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Rachel Sins Part 1

"Rachel lives a quiet life as a good girl until she meets her neighbor Tom."

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Rachel made the sign of the cross and got up from her kneeling position in front of the altar with the large cross where Jesus looked down at her. She looked away from his accusing eyes and shame filled her body. She walked over to the confession booth and waited in line. There was a man and an older woman before her so she sat down and checked her phone. Her friend Jenny had texted her about meeting up for a coffee but Rachel declined in a short message saying she was late to work. She checked her e-mails and then scrolled the news feed. Nothing interesting there so she put the phone away.

When it was her turn, she walked into the booth and sat down.

The priest mumbled something hardly audible and she said, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“Tell me, my child.”

“It’s my neighbor. He is a handsome man, older than I, and single. He is always nice, helps me with my supermarket bags, and keeps the elevator for me. I have thoughts about him.”

“What kind of thoughts?”

Rachel nibbled her lower lip before answering. “Unholy thoughts. Of us, of me doing things with this man and to this man.”

“God understands but he expects you to refrain from such acts. Have you thought about asking him out, maybe starting a relationship?”

Rachel laughed. “No, Father. All I want to do is fuck him.”

She put her hand to her mouth. “Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

“Say ten Ave Marias, and six Hail Maries.”

She didn’t wait for the rest but hurried out feeling ashamed for her outburst.


Tom waited for the old elevator to finally make its way down to the lobby of the building. He leaned against the wall while skimming his messages. He heard the door open and then footsteps. They were heels, not tennis shoes. He checked his watch and smiled. Always on time, he thought.

“Hi, Rachel, how was your day?”

The young woman looked up at him and her large brown eyes widened slightly. “Oh, I didn’t see you, Tom. I’m fine and you?”

“Great. Did you have a good day at work?”

“Sure, the usual you know. Mondays are always busy.”

“I can imagine. That’s a nice outfit, is it new?”

She wore black pants, and a black blazer over a grey blouse and black heels. “No, not really, but thanks.”

There was a short silence until the elevator creaked to a halt and Tom opened the door for her. “Say, I was thinking, would you like to have dinner with me this week?”

He was so ruggedly handsome in his black jeans, boots, and red and blue flannel shirt. She didn’t know much about him apart from that he had moved to the city recently.”

“Well, I don’t know.”

He smiled, white teeth, and dimples in his cheeks. “You know where I live, just drop a note under the door.”

She got off first and Tom continued up two more floors while sporting another hard-on. He couldn’t help herself. Rachel was around twenty-five, tall, with dark brown hair, and spent time in the gym. He knew that from seeing her in shorts and halter tops during the weekend. She was at least half his age but he didn’t care. After thirty years of marriage and almost a year without sex after the divorce, he would fuck almost anything. She was such a flirt without knowing it. There was an innocence around her and if she told him she was a virgin he would believe it. Not many of those around the big city, he thought while looking for his keys.

Rachel closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her heart was racing, her breaths were shallow and her nipples hard. She felt horrible at the same time wonderful. She giggled and then dropped her purse on the little table below the mirror and went to the kitchen where she poured a glass of white wine. Leaning against the sink she sipped on it deep in thought.

Rachel had grown up in a small town where most of the people were Catholic with a sprinkle of Lutherans. Her parents were very religious and had sent her to a catholic all-girls school at the age of seven. She had graduated eleven years later without even having kissed a boy and even less seen one naked. She had gone to university and there she spent her time studying while her friends partied on the weekends. She had been on a few dates but when the guy became too touchy with her, she would claim a headache, or an exam, and scurry back to her dorm like a scared mouse. She didn’t trust her body. Her body betrayed her, it wanted what the guy offered.

She would wake up humid between her legs after hot dreams where she would be with a man but never get past first base or even that. Since she had no references, her mind couldn’t go very far. Then as a recent graduate, her friend Jenny had introduced her to porn one Sunny afternoon at Jenny’s place and her mind had gone haywire that night. She would dream about sucking cock, being fucked but when she woke up in the morning, she had no recollection of how it had felt. Her mind knew the concept from seeing it on a screen but could not give any feedback. She didn’t masturbate, that was a big sin even though Jenny had told her it was fine and had even suggested she buy herself a dildo.

That was another no, no.

