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Rachel. Part 2: Previous Sins

"We learn more about Rachel's life at the catholic school and Jenny has a surprise suggestion."

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“Ah, ah, deeper, fuck me deeper, Harry. Give me that cock of yours!”

Harry wiped the sweat from his brow and looked down at the brunette lying under him. Her firm boobs bounce to the rhythm of his thrusts and she too was sweating. Her brown eyes had glazed over, which they often did just before she came. He gave her harder and deeper thrusts and felt her nails dig into his back as she pushed her pelvis against his.

“Oh, God, oh Lord, give me that cum!”

With a few grunts and moans, Harry emptied his balls deep into Rachel while her body spasmed under her orgasms. She let go of Harry and lay with her arms straight out and her legs too, almost like Jesus on the cross. Her chest heaved, and she licked her dry lips. “Harry, you are fucking amazing. Can you fuck me again? I just need to call Jenny really quick.”

Without waiting for an answer, she wiggled out from under him and he slumped down on his bed. He was exhausted. At forty-five, he wasn't used to the marathon fucking Rachel expected from him and each time they fucked he knew it was one closer to the end. His wife was on a business trip and would be back the following day. He cringed at the thought of hugging her. He always felt guilty, which he should, of course, but he couldn't stop seeing Rachel.

He could hear Rachel giggle and talk in the kitchen and he made out the words, bar, later, and John. Harry sighed. Was he being replaced by this John guy? Maybe it was for the better. Harry had replaced Tom as Rachel’s preferred fuck just a few months earlier.

There was no stopping the young woman. He knew from what she had told him she had recently lost her virginity and figured she had at least a decade of fucking to catch up to. After John, there would be a Tim, a Bob, a Gary, and other men that she would fuck until they bored her. One thing was clear—Rachel preferred her men married, just Tom had been single when they met. Harry guessed it was because married men didn't become clingy and wanted something more serious, which Rachel wasn't interested in.

“Sorry, Harry. I got to go. It was a nice fuck as usual and maybe I’ll see you later in the week.”

She put on her clothes and was gone. Harry lay on the bed thinking that it was over. It had been a nice run, great sex, and amazing orgasms, but Rachel was gone from his life. Maybe for the better. He did love his wife and kids and Rachel was dangerous, just like a drug.

“How's Harry?” asked Jenny over drinks later that evening.

“Harry is no more. Today was the last time. I didn’t tell him, but I’m pretty sure he figured it out.”

“Why, I thought you liked him?”

Rachel drank from her whiskey sour. “I did, for a while, but I’m ready for something new.”

Jenny sighed. She wasn’t sure she liked this new Rachel. She kind of missed the old shy and quiet friend she had. This new version never seemed to sit still. After work, there were happy hours and dates. Jenny missed the quiet evenings they used to share over pizza, wine, and a movie. Not that Jenny was a house mouse. She liked to party, she liked to meet men and she love to fuck, but everything to a certain limit. As far as she knew, Rachel had bedded at least twenty-five men since she and Tom had split. That was a lot of men in just a few months. Not a healthy way to live for any person.

“Rachel, why don't we take the weekend off partying and guys? I thought we could go to my parent's cabin by the lake, just you and I. What do you think?”

Rachels's head sat on a swivel. Not a single man in the bar escaped from her eyes and attention. She watched them, flirted a few moments, and then moved to the next.

“Rachel, did you hear me?”

“What, why?” I don’t want to go to the woods, it's full of trees and mosquitos.”

Jenny sighed. “You need to stop, ok; you need a break from men and fucking.”

Rachel turned to her. “Why? Sex is fun, men are amazing, I love men, I love cock.”

Something was wrong with Rachel, Jenny thought. She was acting almost hysterical. “Look, I’m taking you home and spending the night. Tomorrow, we take my car to the cabin. End of discussion.”

Jenny dragged Rachel from the bar and had to work on keeping her calm in the taxi, but by the time they opened Rachel's door, her friend had calmed down. Jenny put her to bed and went to sleep on the sofa where she could keep an ear out for the door if Rachel decided to sneak out again.

