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Nothing special.. I like the same things everyone else does. Movies, music, sports, sex...
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I don't get the opportunity to read very much. I love to read, but with two kids it's hard to get enough quiet time to do it.
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Too many to list.. although the last book I read was by Wally Lamb.... I Know This Much Is True. Great book.. I'll definitely have to read more of his stuff.
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The Hangover, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Glory, Intimacy, Love Actually, lots and lots more.
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I like most music. The only thing I don't really like is rap, just not my thing. Well, I don't really care for polka music either. hahahaa


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Topic: Dirty Dancing remake?
Posted: 25 May 2017 05:30

Did anyone else watch this abomination last night? Holy crap, that was bad. Like, really REALLLLLLY bad.

DD is such a classic "chick flick", I saw it with my high school girlfriend when it first came out. Over the years, pretty much any woman I've been with, loved this movie, so I've seen it numerous times. It's not my favorite kind of movie, but, it's a well done movie for what it is. No denying the chemistry between Baby and Johnny, and they coudl both really dance.

This remake last night... wow, that was SO bad. Who greenlighted this?

Topic: Ladies what do you think about my dick?
Posted: 13 May 2017 06:23

I knew this dude was in for it. lol Definitely not good thinking on his part. But, let's not get too carried away? I mean, he didn't actually post a picture of his dick (admittedly, maybe he couldn't since he hasn't had enough forum posts yet) so, no one actually was forced to seeing his dick if they didn't want to see his dick. Secondly, you had to actually click on the forum link to see his dick, that wasn't there, then click another link. If you don't want to look at random dicks, don't click. He didn't (presumably) put his dick in anyone's inbox, forcing you to see it when you opened the message.

I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson and won't do it again. If he even sticks around. Possibly a future paying customer/member to Lush has been run off for good.

Topic: How Socially Liberal Surroundings Created Donald Trump
Posted: 08 May 2017 05:33

I challenge you to visit anywhere in Appalachia and explain to them the racial aspect of being poor. Just don't do it in Harlan County, KY. They have very short tempers when jerked around by strangers even in the best of times. And these ain't the best of times for them.
Do some research. You'll find most of the people who receive Federal assistance are not in any group you'd consider a minority.

Dude, I have family that lives in Appalachia. I have family in Arkansas, I have lots of kin folk in Mississippi, and even more in Louisiana. In fact, I live in the deep south, so I'm well acquainted with the perceptions of people in the south. Perceptions being the key. I wasn't talking about the poor, themselves. I said that some in the middle class, when discussing government assistance to the poor, they (the middle class, typically white people) have a racial component to their disdain. I also said that isn't true of all Trump voters (which is what the topic is about) don't see it through a racial lens.

Whatever the truth is on federal assistance, is irrelevant for my point. It's the perception, for some, that minorities are using "too much" assistance and/or abusing the system. Of course that perception is wrong based on fact, but the perception and belief still does exist.

Topic: How Socially Liberal Surroundings Created Donald Trump
Posted: 05 May 2017 14:46

Abby Normal!

The dying of a middle class created the (very justified) anger that created Donald Trump. And I'd say trickle-down economics and the increasing gap between the very rich and the rest of the country created the dying of a middle class.

I think you're right and you're wrong, in general. As for Trump being elected by angry middle class folks, they aren't the ones upset about the gap between themselves and the very rich. The people that voted for a very rich man, aren't angry that he's rich. No, the middle class Trump voters were more angry with the lower economic class that whom they feel aren't pulling their own weight. The feel they don't make enough and are taxed too much in order to pay for "handouts" given to the poor. There's certainly a racial tinge to that, but I wouldn't say that's true of all the Trump voters, many who were lifelong democrats.

The middle class that is angry with the very wealthy and the shrinking of the M.C., they voted for Hillary.

Topic: Berkeley and Ann Coulter: A Free Speech Issue?
Posted: 01 May 2017 09:16

Besides actual politicians, I find people in general are loathe to speak out against their own.

I'm sure you see it on your own facebook page. I've seen far right friends talking on and on about freedom of religion and attacking anyone who shares an article that generalizes Christianity in a bad light. Those same defenders of religion seem to go mute anytime one of their like minded friends shares an article that generalizes Islam in a bad light. It's selective outrage and a reluctance to look sympathetic to the "enemy".

People are people, no matter their affiliation, and people are shitty.

A liberal example. Last week there was an article that went around about an Army vet, suffering from PTSD, shot her service dog. She and her boyfriend tied it up or something, and used the poor dog as target practice. Everyone jumped all over this despicable human being, rightfully so. Both "sides" went after this woman. What I found interesting and an example of selective outrage is, NO ONE mentioned anything about guns, we should ban guns, people with mental illness shouldn't have guns.

