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The water skiing titles

I spend two weeks with Lyn at the water skiing titles

The story until now

Sue, my wife had been cheating on me for years. I initially didn’t respond but as time passed and she continued to be unfaithful I responded by having an affair with Marg.

Eventually, I decided to leave my job and travel to the west. In doing so I told her that if she wanted to come with me then she had to stop her cheating. She agreed but within weeks of arriving in the west, I found that she was having an affair. This was directly after we had decided to have another child.

When I discovered that a pregnant Sue had cheated again, I sent her home to her father’s place. It was there some months later that she lost the child. I viewed the body and immediately recognized that the child had the features of her previous lover. I returned to the west leaving her with her father.

Sue returned with our children but initially, I insisted that she sleep in one of the spare bedrooms. It was only a matter of time before I weakened and allowed Sue to move back into the master bedroom with me.

Sue’s roller skating students were performing well and it was obvious that they would be selected to represent the state in the national titles. I also expected to represent the state in the water-skiing titles. Both of us were national judges in each of our respective sports which meant that we would be separated for a number of weeks.

Sue had approached me to allow her to be considered single during her absence. I had not agreed but told her that if she were to have an affair she should do so with a man who was trust-worthy and exhibited strong morals.

Given Sue’s request, I had made contact with Lyn, a good friend and previous lover to organize for her to meet me during my time when I returned to the east.

The story continues

I didn’t see much of Sue during the following week. When I did see her she dominated our conversations with talk about how well her skaters were performing and her hope that at least one of her students would be selected for the world titles in Canada later in the year. I wondered if she was trying to avoid making love. Each night she arrived home late after I had retired. We had not made love up until the night before I was due to fly out to the east.

That night she arrived home at nine o’clock. I had just showered and was already in my PJ’s when I heard her entrance. I quietly walked out of our bedroom and saw her go to the laundry, something that I thought was unusual for her. I said nothing but after she returned I kissed her and told her to go up and have a shower while I prepared a meal for her. I thought that I smelled a foreign female odour on her as we kissed but decided to ignore it.

Once she was having a shower, I went to the laundry and discovered a pair of panties that had obvious signs of sperm in their crotch. They had been rolled up and pushed down the side of the other laundry, obviously to hide them from my view.

By the time Sue had showered, I had prepared a meal for her, set up the table with candles and a nice red. I sat while she ate, sipping on a wine and listened to her excited ramblings about her skaters. Once her meal was completed I washed the dishes and cleaned up while she said that she would do the laundry.

I had just finished cleaning up when she returned walking very slowly looking towards the floor. When she got close she sheepishly lifted her eyes then spoke.

“You removed my panties from the laundry basket.”

“Did I? Why is that so important?”

“Did you remove them or didn’t you?”

“Why would I remove your panties from the washing and why is it so important? You have other pairs of panties.”

“Tell me, did you fucking take them or didn’t you?” She yelled at me.

“It must be very important to you for you to get so upset.” I calmly replied. “Why would a pair of panties be so important that you would yell at me?”

“You fucking know why. You have been spying on me.”

“What if I have been? If you have nothing to hide then it simply wouldn’t matter, would it?”

“Of course it matters. You have no right to check my panties when I come home.”

“Did I say that I checked your panties? Surely the fact that you have misplaced a pair of panties should not have you this uptight unless you have something to hide. The way you are going on it sounds to me like you have something to tell me. Is there something that we should be discussing?”

“You bastard, you know there is.”

“OK, then come over here and sit down and start talking.”

Sue quietly walked over and sat beside me in the lounge. She sat there for a while without speaking. I remained quiet not offering her a way out but just silently looking at her. Eventually, she spoke.

“How did you know?”

“How did I know what?”

“How did you know to check my panties? As far as I know, you have never done that before.”

“There were several things that gave you away. I got away from work a little late yesterday. Because I was going away I decided to drop into the rink and cheer you on a little. Your car was still there but you weren’t. What I was told is that you had left earlier with one of the skaters and her husband. I pointed out that your car was still there and was told that you went with them in their van. You had mentioned that Sally’s husband had a van so it was reasonable to assume that you went with Sally and her husband.” I stopped talking for a while but she didn’t say anything so I continued.

“When you came in last night you didn’t come up to bed straight away and I thought I heard you washing something in the laundry. When you did come up I pretended to be asleep. As you passed the bed I thought I smelled sex. This morning I went to the laundry and saw that you had washed your panties last night.”

Again I stopped to allow it to sink in then continued. “Even then I was not certain but there was enough information to at least be suspicious. The final straw was when you came in tonight. You then went to the laundry. When I kissed you I tasted and smelled female on your breath. I knew then that you had been licking someone’s pussy. I decided maybe I’d better check the laundry. Previously going directly to the laundry is something that you have only done after you have been with another man.”

