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Topic: Chick Fil A in The New Yorker
Posted: 16 Apr 2018 07:03

Chick Fil A's Creepy Infiltration Of NY

Okay, I realize lots of folks don't like CFA for their anti-gay stance. I don't seek out CFA too often but I do eat there every now and then. I just like their chicken. lol But, this dude is kinda going off the deep end, huh?

He really has an issue with their "eat more chikin" slogan and the cows. Boy, does he hate those cows.

"they’ve remained one of the most popular, and most morbid, advertising campaigns in fast-food history,"
"Though the Cows have never bothered to improve their spelling..."
"It’s worth asking why Americans fell in love with an ad in which one farm animal begs us to kill another in its place."

Topic: I need your help, Lushies
Posted: 12 Apr 2018 06:24

I appreciate everyone's input. Common theme is she has to want to leave. She does, and she did leave. She was gone for six months or so. Her kids ultimatum of her bf or her, that's what broke her. The only place she had to go was back to the family home, or else she'd lose her kids. By THEIR decision.... totally manipulated by him, but they are the ones that told her. She can't survive losing another kid..

I will definitely suggest she calls social services, but I can understand her fear there. If she reports him, and if they feel there is abuse (psychological) towards the kids, they'll be obligated to intervene. That will piss the kids off (they're 16ish) and they'll withdraw from her more. Plus, her husband can then relate the info about her suicidal attempts, and then she'll be in the crosshairs. He's really done a number on the entire family.

She does have her own bank account now, and a car that's in her name only. I'm encouraging her to get back to work asap and build up her account.

A battered woman's hotline or help is a good plan, I'll definitely suggest that. Even better if she can remain anonymous, for the time being.

I appreciate your input, MF. I knew that would be someone's point of view, and I might think the same thing if I'm reading this instead of writing it. But, I've known her for several years now. We've met a couple times and we've become good friends, she's been supportive of me and we've talked about all sorts of things. She's never asked anything of me and only in the last 6-12 months has the shit hit the fan for her. Maybe I'm a fool, but I really don't think she's lying to me or seeking attention. If I'm wrong, shame on me for not seeing what you see.

Topic: I need your help, Lushies
Posted: 11 Apr 2018 07:21

I didn't know where else to put this, so I came to the Tank. You all know I can be wordy but I'll try my best to be as short as possible.

I have a friend I met online several years ago. Over the years she and I have become close friends and confidants. We are not in a sexual relationship.

She grew up in a religious family/household and her grandfather was a preacher. Either of some non-denominational church or baptist, I forget which one. In high school, she got pregnant. Her grandfather forced her to put the child up for adoption and then stand before the congregation and confess her sins. As you can imagine, this has left a lasting impact on her.

When she and I became friends, I knew she was married. To a not-so-nice guy. She'd fallen out of love and he was not ready to move on. He is extremely jealous and possessive of her (even though HE is the one that wanted them to swing. he got off on her fucking another dude while he was there.. like she was his possession to share.. she hated it and thankfully, that phase passed) and he basically stalked her. He works with computers and bugged her phone. He installed a tracking device in her car. He forbade her from working.

He is often verbally and psychologically abusive, but rarely physically. If ever... but once.. we'll get to it. Once he found her in a car with her bf. That night, he grabbed her up, took her phone and keys, forced her into a car and dropped her off at a hotel. Somehow, the next day, she made it home. That's happened more than once.

Another time, after some blow up or another, he got really high on something. I dont' recall what. Taht night, he was out of his mind. He forced himself upon her, and while she didn't resist, she was fearful of him. He did his thing and then she balled up in bed when he fell asleep. So, basically he raped her even though she won't admit this to herself. Has said many times to me that he'd "never physically hurt me" and that night "he didnt' know what he was doing".

After a long time, a couple years, she finally mustered the courage and just enough money to leave him. I should mention, during the time she and I spoke, she became involved with an old bf, whom she still loved. He was also married but in the process of separation/divorce. She got into gov. housing and found a full time job and a night/part time job. She has seen a therapist for several years, so she was always working on her mental health.

