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Nothing special.. I like the same things everyone else does. Movies, music, sports, sex...
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I don't get the opportunity to read very much. I love to read, but with two kids it's hard to get enough quiet time to do it.
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Too many to list.. although the last book I read was by Wally Lamb.... I Know This Much Is True. Great book.. I'll definitely have to read more of his stuff.
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The Hangover, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Glory, Intimacy, Love Actually, lots and lots more.
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I like most music. The only thing I don't really like is rap, just not my thing. Well, I don't really care for polka music either. hahahaa


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Topic: How Lack Of Touch Is Destroying Men
Posted: 28 Mar 2017 10:58

Lack Of Touch

I'm a touchy-feely person, but not everyone can handle touch. I've experienced many of these fears myself. When hugging a female friend, I'm always worried they'll think I've hugged too long for a cheap thrill. Which is never actually the case. My teenage son is very touch averse, especially from his dad. Even though in his early life I doted on him and hugged, touched, and kissed him. We held hands many times while in stores or whatever. That ended in grade school for him. My daughter, on the other hand, is 10 and she still LOVES holding daddy's hand. She's all about hugs and stuff. Walking into a store or church or anywhere, her hand instinctively reaches for mine. Every. Single. Time. I love it!

In a past life when I was a massage therapist, men have a much tougher time getting clients. Dudes won't go to a guy because they're freaked out by another dude rubbing on their nearly or totally naked body. Women are way more likely to see a male therapist, but still many women are fearful of the LMT being creepy and crossing the line. Still, others would get a massage while still wearing their bra, which provides them with a very inferior experience.

Topic: Pussy beer is here!
Posted: 28 Mar 2017 07:05

What better place to show and ad about Vagina beer than The Pub!!


Topic: Breaking News: Terrorist incident in London
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 05:59

So. what's the solution? These types of attacks are happening more and more often, and it should be dealt with. But how? It isn't possible or ethical to profile every single Muslim/Muslim looking person on the streets or to assume that every Muslim is a terrorist. However, it is clear that these things are going to continue and I fear the attacks will come more often and will get more and more "productive". Maybe Isis isn't actually behind it, but they certainly inspired it. So, really, it's the same either way. Whether it was an Isis sponsored attack or an attack by someone wishing to get Isis' attention or a pat on the back from them, it's all fruit of the same poisonous tree. We cannot continue on this path.

I don't know what the solution is, but something must be done. Really and truly, the best weapon we'd have to prevent these attacks is for people within the Muslim community to have a way to alert authorities if they hear/know of something brewing. An anonymous tip line or website where a conscientious person could make a call or post, and it not be traceable back to them. Would you have to weed out false info? Sure. But it's better than nothing? We need to empower people (especially women) to be able to leave the religion if they see fit and give them somewhere to go.

Sharia courts should not be allowed to exists in a manner that allows them to supersede the legislatively decided laws of a country.

It's a fine line between islamophobia and reasonable actions to protect citizens, but we can't just sit back and do nothing, can we?

Topic: Eyes....
Posted: 23 Mar 2017 11:27

Any discussion of eyes MUST include Elizabeth Taylor and her natural violets.


Topic: Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 05:34

About where I expected it to be. On Lush, I look like Pat fucking Robertson. In reality, not so much.


Topic: Rebel Girls: The Ugly Truth of Children's Books
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 14:59

I'm not suggesting that it needs to be Hermione Potter.

I'm suggesting that it is sexist to have one or two token females in a world where, by Rowling's own admission, in magic, there need be no disparity in strength. Yet, as I've said above, all of the strongest wizards are male. IDo you disagree with me? If you agree it's true, what we're saying here is that it can't possibly be sexist if we have even one thought-out female character.

It's like Clum said: it's in overall treatment. Are the females round? Are they stereotyped? Do they have anything that they want outside of a boy? I would say that Hermione is awesome. McGonagall is awesome. Luna, I like, too. However....Tonks spent an entire book pining over Lupin. Do we see male characters do that? Lavender Brown is practically a joke of teenage hormones. Bellatrix is cool but barely in it, except by reputation. Mrs. Weasley and Lily Potter are Moms. That's the source of their power. You never see that represented in males: the source of a man's strength is being a dad. Men are so much more than Dads, you see.

On the other hand, a female protagonist doesn't make a non-sexist story. Bella Swan is the main character in Twilight...and you bet your ass those books are sexist. Written by a woman and sexist as all hell.

However, the original Little Mermaid (written) surprisingly, is not. Written by a man. Go figure.

I think we just have a completely different view of things. I don't see HP having one or two token females. I see a multitude of important female characters. Hermione is an easy one. Also, let's not confuse number of appearances with importance. Luna isn't even in the first two or three books, and she's hugely important. McGonagall IS awesome. So, Tonks loves Lupin? So what. She was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix. I see your Lavender Brown and raise you Crabbe and Goyle.

Clum is right Arthur Weasley. He was a frumpy doting father.

Just to bring up Hermione again. She is the "mudblood". Rowling chose a very strong character to be the one that defends elves and mudbloods. One that could stand up to the "pure blood" prejudice. She gave that honor to Hermione, which makes her even more important. A defender of the less privileged.

The strongest wizards are male. Maybe. McGonagall was strong, Snape ran from a fight with her. Bellatrix, despite whether or not she was in a lot of story, was the most powerful Death Eater. No one wanted to fight her, man or woman. I don't see any indication that male wizards are any more powerful or fear inducing than female ones, based strictly on gender. Deloris Umbridge is another feared woman.

