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His Sweet Slave Pt. 5

Ruby finds a submissive woman for Laurence.

I don’t get to see much of Laurence for the next few days. He’s working on a big case against a pharmaceutical company and he’s practically living in the office, only returning to his apartment to shower and change clothes. In the office, he looks haggard and anxious; dark circles form under his eyes and it takes everything in me to not sneak into his office to distract him. That doesn’t prevent me from taking several tantalizing selfies in the new nightgown that he bought me along with a sexy pair of black kitten heels.

His response fills me with an adrenaline rush of pure lust.

When this case is over next week, I will have you imprisoned on my bed. My luscious fuck doll.

My cunt starts to throb deliriously as I envision the perfect image of him tying me up to his bedpost so that he can fuck me and own me as hard as he wants. I think about the little surprise that I have stored for him next week, though, and a huge grin spreads on my face.

I found her on a dating site; a fellow petite, sweet and very kinky girl that loves sex as much as I do. When I messaged her, I wasn’t expecting her to reply so positively to my proposal. But she loved everything that I had written, especially the part about the both of us orally serving him together.

As per my request, I’m meeting her at my favorite coffee shop. I’ve never been with a girl before but the thought has definitely crossed my mind quite a few times. I make sure to put on a pretty, black free-flowing dress along with some makeup and pretty jewelry. When I see her waiting patiently for me at one of the tables, avidly reading, excitement courses through me as I think to myself of how Laurence is going to be so fond of her.

“Hey,” I shyly say as I finally reach her. “Corinne, right? It’s so nice to meet you.”

She diverts her gaze from the book and looks up at me. She is even more beautiful in person, with her gorgeous amber eyes and tan, smooth skin. A smile grows on her face as she gets up and hugs me tightly with no warning.

“Hello, beautiful,” she softly says. “It’s so nice to meet you, too. You’re even more gorgeous in person.”

I feel myself blush. “I was thinking the same thing, too.”

“Aw. You’re so sweet.” She smiles exuberantly at me. “Shall we get some tea?”

My gaze flickers to her cleavage and a wave of arousal sweeps through me. I’ve certainly been attracted to women before, but this is the first time that I’ve had such a visceral reaction.

“Actually,” I say, “would you like to go to a bar? That way we can talk a little more intimately.”

Surprise flickers in her eyes before she enthusiastically nods. “Of course. I would love that.”

I grin. “Okay, great.”

With my mind changed, I take her to my favorite lounge, an elegant, lovely bar with soft jazz music and delicious signature cocktails. I order a mixed drink with absinthe and Corinne orders a margarita. It’s quite obvious that there is an attraction between the both of us; the shimmering energy between us is undeniable and palpable.

“God, I loved your message,” Corinne says as she sets her glass down. “I’ve been looking for the right couple to play with for the longest time. There are a lot of couples on that site that expressed interest in me, but I was patiently waiting for the right one.” She pauses and says, “There has to be chemistry or else it doesn’t feel good, you know?”

We talk about the usual topics such as work, our favorite hobbies, and favorite foods. By the time we finish our drinks, we are both pretty sloshed and I can’t help but skim her knee with my fingers. Her skin is so soft and supple and the sensual, erotic image of her riding my face comes to mind while Laurence watches, enraptured.

“You know, I’ve never been with a woman,” I say. “You’d be my first.”

A gasp escapes her. “Oh, my. Is that okay?”

“Of course it is.” I grin and watch her shudder as my hand slowly creeps up her thigh. “Since you love books as much as me, maybe I can invite you over to my apartment? I have the classics, poetry, sci-fi, and comics.”

It feels a little surreal, how perfectly we get along as we converse about our favorite writers and books. We are like the same person, the same soul. She adores D.H. Lawrence as much as me and my heart races at the way Laurence will be so pleased to have an intelligent, well-read and beautiful sub to play with.

Once we arrive at my apartment and are cocooned in privacy, away from the prying gaze of the critical world, the simmering sexual tension between us is too potent to ignore. I surprise myself when I frame her beautiful face and close my eyes as I kiss her with passion and vigor. I imagine Master silently, avidly watching us and that delicious thought propels me to moan into her mouth and bring my hands down to her firm, large breasts. She shivers and gasps as I suckle on her tongue and gently nibble on her full, pink bottom lip. I feel dizzy with lust as my mouth wanders down to her succulent neck before I ravenously lick and suck on the sensitive skin.

