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The Hangover, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Glory, Intimacy, Love Actually, lots and lots more.
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I like most music. The only thing I don't really like is rap, just not my thing. Well, I don't really care for polka music either. hahahaa


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Topic: Colin Kaepernick and Nationalist Hypocricy In the NFL
Posted: 15 Sep 2017 06:36

Joe Mixon is scum and I wish no team would have signed him. I'm not down with the thought that a woman can beat on a man and not eventually have him defend himself. It's rare, but there are times when I man will have to use force to defend himself. This was not one of those times. His reaction was far beyond what was required.

Kaepernick has every right to kneel during the anthem. I don't have to like it, and I don't. I would never tell him he shouldn't do it nor would I stop watching football because of him exercising his First Amendment right. His protest is doing exactly what he wants it to do, so I don't blame him or fault him for what he's doing. Would I prefer he do it another way? Sure. But, it's not up to me. I fully support his right to do it. The problem I have is with a bit of hypocrisy with him.

In my mind, he loses actual credibility on the topic when he admits that he didn't vote. At that point, his protest (in my mind) is more about attention grabbing than it is about results. If you think there are systemic problems in our society but ignore the opportunity to change those problems, then you have no ground to stand on. Even if he was disgusted with the national/presidential candidates, he still should have voted for local things on his ballot. Mayor, sheriff, judge, local/state amendments, or whatever. (i'm assuming there were local ballot stuff, haven't researched it) If he didn't promote of back a local candidate and use his forum to usher in someone he thought would make changes, then he's only showboating on the sideline.

As for football, people often forget.. he had a job. He opted out of a multi million dollar contract. So, part of him being unemployed is his own doing. Now, should someone sign him? Yes. Problem is, he's not a great quarterback. He's better than some of the other backups (and starters) in the league, but he's not a top tier qb. Furthermore, his style of play doesn't necessarily jive with the offenses of many teams. He'd never be a viable backup to Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, or Aaron Rodgers. He would never be a good fill in for those guys on those teams with those types of offenses. He would be a viable backup for the likes of Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott. He'd be an upgrade from Blake Bortles, but the Jags can't afford to pay starter money to two guys.

Should he be on a team? Yes. But teams that could use his talents and skill set will be reluctant to deal with the inevitable media circus that will come with him. A bit of a high price for someone that might not even play.

Topic: Lush Fantasy Football
Posted: 02 Sep 2017 06:12

I might be able to do it, sounds like fun.

Topic: Should polygamy be completely illegal?
Posted: 31 Aug 2017 06:22

The government should stay out of citizens private lives. Why should they have any say in who you marry in the first place?

The government will have a say in it because when any of these marriages end in divorce, it will be the government that had to decide who gets what and who gets custody and so forth.

Imagine if a woman has two bisexual husbands and they all live together and are all married to one another. She has a child with husband1 but not with husband2. Lets's say they all contribute to the financial well being of the family. If husband2 decides to divorce and live the family home, is he responsible for alimony and/or child support? Even if it's not his kid? What about alimony, typically a person loses alimony one the remarry. But in this case, they were already married and the third spouse was part of the financial support, does he have to pay alimony to his exwife & exhusband even though they're still married?

Does any of that change if husband2 is only married to the wife, but still helped parent and support the kid? Does he still owe child support? What if he never wanted kids and left because a child was conceived/born while he was marred? The courts will have to decide all of this.

What if they're all three married and the wife leaves? Do the two men get to dissolve their marriage if they have no other connection besides her?

What if a man has two wives, one has a child and decides to divorce/leave after 10 years? Does the other wife/mom have any visitation or parental rights for a child she helped raise?

I really don't care who marries whom. If everyone is willing and consenting to more than one spouse, go for it. I can imagine in many ways, having an extra adult or two to help with household chores, child raising, finances, carpool, not to mention sex; would be a pretty awesome thing. But before that can happen, the law/government needs to figure out how to handle all the peripheral stuff that comes along with a marriage license and any inevitable divorces. I'd think in a polygamous marriage, a prenuptial agreement that covers everything about married and post married life would be the smart thing to do for all parties involved.

