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allowed cheating

The Most Important Penis In The World

Jun is determined to get pregnant by a Spaniard, but can she ever leave her difficult past behind?

Once, when Jun was younger and engaged but not yet married, there had been an incident in the Pyongyang apartment block where she had lived with her parents and brother. A couple had been overheard making love too loudly. The police had come and hauled th...

Adieu, Dear Leader.

A couple fleeing tyranny resorts to desperate measures

“I want us to make the reeds tremble tonight,” Jun whispered into her husband’s ear, employing the euphemism her grandmother’s generation had used before the revolution. Knowing that sleep would assuredly not come that fateful night, Kim Sun Park agreed....

Amanda - My Wife

Wife made my fantasy come true.

My wife Amanda and I have been married for a few years, and although our sex life used to be quite adventurous, we have slowly become more and more conservative. She is a beautiful woman in her late twenties, with light brown hair and a shapely body that...

Vietnam: The Morning Run (Chapter 5)

Luke goes on a run, makes a new fuck buddy, then tells Erin all about it

Luke tied his running shoes on the bungalow porch to the sound of waves crashing on the beach and a light breeze in the palm trees above. He sat up, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply through his nose, enjoying the warmth of the early morning sunrise. He...


Better than I imagined

“I’ll get us in,” he murmured in his smooth French accent as a sly grin curled around his lips. The streets were completely empty at this time of night, but I could see a throng of expensively dressed elite through the gilded fence, laughter swimming from...

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Aleza Gets What’s Coming To Her

Aleza has been strutting around like a slut in front of her sister’s husband and he finally can’t take it anymore

Nikola (Nick) Vukovic had finally had enough. True, he had been drinking, but she was the one that drove him to the bottle. That fucking slut, Aleza. She was visiting Nick and his wife, Kata, from her home in the Balkans, along with Nick’s father-in-law....

A Very Effective Treatment - Part 6

Dr Kirkham gets a taste of his own medicine when asked to impregnate a patient.

Dr James Kirkham sat in his office and looked back over his journals. He had left Yorkshire nearly ten years ago to seek his fortune in London, determined to use all the skills he developed working with his mentor, Dr Helliwell. His first patient in Londo...


Will a lie be enough to convince an obsessed wife?

I decided to lie to my wife about fucking her best friend. Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? Let me tell you why, then maybe you might understand. My wife is my everything. She is a goddess to me. She’s kind, smart, amazingly beautiful, and loves me. We me...

A Shared Secret - Part 2

While confronting Alma about her affair, Sam also confesses his secret desires.

Alma nestled in my arms after we made love, her eyelids growing heavy. Neither of us spoke for several minutes. Then I kissed her forehead and whispered, "I know about Wyatt." A fierce jolt coursed through my wife, as if my words had literally shocked her...