Her ex hates her bf and he has tried to sabotage his career as a police officer. Once out of the house, her ex, who never did much with their children (that was her department) he became attentive to them and convicned them that she was a horrible person. And, that her bf was worse. Like, child abuse type worse. They refused to visit her and made an ultimatum. Him or them. (you can bet your ass this is all manipulation from her hubby)

Sadly, one day she took too much medication (intentionally or not, i think not but..) or the wrong mix, and she lost control. Her bf entered her apartment to find her holding a gun (the one he'd given her for protection) aimed at her chest. He got the situation under control. Somehow some kind of way, with good intentions, he took her phone and replied to her kids texts. They figured it out.. yadda yadda yadda.. hubby got involved and had her sent to a hospital where she stayed for a couple weeks. Once she was released, she went back home. Home with her hubby and her kids. Not sharing a room or bed with hubby, but there. Again under his roof and control.

She's been there for a few weeks now and was about to return to her apartment. He has blocked that move. He says that if she goes back to that apartment or even a new/different one, her bf will be able to visit. And he will not allow that. If she goes, he'll prohibit their kids (and one of them has toddlers) and grandkids from visiting AND he'll file papers revoking her parental rights with her recent mental breakdown as proof. So, she's stuck. Can't leave. She's accepted she can't be with bf anymore. That just isn't in the cards.

She will be returning to work soon and she will still have her own bank account, the one she started when she first left home. I don't know how long that'll last. He will slowly begin regaining more and more control over her. Eventually, he'll gain access to her money and leave her just enough to pay for gas and personal items. But, not enough to save for the future (when her kids turn 18 she plans to leave.. but you know about the best laid plans..). Then he's going to try to keep her from going to work and/or sabotage her at work. By the time the kids are gone to college, he'll have her completely dependent on him again.

So much for being short.. but I felt I had to give a solid view into her life. Psychological abuse is so much harder to deal with/prove.

I ask you... what can she do to help her situation? I've mentioned for a while that she needs to document anythign his says or does. Since he isn't physically violent, there's never any bruises or broken dishes/walls/furniture for her to photograph and document. She needs to screenshot and save any texts that are abusive or threatening or manipulative. But, it'll take alot of those to show a commonality?

I've mentioned she needs to hide a copy of her car key someplace she can access it, in case he throws her out again. And, I'll suggest a prepaid Visa with $100 or so on it, in case she's dumped at a hotel again. Maybe hide it in her phone case or anywhere she can grab it in the heat of the moment? Fuck, I don't know. She has an attorney but hasn't been able to pay the full retainer, so the lawyer hasn't been much help. And now that's she's back home, it'll be hard for her to get away to see any atty. I can't report him to the police because they already know of the affair and her hubby will claim her bf is the one reporting him and that'll complicate things even more. I could get her to call a hotline, but unless she's ready to report him on her own, there's not much that can be done with that. With the added threat of losing her kids, she won't jeopardize that.

Any advice you could give would be helpful. Very few in her life know the whole situation and she has little support. Even her folks want her to stay married and be "happy" with her hubby. My involvement and help is almost exclusively email/online. My own personal status makes it impossible for me to help in person.. and my presence in her life would further enrage her hubby. She's in no immediate danger right now, but the slow process to gain control of her is back in full swing. I say we have 2.5 years to save and plan for her exit. How can we make that transition go better than worse?

Sorry, to be so damn long winded but I felt this couldn't be expressed in a couple paragraphs. This woman's life and well being is on the line.

Topic: Alton Sterling
Posted: 27 Mar 2018 08:29

This is my neck of the woods...

Officers in the shooting of Alton Sterling are cleared of any wrong doing. Video of the incident, or parts of it, will be released. Apparently, the video before police arrive, show Sterling threatening someone else with a handgun.

According to the US District Attorney...