Topic: The Age of Un-Enlightenment
Posted: 28 Jul 2017 14:22

This is exactly what I am talking about. You equate education with useless liberal arts knowledge. You see university as a "luxury" as opposed to something that is necessary for the advancement of society.

If I was the type of ridiculous deity that you idiots believe in then my first step would be to hunt down those 58% of fools and make them go without doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, and teachers.

I'm pretty sure I can learn plumbing faster than those idiots can learn open heart surgery.

But that's not the point. Everyone knows we need carpenters, masons, electricians etc... But the fact that a huge percentage of your population doesn't know what people go to university for...is a bit scary. And the fact that they think it's a disadvantage to be educated is kind of a reason for concern.

Do they think that kids just graduate from high school and become doctors and layers? I mean, how stupid are these people?

And how stupid are you for defending them?

I never said liberal arts knowledge is useless. In fact, I think kids, particularly in high school, should be taught more literature and poetry. Furthermore, I think all students should be required to be in some sort of music class. Early on, they should be in choir or learn to play an instrument. Whether or not they choose to continue that in college would be up to them. Acting, drama, debate, or speech could be substituted for music; that'd be fine. I also don't see higher education as a luxury. We certainly need highly educated people, so I don't know why anyone would be against it.

You idiots? I'm not one of those 58%, so I'm not one of those "idiots".

My population? Am I on a different planet? I doubt most people actually think it's a disadvantage to be educated. University is a great thing, I don't doubt it. But, I also think we put a little too much emphasis on it sometimes. For some high school kid that can barely make it through high school algebra, we make them feel like failures if they don't go to college. Then, they get there and flunk out and feel useless. Some of these kids need to be in apprenticeships or trade schools. Like it or not, some folks are better working with their hands than their minds. Let's not make those needed carpenters and masons feel like second class citizens because they don't have a degree.

I'm not defending the 58%. I'm defending the people out there that aren't college educated. My point is that there are plenty, lots and lots, of smart people out there that don't have degrees. And, many of those people wish they did.. they certainly don't think being educated is a disadvantage. They're likely living a disadvantaged life because of their lack of formal education.

I am a college dropout, regret it every single day of my life. How many doors are permanently shut to me because I only have a high school diploma. Education is of utmost importance for my children. I read to my son every single day when he was young. He's grown up to be a voracious reader and has tested in the 98th percentile on standardized tests. His dream is to attend Princeton or MIT or Stanford. My daughter is younger, but has dyslexia and ADHD, so school is a bigger challenge for her. We've done all sorts of things to help her get through, and it's been tough. We've spent nearly $100k for them to be in private school because the public schools where I live are a disaster. The same schools I went to, btw.

So, I'm literally and figuratively putting my money where my mouth is. I believe in higher education and university. My one goal in life is for my kids to get as much education as they can handle and go as far as they can, to open as many doors as possible. I do NOT want them doing the kind of work I do, with limited options to do much else. I'm certainly not against college, so I'm not one of those 58% that thinks college has a negative impact on America.

Topic: Intersex Surgery On Infants And Children
Posted: 25 Jul 2017 08:30

What is the point of giving us the link if you're going to copy and paste the entire article? Post the link and share your opinion, but please don't engage in an act of borderline plagiarism.

Borderline plagiarism? I never claimed or even hinted that I wrote this. Posted link plus posted the article for sake of ease. The article that has (AP) right at the beginning, showing it's an AP article?

I thought it was an interesting article and wanted to share. Nothing more.

Topic: Intersex Surgery On Infants And Children
Posted: 25 Jul 2017 06:49

Pressure Mounts To End Intersex Surgery

NEW YORK (AP) — Children whose sexual characteristics don't neatly align with the norm have for decades faced surgery to rearrange their anatomy to resemble that of more typical boys and girls — long before they were old enough to have a say in the decision.

But now the practice is under assault, as never before. The American Medical Association is considering a proposal discouraging it. Three former U.S. surgeons general say it's unjustified. And on Tuesday, Human Rights Watch and InterACT a group advocating for intersex youth — are releasing a detailed report assailing the practice and urging Congress to ban it.