“Oh my God…baby you are making me dripping wet. I want those luscious lips on my nipples. I’d come so hard from your sexy lips and tongue.”

I almost sway from her erotic, delicious words. I’m about to reply to her sexy suggestion when the kinky idea comes to mind: letting Corinne record me as I worship her with my adoring mouth and hands. So that Master can watch it and hopefully unwind a little.

“How would you like to surprise my master by recording me worshipping you with my mouth and hands, baby?”

“Oh, God. Baby, I would love that. Would it be okay if I showered up before we did that, though?”

“Of course.” I smile as I pull away from her and gently tug at her hand. “I’ll show you where the bathroom is and I’ll give you a fresh towel.”

Once Corinne is in the shower, I quickly light an incense and several candles. Anxiety clutches my chest as I question this sudden change of events. My instinct tells me that Laurence will not get mad if I hook up with Corinne; no, what I am worried about is pleasuring her, satisfying her. The fact that I’ve never made a woman come intimidates me, so much so that I find myself walking over to the small liquor cabinet to take out a shot glass along with my bottle of Patron. It’s okay to be nervous, I tell myself as I pour myself some of the delicious amber liquid. I tilt my head back and swallow the entire shot in one harried gulp. I sway for a moment before I set the shot glass down on the cabinet and shiver as I feel her lovely, warm aura enter the room.

“May I have some as well?”

I turn around and feel my nipples harden upon the tantalizing sight of Corinne’s tight, petite body barely covered by the white cotton towel. Perhaps Laurence would agree to the both of us pleasuring Corinne at the same time, taking turns suckling on her nipples and tongue fucking both of her tight holes.

“Of course you may,” I quickly say before I take out another shot glass and pour her some tequila. “I have some Scotch as well.”

“I love tequila. It’s my Mexican side. I naturally gravitate toward it.”

I smirk as I hand her the shot glass. “No wonder you’re so sexy. Salud.”

She blushes and grins. “Thank you, beautiful. Salud.

I lick my lips as I watch her down the shot like it’s water; she doesn’t even grimace or shudder as the fierce, unforgiving liquor makes its way down her throat. I imagine Laurence’s warm, thick cum spurting down her throat as I plunge my wet, loving tongue deep into his ass and I shiver in absolute desire.

“Here, beautiful,” I say as I take out my phone from my back pocket. “I’m ready whenever you are.”

She grins in excitement. “Okay. I’m ready.”

The liquor is finally hitting me and I feel all the anxiety subside within me, only to be replaced by determined lust. I take off my dress and keep my lingerie on as Corinne takes off the towel before she gets on my bed. My lust intensifies the moment I set my hungry gaze on her nude, petite and tight body; her breasts are the perfect size for her small figure and she has a small waist with a small tummy just like me. Her pussy is trimmed and she has a sexy pair of firm, toned legs.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I whisper as I join her on the bed and plant a soft kiss on her right ankle. “You can start recording whenever you want.”

“Thank you, Ruby,” she whispers. “Okay. I’ll start recording now.”

I kiss my way up her firm, sexy leg, making sure to look up into the phone as I gently spread her legs to softly kiss her neatly trimmed pussy. A whimper escapes her as I slide my tongue up her drenched labia and I moan as her intoxicating, feminine scent infiltrates my nose and embeds itself on my tongue. I bring my hands up to her B-cup breasts and gently squeeze them before I take my mouth away from her succulent pussy to look up at the camera to address Laurence.

“The both of us can’t wait to worship you, Master. You’ll have three extra holes to ravage and use for your pleasure.”

Corinne moans and shudders slightly before she says, “Fuck yes. I’ll do whatever you want. I love to please. It feels so fucking good.”

She sounds just like me, I think to myself as I smirk at the camera before I drag my warm, wet tongue up her slick, wet folds, through her sexy patch of hair, past her navel and all the way up to her large, full breasts. I squeeze them together and slowly lick her left taut nipple before I wrap my soft lips around the hard nub and suckle on it, making sure to flicker my tongue against the sensitive skin there. Her moan of absolute pleasure sends a fresh wave of lust over me, forcing me to suckle on the right nipple while I tweak the left one with my left hand.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpers. “Your tongue feels so good, Ruby. I feel like I’m going to come from this alone.”

I nibble on her tight, hard nipple, forcing a tiny whimper from her before I trail my lips down to her parted folds. To my delight, she’s even wetter than before, and when I glide my tongue up her hot, drenched slit, she shivers and spreads her legs even further.