Officers ordered him to put his hands on a nearby vehicle, he refused and they tried to physically detain him. When that didn't work, he was tazed. That momentarily dropped him to his knees before he got up again. More struggle and Sterling was shot three times. He sat up, hand out of sight and was shot three more times. That killed him. He was found with a loaded gun in his hand.

I'll post the video once it's available.

Topic: Why do you like guns?
Posted: 22 Mar 2018 12:20

It is a lot harder to "spray and pray" with only 10 bullets in your gun vs. 50. If a mass shooter had to reload every 10 rounds, it would buy the authorities (or an armed bystander if you think such is a viable solution) more time to respond and targets more time to find cover. And these guys often deal with that by carrying multiple, pre-loaded guns, hence the calls to restrict numbers.

Fewer guns on the loose and secure storage rules means fewer guns to be stolen and make their way into the black market as well. Requiring things like bio-metric guns locks and safeties would help a lot, too. The fact is, a lot of the handguns being packed by gangbangers up here are stolen from US gun-owners and smuggled in.

A gun with "spray and pray" capability, with 50 rounds, is a machine gun. A fully automatic rifle. Those are illegal. Anyone who has a fully automatic gun has already broken the law.

One hand gun in each hand, each with an compliment of 8-10 rounds. After exhausting all rounds, dropping a clip and reloading will take about three seconds.

I think one thing opponents of gun/gun ownership/whatever should really do, is have a working knowledge of guns in order to offer valid opinions (not saying you dont' have a working knowledge)

People think a "semi-automatic" gun is a machine gun. They think it's like a movie and you hold the trigger and a billion bullets start firing and cars explode and gas tanks catch on fire and all sorts of shit. For information sake, for anyone reading.. a semi automatic gun is a gun that reloads itself "automatically" after you pull the trigger. But, you have to pull the trigger again to make it fire. Each round that is shot out of the barrel requires someone to squeeze the trigger.
I searched "dumb quotes about guns" and came up with gems like this. I didn't bother with who or where the video came from, the clips are real. One person actually says, "... it's legal to hunt humans". Um, not it's not. "... disperses 30 bullets in half a second..." Umm, no.


edit... I did not know the link would show that cockamamie image of Pres. Obama and I'm not making a dig at him personally or specifically

Topic: Why do you like guns?
Posted: 22 Mar 2018 07:13

So as far as I can see, people have guns for a) hunting, b) self defence, c) sport and d) investment. I don't really get the investment one. Is that like antique guns or discontinued lines? Also, wouldn't it make sense to limit the quantities people buy? And as well as the background checks and mental health checks suggested, maybe IQ tests too? Does anyone own a gun for any reason other than the ones I've mentioned? And shouldn't all civilian weapons be limited to a very low drum capacity? Excuse me if I've got the terminology wrong lol. But if you're hunting, there's no reason why you need the ability to fire more than a couple of bullets at a target, right?

I wouldn't say I like or dislike guns. To me, they're a tool just like a hammer or car or dishwasher. Yes, I realize the danger a gun presents and a dishwasher won't be used to kill another human being. What I like, is the constitutional right to buy/own a gun. Now, you might think I own lots of guns because of that. I don't. I have two guns in my house, an uncle's old Winchester Bushmaster (commonly nicknamed JamMaster for it's propensity to jam) 30-06 that I've used for hunting. Which I haven't done in years. And, my grandfather's old double barrelled side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun. Which I've never shot.

If it's legal to buy one, it has to be legal to buy 100. Personally, I think it's a waste of money but I don't think a limit solves anything. Background checks are already used. Mental health checks would be a slippery slope. IQ test.. i'd first require that of drivers. Lots of dumbfucks on the road.

Again, I don't see that how many rounds in a clip/magazine matter. In reference to the killing of people, I don't find killing 5 people more acceptable than killing 10.

For hunting rifles, having more than a couple bullets is pretty normal. Even the old 70's Winchester holds six. Thing with those rifles, no one wants to have to manually reload after every shot or two. All those hunters have spent time shooting targets and honing their aim. There'd be a lot of really bad aim shooters out there if they had to reload every 20 seconds while practicing or realigning the scope.

