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mandy gets taught a lesson.

at first she didnt like it, but then......
The bell for the end of lunch sounded, and Mandy stood up, slinging the strap of her bag over her shoulder as she did so. Walking to home room, she wondered what her homeroom teacher would be doing when she arrived, reading, or marking papers maybe.
In the hall now, kids were jostling and shoving one another, eventually making their way to their homerooms. Mandy followed suit, slipping into class 3 c after a group of chattering girls. She sat down at the back of the class, skimming the room for Mr. Fernandez.

Rafe Fernandez was a tall man, maybe six foot 2 , with light olive skin, sweeping black hair, and piercing green eyes. His muscular physique was obvious, regardless of the formal suit he wore. But it wasn't his overwhelming attractiveness that affected her as such, it was the realization, that she seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever. He had always been the only male who seemed impervious to her charms, leading her to believe for quite some time that he was gay.
That illusion was shattered though, when leaving school late due to a student council meeting, she had spied through a crack in his office door his cock thrusting into miss Jansen, a physical education teacher.
Mandy had told no one of what she had seen, she could get him fired, if she wanted to. Having control over something so important made her feel like she could do anything.

Mandy smiled to herself. She just loved to manipulate men. When she was younger, a cute smile, puppy dog eyes and a lisp would have them jumping to her assistance, now all it took was a glance or a sigh, and the sway of her body.

Unbeknownst to Mandy, Mr.Fernandez had a hard on so obvious he spent the entire period re organizing dictionaries to hide his indecent reaction.
He couldn't help it. Mandy, was one hot little bitch. With big , firm double d titties and an ass that wouldn't quit , having to spend only 20 minutes in her presence was enough to make him so painfully hard he would have to jack of in his office everyday after homeroom. It didn't help that she was always wearing skin tight skimpy clothing. He intentionally sent her to run errands during home room, just so he could have some thinking space.

Other women no longer satisfied him unless he thought of Mandy while he was fucking them. He had been screwing a P.E. teacher who looked a bit like her for a while, but she was starting to bore him. Her thirty-something body just could compare to the nubile 17 year old one of Mandy. He had put up with the sexual frustration for so long, he could bear it no more.During homeroom that day, Rafe was practically vibrating with lust. I must, he thought, have her.

Mandy looked up suddenly when Mr.Fernandez called her name.
"Please see me in my office after school today" he said without looking up from the papers he was marking. "We need to discuss some discrepancies in your attendance record." 
"Sure thing sir," Mandy replied cheerfully, slowly forming a plan in her mind, to be so alluring he would break, and pledge his love to her. A teacher as a pet would be nice, school amongst other things would be a lot easier once she had him under her thumb.

Later that day after last period, Mandy made her way to Mr.Fernadezs' office and rapped on the door. "Enter" he intoned from within. Mandy pushed open the door, to find him seated leisurely behind a large oak desk. "Sit" he commanded, as he got up and closed the door, turning the key in the lock before he returned to his seat.
 Mr.Fernandez sat behind his desk again and regarded her from head to toe, his gaze lingering on her lips, breasts, and hips, before returning to her face.

Mandy began to feel a little uncomfortable. Yes men had looked at her with lust before, but never with such intensity. She shifted in her seat, somehow feeling on edge.
"Mandy………" He said slowly, as if he was tasting the word.
"Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, what are we going to do with you?"
"I'm not quite sure what you mean sir" she replied "my attendance record should be perfect"
Mr. fernandez laughed "this isn't about your attendance Mandy, that was just a lie I employed in order to get you here"
"then what is it about sir?" She asked tentatively, becoming more uneasy by the second.
"It is about" he said "the way you dress. Those tight little t- shirts, and skimpy skirts. It's about the way you act, swaying your hips like a woman , using your body to manipulate men. As a teacher I see it as my place to teach you a lesson. One which you will never forget"
"Sir?" Mandy enquired, sensing a definite change in his demeanor.

Gone was the distant and detached teacher, in his place was , well , Mandy didn't quite know, but she knew she liked it.
"You know" he went on " I jack of everyday after I see you in homeroom, fantasizing that its your hot little mouth wrapped around my cock and not my hand. No one else can get me off. The only reason I fucked that Jensen was because she looks a bit like you." He laughed, then continued "you cannot possibly know how many times I have thought about you, how I have pictured fucking your tight little cunt, forcing you to take my cock to the hilt in your mouth, and now, I plan to"

Mandy stood, and backed up, "Please……." She begged, unable to prevent the rush of moisture dampening her panties. Mr.Fernandez just smiled and advanced.
Before she could dodge, he had her bent over his knee.
"I have always wanted to do this", he announced, before tearing of her little skirt, and dealing a stinging blow to her ass. Mandy cried out at the flash of pain, and struggled, trying to get away.
But Mr.Fernandez continued to spank her obviously taking pleasure from her pain. Mandy could feel his long hard shaft pressing into her stomach, she wasn't completely sure, but from the feel of it, it was big. Really big. God, she thought, what it would be like to have that cock in her mouth........He continued to spank her, laughing as he did so, delighting in Mandy's gasps of pain, and, she hated to admit it, pleasure.

