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Kiss, But Don't Tell

Kiss, But Don't Tell

The Way She Makes Me Feel, I Want More
Every day I wake up and do the same thing over and over again. I really hate routine, it drives me nutty. I wasn't always like this. At one point I was carefree and did what I wanted. It wasn't until I got into a relationship and moved in with her, that things seemed to fall into a routine. Her routine.

My girlfriend is the controlling type. She is always telling me what to do, where to go, when to be back. It didn't occur to me how much she was doing it until I met Katie. She asked me why I let Amber control me the way I do. I told her I hadn't noticed. She flat out told me I needed to open my eyes.

Since then, I have and I can’t stand it. In some ways, I've kind of started to rebel and do what I want. Katie and I plan to go out tonight, just us girls. I haven’t been out in ages, because Amber would rather hangout at home watching whatever is on the TV. I agreed to meet Katie at the bar around six.

When I enter the bar, I can see it is going to be a crowded night. It’s Thursday, but it’s Thirsty Thursday. The drinks are all half price, making people come in earlier and stay longer. The bar isn’t huge, but it isn’t a hole in the wall one, either. All along the right side of the place is the bar, at the far right end are two pool tables. On the left side in the far back is where you can dance. Right as you enter are the tables, where a lot of people tend to hang out.

I spot Katie right off, heading towards her I notice she is sitting with a guy. I didn’t realize she was bringing someone else. As I move closer, I can hear bits of their conversation.

“No, thank you. I’m actually waiting for someone,” Katie says. I can hear the annoyance in her voice.

“Oh come on, I’m sure they won’t mind. Just one dance, sweet thing?”

The guy who is bothering Katie, from what I can tell, has already had one too many. I decide to do the only thing that makes sense to me. I sashay up to them, a smirk on my face, eyeing both him and her. She notices me first.

“Hi babe, I’m sorry I’m so late. The boss was on my ass all day.”

Before she has the chance to reply, I lean into her, and kiss her deeply. My tongue invades her mouth, tasting the wine she has been drinking. The softness of her tongue is powerful, welcoming and so sexy. I can feel the burn building deep inside me. I release the kiss before I get myself into trouble.

Without missing a beat, Katie recovers. “That’s okay, baby. I was just telling my new friend here you were on your way.”

“I see, well, here I am. Thanks for keeping her company until I could take up all her time.”

I look at him, waiting for him to answer. I think he is shocked and confused. I think he thought Katie was lying about waiting for someone, let alone another girl.

“Right, no problem. See you ladies around.”

He leaves before either of us have a chance to answer him. I take his seat, as the bartender comes to take my order for a White Russian.

“I can’t believe you did that, Alice. That was incredible!” Katie is clearly blushing. She is smiling from ear to ear as if she won a prize. I’m not sure what the big deal is, since all I did was help her from a creep.

“Hey, it could have gone all wrong if you didn’t kiss me back the way you did. I would have looked like a crazy lady!” I can’t help but laugh, thinking about how badly it could have gone. How embarrassing.

“I didn’t even have a chance to think. One second you weren’t there, the next you are and your tongue is in my mouth. How can I refuse that? You’re a great kisser too.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice. I happen to love kissing. You’re pretty damn good yourself.” I give her a wink, just as I take a long sip from my drink. I know it’s going to be a fantastic night.

As the night goes on, we drink through our fair share of alcohol, dance to some of the best 80’s music and laugh so hard we have people staring at us. We don’t bring up the kiss for the rest of the night, but I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. It has made me incredibly horny and all I want to do is fuck.

When I notice it's almost one in the morning, I explain that I have to go. Katie tries to convince me to stay until closing, but I know I’m already in a heap of shit with Amber. She tells me she understands and we say goodnight.

Driving home I check my phone, seeing I have three missed texts and two missed calls from Amber. All of them are asking where the hell I am. Sometimes I feel like she is more of a mother than a girlfriend. I’m not looking forward to the fight that will take place when I do get home. I’m far too drunk to want that kind of argument right now.

When I get in, all the lights are off and Amber is in the bedroom sleeping. I’m rather surprised she didn’t wait up for me. Maybe she is going to try and relax a little. I decide to surprise her with what I know she’ll love. I strip out of my clothing, trying not to make any noise.

Amber isn’t all bad. She is one of the first girls I have ever had a relationship with. The girls before were mostly hook-ups. When I was a teenager, I thought that I was different because I didn’t date boys. I had no interest in them. It wasn’t until I met April that I knew. She started flirting with me and one thing led to another. We hung out and had sex - friends with benefits, and no one was the wiser.

I met Amber when I was twenty. She was the first girl to sweep me off my feet and we've been together since. Five years later, I’m starting to see maybe what we’ve had isn’t so healthy, but I still can’t see myself without her. As I look down at her in bed, I can’t help but love the controlling freak that she is. She has flaming red hair, the greenest eyes and palest skin I’ve ever seen. She has curves that can last all day long.