Topic: Berkeley and Ann Coulter: A Free Speech Issue?
Posted: 01 May 2017 07:28

Yes, you can fire someone for something they say. That doesn't fall under the 1st amendment. If you say something that harms the brand that they represent (Like Don Imus and his "Nappy Headed Ho" comment), you can be fired.

This is just an Ann Coulter publicity stunt. She does this: make an outrageous comment or book a talk she doubts will actually happen when she's promoting a book (calling the 9-11 windows "witches" and "harpies" in 2006 (Godless, the Church of Liberalism) and said women shouldn't have the right to vote 2015 (Adios, America) or her dis-invitation to Fordham College 2012 (Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama).

She's a professional victim of circumstances of her own making. And she does it because it sells books.

I wasn't talking about someone harming a brand. Although, I think censorship in any form is disgusting, that's another debate. What I was talking about earlier was firing someone for speaking their opinions. Like a conservative business owner firing an employee who speaks out against Pres Trump. Or a liberal owner firing an employee that speaks out against Pres Obama. Or a Pro-Life person firing someone for speaking about advocating abortion.

It matters not why she's doing it.

Topic: The New York Times Will No Longer Use the Term Female Genital Mutilation
Posted: 01 May 2017 07:20

We have softened the tern, IMO. Sexual assault sounds like a man is smacking a woman with his penis.

This. When forcing a woman to have sex with you and a grabbing her boob are both "sexual assault", something is wrong. Don't get me wrong, grabbing a woman's breast is an awful thing to do, and should be dealt with accordingly. But, naming them the same thing softens the offense of rape.

Kinda like the sex offenders list that lumps rapist and child molesters in the same title as some dude caught taking a leak outside or a woman getting caught selling blowjobs. I don't fear either of those last two as a predator like I do the first two.

Topic: Berkeley and Ann Coulter: A Free Speech Issue?
Posted: 01 May 2017 06:48

As you yourself demonstrate with your link, cancelling events when the safety of the public can't be guaranteed isn't unusual. It's a sad thing, that the people causing that exist, but unfortunately they do. And they're not liberals or democrats, they're hooligans and anarchists. Are you suggesting, that Ann Coulter's right to free speech supercedes the Universities obligation to provide a safe environment for its students? Because safety was the reason to cancel the event, not what she had to say. They offered her other opportunities to speak. She was the one who chose not to use them. She was not denied, she declined.

That sounds eerily similar to whenever the KKK acts up and the conservatives say they aren't republicans, they're redneck hooligans. The deafening silence from the left is tacit approval of the tactics carried out by these hooligans and anarchists. Thankfully, some are finally speaking up, including the ACLU (who got a fair amount of hateful rhetoric spewed their way by soon-to-be former members), Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Too many on the left are letting the protesters carry on and shut up opposing views because it frees them (the left) from having to engage in dialogue or debate. They're taking the easy way out. By not standing up for the First Amendment when it is inconvenient to do so, the far left folks are pushing the moderately liberal people further to the left. People who are a little left of center see little to nothing in common with the far left.

I don't think it should be Berkeley's place to provide a safe environment, that's the responsibility of the city and/or state police. I do however think that Berkeley should have every administrator, professor, teacher, and student shouting from the rooftops that the hooligans need to stay home and vow to protect opposing speakers because Free Speech is something that should be vigorously protected.

Topic: Berkeley and Ann Coulter: A Free Speech Issue?
Posted: 01 May 2017 05:36

It most definitely IS a matter of free speech and Ann Coulter's was violated. Hate speech IS protected under the First Amendment, despite what Howard Dean says. Even Bill Maher agrees with this basic concept.


Liberal minded folks aren't the only ones guilty of justifying violation of people's rights when it benefits their point of view. Conservatives to it too, but on this particular topic, the liberal mindset is wrong. 100% wrong. The First Amendment doesn't only protect us from government punishing a person for speaking their mind, but society too. You can't fire someone from a job because they spoke in opposition of somehting the owner believes. You can't remove someone from whatever position they have in society because they speak with a different point of view.

Somewhere along the line the concept of protesting and preventing others from sharing their thoughts and ideas became synonymous. They aren't. You can protest what I say all day long, totally legal. But, if you prevent me from even having a chance to speak, you taken away my right of free speech in that moment.

Here's an example of protesters going beyond what's fair and normal with threats and veiled violence.

Portland Parade Cancelled

Topic: The New York Times Will No Longer Use the Term Female Genital Mutilation
Posted: 27 Apr 2017 06:09

Comparing FGM to circumsicion is like comparing an appendectomy to gall bladder removal or having your tonsils removed and having a lung or kidney removed. Like comparing a skin tag removal with a mastectomy.

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