I think a story like HP isn't sexist, I jsut don't. Is there a problem with stories being written with female leads? Sure. But that's sexism in an industry, not necessarily that all male led stories are sexist.

I respect you believe what you do and I'm not trying to belittle your POV. I just think there are way more appropriate stories/books to illustrate your point than Harry Potter.

Topic: Rebel Girls: The Ugly Truth of Children's Books
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 13:40

I don't think it's necessarily about whether or not the protagonist is female, but rather about what role female characters, protagonist or secondary, play in the book, and how they are portrayed.

Classic stories like Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, where the main character is female, could still be considered sexist because the female is portrayed as essentially powerless and the conflict in the story can only be resolved by the actions of a man.

There is definitely an issue of underrepresentation of girls in children's literature, but the bigger issue is probably that so many female characters are created with little or no substance or relevance beyond their relation to the male characters.

I can see how those examples would be sexist, that's a different thing. The story itself is sexist, most certainly by today's standards.

But, Harry Potter and Hermione, not sexist at all. In fact, the gender of the characters in HP is mostly irrelevant to who the are and what they do. Aside the whole "boy who lived", his gender. The way Harry interacts with people has nothing to do with his or their gender. Hermione certainly had substance and her relation to Harry was one of pure equality. Neither she nor Harry would have had it any other way. Suggesting the story is sexist because it isn't "Hermione Potter" is silly.

Topic: Rebel Girls: The Ugly Truth of Children's Books
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 13:16

It's hard for me to understand how a book can be sexist based on the characters in it, rather than the story? If a book has boys as main characters in it, it's sexist? If it has no girls or girls in secondary roles, it's sexist? Is the only way for a book to not be sexist is for it to have lead female characters? I think the story line itself should be the determining factor in that.

I imagine many books written with boy characters are written by women, no? Are they sexist? Probably not.

They say, "write what you know." If I wrote a children's book, I'd probably write it from the point of view of a little boy, maybe based on experiences and life events in my own life. Stands to reason it would have a boy as the protagonist.

I'd rather examine a sexist book based on the story rather than the makeup of the characters.

Topic: Rebel Girls: The Ugly Truth of Children's Books
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 10:39

Also, it was mentioned that Lily Potter's sole use was her mother's love for Harry that protected him from Voldemort. That same love, in the form of self sacrifice (the ultimate hero thing for Lily and Harry) that Harry did in the end. It is extremely poorly done in the final movie, I was highly disappointed, but in the book it's more clear. When Harry sacrifices himself to Voldemort, to save his friends from certain death, it is his love for them that protects them from Voldemort's spells when he returns to Hogwarts with Hagrid carrying the supposedly dead Harry. Harry's most important act and characteristic CAME from his mother. His undying love for the people in his life. In this respect, Lily could be the most important role in the series, and certainly the most important trait in Harry.

edit... furthermore on Lily's importance, it is Snape's undying love for her that leads him to live a double life for the sake of her son. If not for her kindness for an awkward Snape when they were children, this story would be totally different. (another part of the final movie that was a let down, the public airing and exoneration of Snape by Harry, himself)

Topic: Rebel Girls: The Ugly Truth of Children's Books
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 10:20

A very worthy discussion going on here, and I totally agree there should be more stories with strong girls leading the charge. Couldn't agree more. But...

I think holding up the Harry Potter series as an example of stereotyping is off the mark. First of all, JK Rowling is a hard liberal and certainly not the type to pigeonhole girls as constant victims or in need of rescue by a boy.

Hermione was Harry's equal in nearly every way, if not superior in some ways. She was a strong character with or without Harry. But, she did not "make it all possible". She had a tremendous hand in it, but not alone.

Yes, most of the characters are boys, but it would be normal for a preteen boy to have mostly boy friends. Harry has two really close friends in his inner circle. One girl, one boy. His next two closest friends are Neville and Luna, again equal in importance to him.

If we want to point out that most of the heroes are boys, then we need to point out that most of the villains were male too. Only Bellatrix Lestrange is top level villain. If girls are equally able to save the day, they should be equally able to be the bad guy. I also think it's important to note that Rowling didn't feel the need to invent an evil female counterpart to Hermione. That would have been pretty stereotypical. No, Harry's three nemeses in Hogwarts were all boys and Hermione went up against them as such. There was no need to offer her a girl to conflict with. correction: Delores Umbridge was also quite villainous. But still, only two true female baddies.

I'd also say that as far as cool characters, Hermione and Luna were very cool. And, don't forget about Tonks! There were also a few decidedly UNcool male characters. Slughorn, Quirrel, and Lockhart come to mind. Hell, even Ron isn't cool. He's comedic relief, at least in the movies. In the books, he's less of a goof.

Having worked with teens in the past, I know many of them LOVE the HP series and I've never heard a single girl complain that girls weren't represented well or enough in those books.

There is a problem, no doubt, HP just isn't one of them. My son is a voracious reader and has read them all numerous times. My daughter doesn't have the same love of reading. Even as a toddler, she wouldn't sit still long enough to be read to. But, I'd be more than happy for her to read the Potter books. Truth be told, she is WAY tougher than my son. She's going to be a badass. It's more likely she grows up to be Katniss Everdeen or the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, than it is for him to grow up to be Luke Skywalker.

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