“Hey, wake up, sleepyhead.”

Jenny slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Rachel, who was standing by the sofa with two cups of coffee. She handed one to Jenny, who took it thankfully. She felt the previous night's drinking in her head and sighed.

“Are we going to the woods?” asked Rachel with a sigh. She wore a long t-shirt and her nipples poked against the thin fabric.

Jenny sat up and sipped the hot drink. “Yes, we are. You need a break.”

Rachel sat down next to her. “You are right. There are a few things we need to talk about, things you don’t know about me.”

Jenny laughed. “I had no clue you were a mix between a succubus and a nymphomaniac, for starters. What else is there?”

“A lot, but that can wait until we are on the road. Let me pack a bag, take a shower, and then we go by your place so you can change before we leave.”

Traffic was bumper to bumper on their way out of the city, but the two friends didn’t mind. They had stocked up with sodas and snacks and were munching away while talking about the latest fashion mixed with gossip from their workplace. Where Rachel was a lawyer at a large firm, Jenny worked the stock market and sometimes their client list would cross each other. Funny how rich men and women often needed a lawyer they both agreed on. They were professionals, so they never got into details about their clients.

“Finally, the traffic is getting better,” said Jenny and pressed her foot against the gas pedal, making her BWM M3 shoot away, leaving the other cars behind. She had bought it as a birthday gift on her twenty-fifth birthday. Rachel had thought it was a waste of money, but her friend loved the car.

“What was it you wanted to tell me this morning?” Jenny asked.


“Don’t play difficult. You said you had a lot to tell me.”

Rachel cringed. She had opened her mouth too much and now Jenny wouldn’t give up. She had dreaded this moment ever since they had become friends but just because of their friendship she had to open up. Telling Rachel about having a threesome with two much older men in her room. They were gardeners who worked in the area.

“Ok, I’ll tell you. I owe it to you since you came clean with your family disaster.”

Jenny slowly shook her head and switched gears. She hated to be reminded of her biggest mistake.

“Anyway, you know I went to catholic school and it turned out that the nuns were into other women”

Jenny laughed. “Sorry, it sounds like a script for a cheesy porn flick. Let’s see, what name should it have? Oh, I know, Nuns on teens!” Jenny laughed again.

“Very funny, but you are not far off. Some serious Sodom and Gomorra shit was going on at night. You could her girls moaning and the nuns encouraging them.”

“And no one spoke up, or told their parents?”

“Once or twice some parents came by all concerned and shit, but the mother superior always managed to convince them nothing had happened and that their daughter was a good girl and that everything would be fine.”

“What happened to you?”

Rachel bit into a chocolate muffin and didn’t manage to stop crumbs falling between her legs.

“Hey, watch the seat. It’s expensive as fuck to clean.”

“Sorry. Like I said, by the time I was seventeen, none of the nuns had touched me or any of the other girls. I was so sure it would happen to me. I would lie awake almost every night waiting for it, but it never did.”

“Good for you.”

“Heck no. It was a form of passage, you know. Once you had done it, you got the older girls' respect. If you made a stupid mistake on an exam, the nun wouldn’t mark it as wrong and so forth.”

“Sounds like it was some kind of abuse.”

“Yeah, in today's society for sure, but years ago, things were different, and this had been going on for decades.”

“I don’t get it; nothing happened and still you said a lot did?”

Rachel gave her a crooked smile. “Well, since no one came to me, I decided to go to one of them. I wasn’t a straight-A student; I didn’t have many friends which I wanted.”

“No way. Who did you seduce?”

Rachel giggled. “The music teacher. She was a substitute for one semester. A little lost around the school didn’t mingle much with the other nuns because she was so much younger.”

“How much?”

“Shit, I was seventeen; she might have been twenty-three or twenty-four. She was old to me, I guess.”

“Fuck you, we are twenty-five and don’t look a day over twenty.”