Topic: Which bands have you seen Live?
Posted: 15 Mar 2018 14:05

If I can recall them in order.. not as many as I wish I'd seen in my life...

Van Halen with UB40 and Joan Jett, Chicago, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Club Mtv w/ Gerardo, Bel Biv Devoe, C&C Music Factory (worked at venue), Travis Tritt with Trish Yearwood and some other dude (went with gf at the time, her thing), Paul Simon, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan.

Van Halen 5150 tour, first with Hagar. Good concert but I was partially distracted by the girl a few rows behind me. She was wearing a shirt that was long in back but very short in front. When she'd raise her arms, it was heavenly for a 14/15 year old boy.

Best concerts I ever say.. tough call. Paul Simon's show was incredible. Rhythm Of The Saints album, so there were lots of African drum/drummers on stage. Fucking awesome. Aerosmith was fun, but it was General Admission and pretty chaotic. Stones, was probably best. This was Steel Wheels tour, so Mick was still under 50 years old and put on one hell of a show. Man, that was good.

Worst, by far, unfortunately was Dylan. I love Dylan, but that concert SUCKED! Dude came out, never spoke to the crowd a single time. Just started playing and singing. A 2-3 hour set and he sang exactly one song that I'd ever heard before.

Topic: Federal voting age in the United States should be lowered from 18 to 16 years...
Posted: 09 Mar 2018 07:48

So here are two simple questions...

1. If a 16 year old is considered an adult when he commit a crime, why he should be considered as a child when it is time to debate politics and vote?

2. Since we allow 16 year olds to make life and death decisions behind the wheels going high velocity, seems like they should also have judgment enough to vote? Or how about allow 16 years old to vote, then drive at 18? Makes more sense :)

1. If a 16 year old is considered and adult when he commits a crime, why should he be considered a child when he has sex with a 20 year old?

2. Because life and death decisions are easy to make. Even stupid people know better than to drive headlong into oncoming traffic or drive 80 MPH on wet or icy roads. Driving takes skill and practice. Intelligence isn't prerequisite.

Topic: Federal voting age in the United States should be lowered from 18 to 16 years...
Posted: 05 Mar 2018 12:54

I knew that questions will be raised about the competence of 16 year olds to make informed choices in the voting booth... some may also argue that young people are impulsive and hotheaded, their brains not fully developed enough to make good judgments etc... Well, take our lives as an example, ... by the time we joined High School, the skills necessary to make informed decisions were firmly in place... by that age, we could weigh pros and cons, reason logically with facts and take time before making a decision... I agree that 16 year olds may sometimes make bad choices, but I think they do not make them any more often than adults do!

"by the time we joined High School, the skills necessary to make informed decisions were firmly in place...by that age, we could......"

If you believe that to be true, then why didn't you suggest lowering the voting age to 13/14 or whenever a kid enrolls in high school? What's the extra two year gap for? If they're already capable of making an informed decision, what's supposed to happen in those two years? Could it be maturity? Hmmm...

No, this would be a terrible idea. Come election season, too many impressionable minds (especially those that don't really know or care about politics yet) will be targeted by teachers and text books and lesson plans with less an objective of teaching history/language/whatever and more about how to manipulate those kids into voting according to the teacher's desires.

That goes both ways. Can you imagine all the Republican parents that would put their kids in religious schools, just to push their voting aged teens into alignment with their own beliefs?

Topic: Aziz Ansari Sexual Assault Allegations. Do you consider what he did sexual assault?
Posted: 20 Feb 2018 11:36

I was Johnny Quickdraw on alot of these allegations, but I'm sliding into position with Bill Maher. I really enjoy watching him. While I don't agree with everything he says or with all his stances, I do respect that he is always consistent. His postions and his thought processes are always the same and he isn't pulled further to the left just because he's "supposed" to. That's integrity. There's a lot of common sense in this conversation.


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