She had been told by her parents and the nuns that a proper Catholic girl is a virgin until she gets married and shoving a dildo up her pussy would fuck that up, for sure. No, she left her pussy alone. She didn’t even dare to shave it, afraid that the sensations would drive her crazy with lust.

She poured another glass and pondered the situation with Tom. She was not stupid; she knew that he liked her and she liked him. Now, putting herself in a situation, alone with him, probably with wine could lead to all kinds of embarrassing situations. On the other hand, she wanted to get to know him better, wanted to be close to him, smell his aftershave, hold his hand, and maybe even cuddle a little. She needed that, she needed the warmth of another human, but what if her body betrayed her? What would happen if she wasn't strong enough to say no when the moment came and he wanted to have sex with her? Rachel sighed and put on some water to boil pasta.


A couple of days later Tom came home from work and found a note under his door. He read it and smiled. It was from Rachel and she asked him to come by her apartment. He went down the stairs which was faster than waiting for the elevator and knocked on her door.

It was evening and she had changed from work clothes to a pair of loose-fitting grey shorts and a T-shirt in the same color. He knew she had quite large boobs from seeing her in her gym clothes but this time there was no Lycra to keep her boobs in place so when she lifted her arm and placed her hand on the doorframe they moved and they looked amazing.

“So, I thought about the invitation and I would like to have dinner with you, but there is something you need to know first.”

“Ok, what kind of food are you allergic to or don’t like?”

She laughed. “I can eat anything, that’s not what I was going to tell you. The thing is, I grew up in a very religious family and I don’t have sex on a first or any date. To be honest, I’m still a virgin and I intend to stay that way until I get married.” Rachel couldn’t believe she had told him all that but she felt relieved. She didn’t like to keep secrets or play hard to get.

“Oh, ok, but I can respect that. I’m just looking for company. New city, new job, you know. I get lonely sometimes.”

“So, we are cool, no trying to get into my panties?”

Tom held up his hand. “I swear to God.”

“Great. What about tomorrow? It’s Friday and we don’t have to work the following day. I like red and white wine, just so you know.”

“Friday it is, see you at seven.”


Later that evening Rachel was on the phone to Jenny having some wine after dinner.

“I’m going on a date tomorrow with my neighbor?”

“That old dude you mentioned?”

“Yeah. His name is Tom and he is very nice.”

“Shit, old dick, why not someone our age?”

“It’s always about dick with you, Jenny. What about an intelligent conversation with another human being over good food?”

Jenny laughed. “Honey, it’s always about the dick, trust me. They can cook, invite you out but what it comes down to is, will you let him fuck you?”

“No, of course not, you know how I feel about that.”

“Right. When was the last time you were on a date?”

Rachel thought for a moment and then in a small voice said, “Back at university, so about three years ago, maybe.”

“Right and how did that go?”

“Bad, he tried to touch my boobs.”

“I bet you one bottle of decent wine that this man you are having dinner with will have his hands on your boobs before you are having your after-dinner cognacs.”

“I don’t drink cognac.”

“That’s not the point. The point is, no man can control his needs as soon as he had a few drinks in him.”

They talked about an upcoming weekend trip they were planning and then hung up. Rachel poured more wine and then went over to her closet to see if she could find something nice to wear. Since she never went out to parties her closet was filled with work clothes. Business suits with pants or skirts, rows of blouses and shirts. She took out a few items but put them back again. After another two glasses of wine, she was tipsy but had found what to wear. It was a grey skirt that ended a few inches above her knees and a white blouse. Not too provoking but not too boring either. Some makeup and heels and she would look just fine for dinner with her neighbor.

Tom opened the door and smiled at Rachel who stood outside holding out her hand which was holding a bottle of red wine. “I’m not an alcoholic, but there is something about wine I just can’t refuse,” she said and smiled at him.

“Thanks, and welcome to my simple dwelling.”

Since she only had to walk down the stairs Rachel didn’t wear a coat or carry a purse. She walked into the living room which had large paintings on the walls. They were of Western motives, cowboys, cows, indigenous people in beautiful headdresses sitting on horses looking at the horizon.

“I grew up in Montana and lived all my life there.” He said in defense of the paintings.

“I love them. I bet it’s amazing to ride across the prairie under the blue sky.”

