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Anal Experimentation

I let you pop my anal cherry, and isn't it sweet?
I threw my keys and purse on the kitchen table, trying to be quiet. I wasn’t sure if you were asleep or not. I unlaced my dusty hiking boots and carefully laid my equipment in my office. I’m a freelance photographer, and I’d been up in the mountains all day shooting portfolio shots for some wanna-be model. It was hot, and had it not been for the bug repellent, I’d have been eaten alive. It was late; I couldn’t remember what shift you were on at the local hospital.

I left all my dirty clothes by the washing machine and darted, naked, and slipped into the bathroom from the door out in the hall. I turned on the water and took out my contacts. My eyes are a brown, but the lighting makes a difference. Even covered in dried sweat and grime, my long dark hair a mess from the wind, I felt sexy. My c-cup breasts are perky, with lovely pink nipples at just the right spot to give the playboy bunnies a run for their money. If I did pictures of myself, I would definitely do nude shots. You would enjoy that for Christmas.

I keep in shape, at the gym and hauling all my equipment everywhere. I didn’t have abs, but a flat stomach, a pierced navel which you love, and I keep myself waxed or shaved bare. I have a little vagina, you always say so. I can’t help being short; but my legs are toned and I don’t haul thirty pounds of equipment without getting arm muscles.

In the shower I scrubbed furiously to get the smell of bug repellent off my skin, washed out my long hair and step out of the warm water reluctantly. I don’t want to go to cold bed, without you to help me warm it up. I am as quiet as possible, and shut the lights off in the bathroom, and go into the bedroom and blink.

You’re home, in bed, reading some medical journal that’s always so boring to me. You grin your lovely grin at me, and despite my exhaustion I leap onto the bed and kiss you. You’re as naked as I am. I can smell that you showered; your body wash my favorite scent in the world, fresh on your skin.

“How did it go today?” You ask me as I get comfortable on my stomach, putting a pillow under my hips (the only way I can sleep) and face the door.

“It was horrible. I don’t know why she thinks she’s going to be a model; she can’t pose to save her life. She has to wear so much make up it looks like spackle. I don’t know how I’ll get her to look good in any of the 800 shots I took today. God forbid she wants any shots that you could take an off-road vehicle to, either! I had to haul all my gear everywhere, up a goddamned mountain through a forest! I’m so tired.” I complain, and you listen. You put your journal away and start to kiss my back and rub slow circles everywhere.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get home.” I feel your erection on my skin. Normally I’d be more than willing to jump your bones, but I’m so tired…

“Babe, I want too, but I’m so-“Our lovemaking is quite active, we like a lot of different positions everywhere in our house. I’ve pulled muscles from fucking, and so have you.

You kiss my words away gently.

“Shhh, you just lay here. I want to try something new. Just relax Hal…” After you stack another two pillows under my hips, you get out my favorite peppermint lotion and start to rub it into my back and legs, your strong hands massaging my aching muscles. I can’t help but sigh and moan under your touches. You kiss your way down my spine, each vertebrae getting a kiss.

You spread my butt cheeks, and slowly start to lick and kiss your way down to my puckered, virgin anus. I’m wet by now, and you put a finger in my vagina, and slowly finger me. You lick and lick me, and my moans and sighs grow louder.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Hal.” You slowly work a finger into my clenching ass. It feels so strange, and new, and wonderful. I’m enjoying this anal experimentation much more than I thought I would.

Once I get used to your finger, you try another one. It’s like trying to fuck a longneck beer bottle, you say, I need to relax some more. You start rubbing my clit, and I start to loosen up.

You’ve gotten two fingers inside me, and I’m panting, trying to draw more in. It feels SO good, I love it.

“More…” I whine, you’re teasing your fingers out of my anus. They pop free and I want to cry at the loss of them. Then I hear the ripping open of a condom. Seconds later, you’re rubbing lube on my hole, and I feel your cock pressing into my anus.

You go slowly; I want more, I’m greedy to feel your nine inch meat fill my ass. But you know more than I do, two fingers don’t compare to your cock and it takes a while for you to get in all the way.

You’re playing with my clit as you insert yourself inside me, and I’m tugging at my nipples, feeling close to an orgasm. You can tell from my clenching and panting that I’m close, and rub my clit harder.

As your balls bounce against my cunt, your dick up to the roots in my anus, I loose myself in an orgasm. I wither and moan, having on other the most intense orgasms of my life. I feel like jelly, coming off of such a high.

Then you start to fuck me. Slow and easy, relishing the pressure I put around your weapon of anal destruction. You pull out almost all the way, and then work yourself back in.

I’m going to go crazy at the sensations. You’re fucking me back to an orgasm. I must have had three before you start ramming me at full speed, all the while you rubbing my clit.

You’re groaning and I’m practically begging you for more, and then you ram yourself in as deep as you can. You swear and hold my hips as you ejaculate. I cum once more and collapse, completely wrung out from your back-door fucking.

You pull out and then lay atop of me, our skin moist with sweat. You kiss my shoulder and neck.

“Did you mind it?” You whisper in my ear, shy and nervous I didn’t enjoy it enough to want to repeat it.

“Why haven’t you ever fucked me like that before?”

“I don’t know. I was afraid you wouldn’t enjoy it.” Sleep wants to claim me, but I have to tell you before I fall asleep.

“If you don’t make repeat performances like that, you can find yourself a new girlfriend.” I can feel you smile in my shoulder as you rub my neck slowly. I can’t believe you could get so much pleasure from anal sex, and I sure want more.

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