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Over 90 days ago


Isadora is my name; the beach front is my home. The ocean has been my friend along with all her inhabitants. I come from a place that is rich in culture, nature and well-being. I write about things that affect or concern me and of those that need to be heard. Sometimes dark other times beautiful but mostly about Love. My Soul is chained by undying Passion that is fueled by Intense Lust...

The Elements of Nature dominate my Existance. The Moon, the Ocean and the Stars. I am a Furious defender of all living things for respect to all flows thru my veins. If we have not interacted on the site, it is appreciated that you send a message telling a bit about yourself prior to requesting an add I look forward to learning about different styles of writing and once in gear my works, experience the thrill of pushing the "submit" button. Love yourself, have sex as much as possible and laugh your ass off...but be nice..Karma is a Bitch..

Favorite Authors
HK4167, the Master Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Stephen King
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If I were to say all you are to me straight out No fear to hold me back, nothing at all The words would not be understood, not as they should So much I wish to say yet it never comes out right A cut off sentence, incomplete paragraph Tangled languages wea...