They both laughed and Rachel handed her friend a soda. The highway was empty, and they made good time. The sun was shining and the hills with the dark woods grew closer.

“C’mon, don’t leave me hanging. What happened?”

Rachel closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat and thought back to that night she had gone to the bathroom and heard someone weird sounds in one of the booths. The bathroom was large. When you walked in you had four wash basins to the right and after them came eight toilet booths and opposite them along the wall were eight shower stalls. On the outside of each door was a plastic hook where the girls would hang their towels and panties. The pajama was a simple thin white dress, and you had to sleep with panties on. In the summer without air conditioning and only a ceiling fan in the room where eight slept, it became very hot.

The sound had come from the last stall to the right. Rachel froze and slowly moved to the closest basin where she turned on the water and washed her face. When she looked up, she saw Sister Emma in the mirror behind her. Without turning, Rachel smiled and said, “Hello, Sister Emma.”

“Good evening, Ms. Rachel.”

“Couldn’t you sleep either? It’s so hot tonight.”

Sister Emma walked up to Rachel and began washing her hands in the basin next to her. There was a film of sweat on her forehead and her cheeks were flushed.

“Are you okay, Sister Emma?”

“Yes, fine, thank you very much.” She was dressed like Rachel, but her hair was in an even tighter bun at the nape of her neck. Neither the nuns nor the students were allowed to keep their hair loose, not even during sleep. It looked sinful.

Rachel slowly dried her hands on a towel that hung from a ring on the wall and when Sister Emma turned and took two steps, she asked, “What’s it like?”

The nun stopped in her tracks and stood still like a statue. “Whatever do you mean?”

Rachel smiled and then in a whisper she said, “To sin, to touch yourself.”

The nun didn’t move, just swayed a little from side to side. For a moment, Rachel thought she would either break down crying or turn around and scolded her. She did neither.

“You should know, Ms. Rachel. All you girls do it, I know because Mother Superior told me during my interview.”

Rachel was curious and leaned against the basin. “What did she tell you?”

Sister Emma still hadn’t turned around. Maybe it felt safer for her to talk facing away. “She said that if I saw or heard any of the girls sin at night, I should tell her their names.”

“And have you?”

Silence. Rachel repeated the question, and the nun sighed. “Yes, this morning I told Mother Superior about Carla, Helena, and Eva.”

Rachel laughed and now Sister Emma turned around. ‘That’s no laughing matter.”

“Says who? You, you were just inside a stall rubbing your pussy.”

Sister Emma’s face went red and her mouth opened and closed like a fish on dry land. When she had collected herself, she said, “Listen to me, young lady. It is none of your concern what I do and don’t do. I am a sister at this school, you are just a student without any authority.”

Rachel slowly nodded and said, “You are right, but all I want is for you to tell me how to do it?”

“You, you, insolent child.”

“You are just a few years older than I am.”

Sister Emma walked up to Rachel and stood so close their boobs almost touched. Sister Emma had a large rack with pointy nipples that pushed against her gown. Rachel suddenly felt very excited and, without thinking, she put her hands on the other woman’s cheeks and pulled her closer. Sister Emma tried to pull away, but Rachel held her and slowly the nun relaxed and a quiet moan escaped her lips and they came apart. They looked each other in the eye and then Sister Emma kissed Rachel. This time it was a deep kiss with plenty of tongue play. Rachel was slowly turned so her back was against the basin. Sister Emma gently pushed her back a bit more until Rachel had to sit down on the edge, but slid down into the basin. Her legs shot out and Sister Emma moved in between them.

“Do you want to know what it feels like when the Lord comes down and touches you? When he sends wave after wave of pleasure through your body at the same time that he forbids us to experience it before marriage? I will never be married; I will never have a man inside me or give him a child. It’s my choice, yes, but I want to have pleasure, so call me a bad nun.”