“Yes, Sally and her husband and I have been having sex over the last couple of days. I took your advice and spoke to Sally’s husband, Roy. He agreed that while we are away at the nationals he and Sally would welcome me into their bedroom. He had three conditions. The first was that you agreed. I told him you would prefer that I didn’t cheat on you but if it did happen then it had to be with him and Sally.”

She continued, “He insisted that I be on the pill. I assured him that I was. He also insisted that I be checked for any transmittable diseases. I already knew that would be one of the conditions. I needed to be sure that I was clean anyway. I knew you had been having sex with others while I was away and so was I so I had done a test a week ago.”

“Roy said that when Sally was told she didn’t want to wait until the nationals. She insisted that I come home with them straight away. When I said no, my husband would not like it she said she was not willing to wait and if I wasn’t interested she knew someone who was. I reluctantly agreed. I’m glad I did. It was very special. Roy is a very kind and thoughtful lover.”

“And Sally?”

“Sally is also special. She knows how to arouse me. She has managed to bring me to an orgasm every time.”

“So they satisfy the need you have for sex without any problems.”


“You could have talked to me about it. I’m disappointed that you didn’t discuss it with me first.”

“I really didn’t get the opportunity. Sally can be very forceful when she wants something.”

“So what is Sally getting out of it?”

“She’s bi-sexual. She enjoys sex with women as much as with men. She is quite aggressive sexually. He is very gentle but she is rough even to the stage of being brutal if I resist. She told me she wants to fuck you. She said that if she could get you alone for fifteen minutes she would be able to seduce you.”

“Sounds like I have got to remember not to be alone with her.”

“Why don’t you take her up on it? You would like it. Roy has stretched her but she is very shallow. I can touch her cervix with my fingers. You would bottom out in her easy.”

“I fly out tomorrow. Even if I wanted to there is no opportunity.”

“I could call them now and they would come right over. I would love to watch you with her and you would get the chance to see me with Roy.”

“By the look of your panties, I would say Roy would have trouble performing again.”

“No way, Roy can get it up time and time again. He’s unbelievable.”

“So he has done it with you more than once each time?”

“Three times last night and the same tonight. He was actually lining up for the fourth time when I said that I had to go home because you were flying out tomorrow. They both wanted to come home with me or get you to come over to join them but I said no way, I hadn’t told you yet.”

“It sounds like he is a bit of a bull. I’m glad that he doesn’t want to hide things from me. Maybe you could learn that from him. How did he take it when you told him that I didn’t know what you were doing?”

“Roy was a bit upset that I hadn’t told you but I calmed him down and explained that I didn’t want you worrying about me while you were over east. Even then he wanted to come over to meet you and talk to you about it all.”

“I bet that threw you into a panic.”

“Goyse, I’m worried about you. You seem to be accepting all this too well.”

“Do you want me to get angry? If you expect something from me then you should tell me what it is?”

“I just can’t understand why you are so calm about it. That’s all.”

“I’ve been through it a few times before. It upsets me that you didn’t trust me enough to ring me and tell me what was happening. Maybe you could have woken me up last night and said that there is something I should know. I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t stop you doing this type of thing. That only leaves one hurdle to cross and that is your honesty and your ability to be open about it with me.”

“I worry that you might not be able to handle all the information about what I do. I also have trouble understanding how to open the subject with you.”

“That’s your conscience you’re talking about. It has nothing to do with me. I can’t help that you feel guilty about your actions. If you don’t want to feel that way, stop what you are doing.”

“You know that I can’t stop even if I wanted to.”

“I don’t believe that for one minute. You can stop what you are doing. You simply don’t want to stop. While you don’t want to stop then I can’t stop you from doing it so the only thing that I can do is insist that you talk to me about it.”

“You want to know because it turns you on. If I told you about what Sally and Roy did with me today you would immediately want to fuck me. You might not even wait until I finish telling you what they did to me. When it’s all boiled down, I do what I do as much for you as I do for myself.”

“That’s rubbish. I don’t have a say in what you do but I am trying to have a say in how you do it. As for me being turned on, yes, people read erotic stories because it turns them on just the same as when you tell me details of what you and your lovers do. That doesn’t mean that I want you to do those things. It just says that if you must do them then I would like to hear about them and yes when you tell me it turns me on. That is quite different to the picture that you paint.”

“So should we go to bed so that I can tell you about my day?”

“OK, I’ll check on the kids.”

“I’ve had a shower but I’ll clean up a little more for you.”

“No, I want you the way you are. If you’re going to tell me about your day, I want you as close to used as possible.”

“I thought so. You deny it but I know that it turns you on. Maybe I should not have showered.”

I just shook my head and walked away. The kids were sleeping soundly. I returned to find Sue on her back with her legs spread-eagled and only a sheet over her. I lifted the sheet from the end of the bed and climbed in heading for her pussy. There was enough light to see clearly. Sue lifted the sheet to watch me. I looked up into her eyes and said, “You wasted your money getting your pussy tightened.”

