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My Hubby’s New Boss

"My husband takes a new job, and the wife gets to know his boss in more ways than one."

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My husband accepted a position in a new firm. We bought a house and moved to a much larger city than usual. I was very excited since my husband's job came with a hefty salary increase, which allowed us to get a bigger house than we expected, and I was able to furnish it nicer than I thought I would be able to.

Things were going well at first, but because my husband was trying to prove himself at his new job, I had a lot of alone time. Initially, it wasn't an issue, but I had no friends to spend time with because we were new to the area.

People in the neighborhood were very nice, but they were all two-family incomes, so they were also concentrating on their careers. Any interactions with the neighbors were left for the weekends.

I got a brainstorm to have a pool party and a cookout so we could meet all the neighbors and also had hubby invite some of his co-workers. All the neighbors accepted our invitation, and a few of my husband's co-workers, including his boss, accepted.

The day of the party was a warm, sunny day. It was perfect for a pool party. I have always been active. When I was younger, I was a cheerleader involved in dance and gymnastics, so I exercised a great deal and was always conscious of my body.

Because of that, I never shied away from showing off my five-foot-seven-inch, one-hundred and twenty-seven-pound body with 36C breasts, long legs, and an ass many have told me was nice.

I guess that is why I didn't think much of wearing a bikini at the party. My husband never complained that I was too revealing, so I was comfortable with my choice. Everyone was having fun as the party went on, and things were going great. As I said, I was feeling good about wearing my bikini. That was until I was in the kitchen refilling some dishes and heard a few of my husband's co-workers talking outside the window. They commented on my body and what they would want to do to me sexually.

I couldn't see who was doing the talking. I only knew it was co-workers because I didn't recognize the voices to be neighbors. I know I should have been upset by what they were saying, but I have to confess I stood there and listened to it all and got turned on by what they were saying.

They moved away from the window and mixed in with the other guests, so I had no idea who they were. I could mingle once all the guests were greeted, and I made sure they had drinks and knew where the food was. My husband called me over while talking with a tall, muscular black man.

When I approached them, I could see the black man checking me out. My husband introduced me and told me Mr. Dennis was his new boss. I extended my hand to welcome him to our home. He told me it was a pleasure to be here. As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew he was the guy talking outside the window.

I felt myself become flushed once I realized who was saying such things. I felt guilty that I enjoyed hearing what he was saying, but our alone time had suffered with hubby working long hours.

Mr. Dennis, my hubby, and I continued to talk until other guests called hubby away. Mr. Dennis continued to speak with me. His eyes constantly scanned my body as we talked, and he took every advantage as we spoke to caress my arm. Mr. Dennis's eyes locked onto my tits, and his touches did not turn me off. It was just the opposite; I was turned on. I always fantasized about being with a black man, so my mind wandered into areas it never should have.

The more Mr. Dennis talked with me and checked me out, the more interested I got in him. Hubby returned and pulled Mr. Dennis away to speak with another co-worker about their thoughts on a project they were working on. Every time I looked over, I saw Mr. Dennis watching me. I was a bit flattered, but I was only catching him looking at me because I was looking over to see where and what he was doing. I felt guilty but justified it by thinking it was only a fantasy.

The party was a huge success, and everyone thanked us as they decided to go home. Mr. Dennis was one of the last ones to go, but before he left, he talked alone with me while hubby was saying his goodbyes to other guests. Mr. Dennis said he was so happy I invited him because he loves getting to know all his employees and their families. He said his tradition with new employees was to take them for lunch at his country club just after their husbands' start. He asked if I would be interested to have lunch with him.

I panicked, not sure what to do. I didn't want to alienate my husband's new boss, yet all I could hear was his comments about me while talking to others outside the kitchen window.

I quickly rationalized that it was only lunch at his country club, so what could go wrong? I quickly accepted his offer. He told me he would call me during the week to see what day would suit me.

