned, when I started to cum. I felt her body push to take my cock deeper. Her legs gripped me even tighter now around my waist pulling me deeper in her. While I was still cumming, while I could still feel my cum traveling up my cock and deep into her, I felt her pussy start squirting all over my groin. Felt her juices splashing onto my belly soaking me.

It just kept cumming. I just had so much cum for her. She had turned me on so much. It felt like gallons cumming from my cock. I hadn’t been that turned on in years. Oh god, she made me cum so much! We where consumed in deep wet kiss. My cum spewing inside her as we held each other tightly. Our tongues locked together.

As our lips parted, she moaned, “Oh please stay in me. Please keep your cock in me. I want your cock in me with all of your cum. Oh Tony that was soo fucking hot baby! Ohhh, I need fucked all night like this.”

Her legs stayed wrapped around me as I lay on her chest. Her ass was now resting on the pillow. Feeling her heart beating against mine. Feeling her juices and my cum running down around my cock and on my balls as I lay there. My fingers still inside her ass. I could feel my hand getting wet in the puddle of our juices leaking from her cum filled pussy.

With my head beside her, our mouths at each other ears, both of us where still catching our breath, Becky let out a contented sigh. I could feel her hips still shuddering and her pussy still in spasming around my cock.

Becky then whispered into my ear. “Oh my god honey, You still feel fucking hard.” be continued

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