“Yes, he has stretched me quite a lot. It had tightened up quite a bit this morning but I don’t know how long that will last. Do you want to hear about it?”


“It was two days ago that Sally insisted that I go home with them. I thought that if I went just once it wouldn’t do any harm. I was keen to experience Roy anyway. I thought we could do it once and then I would find excuses to avoid them until the nationals.”

“Sally drove and because the van only has two seats I had to sit on Roy’s lap. I could feel him pressing against me straight away and by the time we had started the trip I was getting wet. Sally kept looking over at us whenever she had the chance. Eventually, she told Roy that he should help the lady out that she needs a fingering.”

“I hadn’t changed so my leotard didn’t give me much defence against his probing fingers. He wasn’t forceful, in fact very gentle and I was enjoying it. Sally then said the leotard must go. I had on a top over the leotard. Roy gently unclipped the shoulder straps and then worked the leotard down my body taking my bikini panties with it. I was now sitting on Roy’s lap with only a T-shirt on.”

“He was working me over and I was very, very wet. I don’t know how it happened but suddenly I felt his cock between my legs. He had somehow removed his pants. I assume that as I lifted to allow him to push my leotard down he had taken his pants off. I couldn’t believe how thick he was. Sally had told me that she thought he was just under eleven inches but I think she had underestimated. Here was this thick cock protruding from my crotch as if I was a man.”

“He started doing little thrusts. Can you imagine it? My pussy has its flaps wrapped around the base of his shaft. Juices were pouring from me and he was working this great big shaft across my clit. I couldn’t help it I reached orgasm within a few minutes and as I did so I lifted my body to get him to penetrate me.”

“Sally yelled, don’t you dare fuck her yet. Roy immediately pushed his cock forward as I lifted my body so that I could not get him into my pussy. As I settled down he started his little thrusts again. I couldn’t help it I came again but this time it didn’t end it just went on and on and on. I was in a different world.”

“The fucking slut is in a constant state of orgasm, I heard Sally say. I felt Roy try to lift me and I knew that he was going to try to penetrate me so I helped him. Don’t you dare fuck her yet I heard Sally yell again. If you can’t help yourself put your pants back on. I sank back down again.”

“When I looked down I could see what looked like cum running from Roy’s cock. It wasn’t pumping from him but was a continuous stream. It was almost clear so I think it must have been pre-cum but I had never seen a man have that much pre-cum. I thought fuck Sally. I want that thing in me so I suddenly lifted up and dropped back down on it using my hand to guide him to my opening. Roy didn't resist this time.”

“I should have known that with my operation and how thick he was I was going to have trouble getting him into me. It went in about an inch but hurt like hell. I lifted and dropped again. He entered about two inches. The problem I had was that his cock was a strange shape. The first few inches increased in thickness. I knew that once I got about seven inches into me that he tapered down in size. I just had to keep trying.”

“Each time I lifted I felt a gush of fluid from my pussy. It was a mixture of my juices and his pre-cum. Eventually, he was in me to the thickest point. I held that position with all of my weight pushing down and slowly ever so slowly I could feel him going deeper and deeper.  He had stopped thrusting allowing me to do the work.”

“Sally was angry. She was verbally abusing us both. I looked at her and yelled out, ‘Shut your mouth you fucking bitch. You wanted this so put up with it.’ Her mouth fell open and if looks could kill I would be dead. She then said quietly ‘You will pay the price for this you fucking whore.’ The way she said it sent a shiver down my spine. It was like in some of those gangland movies where the criminal whispers a threat and you know that you have to be scared.”

“You cum in her and I will cut your fucking balls off she said to Roy. Roy looked at her and said I can hold on. I won’t soil her for you. I then understood what was going to happen. Sally wanted my pussy clean for her to make love to me. Until then I had thought it would be just Roy and me while Sally watched. We had stopped at a red light. We were the only car there so I reached over to Sally and kissed her on the lips.”

“Sally returned my kiss and I placed my hand on her leg while we kissed moving it up towards her crotch. Her panties were wet. I don’t mean damp. It was like they had been held under a tap she was leaking so many juices. Sally responded by leaning towards me and continued kissing me. I saw the lights turn green but she ignored them so I slipped a couple of fingers into her and searched for her G spot.”

“I remembered when you had found Lyn’s G spot that time and aimed for the same location.  While I was kissing her I felt her draw a sharp breath and I knew that I had found it. I worked her and in no time at all, she was shooting her juices all over the place.”

“Her moans and groans that signalled her orgasm must have sent Roy over the top because I suddenly felt him pulsing inside me. His load was enormous. I was flooded. I tried to pull off him but I was locked onto him. My pussy had shrunk around the base of his cock which was a good bit smaller than the middle of his shaft. As he came his cock had expanded such that I was trapped. I thought ‘Christ, Sally is going to be angry as hell.’”

“What surprised me was that as Roy came he didn’t utter a noise. Most men make a racket but he was dead quiet. I wondered if I got to the toilet quickly when we arrive at their place could we get away without Sally knowing.”