“Baby, you’re going to make me come so hard,” she says in a shaky whisper. “You are so good with your tongue.”

I pull my face away from her sopping wet cunt to momentarily spit on her glistening pink folds before I plunge my long tongue inside of her tight, slick hole. A tiny shriek escapes her as I feel her thighs tremble and her hips quiver before she grips the comforter with both hands.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she repeats over and over in delirium. “Keep doing that, baby. Please don’t stop.”

I fuck her drenched pussy with my tongue and rub my nose on her clit as I gaze up at the camera and imagine Laurence watching the video at work. Corinne tastes divine; her scintillating scent overwhelms all of my senses until she’s fighting to remain still so that she can keep the telephone upright.

“Ruby, I’m going to come,” she gasps. “Oh, fuck!”

Her carnal moan of exquisite pleasure is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. Her hips involuntarily jerk away from me as a long, thick stream of cum spills out of her and sprays me directly on my face. I moan and plunge my tongue inside of her again as she whimpers and trembles in absolute surrender.

“Yes, fuck my pussy with your tongue, baby,” she moans. “Make me squirt even harder.”

I make sure to be as loud as possible as I tongue fuck her slippery, wet hole with quick, short strokes that have my cunt pulsating. I want to taste her sweet, delectable cum, so I make sure to wrap my hands around her hips so that she can squirt her cum directly down my throat. I swallow every drop of her cum, making sure that none of it goes to waste. Her cum is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty, which reminds me of Laurence’s cum, which I simply adore, of course.

“You taste divine, Corinne,” I say as I look up at her fondly. “But I need to worship all of you. Is that okay?”

She is panting heavily and she looks down at me with so much raw, luscious lust all over her face. “Oh God, you’re going to make me come harder and harder every time. You’re too good, Ruby.”

I smirk as I drag my tongue down her succulent, sweet pussy to her tight ass. She gasps as I gently flick my wet, long tongue against her tight little opening. I bring my hands up to her sexy, taut nipples that are begging to be plucked and I make her moan so loud when I gently tug them with my fingers as I slip my tongue inside of her tight ass. When I look up at her and see her right hand furiously working her drenched, aroused clit, I slip my tongue further inside of her as I squeeze her breasts a little harder.

“Yes, fuck my ass with your tongue, baby,” she says in a barely contained whisper. “You fuck me so good.”

My clit is throbbing while I worship Corinne with my eager mouth; I make sure to spit into her tight little ass and plunge my tongue all the way inside of her, swirling my tongue everywhere. A tiny whimper escapes her before she violently comes against her fingers and squirts even harder than before, spraying my face in the process. I pull away from her to watch her delicious cum trickle down to her tight opening and I savor the sight of her trembling uncontrollably because of me. I use her cum as more lubrication before I bring my tongue back inside of her to voraciously lick her. My slick, warm saliva is everywhere on her and her thighs tremble violently as she whimpers in surrender.

“I’m going to come again,” she murmurs.

I eagerly open my mouth wide as her cum gushes out of her, and it’s so undeniably sexy and erotic to feel and see her beautiful pussy squirt all over my face. I feel like I could worship all her night like this, but then I remember that I have work tomorrow and I pull away from her with a dejected frown.

“All right, I guess I’ll let you rest, love.” I smile at the camera. “I hope you enjoyed the show, Master.”


Just when I thought that you couldn’t get sexier, you do. My God. I watched that video five times and I still can’t get enough of it. Thank you, my sweet sub. I should be able to see you tonight if you desire.

I quickly reply, feeling giddy with excitement. I would love nothing more than that, Master. I miss you so much. I ache for your tender, sweet dominance.

I don’t include the part where I secretly bring along Corinne. Wanting it to be a surprise, I tell her to wear some sexy lingerie for him. She happily agrees to my abrupt proposal, and when we meet up at my place before heading over to Laurence’s, she looks stunning in a simple black dress with red high heels. Her supple cleavage is on display and I find myself ogling her as she enters the apartment.

“Wow, you look so amazing,” I say as I stare at her, enraptured. “He’s going to love you, Corinne.”

Her tan cheeks faintly turn pink. “Oh, you flatter me too much, dear. Thank you.”

“Mm. Makes me want to keep you all to myself.” I can’t help but giggle a little. “I don’t think he’d object to that. He’s very selfless.”

“Wow. That’s rare to find in a dom. In a man, period.” She smiles wistfully. “I wish I could find a dom like him. Most are too selfish and egotistical.”

