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Anal: My introduction

I wouldn't give it to him, so he took it....
When I closed my eyes I was wrapped in the warmth of Mike's arms. Hours later I could feel myself slowly drifting out of sleep. Groggy, I tried to turn over but felt some resistance. I pulled and realized my arms weren't moving, my legs too.

I opened my eyes slowly and immediately saw Mike's smiling face. I looked to confirm that he had me bound to the posts of the bed, spread, unable to move.

"You are a little vixen!" Mike said as he leaned forward and kissed my lips gently. "You have teased and tortured me more than one man can bear! It is my turn!" He gave me a mischievous grin, I then noticed he was totally naked and he was gently pumping his cock with his hand.

"I am going to masturbate for you." I groaned aloud, he knew how hot it made me, how I loved to lick his cleanly shaven balls, wrapping my lips around his cock.

He straddled my legs and continued to stroke his cock. I watched him stroke and gave him my best pout face. "Please, let me go. I want to touch you!" I begged.

"Oh you will...when I tell you to!" I started to list off the benefits of letting me go when I felt a gag being brought down over my head, the ball gag from the bottom of the chest, I surmised. Quiet, I simply watched him stroke. The throbbing in my pussy became intense.

Mike moved up and straddled my chest. He rubbed his cock all over my face, leaving a small trail of precum. Then he moved farther up and while he stroked rubbed his balls up and down my face.

"Will you be quiet if I take off the gag?” He asked and when I nodded he pushed down the gag. My mouth was immediately filled with his sac. I licked and sucked. He pulled back to angle and suddenly my mouth was filled with his shaft. He fucked my mouth with slow deep strokes.

“You want to taste my cum?” I groaned, trying to say yes with my mouth full. “Well my prim and proper princess you will be tasting my cum, as you can lick it off of your face.”

Mike pulled out of my mouth and vigorously stroking his cock he squirted hot cum on my face. He left a trail of his stickiness around my mouth. I could feel it dripping down my cheeks. “Use that tongue to lick it up!!” I listened obediently and managed to lick up some, but could feel some of his cum still dripping down my face.

“Now to use your other holes.”

Mike used his tongue to spread my pussy juices and then his cock was at the entrance of my pussy, ready to push in. My eyes flew to his, silently begging him.

“Tell me what you want!” He commanded

“I want you to fuck my pussy!” With that plea he drove into my dripping pussy. I loved his endurance.

The whole bed shook with his pounding. I wanted to wrap my legs around him, touch him with my fingers. When he stopped he undid my legs. I was elated. Then he pushed my legs towards my head. I sent him a questioning look but didn’t struggle. I was securely bound with my feet by my hands and my entire bottom was up in the air.

“How long have you been saying you would try anal?” Mike asked pointedly.

“I....but...” He slipped the ball gag back in place.

“I only want to hear your moans.”

I felt so exposed. I could feel my juices running down the crevices of my legs, my face still coated in his cum.

He bent down, putting his face to my pussy. I was shocked when I felt him lick my intimate little hole. He caressed it with his tongue and began to finger my pussy while he licked it.

“Enough of your teasing and promises, I am going to take your ass now!” He punctuated his words with several resounding smacks on my ass cheeks. I moaned behind the ball gag, wishing I could beg him to mount me again. “And I will not let you cum until I fuck that tight ass of yours.” Again he landed more hard slaps on my cheeks. “You are a very bad girl depriving me!” Smack, smack, smack.

My cheeks now stung, and I groaned as he fingered my pussy. “You are so wet my sweetness.” He bent again to lick my hole, but this time he also used his finger, pushing it into my tight virgin hole. I bucked and moaned in pleasure. The sensation was also one of slight discomfort, but such pleasure!

Smack, smack, smack. “See my Tease, how good this feels. And I could have been fucking your hole for years.” I furtively hoped he would be happy with finger fucking my hole.

He lubed up my ass and put the head of his cock at the entrance, just applying enough pressure so that it was clear what hole he was aiming for. He began massaging my clit while he continued to push against my ass. I was so hot and wet having his fingers on my clit that wanting to cum was all I could think about.

He pushed his head in and I was awash with the pain of being violated for the first time and an intense pleasure I have never felt before. He continued to play with my clit, but his touch was light so I couldn’t cum. “You like that? Like my cock in your ass?” All I could do was groan. He slowly pushed it in further, filling and stretching me. Slowly he pulled all the way out and stopped playing with my clit.

“You want more?” I didn’t know if he was asking about anal or clit play, but I nodded vigorously. He started playing with my clit again and fed his engorged head into the tight hole for a second time. Slowly he moved his shaft in and out. He reached forward and removed my gag.

“You ready to be fucked?” I paused and was ready to decline when he removed his finger from my clit and started to pull out. I recalled his threat that I was not going to be allowed to cum unless he got what he wanted.

“Yes.” I said quietly.

“Tell me!” He commanded.

“Fuck my ass!” I shouted. Still impaled inside of me he turned to the side to get something, he produced clothes pins and before I knew it they were attached to my hard nipples. I cried out from the pleasure pain and he chose that moment to drive his cock hard into my ass. He began to fuck my ass slow and deep. I felt so stretched and violated, but the pleasure had me undone. Especially when it mixed with the incredible sensations from having my nipples clamped. I begged him to fuck me harder.

He continued to drive into me as he bent down to kiss my lips and whispered to me “are you my anal slut?”

“Oh yes...” I answered breathlessly.

It was then as he drove into my ass relentlessly that he produced my clit toy. He put it on my clit and new sensations coursed through me, heightening the pleasure I was already feeling. I could feel the pressure, the heat flush through me, the mindless building of ecstasy. I was going to cum.

“Cum in my ass!!” I demanded as I lost myself in the most intense orgasm. I vaguely heard Mike cry out with his own orgasm and felt his cum fill my stretched hole.

He leaned down again and kissed me.

“My love, that was fantastic!”

“Mmmm, it was, wasn’t it?”

“Although it was only your first lesson in anal, there are many more to come. Will I have to tie you up for them as well?” He chuckled at the shocked look on my face.

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