“Sally had come down from her high and we continued driving. I felt Roy shrinking for a while but within a couple of minutes, he was as hard as ever again. I was glad because I was worried about making a mess on the seat of their vehicle which would most certainly give away the fact that Roy had cum in me if Sally saw it. I was thinking how can I get out of the van without Roy withdrawing? Luckily Roy must have been thinking the same thing because when we stopped in the garage he lifted me out with his cock still in me. He then handed me a rag which I placed over my pussy as he withdrew.”

“I whispered to him, ‘I need a toilet,’ and he pointed to a door. I passed through the door into a washroom. I sat on the toilet seat and pulled the rag away and the largest amount of cum that I have ever experienced rushed out of me. I caught some on my hand and looked at it. It was very dense and clumpy. I looked closely and you could tell that he was very virile by the dense white clumps. It took a long time to get most of it out of me and I suspected that Sally might wake up if she got close to my pussy. I didn’t know what to do?”

“I heard a tap on the door and Roy said ‘can I come in?’ He entered and I told him that Sally would know if I couldn’t clean up some more. Roy went to a cupboard and came back with a device with a rubber bulb and a tube. He filled the bulb with warm water inserted the tube into me and flushed me clean. He told me then that we had better join Sally who had gone upstairs to the bedroom.”

“As we walked upstairs he pointed out that it was important to keep Sally happy if we were to get together again. I promised him that I would do everything possible to make her happy.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I really liked him both on a personal level and on a sexual level. With other men, I was only interested in my sexual satisfaction but with Roy, I have this desire to make him happy, much the same way as I feel about you when we have sex. I could easily fall in love with him. I told you that you were playing with fire allowing me to have sex with him. Now I’m certain that I will fall in love with him.”

She had stopped talking. I had moved up to her as she talked. I had massaged her tits and played with her pussy during her story. I now moved over her to place my cock at her entrance.

“Did you hear what I said to you?”

“Yes, you said you could fall in love with him.”

“No, I didn’t. I said I will fall in love with him. Do you understand what that means?”

“I think so. It means that you may want the relationship to continue after you return from over east.”

“How are you going to deal with that?”

I had pushed my cock into her. She was loose, very loose. My cock barely touched the sides. “I’ll just have to, won’t I?”

“I don’t think that you really understand the full implications. What if I want to move in with Roy and Sally when we return or at least spend some nights with them?”

“If that happens we would have to deal with it. Perhaps if you think that you might want to do that then it may be better to end it now.”

“That’s not going to happen. You had your opportunity to back out. I warned you. It’s too late now. I’m going to share an apartment with them when we go east for the titles. Roy has given me the best sex and satisfaction that I have ever experienced. I have no intention of pulling out now. I intend servicing his every need. Whatever he asks of me he will get.”

“What happened next?”

“When Roy and I entered the bedroom, Sally was nude and on the bed. Her legs were spread and her pussy was gaping. She told me to come over and eat her out. She kept calling me a slut and a bitch and when she talked about my pussy she called it my big sloppy cunt. Some of the language she used was very crude. I lapped at her pussy while Roy got behind me and lapped on mine.”

“He had a habit of sticking his tongue up my anus after working my clit and my slit. He would then go back to my clit and so on. After a while, Sally told me to turn around. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me in the sixty-nine position. She tongued me for a while then pulled away saying, ‘He fucking cum in you, didn’t he? I can taste it.’”

“I didn’t answer and Roy didn’t deny it either. After a while, she said ‘I want to see him wreck this big sloppy cunt of yours. Come here Roy and do her for me.’ She had turned us so that my knees were on the edge of the bed. My pussy was just the right height for Roy to walk up behind me and line up neatly with my hole. She was on her back under me so that as he pushed against me she could watch close up.”            

“I was very turned on. My mind was thinking of what she would be seeing with him pushing his gigantic cock against my pussy which had almost resumed its original size following the flushing it had taken. Ray was pushing hard on me trying to enter. Eventually, his head popped in. The thought of what was happening was a bigger turn-on for me than the actual act.”

“As a man, you probably wouldn’t understand the feeling that goes with a very thick cock that you desperately want inside you finally expanding your pussy to enter you. The moment that he popped in Sally placed her mouth on my clit and started to suck me. It just drove me fucking crazy. I thrust my body back against him and he slid in another two inches at least.”

“Inside me, I could feel his pre-cum running out of his cock as he held it there. He then pulled it back clear of my hole and pushed into me again. When he pulled back Sally had pulled back from my clit and I felt his pre-cum and my juices run across my clit. Sally laughed as I said, ‘Ooohhh, Fuck’ and I shot juices all over her. I was squirting as I reached orgasm.”

“Roy thrust back into me again planting about six inches inside me this time while Sally mouthed my clit again. Once more I felt his pre-cum leaking from his cock. Instead of pulling back this time he thrust again. I felt the thickest part of his cock pass my entrance and as he slid in, my pussy lips had the pressure relieved on them as the thinner part of his cock entered me.”