I try not to smile too widely as I think of James. Even though he isn’t exactly dominant, he is amazing at sex and he is so sweet and kind. Perhaps they would be a good fit?

“We’ll find you someone soon, my love. Don’t worry. Let me just get ready and we’ll be on our way.”

After slipping into the beautiful nightgown that Laurence bought me along with my black light jacket and black kitten heels, I walk out of my apartment with my sexy, intelligent and sweet submissive playmate, holding hands all the way to Laurence’s apartment. My heart is thundering in my chest as I knock on his door and eagerly wait for him to answer. When he finally does, I fight the urge to throw myself at him and wrap my loving arms around him. His expression morphs into one of sheer surprise.

“Hello, my sweet Ruby,” he says before he smirks and glances over at Corinne before returning his smoldering gaze over to me. “I see that you’ve brought your new friend. Are you going to put on a show for me in real time?”

Corinne and I exchange a smirk before I nod, feigning approval. “Yes, Master. May we come in?”

“Of course.”

Once we’re all inside Laurence’s apartment, I can’t help but hug him tightly. I feel the coiled tension dissipate in his firm body and his somber aura brighten. He hugs me tightly in return as well before he frames my face with his beautiful hands and ravenously kisses me as if the world were ending. His tongue delves into my mouth and he firmly squeezes my tight, perky ass.

“Holy fuck,” Corinne whispers. “If that’s how you two make out, I’d be happy just watching you guys fuck.”

Adrenaline pulsates through me as Laurence breaks the kiss and grins at me. “That sounds perfect to me. What does my sweet fuck doll think of that proposition?”

“Whatever you want, Master.”

“Mm. Good. I’ll get a chair for her. I’ll be right back.”

Laurence grabs a chair from the living room and walks down the hallway. Corinne quickly turns to me with her stunning hazel eyes that are shimmering with surprise.

“That man adores you, Ruby,” she says. “If he hasn’t told you already, he loves you. The way he kisses you and looks at you…it’s undeniable.”

I smile so wide, I can’t help it. “He told me that he loved me last week. I almost couldn’t believe it.”

She grins. “He’s going to fuck you so good. I can just tell. So delicious. Voyeurism is my favorite.”

I shiver as I imagine Laurence’s cock filling up all of my holes with his warm, delectable cum. “I love being his cum slut. I really do.”

“And I love you being my little cum slut as well,” Laurence says down the hall. “You and your friend may come in, my sweet.”

Excitement rushes through me at the reality of Corinne watching Laurence use me as his sweet, obedient fuck doll. Once we enter his room, he doesn’t hesitate to shove me against the wall and wrap those beautiful hands that I adore so much around my vulnerable neck. He gazes deeply into my eyes as my breathing turns shallow and my entire petite body trembles in complete surrender to his dominant touch.

“Remember what I wrote the other day, my sweet? I’ve been thinking of that scenario all week long. I haven’t come since we last played. I’ve been waiting for my beautiful whore to drain my heavy balls full of hot, white cum. I hope she came well prepared.”

My womb throbs painfully; that’s how I turned on I am from his orgasmic words. He releases his firm grip on my neck and doesn’t tear away his gaze from me as he unbuckles his belt and wraps it around my neck. The black leather belt feels so right and liberating against my soft skin, and when he gently pulls on the belt, leading me toward his king size bed, I know that I’m about to get all of my holes fucked and filled so good.

“Lie down on the bed, my sweet,” he whispers. “I’m going to tie your wrists together, okay? If you feel uncomfortable or if you want to stop, you will say red. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

He takes out a black silk scarf and brings my hands together before he wraps the silk around my wrists. He quickly takes off his black dress shirt along with his black jeans to reveal his beautiful, throbbing cock that is leaking pre-cum already. I moan in wantonly heat as I stare at his erection and try not to drool too much as I eagerly await his cock to fill my throat and feel his large, swollen balls rub my face, marking me as his own.

“I’m going to face fuck you so hard, your little throat is going to be sore and your eyeliner is going to get smeared. I won’t stop until there’s drool dripping down all the way to your tits. Make my cock slippery and wet for your slutty little pussy.”

I don’t have the chance to reply because he quickly straddles my face and slips the velvety, smooth head of his cock past my pink lips until his entire, long thick cock nestles down my throat perfectly.