"The results are often catastrophic," says the report, asserting that the surgeries "can inflict irreversible physical and psychological harm."

"The pressure to fit in and live a 'normal' life is real," said Kyle Knight, a Human Rights Watch researcher who wrote the report. "But there is no evidence that surgery delivers on the promise of making that easier."

One of multiple reasons for the concern: Some intersex children may undergo surgery aimed at assigning them as male or female, yet grow up to identify as the other sex — a potentially traumatic situation.

Intersex is an umbrella term encompassing various conditions in which internal sex organs and external genitalia develop differently than for a typical boy or girl. Experts say roughly one of every 2,000 newborns has so-called differences of sex development that might prompt a doctor's recommendation for surgery or other medical intervention.

Internationally, there's been vocal opposition to such surgeries. In 2015, they were condemned by several United Nations agencies, and Malta became the first country to ban them.

Major U.S. medical associations haven't gone that far, but the Human Rights Watch/InterACT report urges them to toughen their policies. The American Academy of Pediatrics says it's reviewing the issue, and wants parents to understand the risks and benefits of any course of action. The AMA's Board of Trustees is proposing a new policy statement urging doctors to defer intersex surgery on infants and young children "except when life-threatening circumstances require emergency intervention."

Adding to the momentum was a statement in June from former surgeons general Joycelyn Elders, David Satcher and Richard Carmona, who said the surgery "is not justified absent a need to ensure physical functioning," they wrote. "We hope that professionals and parents who face this difficult decision will heed the growing consensus that the practice should stop."

There are no comprehensive statistics on intersex surgeries. The new report says most of the 21 health professionals who were interviewed suggested that medically unnecessary surgeries were becoming less common, but none said their clinic had stopped doing them altogether.

Even as the new report was being compiled, it came under fire from the CARES Foundation , which advocates on behalf of families with children born with abnormal genitalia due to a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or CAH.

Girls with this condition sometimes undergo reconstructive surgery, often to reduce the size of the clitoris. The foundation, which has more than 20 physicians as advisers, asserted that the new report represents an unwarranted attempt to eliminate that option.

"The choices available to parents and patients should not be limited," the foundation said. "Medical decisions are difficult enough for parents without having to contend with the moral and philosophical agendas of certain movements."

The new report includes input from an unidentified 20-year-old woman with CAH who said she was glad her parents made her "look like all the other girls" her age when she was growing up.

However, Kyle Knight said there's no evidence that this type of abnormal genitalia poses a health threat.

"There are limits to what parents can do to their kids," he said. "Medically unnecessary irreversible surgery that carries a risk of lifelong harm should be one of those things."

For families with intersex children, one welcome development has been the formation of specialized teams at some hospitals that address a wide range of physical and psychological concerns.

Among the acclaimed programs is the SOAR Clinic, created in 2012 at Children's Hospital Colorado near Denver. Its team — which includes specialists in urology, genetics, psychology and other fields — develops an individualized treatment plan for each family, and encourages parents to participate in decision-making.

The issue of surgery for infants and young children is one of the toughest facing the team.

"These are really difficult, challenging decisions," said Dr. Jennifer Barker, who specializes in hormonal and glandular complications affecting children. "We've seen families decide to move forward to surgery, and some who choose not to."

Barker guessed that most of the team's physicians would feel unduly restricted by a ban, even as early surgery becomes less common.

The clinic deploys intersex people as patient advocates who can offer support based on personal experience. The most active volunteer is 40-year-old Noi Liang.

At birth, Liang appeared to be a normal baby girl. As she grew older, doctors discovered that — because of a rare chromosome condition — she lacked a uterus, and had internal testes rather than ovaries. When she was a teenager, doctors removed the testes, telling her they were removing potentially cancerous ovaries. Not until her early 30s did she discover the truth.

As a patient advocate, she sees parents worrying whether their children will be accepted by their peers.

