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Anniversary - Five Years

"Five year anniversary cuckold's trip."

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Author's Notes

"This is the second in a series that I started in June 2023. There are more complete explanations of their marriage in the first chapter."

When I married Julia, I knew I was going to be a cuckold and that she was going to be fucking other men on our wedding anniversary, but I hated thinking about it. She’d warned me that she couldn’t be faithful for more than a year. By the end of our first anniversary, I still hated it, but watching her made me cum. The anguish of knowing I wasn’t enough for her, combined with the erotic thrill of watching—seeing—another man’s cock in her, drove me nuts. I knew it, but I still wanted it. I wanted her to do it again.

We were coming up on our fifth anniversary, and I was making love to her, my mouth trying to devour her pussy, when I decided to tell her. When she flooded my face by squirting on me, I wiped my face with a warm washcloth.

It’s been almost five years since I married Julia, a wedding and four anniversaries. I knew, sort of, what I’d signed up for, but the realities have been both better and worse than I’d expected. Julia cucked me both before and after our wedding, and she humiliated me in front of my family when her vows included cucking me on our anniversaries. 

What do I want going forward? Do I want more of the same or something different? Julia had told me she needed some different lovers, different cocks. Am I entitled to have an opinion? Is it my duty to just submit to what Julia wants? Yes, but what I want and need needs to be considered.

“I need to talk to you, Julia, um, about our anniversary too, I guess. Before our first anniversary, you called me a real cuckold.” I said, “ I’ve been trying on the label since then. I want, no, I need, to be your cuckold. I want to watch more this year, this anniversary. While you were fucking Latent and Brian in our room, I realized you’d fucked them while you were touring around the City." 

I could feel tears starting and I paused before being able to continue. “Julia, this is our fifth anniversary coming up. There are some things I need to say before you’ve made your plans. You’ve always had it planned ahead of time. Have you already made them?”

She looked away before answering me. “No, I’ve thought about it but no, I haven’t decided. Um, what … do you want? Um, do you need me to stop? Is that what you need to say? Because ...”

I interrupted her. “No, that’s not what I want to talk about. I know what you need and I agreed, ah, before we got married. It’s something different. I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say. Exactly.”

I hugged her and said, “I love you and …“

I had to stop and regroup. “Do you need to have it planned and scripted beforehand? Um, I think about maybe just going somewhere for a week, maybe, and letting you find. find them there. I’m thinking about, God, Julia, asking you to increase the humiliation, my humiliation. What that means, I’m not sure, but …”

“I think that part of what gets you is my humiliation, and I want you to get what you need. I want you to be happy and satisfied, married to me.”

“Your humiliation? Is that … Oh, I see, it’s your humiliation that you like, isn’t it?” Julia said.

I turned her so I could hug her from behind and said, “Not exactly … but. Hell. It’s what I think about between anniversaries. The pain, submitting to your need for better lovers, yes, the humiliation of men knowing that I’m not enough for you.” 

“Chase, I love it when we make love.”

“Yes, I know that. But you need to be fucked—fucked by men, other men. Better men.”

“God, Chase, they aren’t better men; they’re different men, yes, and they do fuck harder, but you’re my lover, my best lover. 

“If you want our anniversary to be spontaneous, we can do that. Do you want to take a week's vacation? What do you—what are you thinking?”

I hesitated then said, “I’m not sure, um, when I’ve been thinking, fantasizing, it’s stronger, more people know, usually it’s a few days that you’re cuck, cuckolding me. I can barely think about it, but when I do, it’s more than just one day. 

“Sometimes I have to watch and even help them the whole time. Sometimes I’m sent away to the bar, or another room in the hotel; I don’t know. “

I did it; I told Julia that I wanted more. Now, what will Julia do with it? Admitting that I wanted her to be harder on me; that I wanted to be humiliated more was humiliating in itself. How far can I go?  What do I need to do differently? Maybe. Should I let more people know what we're doing? Can I let more people realize I'm her cuckold?

I went online looking for cuckold jewelry to wear. I was looking for something, but I wasn’t sure what. There were lots of Ace of Spades medallions for hot wives, but not much for cuckolds like me. She's not only looking for a black lover. I found a Hot Wife necklace for Julia, and I finally found a place that sold letters to put on a necklace and a man’s necklace to put them on. Talking to the lady with the letters and arranging for her to set them up so they showed, was even more embarrassing than I expected. I finally bought the necklace for Julia and the necklace, with the word cuckold for me.

