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✨Hi, I am AvrgBlkGrl. I'll just start out by saying that I am a raging Sapiosexual, in every sense of the word. So, now you can't say that I didn't warn you💋. I am also a poet and writer of interracial erotica mostly, but I may occasionally stray off the path. When I'm not rubbing elbows with the overly educated and overtly eccentric, you will find me singing out of key, dancing like I should have been a stripper, playing in all the adult kind of ways, reading anything I can get my hands on and writing it all down so that when I get Alzheimer’s someone can read it back to me. I'm not your average Comparative Literature Professor😎. But, we can play school if you want to😜.

I am here to read, learn, write, have some good conversations and a lot of naughty fun😜. Although I love sex (it's like air for me. I must have it frequently or I just can't breathe) and expect it to play a strong role in my stories, I enjoy a good story line that benefits from the sex. If you are just looking for a quick stroke, I may not be what you are looking for. I want my writing to arouse your mind and your emotions along with your body. When you are finished with me I want you to be completely satiated and content. I'm quite sure my likes and kinks will appeal to you. And hopefully, you will come back for more...💋


💕Please take some time to consider my sexy voice readings. 💕
💕Careful now, you'll most likely want to consider them alone. 💕


💌I absolutely love it when my friends take the time to post erotic pictures on my page (THANK YOU very much💋) and I frequently return the gifts🎁. However, show a little class if you choose to post on my page. Porn is not art, erotica is. I am a lover of erotic art. No fluids or crass images please. They will be deleted.💌


Relationship Status:
Besides sex and all things deliciously sexual💋, I am continuously on the prowl for all that tantalizes the spirit and enlightens the mind. Unfortunately though, my attention span may be a little short at times. I will love something to death one moment and quickly move on to something else the next. Think quick. I love to laugh and share my smile. Four things stay with me continuously: Reading, Writing, Music and the Interesting People I associate with. I am forever and continuously held by these things. Physically, I am extremely active as well. You will find that I have a heightened sense of sexuality and awareness. I love my body and greatly enjoy receiving good loving (often)💝. I try to keep it ready and in shape so that my lover can truly enjoy my body and all the luscious things my body offers. I fully explore the advantages and adventures that brings💋. I am extremely flexible and enjoy taking advantage of that. I run every day like clock work and early. I do weight training and respect strength. I do yoga and tai-chi. I am a performing belly dancer. I take long walks where woods and lakes and rivers are involved, play the flute and piano, play around with photography and will occasionally draw something you can recognize. I love to pose for art and pictures. Porn is not art, erotica is. I’ll try anything once😉and will enjoy anything as long as I am with good, fun loving friends or that 💙someone special💙. Those close to my heart make all the difference in the world to me and I guard my attachments fiercely.

💜I shop. It is as simple as that. I am a shoe whore and absolutely love sexy and tantalizing lingerie. Style is a must.💜
Favorite Books:
There are far too many to name--past and present. I love stories that delve into how people think and why they do the things they do. Commentaries on the way we live with a twist appeal to me. Everything doesn’t end well in reality and I like my fiction to be laced with a healthy dose of reality. Books that changed my life early on: Possessing the Secret of Joy, Sula, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, God of a Thousand Faces, The Alchemist, The Point at Which I Enter... The list is long. Who and what am I reading lately: all that is Anita Shreve (especially “Testimony”), Marge Piercy, etc… Don’t get me started on poetry…It is my first love. I'm on and off the beaten path. My knowledge of literature is vast.
Favorite Authors:
Writers that changed my life: Alice Walker (just "Possessing the Secret of Joy" and some of her early poetry), Joseph Campbell. Within the last year or so I've been studying the work of Marge Piercy. I am currently reading Anita Shreve. I love the way they write. And of course, Toni Morrison's advice on writing is absolutely on point. One day I would like to create something that says as much as her work does. Then there are all the classic writers that stand the test of time and created the art of writing. I'm always reading and re-reading them. So many poets flood my mind right now and I can't bring myself to narrow them down or mention them all here.
Favorite Movies:
I look for the same thing in movies that I look for in books. I do enjoy a good comedy though. I love so many movies. My favorites change with my mood. I do come back to movies like “The Fountain” because every time I watch it I discover something new. I sing and dance to every song in “The Wiz”. I love the classics. I like movies that are off the beaten track. I’m attracted to a lot of Indy films. I like supernatural and movies that deal with biblical lore, but not slasher movies. I like to think. I'm unpredictable though...sometimes I just want some pure masculine alpha male action and realistic sex. And, sometimes I just want to laugh. 🌺
Favorite Music:
I listen to a little of everything except bluegrass. I love to dance. I do all types. I studied classical music and I grew up on all that is r&b and rap. Lately, I'm really into French jazz and neo soul.
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28 Sep 2011
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Come to me in my dreams My love In the night  If you can For there I lie in the darkness With open arms Thighs Heart and kisses To be taken by What my hands reach for But are not allowed to touch At this moment You have me completely Every breath that I take Leaves me and enters you Pauses are induced By the continual movement  Of your repeated ingress When you withdraw ...

