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Best Sex Ever - First Anal

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My first anal and easily the best sex of my life...
I got the room and was waiting inside when he arrived. I was a little irritated. He was late and I have a rule about that and about getting the room too. I don’t do it. I texted him with the room number and told him he’d now broken several of them. I have rules – No sex without a condom, no cumming in my mouth, I don’t get the room and you have to be on time. I’ve broken most of those rules with this man. What is it about him?

He knocked on the door and I answered, turned immediately around to lay my laptop on the desk, still completely dressed. He was going to have to earn this.

He said, “There are rules?”

I said, “Yes. You've somehow managed to break nearly all of them.”

Ben is more than 10 years older than me. He is sexy as hell though. Salt and pepper hair is so hot to me. He’s very fit, especially for someone “his age” and very good looking. He’s the kind of man that if I met him on the street, I’d look twice and secretly wonder what kind of lover his was. I have only been with him once, but he completely swept me off my feet. I already know he’s a great lover, but I was about to learn the first time was nothing compared to the way he was going to treat me now.

He grabbed me, pulled me to him and kissed me like only he can. I wanted to stay mad, but within seconds of his warm tongue in my mouth, I’d forgotten. He kissed me long and hard and said he was sorry.

I felt the bulge in his pants and in one quick movement, he’d pushed my pants to the floor and pulled my blouse over my head. He turned me around to unhook my bra and gently pushed me onto the bed on my stomach. I assume that’s when he dropped his pants.

I quickly felt his hot mouth and tongue on my back – kissing, licking, sucking. With his knee he pushed my legs apart and grabbed my hips to pull me onto my knees. I didn't even have time to process what was happening by the time I felt his tongue on my hot pussy. He licked from my clit all the way back to my ass and then pushed one finger into me, while continuing to tongue my ass. His free hand was tugging at one of my hard nipples.

He kept finger fucking me until he decided it was time to let me cum. I felt his finger curl inside me to find my gspot. He barely even found it and I came so violently and loud that I think I surprised even myself. I squirted hot juice all over the bed and him, which only seemed to inspire him more. He licked and lapped up my juices and continued to push on that special place making me cum in waves.

With his fingers still inside me, he flipped me over on my back. He sucked each of my nipples, so hard I’d find bruises later. I continued to cum in waves as he removed his finger and pushed his hard cock into me. And then he was completely on top of me.

His eyes found mine. Eye contact is such a dangerous thing. We settled into a slow, deep fuck, maybe even love making. We kissed until we were breathless. I was overwhelmed with the pleasure of it all, even a bit emotional, which was somewhat surprising. Perhaps it was my irritation before he got there, mixed with his desire to please me so completely. Perhaps I’m treading on some edges of feelings. I’m not sure.

I actually don’t know how long we stayed in that missionary position, my legs wrapped around him, ankles crossed in the back and his arms wrapped around me so that we were completely tangled. I know that I came over and over and we blended into one being, from our deep kisses to our limbs and of course with sex. I shuddered and clinched and came so hard I fell limp.

We were only just starting though. He hovered over me and just watched me as if he could see all the way to my soul. I came back from the orgasm induced daze just in time to feel him grab a pillow from above my head and put it under my hips. He wanted to taste me more.

I’ve gone quite a while without regular sex, up until the last month or so anyway. I’ve gone even longer without someone that was really eager to perform oral sex on me. In fact, I’ve only had a couple of lovers in my life that really wanted to taste me. Oh sure, they say they like it, but they just never seem to get around to it. That is definitely not Ben though. He seems to absolutely adore having his head between my legs. My thighs were still trembling from my last orgasm when he pushed my legs apart and dived in with his tongue.

I’ve heard there are lots of oral sex techniques, but I firmly believe there’s only one truly effective oral sex technique. You must be in tune and communicate with your partner. Don’t misunderstand. Ben didn’t ask me what I liked, but he paid attention to my responses. For me a combination of things happening is great. Paying attention to my clit is great. Combining teasing my ass and using your fingers with your tongue is great.

Ben did all of those things. He hummed and blew gently on my swollen lips. He sucked and licked and probed with his tongue. I laid there pulling at my nipples and grasping at his hands. Sometimes he held them tightly and at one point even put one of my hands in his hair. I gently massaged his head as he gently massaged my pussy with his tongue. It was so hot and sensual. I came over and over with no concept of quantity or time.