With everyone gone from the party, I started to clean everything up. As I did, my mind wandered to Mr. Dennis, what he was saying, and how he looked at me. By the time I was done cleaning up, hubby was already asleep. Since he was sleeping, I sat in the family room and turned the television on to unwind.

Sitting on the sofa, I found my hand sliding into my panties and slowly rubbing my slit as I thought of what Mr. Dennis said he would like to do to me in bed. The more I remember his comments, the faster I rubbed, caressing my clit. My moaning got louder, and my hips rose off the sofa as I slipped two fingers into me. As I finger fucked myself faster and deeper, my moans became louder and louder. With one thrust of my hips upward to feel my fingers deeper, my body tensed, and I exploded into one wild orgasm.

I lay there after my orgasm and fell asleep on the sofa. Luckily, I woke up in the middle of the night naked on the couch with my bikini on the floor. That would have been hard to explain in the morning if hubby found me like that. I quietly crawled into bed and slept until morning.

I tried not to think about Mr. Dennis, but I was unsuccessful. My thoughts would go to him often. I was finding myself obsessed with what he said. It worried me, and I decided it might be in my best interest to decline his lunch invitation if he called.

My phone rang late Tuesday morning. I answered it, and it was Mr. Dennis. We made some small talk, and he asked if I would be available for lunch on Thursday. I opened my mouth to decline, but I found myself telling him that would be great. I couldn't explain what happened, but I couldn't back out now without embarrassing my husband.

Thursday came, and I don't know why, but I never told my husband about my lunch plans. I thought it was because I didn't want all the questions, but I questioned that excuse myself. I was concerned about what I was going to wear. I knew we were going to a country club, so it had to be dressy, but I didn't want it to be too sexy. I wore a mid-thigh maroon skirt, a rose-colored silk blouse, and nude heels. It was the most conservative outfit I have.

I walked into the restaurant and was guided to Mr. Dennis's table. He stood and greeted me as I approached him, giving me a peck on my cheek. "Wow, you look incredible in that outfit," he told me as he pulled my chair out.

I thanked him. Settling in, I took hold of the menu to look it over so I didn't have to make eye contact with him. We ordered lunch and chatted about many different topics. I must admit Mr. Dennis was quite charming and after I relaxed, I had a good time with him. We laughed as we talked about some experiences we had.

Mr. Dennis did direct the conversation to past love interests and experiences. By now, I had a few glasses of wine and felt a little more talkative than I should have been. I did tell him about my days as a cheerleader and how I was a star softball player in high school, which is what got me my scholarship to college.

Mr. Dennis became more flirtatious and a bit more forward. He reached across the table and took hold of my hand. My hand was covered by his huge, big black hand. It was very hot to see the color contrast of our skin. Mr. Dennis looked into my eyes and softly said, "You are a beautiful, amazing woman. You fascinate me."

I felt my face turn red as I raised my hand and wiggled my ring finger as I replied, "Mr. Dennis, you know I am a married woman."

Mr. Dennis apologized as he told me he was sorry if he overstepped, but he did say what was on his mind. Then, smirking, he said, "Besides, many married women need variety in their lives, too."

I assured him that I was not one of those women. He apologized again but reminded me I needed to call him if I changed my mind. He then told me with a smile that he usually gets what he wants. He then leaned in and softly kissed me on my lips. I didn't protest the kiss or respond to his remark. I thanked him for lunch, and we both headed our separate ways. However, I couldn't stop thinking about his statements. As I mentioned earlier, I always fantasized about being with a black man, and my interest was piqued even more now. But I knew I was a married woman, and it would always remain a fantasy.

When I returned home, I undressed and found myself standing naked in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom. I was so turned on by this new encompassing fantasy that my hands cupped my tits as I watched in the mirror. I fantasized they were Mr. Dennis's big black hands cupping and caressing my big tits. My eyes closed as I pictured Mr. Dennis standing behind me, kissing my neck as he stroked my tits and pinched my nipples.

