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The Story I Never Wrote

I have a secret friend and we love to tease each other. Jason and I are both happily married, but as everyone knows, marriage can get a bit dull. So we love to flirt and turn each other on, but we would never cheat on our spouses. No, that would just be wrong.

We both love to read and write erotic stories. And there is nothing more arousing than reading each other's kinky stories. We often send each other little bits of inspiration in the form of sexy notes or pictures to help the other write a dirty, sexy tale.

One day I asked Jason if perhaps we should attempt to write a story together. Jason immediately liked the idea, so we made plans to meet at a nearby hotel that evening with our laptops and our filthy thoughts.

I wanted to dress extra sexy so that I could get the really dirty hemisphere of Jason's mind turned on. I put on my short skin-tight black belted sweater dress and my almost-slutty leather high-heeled boots. Underneath my dress, I was wearing a lovely black lace 32-c cup bra and a very tiny matching black thong.

Filled with excitement, I grabbed my laptop and went to the hotel to meet my friend. I entered the hotel room and smiled a naughty smile. Jason, wearing nothing but his trousers, was already sitting down at the desk, hard at work in front of his own laptop. I quietly admired his broad shoulders and his muscular chest and arms. I never knew he was hiding such treasures under his shirt.

I sat on the chair next to Jason and started to turn on my own laptop.

"No sense in using two laptops; is there? Come check out what I've got so far." Jason remarked.

"I guess you're right." I closed the lid of my Toshiba notebook and glanced over to read what Jason had written. Jason had begun to write a story about an imaginary threesome with me and his wife. He wrote a nice plot about the three of us meeting in a coffee shop. They teased me quite a bit. And then I went home with them. We shared a few drinks and ended up in their bedroom. But now that we were all in the bedroom, Jason wasn't quite sure what to write. He had never really had a threesome. And for that matter, neither had I. It was an exciting challenge for us to work on this story.

We both sat there silent for a bit. Each of us thinking up some sexy bedroom scenarios.

"Penny, I feel a bit foolish over here. I'm sitting here with my shirt off and you're fully clothed. Come here and let me help you remove your dress. It will help me describe your delicious body in my story."

I stood in front of Jason and lifted up my arms so that he could pull my dress up and over my head. It felt so wrong. And it felt so right.

"You know, you are quite stunning in your lace bra and thong. But in our story, I want you to be naked. And I don't have a very vivid imagination. So, I'm afraid your sexy undergarments need to come off as well... for the sake of our story. After all, I want to be able to accurately describe the roundness of your breasts and the color of your nipples. I will of course also need to know what your pussy looks like. I don't even know how you keep yourself groomed. Now, how can I write a story without that crucial information?"

I felt a bit nervous and a bit shy. But more than that, I felt so aroused. I unhooked my bra and removed it. My pert breasts gave a slight jiggle. I slid my skimpy panties down to the floor and stepped out of them, revealing my pussy, completely bald but for a thin strip of light-brown hair.

"Penny, the screen of my laptop is quite small. I'm afraid that if you are sitting on the seat next to me, you won't be able to see very clearly. Come sit on my lap and let's finish our story."

No harm in that. Jason was wearing his pants.

I sat on Jason's lap, my heart-shaped bottom pressing into his bulging erection which was growing even larger now. I suddenly felt like I was losing some control. My heart started beating a bit faster and my breathing was getting a bit more tense.

Jason leaned over me to look at his laptop again. His neck couldn't have been more than a millimeter from my face. I could smell the fresh scent of his cologne. My senses were getting quite overwhelmed.

"So, what do we do once we get into the bedroom?" He asked.

"What? Oh. Right. The story." Wiggling my ass on Jason's lap, trying to balance myself on top of his bulge, I could not think about the story. In fact, I totally forgot about it for a moment.

"Yes. I'm having trouble with this part too. Penny, you're always so good at giving me inspiration for my stories. Come, lean back on me a bit. I'm sure that will help stimulate our minds."