Crawling into bed, I snake my arm around her. I pull her into me closer, kissing lightly on her neck. She lets out a soft moaning noise. It makes me smile, moving my hand down to slip into her panties. I can feel the smoothness of her mound against my fingertips. It makes me recall the first time we ever had sex. Seeing her naked for the first time. It was my first time seeing a pussy that was completely shaven. I had no idea how beautiful it could look, so the very next day she helped me shave mine.

“Where have you been? I was worried,” she says in a very sleepy voice. I can tell she’s been asleep for a while.

She sounds exhausted, so I use this to my advantage. “Work stuff, but I’m home now. Don’t worry about it,” I whisper softly.

I begin to kiss down her back, moving towards her rib cage. She slowly turns to lie face up as I help to move her t-shirt upwards, exposing her rather large breasts. I have always loved playing with them. My fingers move to roll over her perking nipples, squeezing them softly to make them harder. When I move to kiss her, our lips meet and suddenly Katie’s lips are in my mind again.

No matter how much I try, I can’t get her out of my head. Suddenly, it’s not Amber in bed with me but Katie. Her beautiful naked body is lying under me, looking up at me with greedy lust. Something we both share, wanting to give into what we shouldn’t, but are about to. I can’t help it, I let go and only think of Katie. Amber is no longer here. My mouth moves down her body, kissing and nipping at all the sensitive areas on her exposed flesh.

When I reach between her thighs, I run my nose along her panties. I can smell how excited she is. She is moaning for me to touch her, begging me to take her. Even when she speaks, I hear Katie, not Amber. Slipping off her panties, I toss them to the floor. Her beautifully perfect shaved pussy is dripping with need. My mouth finds her clit easily, sucking on it gently. I slip a single finger inside her, fucking her gently. She rocks her hips to the rhythm, matching me perfectly. I begin to softly moan against her clit, causing her to groan with need.

Her legs begin to tremble, growing tighter around my head. I work a second finger inside her, knowing she's close. I want her to come hard, to please her, so I curl my fingers to hit her g-spot. Suddenly her fingers are in my hair, legs tighter than a vice as she begins her hurricane of an orgasm. Amber’s moans are loud, but it’s still Katie I envision with me right now. When her orgasm passes, she moves to pull me up to her. Her breathing is heavy between soft moans as she begins to kiss me. I suddenly want so badly for it to be Katie.

How can one single kiss in a bar make me go so crazy? Has it been lingering there all along? I mean sure, Katie is hot. She has dark hair, full perfect lips, dark skin, and legs that look like they could wrap around me twice. But, I’m with Amber, how can I possibly want anyone else? I’ve never cheated, but the more I think about it, the more I want it.


When I wake up the next morning, Amber is the one holding me. My heart is racing, my body aching to be touched. It just wants to be touched by someone whom I’m not sharing a bed with. I slip out of Amber’s arms and go to take a shower. I relive what happened the night before. I think about the kiss in the bar, the way we danced and joked around.

I can’t help but think about fucking her either. What I did to Amber last night, thinking it was Katie. I move my hand down between my legs and begin to touch myself. Even in the shower I can feel how wet I am. I’m slick and my clit is swelling to the point of being painful. I need to orgasm. I never got the chance last night. It didn’t take me long either. I just thought of Katie in the shower with me. She is on her knees, sucking hard and with need on my pussy. The idea makes me come hard. I have to muffle my moans with one hand, as the other works my pussy. The last thing I need to do is wake Amber. That would be hard to explain.

Once I’m done, I go get dressed and start breakfast. On the week days it’s up to me to make sure we’re fed. Amber wakes up just as I am setting the table with pancakes and bacon. She comes in, pouring us coffee. She is smiling, so I know she forgives me last night. I just hope she doesn’t question me again.

Nothing is said, besides the fact that Amber needs to spend the weekend at her mothers. She isn’t feeling well and needs help. I ask her if she wants me to come, but she tells me she can do it. We both know it’s because Amber’s mother never truly approved of her being lesbian. So, I am never invited or thought of by her family. However, mine fully approves and welcomes Amber into the family.

I help her pack and we both leave, her to her mother’s, me to work. Around eleven I get a text from Katie.

‘Hey, just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun last night.’

I read the words. They are so simple, but they mean so much to me. I can’t help but smile like a school girl.

‘I had an amazing time too. It was needed. You sure know how to have fun!’

‘We should do it again. Like, soon!’

How can I say no? After all, I had so much fun last night. It seems to work out perfectly since Amber is out of town. I shouldn’t have to sit home and do nothing.

‘I’m free this weekend. Amber is at her mum’s. How does that sound?’

‘It sounds like a date! Let’s grab dinner and go to the bar after. How about tomorrow?’

‘It’s a date. I can get what I need done tonight and be free tomorrow.’

‘Most excellent!’

Her words make me giggle, I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I can’t help it. I put my phone away and go back to working. I know that I need to get the files done, if I ever want to get home tonight.