“Fuck yes,” he says as his heavy balls rest against my nose. “I missed my little whore’s throat. You love chocking on this cock, don’t you? Your throat was made for my cock.”

Tears spring to my eyes as I fight the urge to pull away as I choke on his cock but it feels so good to hear his hiss of approval as he starts thrusting in and out of me as if he were fucking my pussy. Rivulets of my warm spit spill down my chin and the sexy, erotic sounds of him face fucking me echo throughout his bedroom. I feel like I’m going to come myself as he roughly facefucks me and he surprises me when he pulls his cock out of my mouth to rest his clean-shaven opening against my mouth. He gasps as I plunge my hot, wet tongue deep into his ass before he slowly starts to ride my face as he strokes his wet cock that’s lavished in my saliva.

“I’m going to come so hard with your tongue inside of me like that,” he says in a shaky voice. “I’m going to come all over your face. My beautiful cum slut.”

My response is to lick even more voraciously. Perhaps to other women, this would be a vile and disgusting act, but not to me. Instead, it feels beautiful, liberating and empowering to worship him this way. With his heavy, smooth balls rubbing my nose and my tongue deep in his ass, I feel his imminent orgasm quickly approaching. I almost forget that Corinne is here until I feel a dip in the bed and hear a tiny moan escape from her.

“I’m sorry, I just had to get closer,” she says. “I would love to gag on your cock while she rims you. I’m soaking wet at the mere thought of it.”

Laurence carefully gets off me and I open my eyes to see him staring at me avidly before he asks, “Is that what you want, my sweet?”

Excitement rushes through me as I eagerly nod. “Yes, Master. I would love it.”

He grins before he turns to Corinne and wraps his firm hand around her tan neck. “Drool and gag on my cock and you will be rewarded with sweet, hot cum. You want it gushing down your throat, don’t you? You’re an insatiable slut just like Ruby.”

“Fuck yes,” Corinne whimpers. “Use my face as your fuck toy. Fucking use me.”

“Mm. Good girl. I will. I’m going to ride your face just like I did with Ruby. Take off your clothes and lie down.”

Corinne quickly does as she is told; once she’s lying flat on the mattress, Laurence straddles her face and I quickly get behind him on my knees to continue worshiping him as I was doing before. I can feel his excitement over the fact that two submissive women are orally servicing him and it turns me on immensely to feel his shimmering aura of lust. He gasps as I start fucking him with my tongue again while he begins to ride Corinne’s succulent mouth. I grip on his hips for support and I make sure to use as much warm spit as possible and I drag my tongue down to his heavy, large balls to lather them in my warm, slick saliva.

“Fuck yes,” he hisses. “The both of you are going to make me come so hard. It feels so fucking good. Keep fucking my ass with your tongue, Ruby.”

I feel like a woman possessed as I stick my tongue as deep as I can inside of him. His hips violently thrust against us and I love hearing the sexy, wet sounds of him riding Corinne’s face. He gasps as he stiffens before a shudder claims his fit, toned body and I just know that he’s going to come so hard.

“Holy fuck,” he moans. “I’m coming.”

I quickly bring my mouth to his swollen balls to suck them voraciously as he convulses in blissful pleasure. He comes so hard that I can feel his balls contract in my mouth. He moans again as I bring my tongue back to his ass to continue worshiping him.

“Fuck, I’m going to come again,” he breathlessly says.

I continue flickering my tongue in and out of his hole as he rides Corinne’s face and he comes for the second time. His breathing turns shallow and he shudders everywhere as he pumps his hot, decadent seed down Corinne’s throat. He carefully gets off her and I moan in absolute lust when I see Corinne’s beautiful tan face covered in warm, slick spit. We don’t say a word as we lunge for each other and start making out. She surprises me by feeding me some of Laurence’s delicious cum, and I love tasting his unique, masculine scent on her lips and tongue.

“God, that is so sexy. I just want to fuck the both of you all night long,” he hisses.

“How would my two sexy subs like it if one them rode my face while the other one rode my cock?”

“Oh, God,” I say as I tremble at the succulent image of the three of us in that position. “Yes, please!”

“Get on my cock then. Corinne can ride my face and the both of you can make out and fuck me as hard as you want.”

I’ve never ridden Laurence before, and this position usually makes it so easy to squirt. As soon as I slip him inside of me, I moan at the luxurious, perfect sensation of my tight, warm cunt squeezing his cock that is slippery and wet from his earlier release When I watch Corinne carefully position her beautiful, neatly trimmed pussy over his mouth, I start grinding against his hips, needing more of that delicious friction that my body craves.