Rachel was surprised at Sister Emma’s tirage but didn’t have time to answer. With a few quick moves, Sister Emma had her head under Rachel’s gown and her legs over her shoulders. Then it happened and when it did, it was nothing that Rachel would have been able to come up with in her wildest dreams. The nun’s soft warm tongue danced on and around a spot Rachel had never realized she had. It tickled at first, then she became all warm and wet between her legs. She gasped and moaned and the Nun held her legs fast in her warm hands. Rachel thought she was going to pee and began to struggle to get loose.

“Hang in there, Ms. Rachel, just wait.”

“Oh, oh, oh God, what is happening, what is this, fuck, fuck.”

Sister Emma stopped licking but rubbed two fingers fast over her clit. “Here comes the Lord—embrace him, give yourself to him, Ms. Rachel.”

“Ah, oh, oh, yes, yes!”

Sister Emma had to put her hand over Rachel’s mouth to keep her quiet or she would wake one or several of the other girls.

When she pulled away, Sister Emma looked down at the young woman sitting in the basin. She looked quite funny but more than that, she looked happy with a big smile on her face.

“Was that a..?”

“Yes, Ms. Rachel, that was God’s gift to you. It’s also called an orgasm.”

“Holy shit.” Rachel regrated herself and put a hand to her mouth. “Sorry.”

Sister Emma smiled and helped her out of the basin and onto the floor. “Sometimes, even good girls are allowed to say bad words. You better get back to bed.”

Rachel began walking away on weak legs and then she turned around. “Can we do it again? I want to taste you.”

Sister Emma smiled. “Of course we can.”

“Seriously, that happened?” said Jenny when Rachel had finished her story.

“I swear to God. Sister Emma loved eating pussy, but since she was such a mousy woman, no one thought so and she was too shy to try to get it on with the other girls.”

“What happened to the three she snitched on?”

“Nothing. All Mother Superior wanted was to know who was horny enough to get it on with.”

“Jesus, and I thought nuns were supposed to be saintly or whatever you call it.”

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Rachel laughed. “Oh look, we are almost there. Just five miles to the turnoff. Maybe I make it sound like there were orgies every night. It wasn’t like that. Maybe ten girls were into it and three or four nuns. Consider that the student body was five hundred with around a hundred nuns, plus other staff a very small percentage were into the sex thing.”

“I see, and what happened then? Did you and Sister Emma get it on?”

“Mm we sure did and I also did it with a few of the other girls. As long as you didn’t make too much noise, none of the girls would snitch so we could be in our beds. Another unwritten rule was that we shouldn’t finger each other?”

Jenny turned to her friend quickly. “Why the heck not, that’s just so fucking nice? I do miss a good fingering.”

“Think about it.”

There was a silence. “Oh, shit, of course. You have to be a virgin.”

“Ten points to you. That’s exactly right.”

“Wow, that’s a messed-up rule.”

“I know that now, but back then my friends and I had no clue. We were happy licking and making out at night.”

Jenny turned off the highway onto an off-ramp and then onto a dual carriageway, which she followed for a few miles before turning off onto a much smaller road leading up into the hills through the dense forest.

“Shit, here it comes, mosquito country,” said Rachel.

“It’s not that bad, and we have spray.”

They continued for another fifteen minutes or so before turning onto a track with thick forest on both sides. In a clearing was a wood cabin with a shed to the right and a pretty garden in front and on either side. The flowers were red, violet, and yellow. Jenny parked, and they began to unload the food they had bought in the city. They would stay two nights.

The cabin had two comfortable bedrooms and a shared bathroom between them. Walking down a narrow corridor, you entered the living room with large windows facing another garden at the back of the house with a jacuzzi. Beyond that was the woods.

They unpacked, grabbed their bikinis, and headed out for an afternoon swim in the nearby lake. Not having to drive anymore that day Jenny brought a six-pack of beers.

“Have you been to the gym?” asked Rachel, who walked behind Jenny along the narrow track.

“No, why, can you notice?”

Rachel giggled. “You are a bit rounder around the ass and thighs.”

“Fuck you. I have to work hard and late. Who has time for the gym?”

“I do and I work as hard as you do.”