When work does end, I swing by a corner shop and grab few wine coolers, whilst ordering a pizza. I might as well make the best of the night, since I’m alone. Once home, I do what little cleaning needs to be done. I’ve always liked having a clean apartment. Amber tends not to be, so I’m always cleaning up after her. I can’t help but find our relationship so unusual.

After an hour, I grab my now cold pizza and wine coolers and plop down in front of the TV. I’ve changed out of my work clothes, now wearing my PJ bottoms and an oversized sweater. My long dark hair is down, out of its usual tight bun or pony tail. I scan through Netflix, trying to find something to watch. I opt on watching Sons of Anarchy, my favourite series.

By the time I’m into the fourth episode, I get a text from Amber. She asks me how work was, if I had gotten everything done. I ask her how her mother is. Apparently she has been under the weather, much more than she led on. The house is a total mess and the bills need to get paid. Amber can’t count on her siblings to help her out, so she is on her own. I offer my help again, knowing that I’ll be told no. After an hour or so of texting, she tells me she is going to bed.

I’m on my last wine cooler, with a slight buzz when I think about going to bed myself. I shut my TV off, heading towards the bedroom. I can’t remember the last time I slept alone. I suddenly feel really lonely and out of place, even though I’m in my own place. I grab my phone and send a text to Katie, hoping she isn’t out or sleeping.

When she replies, she tells me I should call her. So, I do. We talk for hours, laughing as though we’re teenage girls at a sleepover. She has been drinking a few beers herself, so she has her own buzz going. She tells me she is saving the best for tomorrow though.

The sound of my alarm is what wakes me up. I don’t even remember falling asleep, and my phone is on the pillow next to me. It’s dead and I try and recall if Katie and I even said goodnight. I plug it in and head for the shower. I know I wasn’t that drunk last night, but between drinking and staying up so late, I can’t recall.

After my shower, I check my phone. It has just enough life for me to check my messages. The first one is from Katie, explaining that I had fallen asleep on her. She said she didn’t want to hang up on me, so she just let it disconnect on its own. She asked me to text her back. I do so before checking the next messages. The next one is from Amber, I reply back to her message before she freaks out on me. By that time Katie has texted me back.

‘Good morning, sleepy head. How did you sleep?’

‘It must have been good. I can’t remember a damn thing! LOL!’

‘Oh you know, we had phone sex. You moaned my name, having three orgasms. You know, because I’m that good.’

I look at the phone, nearly dropping it. Is she serious? I wasn’t that drunk! The best reply I can think of is…


She seems to take forever to reply back. I’m sure she doesn’t, but it seems that way.

‘Hahaha, no, silly. You’re easily fooled. That’s too cute. No, we just talked really late. You fell asleep on me. I must have gotten boring after a while.’

My heart is slamming against my chest, I can’t decide if I’m disappointed or relieved.

‘You’re not boring at all. You helped me fall asleep. I didn’t think I was going to get any. You’re a life saver.’

‘Aw, I’m happy to help. I’ll see you tonight around five, right?’

‘You know it, see you at five!’

I have seven hours before I see Katie. I do the laundry, picking out what I want to wear for the evening. The entire day is spent wondering what it would be like to have sex with Katie. It sure doesn’t help that I’ve been so horny lately. Even though Amber is great in the bedroom, she has been slacking a lot. I tend to give a lot, but get nothing in return. It has become something that really grinds my gears.

That’s when my thoughts move back to Amber. Why am I with her? I don’t seem to be happy. Yes, I love her, I know that much. But, at what cost? Is it all worth it? Am I doing the right thing? I don’t know anymore. I guess maybe the best way to find out is to see what else is out there.

Making up my mind, I’m going to try and have sex with Katie. I want to see if this is lust or if there can be more to it. I know how well I get on with her. Maybe it’s time to move on from my relationship. I just don’t know anymore. It makes me look forward to seeing Katie later on. With the way she has been acting, she seems to want the same thing. I’ll respect her if she doesn’t want to do this, but she seems to want it.

Once I’m dressed, I give myself a once over. I’m wearing a black dress, which fits my curves perfectly. It even makes my breasts look fuller, squeezing at the top, to show them off a little more. My heels give me about two more inches, adding to my short frame. I’m wearing my hair down, which falls midway down my back.

I grab my keys and head towards the restaurant we agreed on, getting there before she does this time. Once seated, I tell them I’m waiting for someone. I wait for her, feeling slightly nervous. I’m not sure why, nothing has changed.

I only have to wait about fifteen minutes before I see the waitress coming towards me. I see Katie is right behind her, the biggest smile on her face. She looks outstanding. She is also in a black dress. Her hair is slightly pulled up, to show off her neck. I can’t help but want to nip on it.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I couldn’t find my keys,” she tells me, blushing deeply.

“I haven’t been waiting long. I don’t mind. You’re here now, that is what matters. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

“Oh, me too! I’m so glad we’re able to spend more time together. It feels so natural, doesn’t it?”