Tom sighed. “I miss it so much.”

She turned to him. “What made you come here?”

“Sit down, I’ll get us drinks and then tell you.”

He was back in a moment with two whiskey tumblers, no ice.”

Rachel sipped on the dark golden drink and when it burned itself down her throat she whinced. “That is strong.”

Tom smiled. “It is, and that’s why you only get one before dinner. I divorced less than a year ago and was offered a consulting job here in the city. I needed a change and to get away from the ex and the memories we shared. My two sons are still there but they are adults working on the ranch we had together.”


“It was her family's money that bought it so I thought she should have it in the divorce.”

“you are such a nice guy.”

He smiled and finished his drink. “I’ll check on dinner. If you want to you can go and sit down.”

The apartment was like Rachels, only that Tom had turned the second bedroom into a dining room for six people. The walls had similar paintings to the living room but smaller. The window showed the little park below where a few kids kicked a ball around. Rachel sat down and sipped on her drink. She could already feel it hitting her brain and she smiled and relaxed a bit more.

Tom had never been on a date where the woman had arrived looking like a secretary. The few women he had dated after the divorce, dressed up and showed cleavage and a lot of legs. Rachel was the complete opposite. He pulled out the steak from the oven and began to cut slices and place them on their plates. He added roasted potatoes and a green salad without dressing.

“Mm that smells amazing,” she said when he placed the plate in front of her. He then uncorked the bottle she had bought, poured two glasses, and sat down.

“Cheers, to us, and new friendships,” he said.


Rachel took a bite of the steak and moaned with pleasure. It was perfectly cooked with the right herbs and melted in her mouth. “Wow, this is amazing.”

“Thank you. I’m happy you like it. So many women these days are vegan or have a long list of things they don’t eat.”

“Yeah, I know the type. Always trying new diets which never work.”

They ate in silence for a while and then Tom asked, “When were you on a date last?”

“Three years ago, while I was at university. It ended badly.”

“Sorry to hear that. Some guys can be real assholes I guess.”

“He wasn’t an asshole as such, he was quite nice but when he was saying goodbye to me he grabbed my ass with one hand and tried to fondle my boob with the other and it pissed me off.”

Tom put down his fork and tilted his head. “Well, with all due respect, you do have fondle-worthy boobs and a nice ass.”

Rachel blushed. She always did when a man complimented her. It often happened at the gym and even though she knew the guys had some dirty thoughts about her she didn’t mind it.

“I guess I have to say thank you, Tom. I do spend a lot of time at the gym so that would explain it.”

Tom collected their plates and when he reached over her, he couldn’t help to look down at her blouse. She didn’t wear a bra, that was a good sign and made her boobs even more impressive since there was no sag to them whatsoever.

She felt his warm breath on her neck and shivered. She wanted him to kiss her, to hold her, but he might think that meant fucking her. Rachel was very confused and the whiskey and wine didn’t help. Her body was slowly taking control over her mind and that was a very bad thing.

Tom wore dark blue slacks and a black shirt and looked very handsome. When he came back, she did notice a bulge at the front and she looked away, sweat breaking out on her forehead and palms. Did he have an erection, or was his manhood so big? While he put away a few more things and poured her wine she dared another glance. The bulge was huge, and she looked away again.

Tom’s cock was poking at his pants since he hadn’t put on any underwear. It might be a cheap trick with the fancy women in the city but, back in the day when he was a young buck he and his friend always went to the dances without underwear. This had led to many young women feeling his ten-inch press against their thighs or hips depending on the dance. This more than often lead to some heavy kissing in a barn or a pickup truck ending in either a quick fuck a blowjob or at least a handjob. He wasn’t so sure Rachel would fall for his country tricks.

Rachel wondered what Jenny would have done in the same situation. She bet her friend had either said something erotic or kissed Tom and let it go from there. Rachel was too shy to do something like that plus she knew her body would betray her. She needed to get back to her apartment as quickly as possible.

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Tom disappeared into the kitchen but soon came back with a bowl that held two scoops of ice cream. One vanilla and one chocolate. When he placed it in front of Rachel his bulge brushed her upper arm and she gasped.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to do that,” said Tom with an apologetic smile.

She looked into his eyes and she knew he had done it on purpose. Rachel wasn’t a shy girl, or timid. “You did that on purpose.”