Jenny stopped and breathed heavily. “Don’t be a bitch, ok. I’m just not as motivated as you. Men do like women with a bit of meat on them.”

Rachel held up her hands. “I’m sure some do; I’m just fucking with you.”

They kept on walking and after a few minutes they reached smooth rocks where they put down their towels and Jenny opened a beer each. “Listen.”

“What? I can’t hear anything.”               

“Exactly. It's quiet, it’s nice, it’s peaceful.”

Rachel swatted at a mosquito that had landed on her arm. “Shit, it has begun.”

“I’m swimming nude; there is no one else here,” said Jenny, and stripped off her bikini.

Rachel looked over at the tiny beach across the lake. It wasn’t more than a hundred yards or so, but if someone had been there, they would have gotten a decent look at firm boobs and shaved pussies, she thought while undressing.

Jenny dove in and came up squirting water from her mouth. “Ah, delicious. So lovely.”

Rachel slipped into the water and swam after her friend who was heading to the beach. Once they reached it, they lay down on the sand. The sun was still shining on them but would drop down below the trees in a short while.

“What’s it like?” asked Jenny.


“Eating pussy. Is it like sucking cock?”

Rachel laughed. “It’s nothing like sucking dick. When you do that there seems to me that the guy always tries to shove his cock as far back as he can. Eating pussy is much softer, more sensual, more erotic. It’s done slowly and with care and it tastes pretty good.”

“Anyone squirt on your pretty face?”

Rachel turned on her stomach. “No, no squirters, at least not any I was with.”

Jenny, who was on her back, looked at her friend’s perfect body and visualized a young woman kissing her back down to her curved ass and down the crack between her ass cheeks, down the inside of her legs, and then up again. Shit, I’m getting horny, she thought.

“Would you say you are bisexual?”

Rachel thought for a moment. “Maybe, I’m not sure, what is a bisexual person?”

“Someone who is attracted both physically and emotionally to someone of their sex, I guess.”

“Nah, not me. I was never in love with the girls I was with. I liked them or I wouldn’t have done it. I guess for me it was more about the physical connection, the need for warmth, being held, kissed, hugged, and those amazing orgasms.”

“Would you do it again, now when it has been around eight years since you did it last?”

“Shit, what is this, a hundred questions?” Rachel said and rolled onto her back. She pulled at her nipples and then turned to her friend. “Are you curious about girl-on-girl sex? Did my experiences make you horny and curious?”


“Go ahead and try it. There are plenty of women out there who feel like you.”

“You are right. I could go on a dating site and see what I can find.”

Rachel got up and stretched her arms above her head while looking across the water. The sun had just dipped below the tree lines and there was a chill in the air. She turned and said, “Let’s swim back.”

Jenny looked up at her friend and took in her perfect body. The round firm boobs with their nipples, her flat tummy where her muscles played under the skin. Her smooth pussy with lips barely showing. She was one hot bitch, she thought and got up.

Back at the cabin, they showered in turn and while Jenny was getting dressed, Rachel began working on dinner and sipping on a glass of wine. Her thoughts went back to her friend confessing she was curious about sex with another girl. They had known each other for quite a while now and Rachel had never felt that Jenny looked at her like more than her friend. Maybe she wasn’t her type, it could be that simple. But what if she was and Jenny was too shy to admit it? Would she take the risk of jeopardizing their friendship for some sex? Rachel wasn’t sure. She didn’t have enough experience in relationships, rather she had no experience at all. With men she was just after the sex, she didn’t have time or interest in starting something serious.

Jenny looked at herself in the mirror on the wall. She knew Rachel was only joking with her when she had mentioned her hips and thighs. There wasn’t much fat on either and over all she was in fantastic shape. Men loved to kiss her tummy and suckle her boobs before penetrating her and stretching her tight pussy. If the dude was more than eight inches, Jenny had to ask him to slow down or it would hurt. She slowly ran her hands down her sides across her tummy down to her pussy. She shivered as her middle finger brushed over her clit.