“Fuck yes, ride that cock,” Corinne whispers as she sways her sexy hips against Laurence’s mouth. “I want to eat that creampie when he comes deep inside of you. Would you like that?”

“Fuck,” I hiss as I shiver at her promising words. “I would love that, baby. I know my sexy master would love that as well.”

His response is to squeeze my tight, perky ass and thrust his hips upward while he gently but passionately licks Corinne. Watching her face contort with sheer pleasure is so fucking sexy to me; it makes every frantic thrust feel even more amazing. I moan as I lean forward and frame her beautiful face with my small hands to kiss her ravenously. She moans into my mouth as I swirl my tongue inside of her, savoring the taste of Laurence in her mouth. I swear that I get even more wet with arousal as I bring my roaming hands down to her soft breasts and gently squeeze them. A primal shudder overtakes her petite body as she thrusts against Laurence’s decadent mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m going to squirt so fucking hard,” she says in a frantic voice. “Fuck! I’m coming!”

I quickly bring my hungry mouth down to her beautiful, full right breast to suckle on the taut nipple as she squirms in delicious ecstasy. Just feeling her convulse and whimper in absolute surrender triggers my own orgasm. My cum trickles out of my tight cunt, all the way down his hard, long shaft to his balls; even though I’m tempted to move away, I don’t dare to lift my hips. The wet, slippery sounds of Corinne and me fucking Laurence’s mouth and cock are so delicious and I continue to fervently suck on Corinne’s sensitive nipple, making sure to lather it in my warm, slick saliva.

“I want to see that beautiful cum squirt out of you and into his mouth,” I urgently whisper as I feel my womb tightening in imminent release again. “Come again for me, Corinne. Come hard.”

She whimpers as she violently jerks away from Laurence’s succulent mouth to squirt her cum directly down his open, inviting mouth. Just seeing her gush down his throat like that triggers my own second orgasm and my legs shake uncontrollably as I cover my mouth to stifle the loud scream that threatens to escape my lips. Laurence groans as he plunges his tongue into her soaking wet cunt again and I surprise him completely when I carefully slip him out of my tight, drenched pussy and into my tight ass. He stiffens as I slowly start to ride him, loving the way that his beautiful cock is stretching my ass. His fingers dig into my hips as I finger my puffy wet clit and watch Corinne ride Laurence’s luscious tongue.

“You sexy girl,” Corinne says breathlessly as she stares at me ride his cock. “You’re going to let him fill up your tight little ass with his warm cum? It will feel so good to lick every drop as you ride my face with my tongue deep inside of your ass.”

Her provocative words force me to tilt my head back as my eyes roll back and I squirt even more cum all over Laurence’s torso. I feel my ass tighten around his cock and his hips violently thrust upward before his hands tremble on my supple skin. Sensing his quickly approaching orgasm, I carefully lean forward and set my hands down on both sides of him to fuck him as hard as possible. He’s so wet and slippery that it doesn’t hurt at all; instead, I feel nothing but ecstasy as a primal shiver overtakes him and his hands violently shake on my hips.

“Drain your balls into my ass, Master,” I say wistfully. “Make me your anal creampie whore.”

My sexy, submissive words send him over the edge; I make sure to squeeze my ass around his delicious cock as he pumps his warm, thick seed inside of me. Feeling his thick jets of cum fill my tight hole forces my clit to throb painfully. Corinne swiftly gets off him to lie down next to us as she eagerly waits for me to ride her face. Possessed with lust, I quickly frame his handsome face with my hands and lean forward to kiss him deliriously. The succulent, sweet, musky taste of Corinne’s beautiful pussy lingers on his lips and tongue and his entire face is wet with her delicious release. He growls as he breaks the kiss to wrap his right hand around my neck and lightly choke me.

“I want to see my cum trickle out of your ass and into her mouth,” he softly whispers. “Will my beautiful slut do that for me?”

“Of course, Master.”

He releases his grip on my neck and I excitedly go over to Corinne to position myself over her face. She moans in ardent heat as I spread my ass for her and feel Laurence’s warm cum trickle out of my tight hole. I stare at him as he intently watches his own seed drip down to Corinne’s open mouth. He surprises me when he comes over to me and tenderly kisses me, forcing me to sway momentarily at the surge of affection that is emanating from him.

“Thank you, my sweet slave,” he whispers. “I love you.”

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