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Our Path to Husband Swapping:Part 5

The swap from Sam's point of view.
The following is the story of our 1st swap, but from Sam’s point of view. I have written this story, but it is Sam’s words and thoughts as he told it to me.

As we drove back at Stacy and Tom’s house, Tom and I talked about sports mostly, but our minds were on the girls in the back seats. We could hear them whispering but couldn’t tell what they were saying. I kept glancing back in the rearview mirror to see if I could see what they were doing, but it was too dark.

We all walked in the house and Tom told us that he would be right back after taking the babysitter home. Stacy excused herself to go check on the baby. Taylor came over to me and started telling me about the conversation she and Stacy had in the back seat of the car.

Taylor told me that Stacy was nervous and didn’t think she could have sex tonight. Taylor told me that Stacy went back and forth the whole ride home. Stacy told her that it had been really exciting to play with my dick and she was incredibly turned on; but just didn’t think having sex with another man was something she could do. Taylor told me that she and Stacy had agreed to just doing oral sex again. I told Taylor that I was ok with that but I was betting that Stacy would change her mind if we got naked. I reminded her of the 1st time making out with them when it was going to be “just kissing.” I also told her that if she wanted to go farther with Tom, she was to do what she wanted and I would be ok with it.

A short time later Tom walked in the door and asked where Stacy was. Taylor told him that she was upstairs and then Taylor looked to me telling me to go up and check on her. I ran up the stairs and peeked in the baby’s room. Stacy wasn’t in there but I heard the toilet flush in their bedroom so I headed into their dark bedroom. I met Stacy as she was leaving the bathroom, I startled her a little. She reached for me and gave me a very hot kiss. Stacy’s tongue shot right into my mouth finding my tongue. We kissed for a bit, then I whispered in her ear how beautiful and sexy she looked tonight. Stacy moaned, grabbing my ass, pulling my crotch tight against her. I told her how turned on she was making me and how I was looking forward to tasting her.

Stacy pulled me to the bed telling me to take her clothes off. I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. I then reached around to unclasp her bra but couldn’t find the clasp; Stacy grabbed my hands leading them to the front of the bra where it was hooked. After I had her bra off, I leaned in and kissed her hard nipples. Stacy had a little skirt on that zipped up the side. With one zip her skirt slipped over her hips quickly. Stacy’s panties had a big wet spot over her pussy. I gave her crotch a kiss over her panties on the wet spot. Stacy reached down and pulled her panties off and threw them on the floor.

Stacy spread her legs and laid her back as I moved in towards her pussy. I was surprised at how wet Stacy was; she was obviously very turned on. As my tongue hit her pussy, her body quivered. Before I could get started on her pussy with my mouth, Stacy leaned up and told me to take my clothes off. I quickly pulled my shirt and pants off. As I pulled my underwear down freeing my cock, Stacy gave me a big “MMMMM.”

I slid back down between her legs and started kissing her pussy. My tongue quickly found her clit and started licking it hard. Stacy began to move her hips; I knew I had found her spot. She pulled my head in tight to her pussy and started to shake. Stacy was cumming and she tasted great. As her orgasam subsided she released her hold on me and went limp on the bed. I kissed my way up her body, stopping for a time at her tits but quickly made it up to her mouth. I lay on top of her kissing her, playing with her tongue with my tongue.

As I laid on top of Stacy kissing her, my hard cock was poking her in the leg. Stacy squirmed a little moving her pussy directly under my dick. I moved down just slightly so my cock head was putting a little pressure on her pussy. I could tell that Stacy was feeling my cock resting on her pussy, as she let out a little moan into my mouth. She took no action to move her pussy away from cock and it felt as if she relaxed he legs a little. I pressed my dick a little harder and could feel the wetness building between her legs. Stacy’s breathing was getting faster and harder. I started to pump my cock just slightly against her pussy lip. Stacy gently bit my lip and quivered. She quietly whispered to me “we shouldn’t.”

I asked her if she wanted me to stop, and she held me tighter saying “no.” My cock head had spread her pussy lips and was grinding the outside of her pussy when Stacy arched her hips upward. My cock head was now just inside her pussy and I was doing short quick pumps. I looked down at her as asked her if she was sure. Stacy looked into my eyes and just said “fuck me!” With that, I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and juicy that my cock was sliding with ease. Stacy let out a "Oh God" as my cock filled her pussy. Stacy started bucking her hips and moaning real loud. She kept getting louder with each moan. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold out much longer before I shot my load when she wrapped her legs around me and said she was cumming. That put me over the edge and I exploded inside her pussy. I collapsed on top of her. After she caught her breath Stacy pulled me to her and kissed, she told me that was a great fuck.

My cum was oozing out of her pussy and Stacy excused herself to the bathroom to clean up. Just as the door closed I saw Tom peeking in. I went over to him and noticed that he was just as naked as I was.

“It sounded like Stacy changed her mind about not fucking,” Tom said.

“Yeah she did. You and Taylor?” I asked Tom.

“Yeah she changed her mind too.”

Tom gave me a wink and headed back down the stairs. I heard the flush and waited for Stacy to emerge. She nuzzled in close to me and said, “you know I agreed with Taylor that we would just do oral, no fucking.” I told her that it was ok, Tom was just up here and they had just finished fucking downstairs. She looked at me and said “really?” I assured her that it was all ok.

Stacy looked down and saw that my cock was getting hard again. “That doesn’t look ok, it needs help.” She said as she started stroking my dick. “Where does it want to fuck me?”

I pulled her over and got her onto her hands and knees and tell her that I want to fuck her doggie. Stacy seemed to liven up knowing that Taylor and Tom had sex downstairs and was now enjoying talking dirty. I don’t think I had heard the word “fuck” out of her mouth till after we had sex. Stacy looked back at me smiling “MMMM Woof Woof, fuck me big dog.” She barked. I shoved my dick in her waiting pussy and barked back at her. I told Stacy that I loved fucking her doggie style, so I could rub her big tits as they rocked back in forth. Stacy said that she hadn’t fucked doggie in a long time and that my cock felt great inside her pussy. We humped and bucked till I was ready to cum again. I grabbed her hard and shot my second load into her. She rolled over and motioned me to her mouth. Stacy kissed and thanked me for a great fuck.

I told Stacy that I was going to put my clothes on and take Taylor home. Stacy lay in the bed with her legs apart and told me goodnight. Stacey then said to send her husband up, she would be waiting.

I gave her a quick kiss then headed down stairs.

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