Suddenly he stood up causing Mandy to fall to the floor. He smiled, and slowly unbuckled his belt, never taking his eyes away from hers. He unbuttoned his pants, then pulled down the zipper, smiling when Mandy gasped at the release of his huge cock.He pulled his shirt over his head, and just stood there gloriously naked. Mandy, he thought, Should get a good look at who is going to be shafting her, so she would never forget that he was the only man who she couldn't manipulate. Rafe strode forward and caught Mandy by the hair, cupping the back of her head in a firm but gentle grip. "Open up". He commanded.

Mandy couldn't help it. She wanted that cock, that giant, throbbing cock, in her mouth. Hesitantly she opened her mouth, feeling her nipples tighten in arousal as he nudged the head of his shaft inside.

"Good" he replied "now suck it, don't be shy, I've heard the talk, a lot of your male classmates say you give the best blow jobs so why don't you be a good little girl and show teacher what you can do?"

Mandy started to suck his shaft, pulling the straining tip into her mouth, and working her tongue into the eye of his cock, she used her tongue to lick up and down his shaft, sucking his balls into her mouth, then finally taking him as much as she could. For some reason she wanted to give this man pleasure, she wanted to make him want her more than he had already said he did. Rafe groaned inwardly, god, her mouth was hot, but this wasn't nearly enough.
He tilted her head back and thrust his cock all the way to the back of her throat, holding her still with both hands as he began to mercilessly fuck her throat, burying himself to the hilt in her sweet little passage. This is it, he thought. "Thats a good girl….." He said. "Take it like the whore you are".

Mandy sucked air into her lungs frantically via her nose, unable to think of anything but the massive rod that was slamming itself into her face without any regard for her suffering throat.
Rafe began to fuck her harder. "Nearly there" he muttered to himself, before slamming into her one more time and emptying his balls into her sweet little mouth.
Mandy just sat there dazed, quite unable to believe what had happened. No man had ever………..She was always in control, yet she had just been face fucked on the floor like a whore.And it was making her hotter, and more turned on than anything ever had. Before she came back to herself, she was roughly grabbed by the arm and bent over the desk. Mandy's pussy began to tighten in expectation. He was going to fuck her. And she wanted it, more than she had ever wanted anything. She wanted to be dominated by this man, she wanted to become his whore, she wanted, well, him.

"Do you want it? Do you want me to fuck you Mandy? Huh?" He asked.
"Y-yes" she gasped.
Rafe slipped one hand between her legs, and found her engorged clit, he flicked the little nub, then moved his roving fingers down to her slit. Shit, he thought in awe, she was so wet. This little cunt would be fantastic to fuck, but not today. Today, he wanted something different......

"Well Mandy" Rafe said "I want to fuck your ass, not your cunt, do you want that? My cock up your tight little ass?"
Mandy couldn't help it, his dirty talk was making her so wet. "Yes" she panted "please".
"Please what?" He replied.
"Please will you fuck my ass Sir" Mandy managed to choke out.
"You asked politely, so I am more than happy to oblige" He replied, before inserting his index finger into her tight hole.

Mandy gasped at foreign invasion, writhing on the desk under his hands.
"Hold onto the edge of the desk" he ordered, "it will make it easier for me to fuck you."
Mandy obliged, and Rafe placed his hands on her ass cheeks, splitting them open once again. He placed the head of his cock against the puckered grey hole.
"Ready?" He queried.

All Mandy could do was nod, her body was so taught with sexual tension, she could no longer speak.

Rafe thrust himself into her rectum as hard as he could. Mandy screamed at the invasion of his cock, it felt as if a white hot poker had been rammed up her ass………….But, she somehow liked it.
Her pussy , she noticed, was so wet with her juices, It was running down her legs, and her nipples were hard with arousal.
Rafe began to pump in and out, increasing in speed as he came closer to his climax. Mandy thrust her hips back to meet his cock. This was so wrong, he was her teacher! But it felt soooooooo good.

Rafe stared at Mandy with awe. This hot little bitch was enjoying his manhandling! Mandy began to shake, needles of pleasure spearing he entire body, oh god……. She thought, I'm going to come! He's only been fucking me for two minutes, yet I am going to come, splayed across his desk, with his cock in my ass!
Rafe groaned as Mandy's body began to shake, she was on the brink of climax....... She exploded beneath him, and he followed her in a few seconds.

Rafe withdrew his now soft cock from Mandy's ass.
"Damn, you have no idea" he said "how much I have wanted that".
Mandy was slumped against his desk, drained.
"How did it feel to be owned?" He gloated.
"Asshole". She replied "you know how it felt".

Rafe laughed, "come on, say it!"
"It was hot okay! Gods sake, your ego is nearly as big as your cock"
 Rafe laughed, and helped her up, picking up her discarded clothes as he did so.

After she had put her clothing back on, Mandy went to leave, "Mandy" Mr. Fernandez said "yes?"

"Same time next week?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" she replied with a grin.

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