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2 months ago
Straight Male, 43
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If you enjoy my silly stories, please drop by my website and say hello. On my site, you'll be able to find more in-depth information about my crazy characters, as well as things like:

-character photos
-unedited versions of my work
-stories not found on here
-audio versions of stories
-further experiments, like video stories. 

You can also get the full, novel-length version of The Second Place Sister, as well learn more about the wider world of slutdom I've been crafting.

As always, thank you for your support!

Long time reader, and writer of silly, dirty stories. Into a great variety of kinks, but probably one of the most normal guys you'll ever meet. I write my stories for enjoyment more than anything. My work tends to run long, due to my slow burn writing style. I find that what leads up to sexy situations is really what eventually makes the sexy, well, sexy. So, I try to write fun and interesting characters that people will enjoy sticking with over the course of a story, and root for when they do get themselves into the extremely dirty fuck sessions that are a staple of my stories. My writing tends to lean heavily toward good-girl-gone-slut themes, as that's one of my favorite personal kinks, and I just don't find enough interesting stories out that follow this theme. If you enjoy innocent girls getting turned into hardcore fuck dolls, then you'll enjoy my stuff. 

Ever since dial-up internet and the days of AOL I've loved exploring the variety of sexual kinks that people have. I especially have a love for sexually liberated women, or what some might label sluts. There's something so fun and attractive about women who can give in to their carnal desires and just enjoy whatever they want. If I could find a good slut, I'd marry her. 

I'm always open to chatting and sharing experiences or what have you.

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The Homewrecker, Episode Two: Raymond

Cockteasing Caitlin Seduces her Father's Friend

Raymond was a friend of Caitlin's father and a contractor for his business. He ran a small operation but had recently upgraded some software that necessitated a deal of manual labor. In order to get his information from a set of old spreadsheets and into...


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