Tom stepped back and sat down opposite her and began eating his ice cream. He ate one scoop and then answered her. “So, what if I did?”

“I’d say you are no different than the other sleezbags out there.”

“You honestly think so?”

He looked so hot with his light hair, blue eyes, and square jaw. He smiled at her and the dimples came alive. “No, not really. Why did you do it?”

He finished his ice cream. “Because I wanted to give you a taste of what you could have if you wanted to.”

Rachel giggled. “Don’t think I don’t want to, I’d love to fuck but I also want to wait until my wedding night.”

Tom scoffed. “That’s so old school. You live in 2024 you know.”

“Sure, I do, but I was taught a girl should wait.”

He noticed her eyes were darting and she didn’t look him in the eye like she had before. “I think you are full of bullshit, Rachel. You just said you wanted to.”

She ate the last spoons of ice cream and wiped her lush lips on a napkin. “Yes, yes, I do. Fuck, I hate this. That’s why I don’t go on dates. It always ends up here.”

“Calm down. You can’t fuck before marriage, right?”


“Can you suck dick, can I lick you?”

She was quiet for a moment and then her face lit up. “Yeah, you are right about that. Fuck, why didn’t I think about that before.”

“Because you and so many other young people or so focused on the in and out and not all the wonderful things you can do before and after.”

While he spoke, he had stood up and with one practiced move of his hand he had his pants open and they slowly slid down his thighs and out of Rachel’s sight. In front of her, she had a semi-erect cock. The head was still inside its hoodie but it wanted to come out, it pushed against the skin, and while she watched it poked out and was free. “Holy shit, that’s a cock.” She whispered.

“Sure is. Do you want to try it?”

She put her hand to her mouth not being able to take her eyes off it as it grew longer and thicker. “Yes, I do.”

He came around the table, walking in small steps since his pants were around his ankles. More of a shuffle actually than a walk. She followed the dick as it came closer to her and by the time it was one foot away from her face, it was fully erect. The room began to spin slowly and Rachel felt she was sliding out of her body looking down at it from above. Wasn’t this the way people who had come back from the dead described it? Her body down below reach out and the moment the fingers touched the skin of the dick, Rachel was swooped back down and back into her body. The cock head was an inch from her face and her fingers wrapped around the thick shaft.

“Kiss it,” suggested Tom.

She did and the skin was soft like velvet against her skin. She did it again and this time she let her tongue play with the tiny hole and Tom sighed. “How does it feel?” he asked looking down at her.

“So soft and warm and incredibly hard.”

“Stroke the shaft while you lick it and suck on the head.”

Rachel giggled and remember the dreams she had had after watching porn. This time, there was no not knowing, her mouth, body, and mind would be aware of how sucking cock felt like. She loved it and became hungrier for every second.

Tom watched her and smiled as the young woman let go of her uptightness and embraced her horny self. Her eyes were glazed over, the skin around her mouth wet from saliva and pre-cum. He felt his balls contract. “Rachel, I’m almost coming.”

She came up with a gasp from sucking him. “What do I do?”

Keep stroking it and angle it away from your eyes. It can sting badly if cum gets in there.”

She did what he asked and he began to moan more and he put his hand on the table to support himself as his knees became weak. Rachel watched with curiosity how the before tiny hole had almost tripled in size.

“Oh fuck, oh, oh, here it comes!”

Rachel wasn’t ready for the amount that squirted out and had forgotten about angling the cock away from her. The cum landed on her face and blouse and she wiped it away with her free hand. So hot, and sticky against her skin, she thought.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me help you,” said Tom and reached for their napkins which he used to clean her face. When the cum was gone he began dabbing at her blouse.

“Hey, hey, that’s not necessary, I have a laundry machine,” she said and winked at him.

“What do you think?”

“Gosch, what do I think? I'll tell you. That was the coolest thing I have done in a very long time. If I had known it would be so sexy and fun to make a guy come, I would have done it before.”

“Great, I’m happy for you.”

There was an uncomfortable silence between them. “Ah, I thought you said something about licking me?” Said Rachel.

“Oh, right, sorry. Of course. Where do you want to be? Here, on the sofa or my bed?”

Rachel giggled. “Here. Help me up.”