“Smells wonderful,” said Jenny when she walked into the kitchen. She poured a glass of red wine from the bottle Rachel had left on the kitchen table. Her friend stood at the stove steering a pan with meat sauce and on another burn, she had spaghetti almost to a boil. She wore a black halter top and Lycra shorts in black. Her ass looked like someone had cut a soccer ball in half and glued it to her.

For no reason whatsoever Jenny couldn’t help herself, she came up behind her friend and placed her hands on her ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze. “Damn, girl, these buns are firm. How often do you go to the gym?”

Without turning or acknowledging what her friend had just done, Rachel said, “four times a week, for about an hour and a half.”

Jenny squeezed the cheeks again. “Yeah, I can tell.” When she let go and stepped back, Rachel turned around.

“Jenny, if you want, you can keep touching me. I’m ok with it if you are.”

The two friends looked at each other. The silence in the room was tense and quiet. Jenny fiddled nervously with her hands against her legs and Rachel stood with the spoon she had used to stir within her hand.

“I..I.. I don’t know,” Jenny finally said quietly.

“What is it you don’t know?”

“If I should. I mean I want to, but I don’t know why I do. Just five hours ago I could never in my wildest imagination think that I would like to kiss you.”

Rachel put the spoon on the sink and took a few steps to her friends, where she took her hands in hers. “It’s ok, you know. Sometimes stories, a movie or something you read can make you feel things you have never felt before. All I want is for you to be sure, because if something happens between us, our friendship will have made a drastic turn into something else.”

Jenny looked down at her feet and then up again. “I know, that’s what I’m afraid of. What if we feel weird after sex and uncomfortable with each other?”

Rachel let go of her friend and went back to the stove where she turned off the heat. “We have two options: do it and hope for the best, or don’t do it and always wonder what it would have been like.”

“So, you have thought about me, like in a sexual way before?”

Rachel giggled. “Yes, I have. I hope that’s ok. When we first became friends, I was hoping it would turn into something more, but you never showed me that you were into me, you know what I mean.”

“I wasn’t, but I am now. Or should I say, I’m curious about being with a woman, and who else than my best friend I am comfortable to be naked around.”

Rachel had learned something about herself back at school and that was she could be both dominant and passive with a bling of an eye. She realized that Jenny was beating around the bush, and she would continue to do so. She decided to take action. She turned and walked over to her friend, put her left hand just above her ass and leaned in making Jenny have to lean back. In doing so Jenny’s white kimono came apart and Rachel swiftly moved her right hand onto her friend’s boob while she began to kiss her softly on her lips. She played with her nipple and then massage the boobs softly. Jenny was tense like an iron rod. Her lips taut and her arms hung down her sides. Rachel moved her right hand down and then under the belt further down until she reached Jenny’s pussy. She cupped it and whispered in Jenny’s ear. You are so warm in my hand.”

Jenny didn’t answer, but Rachel heard her breathing change a little and her body relaxed. Jenny moved her one leg a little and Rachel could now use her right middle finger to play with Jenny’s slit. In seconds, she felt it become wet and then she pushed her finger in.

“Oh, fuck, is this happening, Rachel?”

“If you want it to.”

“Oh, wow, God, you know how to do that so well.”

Rachel kissed her friend’s neck back up and sucked on her earlobe while still fingering her. Jenny’s hand came up and squeezed Rachel’s boob through the halter top. “Mm, they are so firm and yet big.”

“Don’t be shy. Slide your hand under and play with my nipple.”

Rachel did and then leaned to suckle on it. “Rachel held her tight against her body while still playing with her pussy. It was a lot wetter now and when she inserted her finger all the way, she felt the muscles squeeze it.

Rachel was in a dream world. Her body reacted to Rachel’s touches in a way she hadn’t thought possible. She had never in her life felt attracted to a woman before but here she was, with a dripping wet pussy, hard nipples sucking on a boob.

Rachel gently pulled free and let go of Jenny. “There, there, how was that?”

