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I had sex with my mother's best friend

I had sex with my mother's best friend

The night I had sex with my mother's friend
My name is Jake and I’m nineteen. I’m on summer vacation from college. I’m a pretty popular guy and I love girls. I was on the football team as the quarterback in high school and now I play college football. All the girls swoon over me. It’s a pretty good gig. I mean these girls will just about throw themselves at you. They love to have sex with football players. I love to have sex. I’m not going to be stopping any girl who wants to have it.

I’m a smart guy and maintain all A’s in college. So aside from my good looks, I’m also smart. I received a full scholarship for football and I’m the starting quarterback on the team. I’m just taking it very easy this summer. My parents said I could just have a very lazy summer. I did well in my first year of college.

This is the story about when I had sex with an older woman. My mother’s best friend was staying with us for a month on vacation, and one thing led to another, and we had sex. I’ll tell you about how that came to pass. I really think she is an incredible looking woman. Susan is forty eight and her husband is like sixty. I think she must have married him for his money. She is a knockout for sure.

My parents went out for date night and were spending the night in a hotel for some hot loving I guess. Susan asked me if I wanted to have Chinese food with her. She had opened a bottle of wine and had several glasses. I don’t drink because I'm always training for football. But, she seemed to be getting a nice buzz. We were talking and laughing. She is a very attractive woman.

Susan is about five foot six inches tall. She has brown eyes and brown long hair. She has a slender figure with a nice bust. I think she is probably around a 38 C cup. She is really pretty and very nice to talk to.

Susan cleared the dishes and was cleaning up in the kitchen. I heard her start to cry and walked into the kitchen to check things out.

“Susan, why are your crying?”

“Actually, my husband is having an affair. I’m very disappointed with him. I kind of want to get even with him. If you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Susan. Well if you want to use me, I would be okay with that. I would love to have sex with you. Think of me as your love slave tonight.”

“Jake you are very kind dear. I don’t even know why I am sharing this with you. Your mother would be upset, that I even told you. But, I'm feeling a little drunk.”

Susan was looking so good. I just leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“Jake, I don’t think this would be a good idea. Your mother would be so upset with me. Susan, I'm nineteen years old. I’m not a child. You’re so beautiful and I would like to show you how beautiful you really are.”

I pulled Susan closer and gave her a deep and passionate kiss. She was drunk because she kissed me back. In fact, we shared a very long and deep kiss.

“I guess, I’m a little drunk Jake. The alcohol is starting to mess with my head.”

I picked Susan up and brought her to my bedroom. Susan was getting lost in the moment. I was giving her lots of compliments. I told her how attractive she was. Then I took her clothes off. She was naked and completely exposed to me. I then removed all my clothes and started to kiss Susan. We were kissing and embracing on the bed. I’m very fit and muscular. My body felt so good against Susan’s very beautiful body. She has the most amazing breasts you’ve ever seen. Her nipples are pink, perk and so erect and hard.

My hands were caressing her body. We kissed for a very long time and then I spread Susan’s legs. Susan hadn't shaved her pussy in a while and it had grown into a hairy mess. I went into the bathroom and got a razor and shaving cream and told her I was going to clean her pussy up. I got a washcloth and put water on it.

I sprayed the shaving cream into my hands and rubbed it all over her pussy. I then shaved her pussy bare. I was so careful and made sure to get it all off. I wiped it with the wash cloth. After I shaved Susan, I spread her legs and began to eat her beautiful bald pussy. Her pussy looked amazing once she was bald and beautiful.

My tongue licked and sucked on Susan’s clit. My tongue rubbed her clit over and over again. I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and began tongue fucking her very fast. Susan was bucking and squirming and holding my hands, while I was enjoying her sweet pussy.

“Jake, you’re so good at this. I haven’t had oral sex, since my husband started his affair. Oh Fuck! I am going to come!”

Susan had a squirting orgasm. I’ve never seen something like that before. I lapped up all her juices. Susan I’m going to make you have several orgasms tonight. I replaced my tongue with my finger. I worked my middle finger and ring finger fast in her vagina.

I licked Susan’s pussy for a long time. Susan was enjoying all the attention, I was giving to her.

“Jake you’re so good at this. I’ve never squirted by oral sex alone.”

“Jake, let me return the favor. I want to suck your cock.”

I stood up and Susan knelt down and she sucked on my seven inch cock. I’m completely shaved. Susan fondled my balls and gave each one of them a kiss. She licked the tops, sides and bottom of my balls. She slowly sucked on each of my balls one at a time. Her mouth licked my cock in an upwards motion up my shaft. When she got to my head, she swirled her tongue over my tip, and then lots of licks down my shaft.

Susan moved her mouth up and down my dick. Each time she took a little more down her throat. She was slobbering, gagging and sucking on my cock. I picked up Susan’s hair and started to face fuck her mouth. I moved my hips and Susan kept pace with me.

“I don’t want to come Susan. I want to fuck you!”

I told Susan to get in the missionary position. I put my cock into her pussy. We were kissing very deep and passionately. I was looking into Susan’s eyes the whole time we made love. My thrusts were slow and caring. Her legs were at her side. We were making slow erotic love to each other.

I then rolled over and told her to get on top of him and ride me cow girl style. Susan straddled me and put my hard cock into her wet cunt. Susan rode my cock up and down.

I sat up and played with her 38-C breasts. I was massaging and rubbing her breasts and slowly began to suck at her nipples, which were hard as erasers. My cock felt so good in her pussy. I put my hands on Susan’s ass and was lifting her body into my cock. I put my finger into her anus. I wanted Susan to enjoy all the sexual acts tonight.

“Susan, get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you in doggie position.”

I entered her doggie style. Susan’s pussy was wet and my cock slid right in. Now my thrusts were harder and faster and my hands were pulling at Susan’s hips. I was thrusting my cock deep into her wanting pussy.

“Slap my ass Jake! I want you to use me! I haven’t been fucked hard in so long.”

I began to slap her ass and was treating her very rough now. My cock was so hard and thick. I slapped her buttocks and she loved it. I was so turned on.

“My husband never did anything like. I’m so turned on and very aroused Jake.”

I spat on my hand and put it all around her anus. I was fucking her pussy and fingering her ass.

“Jake, I have never had anal sex ever in my life. Please be gentle. I trust you.”

I ran to the bathroom and came back with some lube and I slathered my cock and her ass with the solution.

I entered Susan very slowly. Her ass was very tight, but she said it did not hurt. I pushed my cock into her ass further and further. I was now in and fucking her full length.

“Susan you are so tight. Fuck! It feels so good. Oh Susan! Oh Shit!”

Susan was rubbing and massaging her clit and playing with her pussy, while I fucked her ass.

I pulled out of her ass and told her to get on her knees and suck my cock again. I let out a loud moan and filled her mouth with a load of cum.

“Jake, I have never seen so much cum explode out of a dick before.”

Susan gagged, but managed to swallow it all down for me. She slurped and gagged on my cock awhile.

“Jake, you’re and amazing lover. Maybe before you go back to college, I will send you an airline ticket and we could spend a little time together. If my husband is going to cheat so will I. I feel like a school girl. Thank you for an amazing night.”

I knew that Susan had a great time. I mean I’m a young, good looking, and a stud. I fucked my mother’s friend hard that night. I gave her many orgasms. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. A few times during the night, I felt Susan tugging at my cock. These older ladies are sex starved women. Lucky for her, I’m a hot and hunky stud muffin.

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