He did and when she was lying on the table, she pulled up her skirt and exposed her hairy pussy. She did see the look on his face and she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tom wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to hurt the young woman at this so very delicate moment in her life. At the same time, he hated hairy pussy.

“Rachel, have you ever watched porn?”

“Sure.” She was a bit bewildered and felt uncomfortable with her skirt up and legs bent at the knees and her pussy exposed.

“Ok, do you remember that the girls have no hair between their legs?”

“Yes, I guess it is so they can get a better look at what a pussy looks like. I guess many men don’t know that.”

Tom couldn’t help laughing but he stopped when he saw Rachel’s serious face. “It’s like this. It’s a lot nicer to lick a woman if she doesn’t have hair there it’s also nicer to fuck her. You might have noticed I shave my balls and around the base?”

“Sure, I did. So, what is it you want?”

Tom sighed. It was harder than he had thought. “Rachel, you are such a beautiful woman. It would be an honor to shave your pussy.”

Rachel just stared at him for a moment before bursting into a loud laugh. “Of course, how stupid of me. Yes, yes, please shave me.”

He pulled her off the table and walked her to the bathroom where she took her clothes off and stepped into the bathtub. Tom got his shaving machine from the cabinet and turned it on. “This is going to tickle. When I’m done with this, I will use a razor and I will be very careful, I promise.” Rachel nodded.

She wondered how had having dinner gone to standing in Tom’s bathtub while he was shaving her pussy? The hair fell down and soon there was a little pile of dark brown pubic hair at her feet. Tom turned on the water and used it to moisten her tickling pussy. His hand was warm and he was careful not to touch her clit. She was so fucking horny after the machine working her pussy like a vibrator. He then added foam to his hand and massaged into her. Then he proceeded to shave her. It took a while since he went very slowly and carefully. Making sure he didn’t miss any hair. When he was done, he rinsed her and handed her a towel.

“There you go. You look amazing,” he said and held up a mirror.

Rachel giggled. “It looks funny, like a Barbie doll.”

“So sexy, though.”

“You think so?” she became warm from his kind words.

He helped her out and took her to the bedroom where she lay down on her back. He crawled up between her legs and placed them over his shoulder.

“Here we go,” he said and winked at her.

At first, it was just something warm and wet sliding along her slit but then it worked itself in between the folds and she gasped when it reached her clit. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, what is happening?

“Relax, calm down.”

Rachel was in a state of shock. One wave after the other of immense pleasure rolled over her. She had never felt something like it before. She began to giggle but that ended when Tom began to suck her clit. Her fingers dug into the sheets and she pushed her pussy hard against his face. “Do you like my pussy; does it taste good?” she said.

“Fuck yes, I love it.”

“Good, it’s virgin pussy, you are the first man who has ever licked or touched it.”

Tom worked a finger inside and was shocked at how tight she was. He had guessed she would be but it was tighter than he had thought. She was wet, dripping wet and so warm inside. He bent the finger a little and pushed further and she moaned and groaned and when he found her spot she gasped.

“Oh, what’s happening to me?”

“It’s your G-spot, and it’s giving you pleasure.”

“God, I have never felt anything like it, good Lord don’t stop.”

Tom didn’t, he moved his finger faster as he also licked her juicy pussy and sucked on her clit. Her body began to jerk and her back came off the bed and her breathing became shorter.

Rachel thought she would pee but that sensation went away and was replaced by a much stronger warmer feeling. She couldn’t control her body so she stopped trying and let her mind drift away. She didn’t care about her parents, the nuns, or anything else she had been taught. And then it hit her, like a long-drawn-out explosion. Her body shook, her knees went weak and her heart beat so hard she thought it would burst out.

Tom moved back and looked at the naked woman in front of him. Her legs twitched a little, she had a lazy smile on her lips and her forehead had a film of sweat. “Did you like it?”

Her eyes focused on him and the smile grew larger. “I loved it, it was amazing.”

Tom looked down at his cock which was hard and its head dark red. “I want to fuck you, Rachel.”

She smiled at him. “I know you do, but you also remember what we talked bout.”

“Fuck, why, why?”

She giggled and pushed herself up. Taking his cock in her hand she stroked it just fast enough for him to squirt a few minutes later. “There you go, now you feel better, and look, you never fucked me.”

