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Getting Into Evelyn

I was seduced by my girlfriend's roommate.

I was eighteen and my girlfriend was attending an all-girls college about thirty minutes from where we both grew up. Anne was a cute brunette with a dancer's body, which meant she had spectacular legs and an ass that begged to be fondled. It also meant that she was an A-cup, but that never bothered me for a second.

I would go up to visit her every weekend and was allowed to spend the night on Fridays and Saturdays. The dorms were set up for two to a room and her roommate was a ditzy blonde with a Barbie Doll figure, named Evelyn. Evelyn's boyfriend, Steve, was a big guy and a little bit of a redneck, but overall a good guy. We all became fast friends and started doing most everything together.

We had several borderline exhibitionist sexual encounters since almost no one ever closed their room doors, but that’s a different story. The most interesting time was the night that Steve and Evelyn suggested that we switch partners after the lights were out. Now, I assumed it was nothing more than a joke and initially took it that way. I was a bit surprised by the whole thing, but even more so when my girlfriend, Anne, jumped up and out of our bed.

As I was thinking of something witty to say, Evelyn slid right in and backed up until her soft, smooth ass was rubbing against my semi-hard cock. To really get the picture in your mind you have to know that both of the girls only wore t-shirts and panties to bed and they weren’t granny panties. So when Evelyn backed her luscious ass up to me I felt mostly skin and her thin cotton panties. When she started to wiggle it about, my semi-hard went to fully-hard in moments. At this point I was sure that she would jump out and go back to her own bed, but that didn’t happen.

It was pitch black in the room, and I was struggling to see the other bed because I was sure that Steve was going to flick on the light at any minute. As I was waiting for Evelyn to leave, she reached back and pulled my free arm around her, pressing it into her large soft breasts. Stunned by her actions, I hadn't really responded other than with my 'thinking on its own', smaller head which was throbbing and fully pressed into the crack of her ass.

What made all of this even odder was that the whole time that all of this was going on, both of girls were yapping away like we were sitting around watching television.

Apparently Evelyn wasn’t happy with my lack of participation and started squeezing my hand with hers which was wrapped around her left breast. This last move started to clear the fog a little, and I figured that if I went along for a minute that this whole charade would end. Finding her very hard nipple, I gave it a little pinch and began rolling it between my fingers, my assumption being, that she would jump out of bed and make some fake display of anger while going back to Steve.

To my great surprise, that‘s not what happened. In fact, she pushed harder against my cock and pulled my hand up under her t-shirt to her bare breasts and got me fondling them again. Once she was satisfied that I would continue, she raised her left leg just enough to allow her hand through to fondle my underwear covered balls. I’d like to say that I was worried what my girlfriend was doing with Steve, but at eighteen I was only thinking about what was in front of me.

While it seemed like twenty minutes had passed, all of this had occurred in about one to two minutes and by now I was on board with whatever Evelyn suggested. Since I was now ‘all in’ figuratively, I decided to give Evelyn what she wanted and pulled my right hand out from under the pillow to start working on her other breast. That seemed to kick her into overdrive and she quickly slid my cock out of my underwear and gave it several long slow strokes. Releasing me momentarily, she quickly slid her panties down to her knees then reached back for my cock.

The next few moments were the only ones that Evelyn showed any restraint, as she slowly rubbed the head of my cock back and forth across her moist clit. After about thirty seconds she shook lightly before lining me up with her entrance and pushing back to get me inside. Once I was all the way in she turned, whispering the only thing that she’d said to me during this whole crazy endeavor, “Fuck me in the ass and cum inside me.”

Pulling her pussy back off of my cock, she quickly lined me up with her back entrance and pushed back, forcing me into her. Evelyn had done her homework on anal and had pre-lubricated herself so there was little to no pain for either of us. As I took over the movement, she pulled her ass cheeks apart allowing me to go much deeper.

. . . .

Fast forwarding for a moment, the next morning I was given the full story from my girlfriend, Anne, who was in on the whole thing. Evelyn really wanted to try anal sex but Steve thought it was just too dirty and wouldn’t even try. She had dabbled in anal play with her prior boyfriend and enjoyed it immensely but he too stopped short of penetrating her there. Evelyn expressed her frustration to Anne about it and while Anne wasn’t interested in anal either, she suggested an alternative. The two girls concocted this whole scenario just to keep Steve and I out of the loop. When I asked Anne why she didn’t just ask me to do it, she said that she knew I wouldn’t if there was premeditation on my part, and she was right.

So while I was servicing Evelyn, Anne was keeping Steve distracted by allowing him to play with her goodies. Since any bathroom visits immediately after the swap would be very suspicious, the girls figured that if we got some by ‘cheating’ then we would leave our own partner alone for the night. The plan worked out well with everyone getting what they wanted, especially Evelyn. She later told me that she would love to do it again soon if I was game, but I'd told her I’d have to think about it.

Now back to the story . . .

. . .

When I finally hit bottom in Evelyn’s incredibly tight ass, a little moan escaped her lips. The others definitely would have heard it if Anne hadn’t been yacking away to cover such sounds. As I slowly started pumping Evelyn’s ass, she moved her free hand back to her pussy and started rubbing her own clit. I kept increasing the pace and within a minute or so I was going as fast as I could while keeping quiet. About that time I felt Evelyn starting to tremble, and I knew she was beginning to cum, which was good, since I was very close as well.

As she started to convulse, Evelyn pulled a pillow up to her face to muffle her screams. Her orgasm was followed closely by my own, and I bit my lips to contain my own noises as I pumped her full of my juices. As our orgasms subsided, Evelyn pulled away from me allowing my cock to slip from her ass. Then she pulled a towel from the inside of our pillowcase to wipe herself dry. The towel in the pillowcase was an idea that Anne and I came up with for cleanups if we had sex while Steve and Evelyn were there. Anne had obviously shared the idea with Evelyn and that’s how she knew to find it there.

While most of my cum was well contained inside her, her own juices had soaked her thighs, my cock, and the sheets quite nicely. When she was sure that she was clean and dry, she pulled up her panties and jumped from the bed like nothing had ever happened.

When Anne started heading back to me I quickly stuffed my shrinking cock back into my underwear. As she slid in next to me she said, “Let’s get some sleep since we’re going to the lake tomorrow morning.”

I simply replied, “Okay.”

And sleep we all did.

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