“I couldn’t agree more, if I’m going to be honest,” I willingly admit. I know it’s true. I’m also starting to get the feeling that Katie feels the same way about me, as I do about her.

We’ve hung out a few times before, but nothing too serious. The other night was the first time we truly hung out. We’ve known each other for a few months. I always found her pretty and liked the way she handled herself. She’s been single for about a year. She was with a man who kept trying to push her into a threesome. He thought just because she was bisexual, she wanted to be with both sexes at the same time.

The waitress takes our order for drinks, as we begin talking about what we had done to keep ourselves busy before our date. Throughout the rest of the meal, we talked. There is slight flirting, but nothing extreme. We both indulged far too much in food, then we order coffee and continue to talk for almost two more hours.

Finally, we agree we should go to a club and burn off some energy. The club is packed, just like it is every Saturday. The music is loud, bodies pressing against one another, the air thick, the lights a bit too dark, and people dancing enthusiastically. We fit right in, dancing with the rest of the crowd. There isn’t much talking, but a whole lot of giggling and touching.

It seems like no matter how much dancing, drinking and time goes by, I can’t get rid of my energy. I feel so wired. Katie tells me she feels the same, so we decide to head back to her place since it’s closest to the club. When we get there, she opens a bottle of wine and we just talk on the couch. I want to kiss her again, I want to taste her lips on mine. I want to feel how gently her tongue works with mine, my hands roaming over her beautiful body.


I feel sore, like I had been hit with a wrecking ball, stretching, I yawn, looking around. I notice I’m not in my own bed at home. It takes me a few seconds to remember the night before. I must have fallen asleep at Katie’s. I’m still on her couch, covered with a blanket. I must have had a bit too much to drink. She didn’t even take advantage of me. That’s a pity, I think to myself.

Needing to go pee, I get up and quietly find the bathroom. I find mouth wash, give myself a good rinse, and look at myself in the mirror. A sore sight indeed! I wash my face and brush my hair, then exit the bathroom. I find Katie in her room, still sleeping. She is curled up in bed, the blankets tangled around her legs. I can’t help but think she is so perfect sleeping. Her chest is slowly rising and falling. I know she is still in a deep sleep.

I don’t want to wake her, so I find a pen and paper leaving her a quick note.


I had an amazing time last night. I can’t remember falling asleep, my bad! I didn’t want you to wake up to me just gone, so I’m leaving this note. Text me when you wake up.

Alice xxx-

I fold the blanket I used the night before and place the note on top of it. I grab my stuff and quietly head out. I flag down a taxi and let my mind go back to the night before. It is so easy to be with Katie, she makes me happy. I know that for a long time so did Amber. It just isn’t like that anymore, but I still love her. All of this is making me so confused.

When I get home, Amber still isn’t home. I’ve done all the cleaning, the bills are paid, there is nothing left to do. I can’t help but want to masturbate. It seems like I’m doing it all the time. I strip down, grab one of my vibrators and climb into bed.

Without even having to think, Katie is in bed with me. She is leaning down over me, kissing me gently on my neck. My breathing already increasing, a soft moan shivers from my lips.

Katie smiles against the nape of my neck, biting gently. “That’s a good girl, let me take care of you,” she whispers.

Her hands roam down to my breasts, cupping them both, she squeezes them. I want to touch her, but allow her to keep touching me instead. With her hands on my breasts, she kisses down between them. Her supple lips full, working further down until she is at my navel. She lightly travels her tongue around it, going ever so slow. I almost can’t breathe, I think I have forgotten.

A wicked smirk sits on her perfect face, she knows what she is doing to me. She takes the tip of her tongue and drags it down from my navel, moving down towards my mound, until she is at my cleft.

My vibrator is suddenly in her hand and she looks up at me. “Open your legs for me, nice and wide. Be a good girl, Alice.”

Her words are intoxicating, how can she do this to me? I obey, doing as she not only asks but demands in a lustful tone. She strokes my lips, teasing me, making me lift my hips wanting more.

“You’re so wet, Alice. I’ve not even begun yet. You’re a naughty girl, so beautiful. I will take care of you, baby girl.”

The sound of her voice whispers up my body, causing a wave of goose bumps following. It’s as if they are imprinting into my skin. It’s kind of like taking ownership of my body from the outside in. Soon, she’ll be taking ownership from the inside out. I let out a slight sob. It’s from excitement, need, want, hunger, lust, and what I’m realising is a love for her.

The vibrator is at the entrance of my pussy, Katie’s lips covering my clit, as she begins to suck. I let out a long sighing moan, opening my legs even further. She slides the toy inside me. Inch by slow inch, she pushes until it reaches the hilt. With it fully inside me, she turns it up to the fullest speed, sucking hard on my clit at the very same moment.