We were going down to San Diego at the Coronado Hotel, and when we went into our room, I showed Julia what I had and asked if she was willing for us to wear any of it. 

I was afraid that I might be overstepping or pushing too much, and she took them with raised eyebrows and a comment. “You’re willing for me and you to wear this?” When I nodded, she put them in her purse.

Is that too blatant? Too embarrassing? I‘m not sure I can wear the stuff for myself, even now that I’ve given it to Julia. 

We walked around looking to get the lay of the land. When we went to one of the bars and were sitting at a table, she pulled them out and laid them on the table. 

“You’re willing to let me wear the hot wife necklace around here? All the time, just a few days, or just one day?”

I answered, “Julia, it’s … it’s up to you; if you’d like to be available the entire time we’re here, then the whole time. I consider this time's for you, what you need.”

She picked up my necklace and asked me, ”You’re willing to identify yourself as my cuckold here?”

“I … Julia, I want to declare I’m your cuckold the entire time we’re here, but it’s what you’re comfortable with that counts.”

She sat there for a few moments, and then said, “This is, uh, more than I was thinking of, but … “ She paused. “But I think I want you to put the necklace on me, and you can wear your necklace. For tonight. At least. 

I stood up and walked around her, fastened the necklace on her neck, and placed it so the message was visible. Then I took my chain and put it on. 

By the time I sat down, I noticed the two guys sitting at the next table had noticed. I slumped down in embarrassment, but I decided to own it and sat up straight.

We sat there finishing our wine when the guy facing us stood and came over. “Can I kiss you? Here, in front of your cuckold?” 

I waited for Julia's answer. She smiled at him and said, “Yes, I’d like that.” 

He put one hand on the back of her head and kissed her. It was open-mouthed and passionate. After the kiss, he asked Julia, “Are you available for the two of us? My friend and I would enjoy getting to know you better.”

Julia didn’t look at me, but answered, “I might. I’ve hosted a couple of guys before, and my cuckold doesn’t mind. Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t, it would give us a chance to get to know each other. What do you think?"

He tapped his friend on the shoulder and said, “Hey Rick, Join me to meet … “

Julia answered by saying, “It’s Julia and Chase. We’re here on vacation for a week. It’s our fifth anniversary. And we’d like to celebrate with some fun. Right Chase.”

When she smiled at me, all I could do was nod. 

This is why we came here. I didn’t expect it to be this fast. They look like they can do her well enough, though. She enjoys having two guys together.

They moved their chairs and sat down, one on each side of Julia. "I’m Lee and that’s Rick; we’re here for a business meeting.” Then he leaned over and kissed Julia again. This time, she responded by deepening the kiss and prolonging it. 

“Do you enjoy seeing me kiss her here, Chase? She did. Um, Rick?" he said to me.

Rick took the hint, and when he leaned to her and kissed her cheek, he also touched her breast. I saw her shiver, and she held his hand there. 

They ignored me except when they asked if I intended to watch or help by undressing her. They were very direct, talking about what they'd do if she invited them to our room. They didn't address me, but some of it was intended for me to hear, intended to make me feel subjugated.

When we went to the restaurant for dinner, again, they were sitting in the booth, one on each side of her, with me alone. 

As we finished, they asked Julia if I ever had undressed her for her lovers, and when she said no, Lee asked if I’d ever helped by putting her lover's cock in her pussy.

They then asked her if she’d make me do that. 

She looked at me and said, “I’ve never done that, but it sounds entertaining.” She smiled at me and added. “Chase, I want you to do that, plus I want you naked too, so I can see your cock as they’re fucking me.”

I led them to our room, and they were kissing her on the way. When we got inside with the door closed, they both stepped back. Rick spoke first. “Your first job, Cuckold, is to get her ready for us. Undress her.”

This is what I wanted. More of everything. More pain, more intensity, and more humiliation. C’mon, Chase, take it. You wanted it; you’ve got it.

“Julia, I want to see you with Lee and Rick, I want to see them fuck you." I whispered, "Did you tell them that’s what you want—to be fucked. When we're having sex, I make love to you while they’ll be fucking you. First, I need you ready for them.”

I unzipped the back of her dress and folded it down, exposing her black lacy bra. She’d prepared to be fucked tonight without my knowing. 

"Next, I going to unfasten your bra, and let them see your breasts.”

I reached out and caressed them through her bra. Picking at her nipples, pulling on them.

