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Over 90 days ago
Straight Male, 57
0 miles · Denver


Hello there,

First, I am intensely curious. And as you can tell from my stories, I’m into power exchange, spanking women, tying them up, telling them when to come and when not to (and edging the hell out of them, which so many enjoy). If you tell someone they can’t do something, all they want to do…. I tied my first gf up when I was 16, and most every one since then, so I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m good at it. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that as a Dom, your most important duty is to take care of your sub. As a Domme and friend taught me, submission is a gift, perhaps the most amazing and brave gift someone can give. A great Dom figures out what their sub needs, what their limits are, and then gives them what they need (which is often not what they want). I always push my subs to take better care of themselves, push them to be better people. All that being said, I do enjoy straight sex, making out and holding hands. A foolish romantic, even though life occasionally teaches me that maybe that isn’t wise.

I’m dyslexic (who made that word so damn hard to spell??), and a horrible speller. I have a dog. I don't own a microwave, and love going out to good restaurants (sushi, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, steak, Mexican). I’m not materialistic, or I try hard not to be and not to accumulate stuff, but in the US it’s not easy. I believe in (or hope for) karma, and making the world a little bit of a better place.

I’m incredibly fortunate and feel blessed; I have a great life. I'm currently in an amazing D/s relationship that started with her reading my stories on Lush, then sending me an email on FetLife, so that's wild.

Outside the sex stuff, I write Sci-fi and Fantasy. Other than that, I'm somewhat of a typical guy--I like sports, keeping in shape (yoga, running, biking, hiking), and love good restaurants. I like to travel - I've been to over 20 countries (New Zealand, Scotland and Croatia are my favs) and I'm going to S America soon. I studied martial arts for nine years, and taught dog and puppy training classes as a volunteer for four or five years.

Favorite Books
American Gods, City of Thieves, Life after Life, the Martian, the Book many, I could go on and on.

Favorite Authors
Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Phillip Kerr, Alexandre Dumas

Favorite Movies
The Town, Love Actually, True Romance, History of Violence, Collateral, Exit through the Gift Shop, Ex Machina, Blade Runner

Favorite TV Shows
Elementary, Life in Pieces, Lovesick, lots of sports

Favorite Music
Weezer, Tickle Me Pink, the Pretty Reckless, alt-j, the Naked and the Famous
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Erotic Reading
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