I then felt his hand slide down my stomach and between my legs. My legs spread as I felt his hand rubbing my clit. My moans became louder as I visualized his strong arms holding me against his massive body. As my thoughts were of Mr. Dennis taking me, two fingers slid into my soaking wet cunt. They worked hard and fast in and out of me, bringing me to a leg-shaking orgasm that dropped me to my knees.

Later that afternoon, I received a phone call from my husband. He told me he needed to go out of town tomorrow for work. A few of the guys working on this project needed to go and meet with the client to clarify what needed to be done. He asked if I could get his luggage out so he could pack it when he got home.

This was a good chance for me. I would make a nice dinner, dress sexy, and get intimate with my hubby tonight. Maybe that would scratch the itch between my legs since I had been so horny for the past week, and nothing seemed to satisfy me.

I made my husband's favorite dinner and got myself all made up. He was excited about this trip since it was his first business trip. Dinner went well, and as I cleaned up, he packed. When I finished, I went up to the bedroom and caressed my hands over his body, rubbing down his back to his butt before I reached between his legs to take hold of his cock.

That is when I felt like I ran into a brick wall. I heard those dreaded words. "Honey, I'm exhausted and need to get to bed early. Can I have a rain check?"

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. It had been over a month since he fucked me, and he was turning me down because of a trip. I didn't show my disappointment. I just told him to get to bed. I would be downstairs doing some things that needed to be done. I had nothing to do. I went and sat on the sofa and cried my eyes out. Was I not desirable anymore? Why did he not want me? I do whatever he likes and try to be a good wife to satisfy him.

I sat on the sofa sulking for about an hour before deciding to take care of my pleasure. I turned on the television and opened the app for the internet. I searched and found some interracial porn videos. I undressed and sat on the sofa naked, watching one video after the other. My hands caressed my tits before I moved my hands between my legs and brought me off three different times.

I must have passed out because it wasn't until I heard hubby get into the shower that I woke up. I was still distraught with hubby and didn't want to see or talk to him. I made myself scarce. I ensured that when his car got there to pick him up, I was in the shower, so I didn't have to hug or kiss him goodbye. My thought was that if he didn't want to fuck me last night, then he could go without interacting with me. I was so pissed that I didn't want to say goodbye.

Once I knew he was gone, I got out of the shower and dressed. I had no plans for the day. I was going to get some work done around the house. I no sooner started to clean the family room when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, a delivery person was standing there.

"Delivery, ma'am, please sign here."

"Thank you." I looked for a return address, but there was none. I reached for the table by the door and grabbed a tip for the delivery man.

"Thank you, ma'am," he said as he walked away.

I closed the door as I examined the envelope. There was no return address, just mine. I could feel something hard in it, like a credit card. I opened the envelope and opened the piece of paper in it. There was a room key wrapped in the note. The writing on the paper read: I will be in suite 1402 at 5:00 PM. No sense in being home alone; come and keep me company and have the time of your life. Mr. Dennis signed it.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe this guy. He didn't give up at all. I had no plans of taking him up on his offer. How dare he? I told him no numerous times. I threw the envelope and the key on the table and went about my cleaning.

My mind kept going back to the letter. My sexual frustration was not taken care of last night by my husband. Then, my thoughts went to the interracial videos I watched last night. I felt myself becoming aroused. "Could I? No, I can't. I am married. But I am so horny. I need to be fucked. What should I do?"

After hours of struggling with those questions, I decided I needed to do what was right. My husband didn't want me anymore. I needed more; I would never get a chance to satisfy my fantasies, so I was going!

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As it approached 5:00 PM, I started picking out my evening attire. I picked out a short black pleated skirt and a white tank top. I didn't wear a bra, but I did wear black stockings and a garter belt. No panties. I wore black heels as well. I made sure I did my makeup flawlessly. I accented my blue eyes and wore bright, glossy red lipstick.