I walked around to her back and said, “Here, I’m doing it for them.” I unfastened her bra and removed it. “Your tits, Julia, you’re going to savor the sensations as they worship them.” I kissed them lightly, sucking them. “From now on, tonight they’re theirs to enjoy.” Her nipples were enlarged and hard as I finished taking her bra off. 

Next, I helped her step out of her dress and lay it down carefully. She was standing there in just her black panties. Julia said, “Chase, I want you to get them ready for me. I know I didn’t warn you, but do it anyway. Undress them for me.”

I hesitated, but I knew I’d do it for her. Whatever she asked for, I’d give it to her

I went to Rick and unbuttoned his shirt, untucked it, and removed it. When I removed his tee shirt, I turned to Lee. “Julia, I’m going to undress them so their cocks can fuck you.”

I unbuttoned his shirt and removed them both. Then I unbacked his belt, unzipped his trousers and helped him remove them. Next, I did the same for Rick. 

“All that’s left now are their boxers showing you their cock; I want to see them fucking you." 

I pulled Lee’s off and showed Julia his cock, and then the same to Rick. 

When I stood back, Julia told me to get undressed too. I didn’t want to show my erection and make it clear to all of them how aroused I was, but I did.

I’m getting what I wanted, that’s for sure I wanted humiliation and I’m getting it. Having to undress Lee and Rick, was humiliating on steroids.  Will they do it for Julia so she’s satisfied, I hope so. 

Lee took Julia, sat her on the bed, and kissed her. His kisses moved down to her tits and then further down. Rick moved so he could reach Julia’s tits and was kissing them, and I heard Julia saying, “Rick, harder, harder, bite my tits; I want to feel you bite them.“

There was no hesitation by either one of them. They must have had threesomes before, they knew what to do and synchronized their actions. Watching the action was driving me wild. Then Lee moved up so his cock was right there by Julia’s cunt, her cunt. 

“Put my cock in her, cuck, put it in." He said to me, grinning, "Then you can put Rick’s cock in her mouth so we can both cum in her.”

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I reached and touched his cock, guiding it into her. I could feel my climax approaching and I quickly took Rick's cock and put it in her mouth. I had a cock in each hand, and I felt my cum release. It spurted on Julia's belly, and I moaned, “Yes, I just came.” 

I had to sit on a chair and watch them fuck her hard. Julia reached down to touch her clit and they came in succession: Lee, Julia, and finally Rick. Julia was spasming and Rick’s cum spilled all over her face. 

When we calmed down, Julia said to me, “Chase, you’re going to sleep in the other room until they leave. We’re going to take a shower and come back for a second round. I’ll get you when they leave. 

Okay, now we’re going to go back to what we did before. Watch the first coupling and not any subsequent ones. That was so powerful; I think it was the most powerful I’ve lived through. 

I got my clothes, went into the sitting room, and tried to relax. I heard the shower and sounds as they dried off and lay down on the bed. I heard them talking, and that gradually slowed and quit. 

After midnight, I heard them fucking again, and I had to use pillows to mask the sounds. At about 5 a.m., after they had left; Julia finally brought me back to bed, and we both collapsed and slept until eleven in the morning.

Last night was a surprise, finding Lee and Rick just minutes after advertising for someone. Watching them take Julia like that, watching how much more they were for her, was, I don’t know, I don’t know the word, but it hurts to see the difference. 

And yet, I want to see it happen again. Who am I? What am I? I’m not who I thought I was before meeting Julia. 

In the morning, I was holding Julia’s tits, caressing them. She turned and kissed me, trying to arouse me. I kissed her back and then started kissing her neck, murmuring, “Julia, holding you like this, seeing you like this, you’re beautiful; I know you were fucked last night, and by two guys, giving you things I can’t but … I want to make love to you.” I caressed her all over, focusing on her neck, tits, and feet. When I was managing her feet, I could hear her sounds of pleasure and when I went up her legs and thighs; the moans were getting more intense and more intense until I got to her … quim, god! Her quim. I love that word, quim. When I was caressing her quim, her clit, putting two fingers in her, she came. 

Wonderful. If I can make love to her like this, I can survive anything, including her lovers—fuck toys, whatever they are.

I continued making slow, sensuous love to her, my cock in her well-lubricated pussy, my cock in her. with their cum.. She felt so welcoming as my cock pushed some of their cum, and we both came almost together.