It feels like a bolt of electricity slamming through my entire body. It awakens me like nothing ever before. I cry out, a thundering hard orgasm following. It takes me only moments to come. It is like a rain storm, never ending, I don’t want it to. I feel my entire body lock, as if I’m being possessed by something that I can’t control. When I think I can, I inhale deeply, trying to regain my own breathing. My heart is racing hard, slamming inside my own chest. My eyes fly open and I am in my room alone. I close them fast, wishing what just happened was real.

My body takes a while to calm down. I feel myself throbbing inside and out. I softly play with my clit, teasing myself as I grind into the bed. I bring myself into three more orgasms. They aren’t as powerful as the first, but still perfect. It does however drain me and I end up falling asleep.

A strange beeping drags me out from my sleep, then I realise it’s my phone. I reach over and see that I have three missed texts. One is from Katie, telling me she is glad I had a good time. She wants to hang out soon. I text back telling her I do as well. Another one is from a co-worker, asking me to bring in some paperwork that she needs. The last one is from Amber. She tells me she’ll be home late, to not worry. I’ll probably be asleep before she gets in. I find it weird she’d stay so late. I shrug it off, not thinking twice about it.

Looking at the clock, I see it’s almost four in the afternoon. I’ve pretty much wasted the entire day. But, my stomach growls so loud that I’m reminded I haven’t eaten in almost twenty four hours. I go to the kitchen and rummage through the fridge until I am able to find something. I make a mental note that we need food in the house. I mix the eggs and veggies together, making myself an omelette and toast. When I’m eating, I can’t help but think of Katie. She has been on my mind so much, I need something to distract myself.

After dinner, I grab one of my favourite books and head into the bathroom. I run the bath, lighting several candles and dimming the lights. I add some jasmine oils to my bath, before climbing in. I’m already pretty relaxed from my long nap, but the bath is exactly what I need. I open my book at where I left off. I’ve read it several times before, but some books just never get old.

I remain in the tub even when the water grows cool. It’s not until it is uncomfortable that I stand up and rinse off, warm back up and step out. I dry off, before finding comfortable clothes. Once done, I make a list of things we need at the store, knowing I’ll go this week to get it done. I’m sitting in front of the TV, watching some reality show, when Katie texts me.

We go back and forth texting, as I watch my show and she studies. She doesn’t just work, but also goes to school. She wants to become a nurse, it has taken her a long time to get to where she is. She is nearly done with schooling, wanting to find a job in the field quickly.

I work in an insurance claim office, nothing that makes me excited to get up in the morning for. So, when she talks about her nursing career, it makes me think I should find a new job. I have thought about it, but not enough to think of what I’d like to do. All I know is, this girl makes me smile from ear to ear every time we talk.

Around eleven, I tell her I have to go to bed. I’m tired, which surprises me. I don’t want to be tired in the morning. I’m not looking forward to falling asleep alone. I have never liked it, but I know that Amber will be home at some point. I still toss and turn for almost an hour before I’m able to fall asleep.

My alarm clock wakes me up, I reach over and shut it off. I can feel the warmth of Amber against me. I never even heard her come in. I roll over and try and snuggle with her, but she rolls over and faces away from me. I can’t help but feel hurt. We’ve not seen each other in three days. I don’t have time to dwell on it, as I get up and get ready for work. When she does wake up, she doesn’t say anything to me. I’m confused, a little hurt and trying to figure out what is wrong. As I leave, I tell her I love her and she just brushes me off with a simple “me too.”

The drive to work is long, my mind on this morning. How can I be upset, when I have been thinking of Katie non-stop? What is going on with me lately? What is happening to my relationship with Amber? Even when I get to work, I’m more focused on what happened this weekend than I am work. Of course, that is easy to do, since I don’t like my job all that much.

By noon, I’ve been so busy I’m able to think of other things, I can take a mind break. I don’t want to over think it. I’ve been enjoying the last few days. It’s been a long time since I have felt this way.


The rest of the week seems to fly by. Between work, shopping, running around, getting things done, it doesn’t seem like I have stopped once. Amber has continued to stay distant, not bothering to talk to me all that much. Katie and I keep talking. We even went shopping together, so we could spend time together. This was after Amber refused to come shopping with me.

I have no idea what her problem is, I’ve tried to talk to her. She just tells me she is worried about her mother. I can’t blame her, I know that her mother is sickly. But, it isn’t like her to close off herself from me like this. When I get home from work Friday, there is a note on the kitchen table. I scan over it. She tells me she is spending the weekend at her mother’s again.

“It’s been all week, she hasn’t been sweet with me, she has not said she loves me once. I just don’t understand what is happening with her,” I let out a sigh.

I’m on the phone with one of my best friends. I’ve known her since we were in our teens. I can’t talk to Katie about this, it would be too weird. I knew my friend Claudia would understand and help me relax.

“That is very strange. I have seen how Amber is with you. You like a whole new person. This has just been happening this week?” She sounds so far away on the phone, even though she is only a few blocks away.

