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Subway Ride

This train is a different dirty than the rest...

He knew he was late, or close to it, but should've been on time to catch the subway to make up for lost time since his bicycle had gotten a flat tire—his precious fixed gear. The bike slung over his shoulder, he dashed up to the elevated platform. There w...

Blue Flamingo

Sex so extreme it sends him back in time!

Channing looks over at Loni as she opens beer bottles, pours whiskey, and flirts with the customers. It is that kind of joint, with no frills or fancy cocktails, just people grabbing a few beers and maybe a rack of ribs after a heavy day at work. Channing...

Tennis, Anyone?

Anything for the team

‘Bing,’ my phone chimed an incoming text. Hey, I have a favor to ask, can I call you? The text was from Sarah, one of the women from my tennis club. Yes, of course, I responded. Seconds later, my phone rang. “Hello?” “Hi Jimmy, it’s Sarah. How are you?” “...

Succubus Seduction

One man's dark desire demands Lilith's attention.

Waking from my fitful sleep, the sense of someone watching me makes my hairs stand on end. Scanning the room I freeze. Smoke swirls in the corner, condensing into a black solid mass. From the smoke, glowing green eyes and a fanged smile materialize. I can...

Battle Cranes: Cumming For Charity

On furlough, Roulph lets himself be sexually devoured for charity.

Jamahorn, a beautiful, lush planet of scenic mountains, waterways, and forests, was just a small star jump away from the Epsilon industrial sector. While field repairs were both possible and common, the damage from battling B’Ross’ pirate brigade would be...

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Home for the Holidays

After returning home for Christmas, I hook up with a high school crush

"Hey, Brooke," I said as I gently tapped her shoulder. "Would you like to go to the school dance with me?" "No," was her response followed by an annoyed look of disgust on her face. Who could blame her? She and her sisters were all knockouts; a genetic gi...

The Bureau Of Pleasure Control 10

Kristen saves Deacon by taking responsibility for her punishment

During what would soon come to be known as “The Click,” Leila Deacon was dozing on the hard tile floor of her cell. She had no way of knowing that, in a single instant, almost all of the Bureau-issued chastity devices in the country had suddenly unlocked...

Battle Cranes: The Princess Pirate Plot

Any army of pirates, trhee sexy mercenaries, and a horny princess means sexy adventure

“That’s it, Shanta. Suck my cock. Take it all the way in.” Roulph sat on the side of the recreation deck, looking down on planet Druidia. The tinge of the sun gave the heavily forested planet a greenish hue; even the vast oceans were tinged with a mossy s...

The Tavern Gift

June's gift to Mark, and to the much older men

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring... Steve's phone rang. It was Mark, the young man who brought his girlfriend June to The Tavern earlier today. Steve remembered how he had slowly seduced that sweet girl, who had just turned seventeen, right in front of Mark. June h...


When you need to be used like a cheap whore

“I’m your whore, your fucking whore!” I moaned, half-screaming, as I thrust my hips into him violently, fully impaling myself on his thick, hard cock. On my hands and knees, my shapely, round ass sticking up into the air, we’d tumbled over the back of the...