“My orgasm continued throughout this. Once he was fully embedded in me he held still. I suspected that he almost reached orgasm and held still to let it pass. For me, the stimulation didn’t stop because Sally was assaulting my clit. All of a sudden I felt something against my anus. I was too far gone to stop it. I was cumming continuously and the assault on my arse-hole just intensified it. I had forgotten Sally’s pussy. I was in a world where my pleasure was all I cared about.”

“I found out later that Sally had lubricated a dildo and slipped it into my anus. The effect of it was that I had the longest and most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced. I don’t know how long it lasted but it must have been around ten minutes at least. As the feelings started to leave my body I heard Sally say, ‘Give it to her, Roy’. I felt Roy’s huge cock pulsing inside me sending rope after rope deep into my insides.”

“The first time he had cum in the van he held still inside me. This time he worked me. He pulled back a couple of inches and then slammed home inside me. He repeated it over and over again. Each thrust was emphasized by his exclamations of, ‘Aaahhh’. It felt like he was going to go on forever. Before he came I had felt his big balls lift up and come in contact with my clit which Sally had stopped sucking. The amount of sperm that he deposited in me was remarkable.”

“Don’t be angry with me but as he came a thought rushed through my head like a rush of adrenalin. If only I wasn’t on the pill, it would have been the perfect fuck. I was at the perfect time of my period to get pregnant if only I was not on the pill.”

I had been thrusting into her as she talked and this last sentence sent me over the top. Somehow in my twisted fucked up brain for a splitting moment, I felt the same way. How sick was that? A husband getting excited and cumming because his wife is saying that she has the urge to get pregnant from a lover who she thinks she could fall in love with. Did I have an urge to self-destruct?

My wife’s voice brought me back into the world of the living. “You liked that thought too, didn’t you?”

 “Why would you think that I would like the thought of my fertile wife getting pregnant by another man?”

“It made you cum. You were nowhere near it before I said that. You want me to start taking risks again, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. I want you protected if you insist on having sex with other men. If you have another child I want to be the father.”

“Your pride prevents you from admitting it but I know. The doctor told me that you saw our dead child. I know that you saw that you weren’t the father but you have never said anything to me about it. I think that you really didn’t mind otherwise you would have chastised me.”

“Don’t talk rubbish, woman. You’re starting to frighten me with all this talk of getting pregnant. Roy set a rule and that is that you have to be protected. He has no intention of letting you have his baby.”

“How do you know that? You only have my word that he said that. What if he asked me to go off the pill? You would never know until it was too late. His sperm is so thick and there is so much of it that he could give me twins with no trouble.”

“For fuck's sake, woman, stop talking this crap. Babies are not on the agenda and let me clarify. If you were to get pregnant I would walk away and never come back, that’s a promise. I’ve been down that road twice now and I’m not going down it again. Before you consider it, you need to know I will not be there to support you or the baby.”

“We’ll see when the time comes. Now stick that little cock in me again. I feel horny.”

I had trouble getting it up but eventually, I made the grade while she continued to talk about her recent time with Sally and Roy. Where I had followed every word before, I was now preoccupied with my concerns with the possibility that she might stop taking the pill and fall pregnant. The remainder of what she told me about her sexual experience with Sally and Roy went over my head such were my concerns.

I came again and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. My dreams returned. I dreamed of Lyn this time and missed out on Marg. I made sensual love to Lyn in my dream. Afterwards, I looked at her and her protruding belly confirmed that she was pregnant. It was a surprise so I looked up at her face and realized it was Sue, not Lyn. I awoke with a start. It was early but I needed to pack ready for my trip.

I flew out on the most beautiful day I could ever remember. The sun was shining brightly and there was absolutely no wind. I was feeling good that I was leaving Sue’s mess behind me.

At the airport, my wife had kissed me and then told me that she needed to get back because Roy and Sally were taking her out for lunch. While I was packing I took the trouble of checking Sue’s pills and found that she had been skipping every third one in the pack. Sue was playing Russian roulette with her fertility again. I should have guessed after what she had said the night before.

When the plane landed the weather was just as good as what I had left. At least something was on my side.  As I entered the airport there was Lyn waiting for me. It was a surprise because she was due later that evening.

I took her in my arms and hugged her. She had flashed those eyes at me the way I remembered and my heart reacted the way it always did when she did that. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed her. I could easily fall in love with this woman if I wasn’t already in love with her.

I had left a cheating, crazy, fucked up wife to spend time with one of the most attractive, intelligent and loving people that I had ever known. Why I would ever consider going back was inconceivable. Perhaps at the end of the week, I may decide not to. Then I thought of the kids and my job and I knew that the inconceivable was in fact reality.   