“It’s just gotten more extreme this week. She has been acting strange for a while, but nothing like this. I just have a feeling it has more to do with her mum. Maybe I’m over thinking it?” I admit, feeling stupid.

“You over think something? No, not you. You don’t do that kind of stuff!” She giggles, I can’t help but smiling.

“Okay, yes, I over think everything, but something is telling me there is more to it.”

“Look, give her some time. Talk to her when she comes home. That is really all you can do. Hey, Mike is taking the kids to see his parents. Why don’t I come over this weekend? We can have a girl’s weekend. How’s that sound?”

“Really? You don’t mind? I would love that!”

“Of course I don’t mind. I’ll pack a bag and be there in twenty.”

We hang up the call and I quickly clean up the living room. I make sure the pull out bed has fresh sheets for her. I’m excited, it’s been a long time since she and I had quiet time. When she met Mike, things moved fast for them. They met at the end of senior year of high school, got married before freshman year of college started. She was pregnant with their first baby by Christmas. They now have three, all two years apart.

Claudia lets herself in when she arrives. She is carrying a bag that makes it look like she is moving in. I can’t help but laugh. I ask her if she is running away from home. She says this would be the first place Mike would look, if she did. We can’t help but laugh, we know it’s true.

We end up ordering an extra-large meat lovers pizza, with extra cheese and cheese sticks. Claudia brought over a bottle of Irish Crème and we make ourselves drinks, turning on Netflix. We watch films back to back, filling ourselves on pizza, cheese sticks, and Irish Crème. We even do our nails. I paint her toes, she does my nails, and we talk about everything.

Katie texts a few times through the evening. I text back, but I don’t like being rude to guests. Claudia asks me who she is, so I admit that I’m crushing on her. The beans spill, I tell her almost everything. She’s my best friend after all, if I can’t tell her, who can I tell?

I swear she actually does a happy dance for me. She has never been a big fan of Amber’s. They’ve never gotten along. They play nice when they’re around each other, mostly for my sake. I never understood why they didn’t, but at least they tried for me. She begs me to meet her. We end up making plans to go out tomorrow. We’re going to the same club Katie and I went to last weekend.

The next day, Claudia and I sleep until noon. We both feel the effects of the Irish Crème. After breakfast, showering, and getting dressed we decide to go shopping. We buy new outfits for tonight, but also buy Mike a birthday gift. His birthday is next weekend, Claudia tells me. As if I didn’t remember after all these years.

The afternoon goes by so quickly. Around eight, we meet Katie at the club. It’s not as packed as last weekend, at least not yet, but it’s still early. It helps to introduce them properly, they seem to hit it off, and talk like old friends.

Katie looks mouth watering. Her dark hair is up again. It’s showing off her slender neck, it makes me want to softly bite at it, working my way up to her ear. She has on jeans so tight, she had to have used baby oil to get them on. The white top she is wearing looks sheer in the bar lights, even though it isn’t. I can see her breasts, her nipples hard, pressing against her bra. They are begging to be set free, and I want to suck on them.

By eleven the club is packed, we’re all dancing and drinking lots. We dance together and with men, we even flirt with them. They buy us drinks, so we don’t mind a little flirting. When they do play a slow song, which only happens at near closing, Katie and I dance together. Claudia dances with one of the men we’ve spent a bit of time with.

Katie has me so close to her, I can feel her breathing on my neck. The teasing sensation makes me ache for her. Her hands move slowly down my back, finding my ass. She squeezes it lightly, pressing me even closer to her. Her fingers squeeze a little bit more, daring to go lower, I can feel them against my bare ass. She has slipped her hand down to lift my skirt up enough. We’re more up against a wall, slightly swaying, not really dancing at this point.

It feels as though we’re in a trance. All I hear is the music, our breathing, and the slight moans that I realise I’m making. The room is empty, no one is here. The lights missing us, Katie found the perfect dark corner.

“You look stunning, Alice. You’ve teased me with this outfit,” she breathes in my ear.

My backside now fully pressed against the wall. She has me pinned, using her body to hold me there. “I just wanted to look nice,” I gasp out.

“Oh, you look more than nice, Alice. You are beautiful,” again she breathes. I tremble at her words. “You feel it too, don’t you, Alice?”

I’m taken aback by her comment. I know what she means, but I’m surprised she has said anything. “Feel what, Katie?” I let out a groan as she grinds a little closer.

She doesn’t answer, instead her right hand comes around from my backside. She moves it between my legs, right up into my sex. She slides my panties to the side with ease. “Oh, yes you do, you can’t play stupid with me,” she giggles.

Katie begins to slide a finger inside me, her thumb ghosting over my clit. She fucks me quickly, taking me to the beat of the song, which is now a fast one. It matches perfectly, I want to cry out in pleasure, but something is stopping me. I can’t breathe, she has taken my ability to do anything but feel her away from me. I come hard, soaking my panties and her fingers. I tremble, feeling as though I’m about to fall. She senses it, pressing me tighter to her and the wall. It helps keep me balanced.