An hour later, we showered, had breakfast, and talked. We talked about Lee and Rick and the rest of our anniversary trip. The main topic was the rest of the week. Julia wanted a respite before we did any more advertising. That’s what she called it—advertising.

That day, we just went to the zoo and spent most of the day there. Afterward, we went to a dining-dancing restaurant bar and just had fun. We went to bed and had another nice love-making encounter.

The next day, we went to some beaches, drove around the shoreline, and then did some shopping. A nice quiet day, 

The next day we spent at the hotel beach and then at the pool, wearing our advertising. That was difficult, especially when women noticed. At the beach, a couple noticed and approached us; the guy was Royal, and his wife was Andrea. It was Andrea who spoke to us. “I noticed your necklaces; my husband would be interested in getting to know you. Um, I don’t play, but he does. We’re staying at that hotel, and if you’re interested, he’d like to entertain you there. Now, if you’re available.”

Julia answered, “I might be.” She turned to him and said, “I’m Julia, and I enjoy getting to know strange men,” She smiled at him and said, “Not that I’m saying you’re strange.”

“I’m Royal, and my wife is Andrea, and as Andrea said, I’d love to get to know you better.”

I kind of stepped away, and Andrea went with me. “He often does this; he finds a wife who enjoys different men. Royal always impresses the women who say yes.”

Julia was talking to Royal; when he kissed her, they started meandering down the beach. They stopped occasionally to kiss, and eventually, I saw him hold her with his hands on her tits.

“Royal is good at this; he’s making progress already, and before long, your wife will let him touch her tits and pussy. Usually, she’ll let him take her up into the dunes, and if he does, he’ll let us follow them and watch. He might want to take her to our room, although sometimes she’ll let him take her right on the beach dunes. I especially enjoy watching as he fucks her.“

Andrea looked at me before saying, “Does she let you watch, sometimes at least? I don’t want to break her rules for you. Can you watch?”

This was killing me. With their casual attitude toward me, my cock is hardening; it wants it to happen, and it wants me to watch. Watch with his wife; both of our … um, spouses screwing each other, with both of us watching. 

“I can watch; she lets me watch, sometimes at least.” My voice was trembling; my hands were trembling as I said that. 

Will he take her back to their room or do her here on the beach? It’ll be more intense in their hotel room. For Julia’s sake, I hope he takes her there.

He started kissing her, and then he forced her to sit on the sand, and his kisses were moving all over her. Then he reached behind her and unfastened her bra, and with just a few movements, he had it off her. She was sitting there dressed, except her bra was on the sand. 

“She’s his now. When he’s gotten this far, he owns them. They’ll do whatever he asks. Even if she’s never done it for her husband before. Are you ready to see it? He’s going to have her ready for his dick soon. Then you’ll see her ask for his dick to screw her. When I watch it slowly penetrate her cunt and watch her receive it for the first time; I almost always come then. He’s so dominant that I feel his cock penetrating me, just like the first time he did me.”

“I hope he does it where we can watch it.” I could barely get it out as I watched what he was doing to Julia. He had her blouse unbuttoned, and he was sucking her tits, biting her nipples lightly, and his hands were inside her pants.

Then I saw Julia slip his shirt over his head and unbutton his shorts. Then I saw her lift her ass off the sand, and he pulled her shorts off. She was completely naked for him. She shifted her position, and she took his cock in her mouth. 

They were getting louder, and I could hear him saying, “Yes, Julia, like that’s just right.”

Julia was removing her mouth from his cock so she could encourage him to do her clit harder, and then she ordered him to suck it. Finally, Julia got even louder, saying, “Royal now, your cock, your dick in me, fuck me now, your cock. Your cock. Your cock."

He shifted so she was positioned with his cock over her cunt and he slowly, slowly slid in all the way. I heard Andrea, sobbing, “I’m coming, I’m coming, Royal. Watching is as good as fucking you. “

“C'mon, Julia, feel my cock; it’s about to explode. Feel it getting harder; feel it starting to spasm. God, feel it, feel it, it’s coming inside you. YES, yes." And I could see him cum in her. As his last movements slowed and stopped, his cum oozed out of her cunt.

I turned toward Andrea, kissed her as hard as I could, and took control of her tits. She responded for a moment, a few moments, and then she stiffened and pulled away. 

“Andrea, you’re pretending you don’t want to do the same thing Royal is doing, but you do. Soon, you’re going to do it. You need to let him know you want it.”