Lyn had found out when my flight was due to arrive and had changed her ticket to make sure she was at the airport to meet me. I understood what that meant, she was as taken by me as I was with her. But I had yet to define if that meant that we were just great mates or did it mean we were great lovers. This week was about finding an answer to that. At least that was the case for me.

The hotel was the best that was available. It had everything, a built-in spa, a fully packed bar and all the mod cons that you could ever think of. Lyn was suitably impressed and immediately wanted to get into the spa. I said “OK” and pulled the privacy screen across. She promptly pulled it back, grinned and shed her clothing.

I grinned back and said, “I’ll get us a drink.   Gin and tonic, Isn’t it?”

Her flash of the eyes and the little grin told me that she appreciated that I remembered her choice of liquor. I made mine bourbon with coke. I then stripped and climbed into the spa with her. She moved slowly towards me, putting her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment ever since you called me. I’ve been so lonely since you left town. I’ve been tempted to fly over to the west to come and see you but each time that I could manage it something has happened either in my life or in yours. Every night I sat beside the phone hoping you would ring me but the call didn’t come. By the time you called I had actually given up.”

“I’m sorry, Lyn but my life has been quite complicated at times. I often thought of calling but each time something prevented it. You could have called me.”

“Well, I could have but I didn’t know if the bitch would answer and I didn’t want to get trapped in a conversation with her. I believe she got pregnant by another of her boyfriend’s again. That must have been difficult for you.”

“How did you hear about that?”

“Marg is my sister, remember. She has kept me up to date. In fact, she has probably told me more about what has been happening than you know. Cherie and Marg kept lines of communication open to a couple of the other girls. I think she called them Gay and Debbie who seemed to know a lot about what Sue has been up to.”

“I don’t want to talk about Sue during this week, Lyn. I want this to be about you and me and not about anyone else or our problems with anyone else. Before we do that though, I need to ask you about Jon. What is the status of your relationship with him?”

“Jon and I live in the same house when he is home but we are not a couple. I have no intention of making up with him. I am biding my time allowing him to come to the understanding that our marriage is over. It would be good for the kids if we didn’t split up but I would prefer it if he moved on.”

“OK, that relieves my conscience that I will not be harming your marriage this week.”

“The damage was done a long time ago. That first night that we made love I decided that if ever you and Sue split up I was going to be the first to knock on your door. Does that clarify it for you? From what Marg and Cherie tell me you will be single soon so if that happens, remember that I am here.”

“Are you trying to frighten me?”

“No on both accounts.”

“I don’t understand ‘both accounts’”

“The first is that I don’t want to frighten you by telling you that Sue is planning to leave you and the second one is that I don’t want to frighten you when I knock on your door if Sue leaves.”

“You really think she will leave me?”

“I know she will. The only question is when. She is waiting for an opportunity. She will disappear in such a way that you will not be able to find her but before she goes she wants to strip your finances. She may actually be doing it right now.”

“OK, who is your source of information?”

“It’s one of the ladies that she used to skate with before you moved over west. It seems that Sue talked about it with her and swore her to secrecy but because Sue is so far away the lady has been talking to a friend of mine.”

“OK, I’ll bear it in mind.” I actually dismissed the warning as loose talk which is usually shown to be untrue.

Lyn had been moving closer to me in the spa as we talked and suddenly reached across and held my cock.

“Hmm, I had almost forgotten how he feels. Let’s finish our drinks and see if he still fits me the way he used to.”

We swallowed our drinks and made our way to the king-sized bed. I was really looking forward to this and it looked as if she was as well. I wanted to massage her body but she was too impatient and pulled me down on top of her telling me there was time for foreplay later on.

I placed my cock against her pussy but didn’t push into her but slid the head along her slit and over her protruding clit.  She arched her back and closed her eyes in response.  I continued to repeat it with the same response each time. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter each time and I could hear the rhythm of her breathing becoming irregular.

Suddenly she let out an enormous groan and she moved the angle of her body so that the head of my cock slipped inside her. Her eyes opened wide and she muttered another loud and extended groan, “Ooohhh,” and her eyes closed again. I could feel contractions inside her and knew that she was cumming. Although she made little sound I could see her eyes opening and closing in time with her contractions. She was thrusting madly at me and each time she thrust I went a little further inside her.

She had told me earlier that she had not had sex for many months and proof of that was how tight she was. The last time that we had sex she was tight but this time she was much tighter. I bottomed out inside her and I could feel that I had pressed up against her cervix. As I did so her eyes flew wide open as if she had experienced a fright and then slowly closed as another monstrous groan escaped her lips.

I was trying to hold back but it was a losing battle. Lyn’s contractions were slowing. I knew that her orgasm was nearing its end and with it, her eyes were now open and her face was covered by a wide grin. I felt my sperm rising inside me. I was losing the battle so I pushed hard into her and sent rope after rope deep into her womb. Her grin widened into a massive smile. I couldn’t help myself I had to kiss her.