Rachel looked at her, her lips half open, her eyes large and her chest heaving. “That was fucking amazing, so hot.”

Rachel giggled. “I told you; girl sex is different than being with a man. Let’s eat.”

“God, I’m still horny. I want you, I want to taste you right now,” said Jenny a few minutes later while eating.

“I feel the same way, but I like to take it easy, building it up. The release is so much better when it finally comes.”

They ate and talked about everything and nothing. The wine bottle finished and Jenny opened a new one. When she came back, she was naked.

“Sorry, I want you to see me; I want you to desire me and my body,” she said as she sat down.

Rachel loved it. Jenny’s nipples were hard, and she could faintly smell her sex. It turned her on something fierce, so in the middle of the conversation where Jenny was telling her a story from work, she interrupted. “Let’s go and fuck, in the bed.”

Without waiting for an answer, she got up took Jenny by her hand, and led her to the closest bedroom. She took off her clothes while Jenny got onto the bed and then got on it herself. She smiled at her friend and then swiftly swung one leg over her and moved back a little so they were in a 69 position. “There you go, there your dessert.”

Jenny laughed and looked up at her friend’s pussy. It was so cute with tiny pink lops that were swollen and wet. She reached out with her tongue and sighed as she for the first time tasted a woman. It was sweet and tangy at the same time. She placed her hands on Rachel’s hips and pulled her down and began to eat her out. Her lips closed on the clit and she sucked on it greedily as Rachel began to moan with her face berried in Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel had missed eating pussy. She loved cock, and enjoyed it as much or maybe even more than most women but there was something special about eating pussy. It brought back good memories from her years at the catholic school. She loved the taste, the pressure of it against her lips, the moans and grunts Jenny made, and how her body squirmed under her. She pressed her pussy down hard onto Jenny’s face and lifted her face from what she was doing.

“Wet your thumb and play with my ass,” she said before starting to lick again.

Jenny did what she was told and pressed her thumb against her friend’s anus. It slowly gave way and then closed around the base of Jenny’s thumb. It was tight and felt nothing like her pussy.

“Oh, oh, I love it, god, it feels so good, suck on my clit, mm, just like that, suck it, suck it,” Rachel moaned.

Jenny felt her friend’s body become tense, then she arched her back a little and pressed her pussy harder against her face while a couple of spasms ran through her body.

“Ah, yes, oh, Jenny, Jenny, you made me come, oh that felt so good.”

She went back to licking Jenny and sucking on her clit with Jenny’s thumb still deep in her ass. Her friend stopped licking her, but she felt her warm breath each time she moaned. Within a few minutes, Jenny came and pulled her thumb out and held onto Rachel’s waist as the orgasm rolled over her.

They lay still for a moment in the silence and then Rachel rolled to one side, turned around, and snuggled close to Jenny. “That was amazing. Did you like it?”

Jenny stared at the ceiling, trying to come to terms with what had just happened. “Yeah, I did. I loved it. Like you said, it’s different than being with a man.”

Rachel kissed her warm cheek and Jenny turned so they could kiss deeper. When they came apart, Jenny said, “Can we do this all night and tomorrow?”

Rachel smiled. “As much as you want to, but I have a question for you.”


“How would you feel about a threesome?”

“Like with a dude, and you and I?”

“Yeah, just like that. I think we could have a lot of fun.”

“So, you are back to fucking like crazy again?”

Rachel kissed her on the lips. “Yes, I need cock, and I want pussy, so I thought a threesome would be great. Especially if he is on the bigger side.”

“Wait, what, a big cock?”

“Yes! At least nine inches. I want to have that experience.”

“Nah, I don’t know. I’m pretty tight down there and I’m not sure I would enjoy it.”

Rachel got on top of her and sat down on Jenny’s hips. She reached out and began to play with her friend’s nipples. “I think you could, and I want to try it. Please, with sugar on top?”

“Oh, stop it, fine, I’ll do it. Now get down there and lick me until I come.”

Rachel smiled. “With pleasure.”

Written by NatashaTsarinaErotic
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