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I'm a shy, insular sort of person, easily affected emotionally. I love a good blub at the movies - if the ending warrants it. Some music also does it for me ('Dido's Lament' at anyone's funeral). I'm a committed pacifist and environmentalist and worry constantly about global warming (and think that the nay-sayers are nuts). I grew tired of urban living over 20 years ago, seeking refuge in this quaint rural backwater called Herefordshire. Pursuits and pastimes: walking, cooking, photography, foreign travel. Joining Lush has been the best thing I've done in years. I've had some wild times, both in the Lush Rooms and via private chats. My hero is Bob Dylan (who I've seen live in concert 10 times) amd my favourite deceased hero is the English comedian Peter Cook. I quit full-time journalism some years ago, but still love writing. I have had two novels published and am working hard on a third, which will be set in my beloved Cuba. J.B. Morton (aka 'Beachcomber') was the funniest writer who ever lived, and the court transcripts of the trials of The Red-Beared Dwarfs are the best of his work. Favourite film stars? Kim Novak (natch!) and the incomparably-beautiful French actress Bulle Ogier. If I had the nerve to go to a fancy dress party dragged up, I would most certainly go as Bulle Ogier, wearing a copy of the costume she makes her entrance in as the cruel dominatrix in the BDSM classic 'La Maitresse'. I've now chalked up 18 Lush stories. My favourite? Probably 'Night Sleeper to Madrid', because the woman ticket inspector turns out to be extremely naughty and I've always adored being led astray by wanton women.

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Favorite Books:
'Parade's End'; 'High Fidelity'; 'The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists'; 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold'; 'Love in the Time of Cholera'; 'Longitude'; 'The Ginger Man'; 'The Bumper Beachcomber'; 'Scoop'; 'The Kandy-Coloured Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby'; 'Tragically I Was an Only Twin' (all Peter Cook's scripts).
Favorite Authors:
Dickens, Hemingway, Highsmith, Zafon.
Favorite Movies:
'Bell, Book and Candle'; 'Vertigo'; 'Blade Runner'; 'The Third Man'; 'Robin Hood' (Errol Flynn version); A Matter of Life and Death'; 'Some Like It Hot'; 'Paris, Texas'; 'Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?'; 'Snow White'; 'Polar Express'; 'The Last Waltz'; 'Closely Observed Trains'; 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (Gene Wilder version); 'Carol'.
Favorite Music:
Koln Concert (Keith Jarrett); EST (Esbjorn Svensson Trio); 'All Things Must Pass' (George Harrison); The Travelling Wilburys; 'Old Ideas' (Leonard Cohen); 'Highway 61 Revisited' (Bob Dylan); Benny Goodman's 'Jazz at Carnegie Hall'; 'Different Trains' (Steve Reich); 'Django' (MJQ); Buena Vista Social Club; and 'I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free' (Nina Simone), which I've asked to be played at the end of my funeral service.
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03 Sep 2013
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26 May 2016
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Topic: Do you enjoy eating Pussy? or do you pass
Posted: 22 May 2016 16:59

Would happily stay there all day.

Topic: If you got £1/$1 every time you masturbated, what could you buy?
Posted: 21 May 2016 23:48

An oceon-going superyacht with a crew of six, complete with a large wine cellar full of vintage champagne.

Topic: Procrastinating: What should you be doing right now instead of being here?
Posted: 21 May 2016 21:41

6.00am Leaving a naughty message for a Lush friend, so she'll find it when she wakes up, and perhaps it will make her wet.

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 19 May 2016 03:26

I'd love a Moquito right now, but the ingredients take so long to assemble that it's easier to have a couple of fingers of French brandy. Cheers!

Topic: Do YOU, as a GUY, GET OFF on LESBIAN Porn?
Posted: 15 May 2016 20:56

Love it, when it's well done.

A friend recently put me on to 'scissoring' (a girl-on-girl fucking position I was unfamiliar with).

I found some truly steamy clips of beautiful young women having a joyous time scissoring together.

Topic: Very Bi curious, dont know how to act upon.
Posted: 09 May 2016 21:23

And if you want to do your homework properly, I can thoroughly recommend the BI-CURIOUS and BISEXUALITY pages on Wilipedia. The latter is much more informative, and even includes an alphabetical list of known bisexual celebrities.

Topic: What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted: 09 May 2016 09:14

It's Billy Joel's birthday today. I'm so happy for him.

Topic: Who should be the next US president?
Posted: 04 May 2016 01:20

Anyone...simply anyone...even Mr McGoo...anyone, but The Donald!

Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 03 May 2016 22:30

Please can I second Horndogdad's nomination?

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 02 May 2016 09:28

A small nip of French brandy, straight. Oh, ok then...I'll have another, if you insist!

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Stories Published By pentup47
Father Figure

I never really knew my father. I had only just turned seven when Mum and Dad split up. He'd told her one night that he was going to set up home with his secretary (the usual scenario: middle-aged man trades in spouse for a younger, sportier model). Mum was devastated and grappled with acute depression for months, but managed to hold down her job, as a senior supervisor at our local...

Added 16 May 2016 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 2,827 | 5 Comments

My First French Lesson

I had been polishing my skateboard on the front porch when my best friend Stevie came by on his mountain bike. He had just finished his paper round. I was gingerly positioning an image of the Cuban flag across the base of the board. "Fancy riding downtown? There's something I want to show you in Jake's deli." "Sure, as soon as I've finished this transfer." I fetched my bike from the garage...

Added 01 Apr 2016 | Category Masturbation | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 7,328 | 10 Comments

My Personal Adonis

I stood on the courthouse steps, fighting back the tears. My pathetic attorney faced me, still wearing his black gown, clutching a huge pile of court papers. I had just endured a torrid five-hour divorce hearing, in which a wholly-unsympathetic panel had denied me custody of my child and awarded me a derisory alimony. My 'crime', it would seem, was a one-night stand with a guy I'd met in...

Added 30 Nov 2015 | Category Seduction | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 2,745 | 13 Comments

The girl with green hair

"Is this cab taken?" Languorously, she lifted her green mascara-clad eyelids and gave a half-smile. "'Fraid so." I'd left the party in the local wine bar and decided to get home before I passed out. I was feeling pretty squiffy. Two taxis cruised by with their engaged signs on. It began to spit with rain. I looked through the back window of the parked cab. The interior light was on....

Added 07 Nov 2015 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.64 | Views 5,668 | 10 Comments

Summer pranks on the Subway

Subway, Metro, Tube: all are urban transit systems (mostly underground) which you can encounter in New York, Paris or London. Most of the time they are crowded. And in summer, they are usually stifflingly hot. Tina and her Russian partner Tamsin had been living together for a year in Stepney, one of the few 'un-gentrified' quarters left in central London. Litter blew in the streets and...

Added 23 Oct 2015 | Category Lesbian | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 6,530 | 4 Comments

High End Hooker

I've been around the block a few times, I don't mind admitting. The name 'escort' has got pretty besmirched of late, thanks to all the new East European teenage 'scrubbers'; and 'courtesan' is a word that most punters can't get their heads around, let alone pronounce (I'm thinking here of the Russian oligarchs). So I regard myself simply as a high class lady for hire. And that's what it says...

Added 29 Jun 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.56 | Views 15,836 | 5 Comments

Night Sleeper to Madrid

Professor Maurice Kershaw waited patiently on the cold railway platform of Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris. It was shortly before 8.00 p.m. and he was anxious to gain the warmth of his reserved sleeper compartment on the overnight train to Madrid. He spotted the gaggle of four uniformed sleeper car stewards pass through the ticket barrier. They peeled off to open up their respective carriages...

Added 10 Jun 2015 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 4,329 | 7 Comments

Miss Abrahams' descent into depravity

"Come and sit down please, Melanie? I shan't keep you a moment." "Yes, Miss Abrahams." Melanie dutifully took a seat in front of the Deputy Headmistresses's huge mahogany desk. The middle-aged spinster, head bowed, continued to study a sheaf of documents in front of her. Melanie decided it was just bluff, designed to unnerve her. Finally, the woman slipped the papers into a plastic...

Added 29 Mar 2015 | Category Group Sex | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,330 | 5 Comments

Night Nurse

"Oh dear! Did we have a little accident in the night, then?" Heavily-accented and in her best admonishing tone, the pretty young Scottish nurse looked down at the semen stain on Michael's bed sheet. "Err... wet dream, nurse." She took a step back and looked ascance at the muscular 36-year-old, her hands planted on her hips. "At your age, Mr Reynolds? I hardly think so; nocturnal emissions...

Added 03 Feb 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 11,221 | 11 Comments

Mistaken Identity

Michael had been in Havana for four days and still hadn't got laid, despite the assurances of a work colleague (who had raved about Cuba as a holiday destination for singles) that it was 'as easy as falling off a log'. The hookers on the notorious Prada avenue were all dumpy and overweight and clad in lurid purple or orange lycra body suits, and there had been a recent police purge of the...

Added 17 Jan 2015 | Category Trans | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 16,133 | 18 Comments

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