She sucks on her fingers one by one, looking at me. I blush so hard, I feel as though I have been trapped on the Sahara Desert for years without a single drop of water. She leans in to kiss me, I take the offer quickly. We kiss long and deep. Until we hear the sound of the song end. After, we both find Claudia. We agree on one more drink, knowing the bar will close soon. It’s nearly two am.

We call for two cabs. I say goodnight to Katie, telling her I’ll text her tomorrow. Claudia and Katie hug and say goodnight. When I’m in the cab with Claudia, she asks me where we went for twenty minutes. I hadn’t realised we were gone for so long. I told her we were dancing in the corner. She takes my answer without question.

Again, we wake up at noon. Claudia doesn’t stay too long though, she still has housework she needs to do. Around three, I clean the apartment, take a shower and text Amber. She doesn’t respond. I’m growing annoyed with her. If it was me who did that, she would blow my phone up until I answered.

It isn’t until about nine I hear from her. She calls and tells me that she is staying at her mother’s. I ask her what she is going to do about work. She tells me not to worry about it, as if I don’t have a right to know. We end up in a big fight, before she hangs up on me. I’m stunned. In all the years we’ve been together, we’ve never done something like that. Sure, we have had our fair share of fights, but nothing like that. I can’t stand how she has been acting.

I throw my phone on the bed, before throwing myself onto it. The last few weeks come crashing at me all at once. Everything with Amber, everything with Katie, everything with work, my entire life. I do something I rarely do.

I cry.

I sit there and cry for a good two hours. I drain myself from every single tear I think I can muster up.

Once I have stopped, I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. My face is swollen and red, my eyes are blood shot. My hair looks like it was attacked by a weed whacker and lost. It just makes me even more miserable. I wash my face, but it doesn’t help. I just crawl back into bed, falling asleep with a new round of tears.

I toss and turn the entire night, not getting much sleep at all. Once my alarm buzzes, my entire body is sore, aching from head to toe. The bathroom mirror suddenly looks like a fun house mirror, I look like a horrible joke. I have never been so emotional or crazy. I jump into the shower, taking far too long and not giving a shit.

I’m late for work, but the boss doesn’t seem to notice. I feel like a zombie all day, with no one bothering me. I feel grateful. I can’t tell if they can tell I don’t want to be messed with. All I know is I’m glad no one is stupid enough to bother me.

When I get home, I don’t bother eating. I try and call Amber, who ignores my call. I try to call her five more times before her phone suddenly goes straight to voicemail. She has turned off her fucking phone! I fly into a rage and call her again, leaving a long nasty message. It’s so long, I’m cut off by the damn auto voice. The tears begin again, making me want to scream. I’m so damn confused.

After two hours, I calm down again. I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have on the voice mail. I try and call back, it going straight to voicemail again. I know Amber’s password, since I helped her do it. I go in and listen to myself, growing mad again, this time at myself. It isn’t until I delete it and the next voice mail starts, that I pay more attention.

It’s a male voice. A male voice I don’t recognize. He tells her he is excited about seeing her this weekend, that he had a great time with her the weekend before. That he loved the way she can work her tongue. I’m frozen in place. I can’t seem to end the call. I want to, I want to stop hearing this. I feel sick.

There are six more messages, all from the same guy. By the fourth, I learn his name is Jason. Even with a name, I don’t know who he is. It’s very clear that there is something going on with them. I have always known Amber as a lesbian. She has never been with a man before. When all the voicemails end, I hang up the phone. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know where she is.

I go and take a sleeping pill and climb into bed. I let the medicine kick in. I’m able to fall asleep, not even knowing when I do. When I wake up, I don’t feel as tired as I had the day before. I try and call Amber, but her phone is still off. I roll out of bed, shower and go to work. Another day I don’t talk to anyone that I don’t have to.

By the time I get home, I don’t want to be alone. I call Katie asking her if she wants company. She tells me of course, so I head over. When I get there, she knows something is wrong, but doesn’t pry.

We talk about everything else, avoiding what is actually wrong. All the while, she offers me wine. I drink my fair share, wanting something to numb the hurt I feel. I’m mad at myself, knowing everything I’ve been doing with Katie, I don’t have the right to be so angry at Amber. However, I don’t know how much they’ve done, or how long it’s been going on.

At the end of the bottle of wine, a sappy advert on the TV comes on and it reminds me of Amber. I break down crying and Katie asks me what is wrong. I end up spilling it to her. I tell her everything about Amber, how I feel about her, all the while, I’m crying my eyes out. She sits and listens, not interrupting me once. There really isn’t much to say.

When I’m done, I look at her for the first time. I think she is a little surprised I confessed how I feel about her. I don’t know what to do, so I lean in and kiss her. She accepts the kiss with ease. Our lips meet, I feel the spark I have only eve felt kissing her.