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It felt like everything, every firm plain and sexy curve could be seen. Yet, she did not feel exposed, bare to the world. However, the suggestion was so subtle to the curious eye. It created the desire, but actually revealed nothing. It was definitely expensive, the feel and look of the fabric made it obvious. The way it perfectly laid on her body made it work. It screamed class but...

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All he could think about was the wonderment of her touch, the way it alone could move him. He was not a man to be easily moved. He was not a man to fall victim to his passions. He was a man of war, a Viking, a warrior like no other. He was the son of a great chieftain who ruled over many colonies, a ruler to territories of great mass. Other men paled by comparison to this man. Men of...

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There was not a lot of people on the floor in the small area designated for dancing. After all, it was more of a bar designed for socializing. The area was barely even lighted. Alaina loved to dance. So when the guy that had definitely held her attention for most of the night asked her to dance, with that teasing smile of his, she did not hesitate. Before she knew it, she was grinding against...

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Editor's Pick Want

My body aches. It is an ache that reaches from my toes, toes that curled each and every time he made me come, to the follicles of my hair, hair he had wrapped around his thick fingers and pulled with such perfect timing. It hurt to even open my eyes, because opening them would mean that it was time for me to take my behind home. Speaking of my behind… Good Lord, this man and the things he...

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Audio Story Editor's Pick The Muse's Poem

This is not a love poem. Let us not insult each other By wasting pretty words Or precious time. We are not of the same cut As those romantics, Those who see eternity In the face of flowers. This muse has already, Willingly, Spread her legs, Allowed you to taste her sweetness, To feel the silkiness Of her petals Against your tongue, And pluck, Understanding that where there...

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Editor's Pick I Hate You

I hate you,  All who are like you.  So, I keep you close  In view  Because that’s where enemies belong.  That way I can watch  The clarity of deep green eyes,  Pupils that dilate and narrow  With the subtle shift of your smile.  I shall not be mesmerized  By the quality of your laugh  That echoes,  The vibration of which  Is feathery  Like the warmth of your breath,  The...

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There was something so familiar. This was not the first time she had looked into the intensity of those ice grey eyes, Asia was certain of it. Who could forget such a hauntingly unique color, the distinct clarity, the way they seemed to bore through her and create a rush that could only be compared to actual physical intimacy. The fact that he was a stranger and on the opposite end of the...

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  “For a homosexual to even have the gall to say that they experience the same type of discrimination as a black person is ridiculous! You can even walk in a room and no one can fucking know you are gay. But let my black ass walk into a room and what do you think someone sees. They see a black girl and all the misconceptions they have start whirling around in their head. And, they...

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Audio Story Recommended Read I Am A Lover Of Words

I am a lover of words.  I like  What they do to my tongue. Each letter  Whispers its own tune  To me,  When spoken together  A song. Like love,  How it opens the lips,  Extends the tongue,  Closes with a kiss,  Sounds hopeful.  How the letter O,  When accentuated,  Can leave you breathless.  The entire face must work together  To form it. Fuck…feel...fight…fun…  How do...

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