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She looks so beautiful! Part 1

What if this were a new cock sliding into you?
Chapter 1

She is a freak in the sheets, on top, on bottom, in the kitchen, wherever she can bare her sweet blonde pussy, she'll be trying to work my dick into her. I love her, and I love her lovin'. In the heat of passion, I have jested that maybe she needs an extra cock or two to keep her satisfied. She knows I jest and would never share her, but I have noticed that she cums extra hard when I push the fantasy, "What if this were a new cock sliding into you?"

Of course, all this sex has a drawback. She can't do the pill, or the patch, or the ring, or the T...her body just will not put up with it. And I can't do condoms, because that latex sheath just takes the spirit right out of it. So I cum in her when it's safe, and other than that, she gets a lot of cum on her back, on her front, on her tits, on her face. If we are out of the house, she'll swallow me. In her, or on her, that's how I cum.

My girl loves to be tied up. I discovered that she has her noisiest and wettest orgasms when tied to the bed, feet on the floor, blindfolded. When she gets really horny, she will meet me at the door with the blindfold in one hand, and the other cupping her smooth, shaved pussy. She knows I cannot resist a shaved pussy. I will bend her over the bed, tie her down, blindfold her, and bring her to the brink of orgasm, then go turn the music on and make dinner. She never knows how long dinner will take; sometimes she will be wiggling her slim hips for fifteen or twenty minutes before dinner goes in the oven. Sometimes I will slip quietly up behind her, and slide the tip of my aching cock along her dripping pussy, and then go back to making dinner. Once dinner is cooking, I will kiss her, and tease her, and tickle her, and lick her, and fuck her. She will usually orgasm pretty quickly, her pussy rippling along my dick with pleasure.

One night, I accidentally left one of the window shades open slightly, and discovered that we each have exhibitionist streaks a mile wide. My girl damn near pulled a full load of cum from me at the wrong time of month as we imagined the neighbors watching us fuck.

It was a bit of a letdown when I later discovered that they had gone out to dinner that night, but she just winked and said, “Next time, buster!”


A couple of weeks later, we invited our neighbors, Bill and Shirley, over for a cookout by the pool. Bill manages a local latin dance studio, and does a little part-time business detailing antique cars on the side. He is about my height, muscular, very fit, and very black. Shirley teaches at a local school, and helps her husband on the weekends. She is a sleek African goddess; smooth, creamy black skin, luscious hair, a deadly houglass figure, and enough tone in her well-curved booty to bounce quarters. Both of them are well spoken, hard working people; excellent neighbors and good friends of ours since they moved in a couple years ago.

I always need to keep a strict no-drooling rule when they come over. I am sure that if I ever got lost in watching the top of Shirley's tits jiggle as my cum spurted in white streaks over her chest.... yeah the only thing that really helps is when my own blonde beauty goes back inside to get more drinks. Then I can watch, one perfectly-curved smooth white cheek then the other, snugly hugging the tiny blue string bikini. She definitely helps keep Shirley off the mind.

It was starting to get dark, and my wife had just gone inside to bring out some extra napkins, and I caught Bill staring too. I smiled and asked if he liked what he saw.

He caught himself awkardly, "You're a lucky man, your girl is a fine, fine lady."

I laughed and agreed, "Yes, she is, she keeps me quite busy with that fine white ass of hers!"

Bill, realizing that I did not mind his appreciation of my beautiful wife, laughed back, "Any time she keeps you too busy, you know where to find me!"

I smiled. "Only if that street goes both ways, my friend!" We always kidded around a little about each others' sex lives. The girls would usually roll their eyes, and we'd laugh it off.

Later in the evening, after a few beers had gone around and the yard was lit only by the soft glow from the pool, Bill and I returned to the subject of our wives. The girls were doing a few laps in the water, and somehow, I ended up describing how I will tie up my lovely girl and pleasure her at dinner. When I mentioned leaving the curtain open, Bill opined that he wished he could have seen us that evening.

I am certain it was the beers talking, but I told him that I'd leave the drapes cracked the next time so he could watch, and he could return the favor if he enjoyed the view. Bill allowed that it might be interesting. After that, I don’t remember much of the conversation. My mind was consumed with getting my hard dick inside my sweet wife with an audience.


The next night, after I tied her up and blindfolded her, I told her I was opening the shade so Bill could watch us fuck. She moaned, and I went to put the onions on the stove, then opened the window. Sure enough, Bill was just coming out of the house next door. I went back to the stove, keeping myself just out of sight of the window. I wanted Bill to see my girl, seemingly alone, tied down, blindfolded, and dripping wet. I wanted him to dream of sliding his hard, black cock deep into my girl’s pink, blonde pussy.

To be continued...

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