She was the first to speak. I had rolled onto my side pulling her with me. We lay there for a few moments regaining our breath and just looking into each other’s eyes.

“That was unbelievable.”

“Yes, it was very special.”

“Is it always like that with you?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“For a while there it felt like I was somewhere else. I lost conscientiousness of the world around me. It was all feelings and nothing else. I’ve never experienced that before.”

“Yes, I could tell. Your eyes were flickering and the pupils were turned upwards as if you were looking into your brain. For a second or two it frightened me.”

“Was it OK for you?”

“OK is not the word for it. It was tremendous. You are so tight that you gripped me like I have never felt before but still, you were smooth and silky.”

“I could feel it too. It took all my energy out of me. My body feels exhausted but even so, it feels like all my frustrations and anxieties have been taken away from me. It makes me so happy to be with you.”

“I’m glad because I feel the same. Come over here and rest your head on my shoulder and recuperate.”

She lay back on my shoulder, looked up at me with a little smile and then dozed off to sleep. I lay there for a while trying to sort out my feelings for this wonderful lady. Eventually, I slept too. I awoke when Lyn moved. She was pulling away from me to get up. I smiled at her and she smiled back then lent over and kissed me.

“You’re running out of me. I need to clean up.”

I looked at the clock and saw that we had been asleep two hours. I grabbed her and rolled her over on top of me. I could feel the mess that I had left in her but I didn’t care. My sperm provided the lubrication to allow me to slide my cock deep into her. I felt my head come in contact with her cervix. Just as she had last time her eyes opened wide then slowly closed.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, you hit something deep inside me. I felt it earlier when you entered me. I was in the middle of an orgasm at the time and the feeling intensified my orgasm for me. It was nice.”

“Do you want to go again?”

“I would like to but I’m still dirty from before.”

“It worries you?”

“No, it doesn’t worry me. I like it but I thought you might not like the mess. I could clean up for you.”

“I don’t mind. In fact, I like you exactly the way you are covered in our juices of love. If you want to be cleaned I can do it for you.”

“Will I get a washcloth?”

“I didn’t mean that way.” I held her hips and slid her up along my body. “Hold onto the headboard.”

“Oh shit, you’re going to lick me. Marg told me that you did that for her after Ian had fucked her. The thought of it really turned me on. I went into my bedroom after she told me and masturbated. I never thought that I would experience it though.”

By this time she was sitting above me. Her little love tunnel was closed with a just hint of my sperm on its outer lips. Her crotch was in fact quite wet with our combined juices although I suspected that there was a lot more of hers than there was of mine externally. 

I started by licking around the tops of her thighs, some of which had started to dry. I recognized her odour and her taste from our previous times together. As time passed I moved closer and closer to her slit. Once I reached it I heard her sharp intake of breath.

It reminded me of the many times that I had licked her sister, Marg but this was different. With Marg, I had to contend with a thick black bush. With Lyn, her hairs were blond and sparse. Lyn had a huge clit for a female. It looked more like a little penis than a woman’s clit. It protruded more than an inch when aroused while Marg’s was dainty and small and usually was hidden away in her folds to only appear when she was very stimulated.

Lyn’s breathing was once more becoming irregular. I could see her anus which was opening and closing as if working through a spasm. I had been working up and down her slit for about a minute and during that time her clit had grown like a little cock getting an erection. I decided to take a chance and so when I moved to the bottom of her slit I kept going towards her anus. Her reaction was immediate. She liked it.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice,” she said.

I knew that it was because I saw her anus open and then clench down in a series of contractions. When it opened the next time I pushed my tongue into the hole created. Her groan was long and loud. As her anus clenched down it held my tongue just inside it. When it opened the next time I was able to push it further inside. The groan was just as loud but held for longer this time. When her contraction opened her hole this time I pulled my tongue clear and moved up to her clit.

Her clit was protruding out like it had an erection. I placed my mouth over it and sucked while using my tongue to massage its tip. In the position I was in I was looking directly at her stomach. I saw her throw her head back and at the same time, her stomach muscles began to clench and relax.

“I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming… and cumming… and cumming… and cumming, Ooohhh fuck, I’m cumming.” She screamed as I felt and watched the contractions rip through her body. Her juices were running down my chin and onto my chest. While still using my tongue on the tip of her clit I opened my mouth further and allowed her juices to squirt into my mouth.

I watched as the contractions subsided. She pulled away from my mouth and slid down along my body, aligning my cock with her hole. I didn’t move but allowed her to do the work. She pushed down once my cock was at her entrance and I slid all the way home into her. I knew by her appearance that her orgasm had passed but I could still feel the contractions rippling through her pussy muscles.

“I love you,” she said. “I fucking love you and I love the feel of your cock in my cunt. How different my life would have been if you had been that driller who came to my dad’s property instead of that fucking no hoper husband of mine.”

“You enjoyed that by the sound of it.”