I leaned my body back on Jason's bare chest and pressed my cheek against his neck so that I can inhale his intoxicating scent once again. Jason reached around me and began to caress my full perky breasts and then moved his fingers to my already-erect nipples, gently circling them. I was becoming even more aroused and I could feel my pussy heating up, droplets of moisture dripping onto Jason's pants. Jason noticed too.

"I'm afraid that I need to take my pants off for a bit. It seems they have gotten damp and need to dry out." I stepped off Jason's lap while he unzipped his pants and laid them over the chair.

"Oh, look at this. My underpants needs to dry out too." There was a wet sticky stain of precum on Jason's light-gray boxer briefs. He removed his underwear and sat back down in front of his laptop. I stared at Jason's nakedness, my eyes taking special notice of his huge hardness. I took my seat on his lap, trying to avoid sitting directly on his throbbing erection.

"So Jason, what would you want me to do in your bedroom with your wife?" I tried to turn my focus back on the story.

"Well, I'm imagining the two of you taking turns undressing each other," he began.

"Kissing each new piece of naked skin as it comes into view," I added.

"Yes," said Jason. "Until you are both down to just your panties."

"I think we might leave those on for awhile," I suggested, "while we get each other heated up." I felt Jason nibble on my left earlobe as I talked, causing a wave of goosebumps on my arms. "And, of course, we would be teasing you, Jason. Looking over at you every now and then. Asking you if you liked the show. But not letting you touch. At least not yet."

"I don't know if you'd be able to stop me," he murmured softly into the back of my neck.

I could feel Jason's hard-on getting even thicker. And my pussy was dripping and getting very hungry. I was squirming in my seat and I knew that something very naughty was about to happen.

"Tell me, Penny. What happens next in our story?"

"I... I can't. Ooh. I can't think clearly." I replied with a light panting in my voice.

I turned to look at Jason and saw his devilish grin. For a minute I wondered if he had planned this all along and never had any intention of writing a story with me.

Jason lifted up my body and turned me around so that I was facing him. His hard cock was directly underneath my soaked pussy. Without thinking, I started to grind back and forth on him a bit, completely covering his member with my dampness.

Jason's fingers caressed my cheek as he brought my face to his. Our lips met in a sensual kiss. Then, I felt his tongue run across my lower lip and I opened my mouth eagerly, letting his tongue enter and explore within. He ran his fingers through my long brown hair and pulled me even closer to him. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life.

I readily lifted up my hips as Jason held his cock, pressed it against my begging lips and started guiding it through the folds of my sex. My warm, moist pussy readily welcomed him. Slowly, I slid up and down his length, taking all of him inside me. I placed my hands on Jason's shoulders and starting riding him hard and fast. Each time I came down, my swollen clit pressed onto his solid erection, stimulating me both from the inside and out. A powerful orgasm took hold of my body and I let out a loud squeal as my pussy tightened up, clenching onto Jason's stiffness. I closed my eyes and stopped moving for a bit, letting the shivering sensation take over my body. When I opened my eyes again, I saw a look on Jason's face that told me he was satisfied that I had cum on him. There was a puddle of wetness between us.

Jason put his hands on my bottom and lifted my petite frame while he stood up. He walked toward the wall, lightly slamming my back against it. He held me there in place while he thrusted his pelvis deep into me. Over and over again. His cock was growing stiffer within me. I moaned, and he gasped. Suddenly, I felt his cock twitching inside me as he was filling me with his cum. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, accepting every drop of his warm liquid into my depths of my cunt.

Jason, still woozy from his intense orgasm, barely mustered the strength to carry us over and collapse onto the bed. The swelling of his erection was now decreasing, and he was sliding out of my sopping hole. I laid my head on Jason's chest. A huge guilty smile formed across my face.

There was a flickering in the room. I looked over and noticed the bright lights of the screensaver were flashing on Jason's open laptop.

We never did get to finish our story.

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