The next thing I remember is helping Julia get dressed, but without her bra, and we were drifting back to the Coronado Hotel with Andrea and Royal going in the opposite direction.

“Julia, if I had permission, I could have fucked Andrea. When I saw Royal, fucking you, I almost lost control. I did kiss her and hold her tits, and if I’d pushed very hard, I’d have had her on the sand with my cock in her. It shocked me at how close I came.

Julia just made a noise, and we continued to the hotel. The next morning, I encouraged her to go to the pool and try advertising again. When I went to use the restroom and get another cocktail, I went back to the pool and she was gone.

It was a half hour, and I got a text message.

Chase, a pleasant couple, saw my advertising. Nice, huh? Their names are Kevin and Iris from Kansas City. They invited me to their room for a three-way. Well, if I’d tried to invite you, it wouldn’t be one, it’d be a four-way. I’m sorry, but as a guest, I didn’t think it was my place to invite additional guests. 

Besides, I’ve never had a three-way with an extra woman, and I’ve always wanted to. They plan to be finished by late morning, ah, maybe by ten. It’s started, but I had to take time to let you know what I’m doing. So far, it’s delightful!!!


PS: Have a nice night—I intend to.

Ok, so she’s busy, I guess. Well, until morning at least. She’s going to be having sex with a woman and a man; I don’t know if she’s ever been with another woman before. Is this arousing me? Well, my cock thinks so.

I went to our room to get dressed and go get an early dinner. Next, I walked into the bar, got a beer, and sat to think.

I think Julia got what she needed, and I got what I needed, too. It was spontaneous, and the advertising Julia and I did made my status as her cuckold as painful as I’d hoped. 

I wonder what Julia is doing right now. Is Kevin touching her, or is it Iris? Is he kissing her, and where? I can see Kevin kissing her tits, and Iris is touching her clitoris. She’s spasming under them. I can hear her as she's coming. 

No! Stop thinking about what is happening to Julia. I was right about what I needed, mostly. God, if I’d had permission—hah, permission—I could have taken Andrea right there in the dunes next to Royal and Julia. That is different, and I didn’t expect to want that. I’m still confused.

I got up, got another beer, went out to the terrace overlooking the bay, and just enjoyed looking at the lights and the water. 

I hope Julia is enjoying her time with Kevin and Iris. Are all three of them naked, and is it Julia and Kevin who are playing with Iris now? Julia is licking Iris’s pussy, her clitoris and Kevin’s cock is in Julia. Kevin is yelling, he’s coming, and Julia is moaning that she’s coming too, while Iris is pulling Julia’s face into her, saying, "Yes, more.” They’re all coming together. Hell.

We’re starting home tomorrow; I need to think about what I’ve learned about myself. Focus Chase, focus.

Does Julia understand I wanted to fuck Andrea there? Would she have let me? Is that something I want next time, maybe? I can feel Andrea under me with my cock in her. Or is she riding my cock with my hands on her tits, screaming, with my cum spurting in her pussy. I don’t know if I fuck other women, it’d take the angst and the pain away from being cuckolded. I think I need the pain because it makes me feel alive. 

How is Julia right now? Are Julia and Iris tribbing, I think that’s right, tribbing. If they are, what is Kevin doing? Is he focused on his wife or on mine? Now, I think they are coming together, I can hear it happening. 

I stood up, changed clothes in our room, and went to the gym to tire myself out.

I couldn’t drive the images of Julia, Iris, and Kevin out of my mind, so I had to leave the gym, which didn’t help.

In the morning, Julia came into our room at about five, with his cum leaking from her pussy. 

“Chase, Kevin wants you to lick his cum from my pussy; he left a fresh deposit just before I left, and I promised him you would.”

She sat on the bed with her legs apart, waiting for me

I’ve never done this before, and Kevin knows that I’m doing it. Kevin and Iris know.

I kneeled between her legs, and I saw cum leaking out and all over the pussy lips. When I started, I realized it was making it more real; even though I hadn't watched it. After tasting his cum, my cock was hard and leaking. When I forced my tongue into her, searching for more cum, I felt my climax approaching, and I had no chance to get something to catch it. It went all over the hotel carpet.

Julia sat up and asked, “Did you come? Chase, you came from just cleaning me out. God, I’m going to remember this. It’s your first time, isn’t it?”

This was our best anniversary ever. Now, can I tell her about what I wanted to do to Andrea? If I do, will she let me? if it happens, what will next year be like?

Written by keylime314159
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