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Stories and poems that have made it into our recommended reading section are hand picked by our staff. They have been identified as exceptional pieces of writing, which warrant separate recognition.

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You are almost certainly guaranteed a good read, if you've selected a story from these offerings!

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First Night

The Bishop claims his right to take my virginity.

"Tonight marks a new beginning," I tell myself, staring in the mirror. My wedding gown, a deep blue adorned with silver threads, glimmers in the candlelight, each flicker reviving memories of a happier time before my father went to war and never returned....

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Afternoon Delight

A secluded trail leads to insatiable public passion...

Note: The following story contains extremely explicit sexual content and language. The warm afternoon sun filtered through the trees as Jared and Samantha strolled hand-in-hand along the secluded park trail. The gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of bl...

Once In A Lifetime

A man considers his wife’s past

Logan McConnell sighed and leaned back against the hard wooden pew. It had been a good turnout, he thought. He looked around the chapel. Yellow roses — Cindy’s favorite — were everywhere. A huge bouquet sat atop the coffin. Bright ribbons and bunting soft...

Naked And Afraid

Karen is home alone when two criminals break in to rob her. She's afraid and that's when it gets interesting.

It was about 8:30 Friday night, my birthday—I was home alone. My husband, George, was out of town on business. He’d called earlier to see if I’d received the flowers he’d sent and once again apologized for missing my birthday. I thanked him, we exchanged...

First Night

The Bishop claims his right to take my virginity.

"Tonight marks a new beginning," I tell myself, staring in the mirror. My wedding gown, a deep blue adorned with silver threads, glimmers in the candlelight, each flicker reviving memories of a happier time before my father went to war and never returned....

Summer On The Beach

She was an angel. Walking among us just to ‘kick up her heels’ is how she put it.

The bright blue flash turned out to be an angel, who had climaxed while she was masturbating. Aaron, an Emergency Medical Technician, had heard moans under the boardwalk, and walked behind the pylons to see if anything was wrong. It was then that he saw t...

Affirmation Poem For Trans Boys

you're more than valid, you're hot and sexy too. be who you are.

It’s okay to want your dick sucked It's okay to want your dick It's okay to need your dick sucked It's okay to need your dick. Can you see your dick in your mind How it feels to hold it, and say that’s mine? Yes, go ahead stare at it, touch it, stroke it....

Standard Protocol

Fulfilling one’s secret fantasies can be tricky, especially when formulated imprecisely—or it can lead to new discoveries.

When Nathan flung open the door to his girlfriend’s bedroom and confidently paced toward her bed, his senses were too numbed by his unshakable Friday routine to notice anything. To him, things were plain as day and laid out pretty clearly: In the late aft...

Nightshade: Part 2

The consumation of their burning need fills them both exquisitely.

Taylor nudged her shoulder to turn her around, now facing him. He paused, yet again, and looked her up and down. To her credit, she was perfectly positioned and showed no signs of her indiscretion. He furrowed his brow and looked expectantly at his kitten...

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Sex: The International Language

Two foreign travelers use the language of love to fuck in a Barcelona sauna.

Barcelona! It was going to be the trip of the year. I was asked to lecture at a conference in this beautiful Spanish city and was so excited. La Sagrada Familia. La Rambla. Park Guell. This trip was going to be one for the books. My wife, of course, could...

Nightshade Part 1

The consent of the word was one of his favorite parts of their play.

His hands slowly made their way around and under the fabric of her dress, cupping her breasts. They ached for his attention. Her body always ached for his attention. Her body responded without a thought and she arched her back, grinding her ass into his c...

Med School Party

A friend introduces me to a different kind of partying.

An aged, stout wooden door stood before me, guarding the already imposing building. It was more than just a mere entrance. It was a symbol of endurance, a witness to the past, and a gateway to the unknown. A silent observer of history; it had withstood ye...

The Dollification of Olivia

A kink in which one partner is transformed into a living "doll," allowing them to be controlled and played with by their "maker."

09:42 AM (in bed) Morning light seeped through the curtains, casting a soft glow on the bedroom. Adam lay awake, his gaze drifting to his wife, Olivia, who slumbered beside him. She looked serene, her chest rising and falling with the steady rhythm of sle...

Bull Shite, Bull Dykes, Bull Fights: That’s Your Everyday D/s Love Story.

“That a black eye is watching you, And that love awaits you, Toreador, love awaits you!” - From Carmen: The Toreador Song, by Georges Bizet

Demanding. Insistent. She’s flipping the bird at my earlier text: Give me an hour. Pop-up drinks with the directors to celebrate last night’s Businesswoman of the Year win. Whatever. Her text is adamant, not a centimetre of wiggle room: I meant right NOW,...

A Hot Wife Secretly Trains her Husband To Be Her Own Dom

This whole story takes place as a conversation between two friends Mike and Wayne, over drinks. About how Mary has transformed Mike's life forever.

Wayne almost choked on his pint as he said, “What do you mean, she will do anything you say?” “What I said, she agrees to anything, honest.” Mike smiled as he watched his best friend struggling with what he was telling him. “So you are telling me, that if...