I drove to the hotel and made my way up to suite 1402. I used the key and opened the door. Mr. Dennis was sitting in a chair in the common area. He stood as I walked in the door. He was only wearing boxers. I scanned his body as I took in his muscular body. His chest and arms were so well-defined. I could feel a twinge come over my body as I became flushed.

Mr. Dennis walked to me with a smile on his face. "I am so glad you came. You look even sexier than usual." He took me into his arms and held me tight to his massive body. He kissed me passionately. I didn't protest. I responded to his kiss. I had come to the reality that I wanted this now. I wanted to be fucked by Mr. Dennis. I wanted to be fucked over and over again. I didn't want to feel frustrated anymore.

After our kiss, Mr. Dennis turned me so my back was against him. He lifted my tank top over my head. His hands cupped my tits as he kissed me on the neck. Oh my god, this is my fantasy. These are my thoughts as I finger fucked myself looking into the mirror in my room.

As Mr. Dennis continued to cup and caress my tits, my nipples were getting hard, and he pinched them between his thumb and forefinger. I closed my eyes as I moaned. He then turned me again, pulling me tight into him. My tits squished into him as he once again kissed me very passionately. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. As we continued to kiss, I felt his hand on my waist as he undid my skirt. He pushed it over my hips, and it fell to the floor. Mr. Dennis broke our kiss and stepped back as he looked me up and down as I stood there in only my stockings and heels. He smiled, "Oh, I do love a smooth pussy."

I smiled back. Without saying a word, I sat down on my heels, taking hold of his boxers around the waistband. I pulled them down. Out popped the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen. My eyes widened, and without realizing it, I whispered, "Oh my god, it is so big."

Looking up into Mr. Dennis's eyes, I rubbed it against my face. He moaned, "Oh yes, that's it, suck it."

I held his dick with both hands at the base and wrapped my lips around that thick black dick. I have always loved giving blow jobs but was unsure I could get him in my mouth. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock, and slowly took him in. I thought I couldn't believe I had two hands wrapped around his dick and had him in my mouth, and there was still more.

My mouth worked up and down on him as my hands stroked him. He moaned as he told me how good it felt and told me to continue sucking his cock. I remember thinking how sexy it was that he was so strong-willed and confident. It was quite a turn-on for me. It made me suck his dick faster.

My mouth was wide open as I slid up and down on his cock. As I sucked him faster, the tip of his cock reached my throat, making me gag, something I was not used to since I didn't have a gag reflex, but his cock was so big and thick I gagged on him.

Suddenly Mr. Dennis pushed me off his cock and stood me up. I was shocked since I expected to suck his cock until he shot his load in my mouth. "Not yet," he whispered.

He then picked me up into his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He placed me on the king-sized bed and moved over me on the bed. As he straddled my legs, I could feel his big black dick resting on my thigh. I was nervous to have him put that in me yet excited simultaneously. Mr. Dennis leaned down and kissed my left nipple before he took it into his mouth and sucked it. I moaned louder as my hands moved to the back of his head, pulling him tighter into my tits.

I watched as Mr. Dennis left my left tit and kissed his way down over my stomach. Once again, I noted how sexy the contrast of our skin was as he kissed lower. Mr. Dennis knelt between my legs. I spread wider for him. I felt his fingers rubbing my clit as he looked up at me, smiling. As he continued to rub my clit, my hips rose off the bed to grind against his fingers. I looked into his eyes and watched as he smiled and lowered his face between my legs. I let out a loud moan as I felt his tongue flicker over my clit. I begged for more and moaned, "Oh yes, don't stop, lick me."

Feeling his tongue on my hardened clit, I felt two fingers slide into my soaking wet pussy. Slowly they slid deep into me as he sucked my clit into his mouth. My hips squirmed, and my hands grabbed handfuls of the bed covers as I couldn't get enough of Mr. Dennis. My breathing got heavier, and my moans louder. I was grinding my hips harder into Mr. Dennis's tongue as I begged for more. My body started to shiver. Moans turned to screams of pleasure. Then my body tensed as I screamed, "I'm cumming!"