He flipped me over again and pushed his firm hand down on the curve in my lower back to push me flat on the bed. He positioned the pillow under my lower abdomen, seemingly putting my ass on display. He straddled my thighs and leaned forward to kiss and nibble on my shoulders and back. I could feel his hard cock against my ass and the length of his body on top of me. At first, I pushed up with my arms, arching my back but soon gave way to the pleasure and just planted my face in the sheets.

I was so wet, a combination of my cum and his saliva. He was sliding his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass. I moaned every time the head of his cock teased my ass. He pulled back and ran his tongue exactly where his cock had just been, pausing at my asses entrance to lube everything up well. I loved it. He could tell.

He began fingering my ass. I grunted and moaned loudly. He obviously knew what he was doing. I don’t have a lot of anal experience, but have found in the past those that have tried were just kind of poking and prodding with no real understanding or purpose. Ben had purpose and he had a plan. He was preparing me. He even said so.

He asked if it was okay and if I liked anal. I told him I loved being touched there and I was loving his fingers. He asked how if I could take his cock there. I told him I didn’t know. The truth is, I’d never really had a cock there. I told him I wanted to try. He began pushing the head of his cock at my entrance. It was so tight. I tried to ease my breathing. He was patient and gentle. He told me he’d stop any time I wanted. I definitely didn’t want him to stop. There’s such a fine line between pleasure and pain. Slowly and carefully he pushed into me completely and began moving ever so slowly. It was amazing. Slow became faster and within a few minutes he was fucking me with full strokes, both of us making the most animalistic sexual sounds that could possibly be made. When he came I screamed with such intensity I’m surprised people didn’t come knocking on our door.

He collapsed on top of me and just laid there for the longest time with his softening cock still in my ass. He gently touched my sides and kissed my back. It was the sexiest, most sensual thing I’d ever felt. He asked if I was okay. I said I was, but I was a little concerned about how I’d walk or even stand. He quickly said, “Don’t think so much. Just enjoy this moment.” I did.

We cleaned up, wishing for more warm water and better towels. We went back to the bed and took a few minutes of rest. We still had more time though.

We lay there breathless for quite a while. I was still on my stomach. He traced his fingers from the base of my neck, down my back, over my ass and back up again. The room felt cool from the maxed out air conditioning on my skin, still damp with sweat from the animal sex we’d just experienced. His finger sent chills all over me. He moaned, seeming to enjoy knowing I responded to just one finger.

We chatted a bit, although I don’t remember what about – work maybe. I rolled over and started doing the same motion on his belly, where I noticed a scar. That got us talking about our scars and my tattoos. I can’t decide if he likes them or not. He says they aren't offensive, but he also hasn't said they turn him on.

Before long I was between his legs, licking his thighs and then his balls and finally his now rather soft cock. There’s something very sexy about that to me, feeling it grow and stiffen. He asked me to turn around and sit on his face so he could also taste. I did. I’m not terribly fond of that position. I get distracted, but this was rather pleasurable. He was gentle and slow, no harsh movements, which was in his best interest considering I had his dick in my mouth. We stayed like that for a rather long time, just lapping away at each other until I was satisfied he was nice and hard again and I could ride him.

I moved forward, down his body to mount him reverse cowgirl, leaning forward to slide on. I was already so sore and swollen that every stroke was intense. I decided to turn around, wanting to see his eyes, wanting him to see my tits. He grabbed them hungrily with both hands and pulled me closer to him so he could get one nipple in his mouth. He nibbled and sucked on one and pinched and pulled on the other.

I was moving back and forth on his cock, popping him in and out, feeling the fullness of his head, then taking him all in to grind my clit on his pelvic bone. With very little of that I was cumming harshly, almost painfully. I don’t know how I had it in me anymore. I was tired and swollen already. I felt him swelling inside me, bucking me up and down and then the pressure of his release as well.

I fell onto him, giggling a bit in the pleasure. This continued for hours. By the time we had to go I could barely move. I never in my life remember feeling such pleasure and intensity. I will no doubt remember this day for the rest of my life. I’m afraid I need to stay away from this man. He will either make me the happiest woman on earth or quite possibly be the death of me.

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