Katie stands and takes me by the hand, we head towards her bedroom. I’m in a slight daze, but go along with it. She strips the both of us, I don’t argue. I want this.

She lowers me down onto the bed and moves one of the pillows to cushion my head. Her breath, warm and sweet, whispers against my parted mouth as her tongue dips inside to rub against my own. A soft moan escapes me, causing her to smile, as her fingers begin to roam my naked body. The softness of her hands is taking control of all my senses. She knows it too. She can feel me give in. Our tongues intertwine, kissing deeper.

She is gentle, but controlling, wanting, needing of me, just like I had envisioned just nights ago. I’m at her mercy. Her mouth is all over me, engulfing me. I moan and writhe under her. Her mouth is now between my legs, sucking gently on my clit. Her two fingers are deep inside me, rocking in and out, curling to tease me. I’m under a spell that has me so lost in space. I don’t want to fight against it. It feels so right.

“Come for me, baby girl. I want you,” she whispers. Her mouth locks back onto my clit. This time she is a bit more aggressive, pushing deeper. I yelp out, shaking in desire, and begin to orgasm hard for her. I can’t believe this is happening, finally!

I moan out her name, giving her what she wants. Moments later, she moves away, grabbing something. It’s too dark for me to even see. Just as fast as she is gone, she is back. Back between my legs, burying herself inside of me. She is wearing a strap-on! In all the years I’ve been with Amber, she refused a strap-on. She would tell me, if I wanted a cock, to find a man. How ironic, given she is now with one.

Katie thrusts inside me, kissing me deeply. She is moaning loudly, causing me to join her. I can feel the vibrations of the toy, teasing us both. It feels so wickedly perfect. I bite her lower lip, making her thrust a little faster. Her breasts swaying fast as she fucks me.

“I’m so close, babe, I want you to come with me,” she breathes, almost a moaning breath.

“Don’t stop, fuck, don’t stop, I’ll come, keep going,” I say with shaky breath.

It’s all she needs to go just a little bit faster. She fucks me harder, making my orgasm erupt before her own. I howl out her name, like nothing I’ve ever done before. I beg and plead her not to stop. It causes her to orgasm, gripping onto my breasts as she does. She is thrusting her beautiful hips faster into me. Our moans, the vibrations, and the slight squeeze of the bed are all you can hear.

We collapse together, kissing each other lightly. I feel so dizzy. I stroke her back, running my fingers through her hair. She gingerly suckles on one of my nipples, lazily circling my clit. It keeps me completely turned on. Each time I near an orgasm, she stops, teasing me. I whimper out each time she does it, but I love the build up. My fingers keep running over her back, her mouth never stops sucking my nipple.

Her fingers roam over my clit, just barely touching me. I almost have to lift my hips to feel it. Each time I do, she stops though. She loves the control of this. She can’t help but smile when I let out a whine. The deep ache I feel hurts, I need to come now. I am shaking from the pleasured pain. I need it desperately.

Finally, she begins to touch me with more aggression. She switches nipples, sucking on it harder, fucking my already throbbing pussy. It doesn’t take long with how she touches me, to make me come. I shake uncontrollably, coming so hard my toes curl. I’m completely spent. She bathes me in kisses, telling me how much she loves me. I feel as though I’m dreaming, none of it seems real, even though it is. I tell her I love her too.

Waking up the next morning, I feel so comfortable, relaxed and safe. It only takes me two seconds to remember everything. Katie is already awake, looking at me with a smile on her face. We kiss gently, we lay there together for a long while. I tell her I’m going to call out of work. They can do without me. She tells me she wishes she could do the same, but she can’t. She’ll see me after work.

I wish her a good day at work, when she drops me off at my place. I’ve decided that I’m going to leave Amber. Things can’t work, if we’re both doing the things we’re doing. We’ve run our course. It seems like we can both agree to that.

I call her and to my surprise she answers. I tell her we need to talk, she tells me that she has something to tell me anyway. Before I even have a chance to say what I have to, she admits to cheating on me with someone else. I tell her I had a feeling for a while. I don’t let her know I already knew.

It seems the guy asked her to marry him last night, she accepted, and they are going to get married as soon as they can. She is going to come by tomorrow while I’m at work to pack her things. She is willing to sign her part of the apartment lease over to me.

All the news is so much to take in. I tell her I wish her the best. I have no fight in me. A part of me is angry, hurt, upset and confused. I just don’t have it in me to fight with her about it. I know it isn’t worth it. I tell her I’ll always love her, she tells me the same. We say our goodbyes and I have a feeling we’ll never talk again.

Later that night, when I’m back at Katie’s, I fill her in. I tell her everything that happened today. She looks as stunned as I was. She tells me I’m better off. I tell her that I am as well. Better off with her. It makes her smile ear to ear.

We want to be with one another, but we don’t rush into things. We keep our own apartments, dating like we have been. We both want to do it right. Yes, we love each other, but there is no reason to rush into anything.

Katie makes me a very happy girl. I get my fairytale after all.

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