Mr. Dennis licked me through my orgasm. Once it subsided, I lay motionless, my tits heaving as I breathed heavily. Mr. Dennis lay on me, holding me as he kissed me passionately. I was tasting my juices on his tongue as he held me tight.

With him on top of me, I could feel his big thick black cock on my soaking wet pussy. Once our kiss broke, I smiled, telling him I needed that. "What else do you want?" He asked.

Never being one to use dirty talk, I tried to avoid the answer. "You know what I want."

"No, no, I do not. Say it. Tell me what you want, you dirty little girl, or you won't get it."

I was quiet for a few seconds. I realized what he wanted me to say, and I didn't wish not to get it. I wanted it all very badly. "I want you; I want you to give me that big black dick. I want you to fuck me over and over."

"That's my dirty little slut."

I have never been called names like that before. I couldn't believe he called me a slut. The funny thing is that it turned me on when he called me that. He adjusted his hips until I felt the tip of his cock against my wet opening. "Ask me again, slut, and ask me nice and naughty."

"Please, shove that dick in me. Bury it deep in my hot wet cunt. Please fuck me."

Mr. Dennis slowly pushed into me as his cock slid into my opening. I was glad he took it slow, as I have never had anything that big in me. I grinned as the pain shot through my body. It felt like I was losing my virginity again. As he pushed into me, he opened my cunt wider.

Once my pussy loosened up, Mr. Dennis slid his dick in and out of me. The pain turned to pure pleasure. My fear of that big thick cock was turning to pleasure. I thought, Oh my god, how could I go without this now? I want more of it.

Mr. Dennis started thrusting harder and faster into me. I begged him for more. I could feel my orgasm beginning to boil deep in my loins. Faster, harder thrusts. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I held him tight. I grunted as once again my body tensed as I orgasmed all over Mr. Dennis's cock. He kept his cock buried in my pussy and held me tight as I rode wave after wave of my orgasm.

He pulled out of me and crawled up, straddling my chest as he placed his sloppy cock on my lips. I smiled as I opened my mouth to take him in. Slowly I slid my mouth over his cock. I have always loved tasting a man's cock after I came over it.

I continued to suck his dick and clean my cum until he rolled off me and lay on his back. He told me to ride him. Once again, his sternness and confidence were such a turn-on. I moved over him and took hold of that cock. Slowly, I lowered myself onto him. His big cock opened me up once again as I lowered onto him. His cock moved deeper and deeper until he was buried in me. I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself as I rode him. His chest was so muscular that it made me ride him even faster as it turned me on.

I was out of my comfort zone as I told him how good his cock felt deep in me and how I wanted him. I wanted to feel him fill me with his seed. I have no idea where any of this was coming from since it wasn't me. I bounced so hard and fast on his cock that my tits wiggled everywhere until Mr. Dennis reached to caress them. He was stern when he told me to take it, take it all, ride that cock. I could sense that Mr. Dennis was close, but I was also. He thrust his hips into me, feeling his cock touching depths of me that were never touched before. As I approached my third orgasm, Mr. Dennis rammed his dick deep into me. I felt his body tense as his cock convulsed in me, filling me with his cum. As he filled my cunt with his huge load, I clenched my pussy lips to milk every last drop out of his cock.

He rolled off me and lay on his back next to me. I reached over and took hold of his cock, and smiled. "Oh, Mr. Dennis, look at the mess I made. I do need to clean this up for you." I wrapped my mouth around his dick and licked and cleaned our cum off his dick. I love having a dick in my mouth after it came out of my cunt.