Tom sighed. “You are right, but it would have been so much better.”

She swung her legs over the bed and collected her clothes. When she was dressed, she kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks, and good night, Tom.”

When he went to bed a bit later her perfume was still on the pillow and he inhaled it deeply as his dick grew hard. He knew she had an amazing pussy and wanted so much to be in it.


Rachel called Jenny the following morning to tell her the good news. The response she got was not what she had expected. “You did what?”

“I..I jerked him off.”

“Rachel, you just can’t leave a guy hanging like that. You might think that just by coming he is ok, but it doesn’t work that way. He needs your pussy around his cock to be happy.”

“Why, I mean the result is the same.”

“Yeah, but it's not. Put it this way, you like your coffee with sugar, right? Well, drink it without it one day. It’s still coffee but something is missing, the sugar. That’s how men feel when they can’t fuck you.”

After they hung up Rachel felt bad. Maybe it was the Catholic in her but she felt guilty for not letting Tom fuck her. What had held her back? She had been horny enough, her pussy wanted it, her boobs wanted it, and her body craved it but that little voice at the back of her head had screamed, do not take that cock in your pussy.

“Argh, fuck!” she screamed to no one. She went to the bathroom to take a shower and while undressing her gaze fell on her shaved pussy. It looked so cute with its tiny lips. She gently caressed it and she became warm and giggled. She continued and before she knew it she had one foot on the toilet seat and two fingers deep inside. She was wet and she could hear the sloppy sounds as she finger fucked herself to an orgasm. Holy shit, it felt good. She did it again and again until her legs were shaking. In the shower, she leaned against the wall and did it again. She loved it, she wanted more of it, a lot more. Was this the way drug addicts felt? She wondered as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy. She came twice in the shower and then went to her bed where she managed three more orgasms until she passed out.


Tom stood by the elevator and texted a friend when he heard the click-clack sound of heels and he knew who was coming.

“Hi, and thanks, for the other night?” said Rachel.

She wore a long dress that reached her feet and a dark red blouse that was tight enough so he could see the form of her boobs. “Don’t mention it, it was my pleasure.”

She giggled. “I think we both got some, well, a lot of pleasure from it.”

“Yeah, you liked it? Would you like to repeat that experience, maybe?”

She put her hand on his warm cheek. “I’d love to.”

“I’m free right now.”

The elevator arrived and as soon as it closed behind them, they began to make out. Tom wasn’t shy and moved his hand up under her dress and found her panty. He slid a hand inside and she was so wet already. “Tom, Tom, this time, fuck me.”

Those words drove him crazy. As soon as the elevator had reached his floor, he lifted her and carried her to his apartment. Once inside, he pulled down her skirt and she wiggled out of her top. Her nipples were hard and her full boobs were warm and firm in his hands. He turned her around so she was facing the wall. With one hand he opened his pants and they fell to the ground. He used his foot to widen the space between her legs and then grabbed his cock.

Rachel gasped as she felt him hard against her lips. She pushed back a little and felt the cock penetrate her. It was so hard and thick inside her. She held her breath, closed her eyes, and prayed to God to forgive her for this sin.

“C’mon, Tom, fuck me already!”

“You are so fucking tight, Rachel. Hang on.”

“Ah, ah, oh, fuck, fuck, it hurts.”

“Ahh, there, there, oh god you feel good.”

Something ripped inside her and she yelped as he drove his cock inside her and began to fuck her. Her knees went weak, her body relaxed and she tilted her head back looking up at the ceiling as Tom fucked her hard against the wall. Her body convulsed as one, and then a second orgasm rolled over her, and when he pulled out, she went down the wall like a wet rag. She slowly turned around on her knees and looked up at him. “You fucked me, you took my virginity.”

“Dam right I did, and you were amazing.”

Her eyes focused on his hard dick and she took it in both her hands and spoke to it. “I love you cock, I want more of you.”

Tom watched as her lips closed around his shaft and she began to bob her head up and down until he squirted far back in her throat. She let go and moved back a little. A drop of cum ran down her cheek.

“You are amazing, Rachel.”

She got up and held him tight. “Thanks. Now take me to bed and fuck the Lord out of me, I’m tired of him telling me how to live.”

Written by NatashaTsarinaErotic
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