"Isolation is a big piece of what they struggle with — they feel like there's no one else to talk to," Liang said. "They say it gives them a feeling of relief to speak with someone like me who more fully understands what they and their children are going through."

Several parents of intersex children have become activists, advocating against early surgery. Among them is Dr. Arlene Baratz, a Pittsburgh-based radiologist with two adult daughters born with the same condition as Liang.

"If there is a secret to raising healthy children," Baratz contends, "it is to accept and focus on what they are, instead of what they're not."

Topic: The Age of Un-Enlightenment
Posted: 24 Jul 2017 09:10

In this day and age, having a college degree is definitely a huge advantage. There are way more available opportunities to someone who barely got his General Studies degree than there are to some other intelligent person without one. That doesn't mean those same folks think it's "uncool" or "undesirable" to know how to read.

Your own comment later negates that theory... "But I know what you red state rednecks think about higher education. You are probably picturing a bunch of privileged white kids decked out in man-buns and jean shorts, sitting around a drum circle smoking weed and bitching about “safe spaces” in between philosophy classes. Am I right? " I do agree that this assessment is probably the picture that this 58% is talking about, that college is doing more (or less?) than educating someone for a degree/career as "doctors, nurses, teachers, dentists, accountants, architects, engineers". So, which is it? Do the 58% think being able to read is uncool or do they think college is bad because of man-buns, drums, weed, and safe spaces?

I mean, if these Lynyrd Skynyrd loving rednecks truly believed that knowing how to read is uncool or undesirable, none of them would send their kids to kindergarten, much less college.

Also, let's not confuse uneducated with unintelligent. They aren't necessarily synonymous. Hell, several times a week, I see teachers on facebook post all sorts of things with terrible/incorrect grammar and spelling. For all those doctors, nurses, teachers, dentists, accountants, etc..., they all have unlearned guys building their houses, plumbers, electricians, brick layers doing stuff for them. Not to mention all the other skilled labor out there. Welders, pipe fitters, crane operators... all these people know how to read and have lots of practical knowledge. They aren't any more or less dumb than the general population.

Knowing many of these types of people, I (and I'm sure you, too) know that most of those parents DO want a better life for their kids. Most of those laborers, and even the non degreed clerical/office type workers, want something better for their kids. They want them to go to college and better their lives and situations. Are there some mine workers that want little Johnny to join them in the mines? Probably. Do they all think that way? Probably not.

I'm down with a well educated populace, but that doesn't mean everyone should be able to recite Robert Frost. Some of those folks can be educated with practical knowledge like framing a house, safely moving heavy equipment, building bridges, farming/agriculture, working on utility poles and electricity, etc.

Whether or not education should be subsidized, that's a whole other debate.

The real economic death sentence is when a person isn't educated AND has no skill (and an unwillingness to learn) to turn a screw, float sheet rock, or install a fixture. Add in not even having a high school diploma or an ability to speak/deal with others, and you can't work in sales or other fields that require one-to-one interaction.

Topic: Purpose of Humility?
Posted: 30 Jun 2017 06:51

To me, being humble is a healthy attitude. Everyone has that one thing or things that they do better than most other people. It's okay to be proud of your abilities, but it crosses the line when you expect those abilities to garner you extra special attention and/or excuses you from crappy behavior. There's also fake humility, like when an athlete wins and award and wants to "thank God for giving me the ability... blah blah blah".

Mariah Carey comes to mind for the recent shots she's taken for her behavior while filming The House with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. She lacked so much humility, she's not even in the movie.

Being humble or not.. it's like American Idol. The contestants that are talking all kinds of smack... talking about how great they are and they're going to blow the judges away and they've been singing all their lives and everyone LOVES the way they sing. Then you have the people that are thankful for the chance to sing and audition, they're incredibly nervous and respectful of the judges. Usually.. the big mouths SUCK!!!!! While the humble ones kick ass.

Topic: Gay Men Touching Boobs For The First Time lol
Posted: 19 Jun 2017 10:31

Straight dudes touch penis for first time.

Topic: Gay Men Touching Boobs For The First Time lol
Posted: 19 Jun 2017 10:16

and vagina for the first time...

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