“Enjoyed it, I loved it. It just about blew the top out of my fucking brain. We’ve been together less than four hours and in that time you’ve given me the most intensive orgasms that I have ever experienced. I had no idea that sex could be like this. No wonder Marg fell head over heels in love with you.”

I frowned at her and shook my head. The look on her face became very serious.

“I’m sorry Goyse. I didn’t mean to upset you by talking about Marg. I can see you still have a thing for her. I was just excited, that’s all.”

“I’m not upset. I just want this week to be about you and me. When we talk about past lovers and things like that it takes the emphasis away from us. I probably need to answer your statement about Marg before we move on though. Marg is very important to me. She is almost as important to me as you are. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

She threw her arms around my neck and smothered me with kisses. She didn’t need to answer my question. I could tell by her reaction that she appreciated what I had said.

We made gentle love for the next two hours. I moved slowly in her and occasionally we stopped still for a while before continuing. As I saw the darkness descend I released my seed inside her. This was not about the sex this was two lovers enjoying each other to the full extent possible.

The week passed quickly. Sometimes we made vigorous love. At other times we made slow, gentle love while sometimes we just walked, talked and slept together in harmony. We were two lovers finding our way together. We were two people who had suffered a good deal in our past relationships who needed to get to know each other better and it was working.  

At the end of the week, Lyn refused to leave. She asked me could she help with my water-skiing in some way. Of course, I agreed straight away. I wanted her to stay. I knew what would happen at the end of the titles, Lyn would still not want to go home. Not that I wanted to but some things are not easy to change.

Lyn rang her mum while I was making breakfast. She placed the phone on the loudspeaker during the call. I thought that it was one way of letting me know how she felt and also her mum’s thoughts about us.

“Hi mum, it’s Lyn.”

“Hello sweetheart, how’s your trip going?”

“I need to ask you a favour, mum. I have met someone and want to spend another week with him. Can you look after the kids a bit longer?”

“Of course I can. Come on don’t keep me in suspense. Tell me about him.”

“I can’t tell you a lot about him just yet because he like me, has a partner but I can tell you I’m madly in love with him and I think he is with me as well.”

“That’s great, honey. I was wondering when you would wake up and give that thoughtless husband of yours the push.”

“I think you might be getting a little ahead of yourself, mum. We are just spending the week together at this stage.”

“Have you done it yet? Is he any good in bed, honey?”

“Absolutely unbelievable mum, I get excited just thinking about it.”

“I’m glad. Sex is not everything but it’s a good start to build a strong relationship on.”

“Mum, we have a good relationship already. The sex is just a bonus.”

“Oh, my daughter is madly in love. I can tell.You deserve it, Lyn, after what you’ve put up with over the last few years. Don’t worry about the kids and enjoy the week. Take longer if you want. Just give me a call and let me know. Bye for now. Stay safe.”

“Bye mum. Give my love to the kids and dad. I’ll ring tonight when the kids are home from school. Mum, don’t tell too many people about what I’ve told you. Remember he already has a partner and so do I. We don’t want this to blow up in our faces, do we?”

“OK, honey.”

“Bye, now.”

She hung up the phone. I had heard every word and I understood that I was supposed to. My mind was trying to fathom out why she had done this. Was she trying to convince me how committed she was or was it just that she felt relaxed enough to talk freely in front of me?

The competition week went quickly. I competed and gained third place which was probably enough to get me into the worlds. During the week the chief judge came to talk to me. He asked me would I be willing to judge at the worlds. He needed another experienced judge to cover the open events. What it would mean is that I would not be able to compete. I jumped at the chance.

Although I enjoyed competing I knew that I was not good enough to win a medal on the world stage but despite that, I did want to attend. As a passing remark, he said that it would be OK to take my wife with me and as he said it he looked at Lyn. Later on, Lyn cuddled up to me and asked, “Are you going to take your new wife with you or the old one?”

I laughed and replied, “I think the chief judge made up my mind for me by looking at you. Do you think you would be able to get away for about three weeks in three weeks’ time?”

“Just try to stop me.”

We separated the next evening as Lyn caught the plane back home. As I watched the plane rise into the air I felt an emptiness that I had never felt before. I knew that I would be calling her every day from now on. I had answered the question that I had posed before these last two weeks. I not only loved Lyn, I was in love with her. For the first time, I understood what my wife had tried to explain to me.

When you love someone they are important to you. You care about their welfare. You don’t want them hurt in any way so you do what you can to protect them. You share moments with them and experiences. You are two individuals who care about and for each other.  When you are apart you often miss them and wish you were together again.

When you are in love all of the same things apply but there is something else, a more internal feeling. You actually feel that they are an integrated part of you. Their leaving makes you feel that part of you is missing and you desperately want them back. You feel incomplete. You feel Insecure without them around you. This was a feeling that at one stage touched me with Marg but with Lyn, it simply didn’t go away.

I flew home to my nightmare wife later that evening. I felt empty inside, desperately insecure and longed to feel Lyn’s arms around me once again.

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