Mr. Dennis, looking down on me smiling, told me what a good girl I was. He then told me I didn't have to call him Mr. Dennis. "Come now, Donna. You don't need to be so formal. I mean, you have had my cock and will continue to be my little fuck buddy. You can be less formal. You can call me Tyrone."

At that point, I realized this was not a one-time fling. He was training me to want more, to show me how I wanted and needed him. I have never thought of myself as a woman who would cheat on her husband, but the thought of it was exciting to me. I pulled my mouth off his dick to reply, "Oh yes, I want more of you. I want all I can get of this."

He smiled at me, "Good girl." He knew he had me. He knew I had just submitted to his needs.

After thoroughly cleaning Tyrone's dick, I lay beside him. He explained how he would be able to control my husband's time. He would be in control and be able to have him work late and send him on business trips so that we could have a great deal of time together. It wouldn't just be a quick meeting in the afternoon.

His fingertips slowly caressed up and down my back and on my butt, he smiled at me and said, "Well then, this is the first day of a good long relationship, isn't it?"

I looked into his eyes, smiled, and replied, "Yes, it is. I am looking forward to more times like tonight."

His fingertips continued to caress my body. He slowly rubbed my butt in soft circular motions. "Good girl, we will have many good times together. Now tell me, Donna, have you ever had this beautiful tight ass fucked before?

"No, baby. I have never had anal sex."

He smiled and whispered, "Good, I will take your anal cherry."

"No, no, you are too big."

"Oh, baby, I do love your ass. Such a beautiful tight one like yours needs to be shown the pleasures of anal sex, trust me."

I felt a sense of fear fall over me as I thought about how painful that would be. He told me, "It will be an event we will build up to, but remember, what you do for me shows our commitment to each other.

"But for now, I want some more of that tight pussy. Use that mouth to get me ready to fuck you again."

I smiled as I heard how he wanted to fuck me more. "Oh yes, baby, I so want more of this," I said, moving between his legs, and took his dick once again into my mouth. Tyrone's moans filled the room. I always loved hearing a man moan from me sucking his cock. It gets me so turned on and makes me suck him faster. The more his dick grew in my mouth, the more my mouth worked up and down on him.

Suddenly, he yelled out, "Get on all fours."

I quickly followed his directions and got on all fours on the bed. He pulled me to the edge of the bed as he stood next to it. I felt his cock against my opening. His hands tightened around my hips, and I felt him push into me, driving his big thick cock into me. I gasped as he filled me with his dick.

Tyrone thrust hard and deep into me. It was pure animalistic sex. He was pounding harder and faster. With every hard thrust, he drove my head into the bed. The sound of Tyrone's body banging hard into mine and the aroma of our sex filled the room. I suddenly felt a hard smack on my ass as Tyrone spanked me. I had never been spanked before like that, and it was turning me on. I pushed back into Tyrone as I could feel the first waves of another orgasm. I yelled out, begging him for more. My body started shaking as my moans turned to screams of pleasure. I grunted as my body tensed, and I yelled out, "I'm cumming."

He continued to pound into me as I rode my orgasm. When my body went limp, Tyrone pulled his cock out of me. He didn't give me any time to regain my composure. He pulled me around and shoved his wet dick into my mouth. I opened my mouth as he thrust it in. He took hold of my head and fucked my mouth. Again, he wasn't gentle. He rammed his dick deep into my throat. My gagging went unnoticed, and he pumped his dick in and out of my mouth. I felt his cock twitch and throb. I tightened my lips around his shaft just in time to feel the first streams of his cum filling my mouth. I sucked and swallowed all he pumped into my mouth.

That night became a three-day stay with Tyrone, where we continued to fuck not only the nights but the days away as well. That was the first day of my new life. For three years now, Tyrone and I have been enjoying an unforgettable sexual adventure together. It has changed my life, and I have never been so happy. We often talk about me filing for divorce and living together, but it hasn't happened yet. I guess I feel, why ruin a good thing. Besides, sneaking around makes it even hotter.

Written by Soccermom
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