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An Anniversary Cuckold

"She needed to cuckold him once a year. he needed it too."

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It started several years before Julia and I got married, though I didn’t know it. Her older sister got divorced after five years of marriage, but it wasn’t talked about in the family. Why Bethany got a divorce, I had no idea. 

Early dating life

When I first met Julia, I wasn’t very experienced and never questioned her about exclusivity. It was after we’d been having sex for several months that I found out that, while I’d been exclusive with her, she hadn’t been with me.

I was just about to knock on her door when Dana opened the door to leave. I could see that his shirt was half untucked, and he was finishing buckling his belt. I stepped aside to let him leave, and I could see Julia in a robe standing there. Her robe was untied and hanging open, showing me that she was naked under her robe. Her hair was messed and I could see his cum oozing down her thigh.

I croaked, “Hi Dana, It’s um, um.” My voice trailed off, and Dana looked at me, smiled, continued to his car, and drove off. I looked at Julia, saying, “Um, Julia, I guess I’m early, so... um, I guess I’ll exit stage left.” I had a feeble smile as I nodded, turned around, and left too.

I was remembering all the times I’d left with the same scene behind me, Julia, obviously just fucked. Though I didn’t remember leaving with my cum leaking like Dana had.

Shit, shit. Well, I’d never talked about being exclusive, so it was my fault for being surprised. God, she looked well-fucked and satisfied.

I just stopped thinking and found myself driving to the coffee shop I use most of the time. As I was driving up, my cell rang, and it was Julia, but no, just no, I’m not talking to her.

I deleted the voice messages without listening to them and did the same to her text messages. Finally, I blocked her number, so nothing came through.

Eventually, meaning about ten days, I texted her, asking if we could meet at Cisco’s Coffee. I was missing her so much; the sex was part of it, but more importantly, it was just being near her. I enjoyed waking up next to her, and having breakfast together when we’d stayed the night. It was getting intense, my missing Julia. I had to see if we could come to terms about Dana. 

I was there first; I had gotten coffee for both of us and had a table outside. When she arrived, I offered the coffee, just like seeing Dana leave her apartment hadn’t happened. After some inanities, I started my apology by saying, “Julia, I'm sorry for reacting like that. Um, I realize that we’d never talked about..." I paused, then I forced myself to continue, “Ah, other friends. Sex. Lovers? I had no right to assume..." My cock was hard just thinking about the last time we made love.

My voice stopped. I couldn’t look at her, so I just waited for her to say something. 

She started to say something a few times, then she muttered to herself, “Come on, tell Chase, just tell him.” She started with a little more confidence, “I’ve been in a couple of serious relationships, and I’ve discovered some things about myself. I’ve tried exclusive relationships, and I’ve been successful for about a year or a year plus.

“I think I love you, and Dana was the first since we started, um, having sex. I want to promise to be exclusive, but I’ve learned that, that particular promise I can’t keep. Pretending I can is a recipe for disaster. A disaster I don’t want to go through again.”

I was able to look at her, and I saw pain, fear, and helplessness cross her face.

I started to reply, “I’ll, um, you mean..." I started over, “You need to cheat once a year? Do I understand it right? You need to fuck someone else once a year, even if you’re in love?”

Julia interrupted, “It’s not exactly cheating if I have permission, is it? Since we’ve been together, I’ve been thinking about what I can promise. If you can agree to,“ she paused again, “knowing once a year that I have permission to um.” She stopped. 

Suddenly I felt my cock harden even more, and I remembered having the same reaction when I saw her in her robe with Dana’s cum leaking down her leg. I couldn’t understand it then, but maybe now I do.

What she was asking was if I’d let her cuckold me. Cuckold me once a year. That thought made me start to leak cum from my cock. God, did I want to be cuckolded by Julia? Did I want her to fuck another man? Would I want to watch it? My body said yes, but my mind was unsure.

I stood up, pulled Julia up, and told her, “I want my cock in you; then we’ll decide.”

I put her in my car, telling her, “We’ll come back for your car after I’ve cum in you.” No more words were spoken for the rest of the trip.

I had her clothes off by the front door; I was naked, and my cock was in her before we were away from the front door. She was pressed against the door, and I was coming in right there. As I came, I had my teeth in her neck, biting.

I was able to get us to the bedroom before we collapsed. I started by saying, “What you want and what you need is to be able to cuckold me. I almost came when I saw you in the doorway as Dana left. I knew you’d just been fucked. I saw his cum leaking down your thigh, and I knew that he’d just finished.”

I remembered a story I saw on one of the erotic story sites I visit, where the guy's wife, his cuckoldress, cucked him on their wedding night and on every anniversary from then on. If I remember it right, it didn’t end well, because his wife and her lover insisted on humiliating him. The other thing I remembered was my climax as I was reading the story. God, it was so intense that I still remember screaming her name as I came, “God Beth, I’m coming too. Jesus.” I ended up with so much cum all over me that night. I had to take a shower just to be able to go to bed.

The thought of keeping Julia, fucking Julia, and letting her have a lover one day a year was intoxicating. The picture in my mind of her naked, welcoming another man's cock, was driving me crazy.

I later found out that the night we’d had sex for the first time, she’d fucked Justin earlier. I’d been cuckolded from the very beginning. She’d enjoyed knowing she’d been wanton, lewd, and depraved while fucking me. It had driven her wild.

Mariage cuckolding

As we approached our wedding date, I was getting more and more nervous. Since Dana, Julia had said she’d not been with anyone else, but I kept remembering what we’d agreed to. Our final agreement was that she would fuck one of her lovers before the ceremony and two that night. Before I got to do it. Hell, why did I agree?

It came down to her wanting our marriage to start with me, her cuckold, in the most blatant way. I was going to be cuckolded before and after our wedding. She would only do it once a year from now on. This was the only way I could have her. 

I wasn’t completely clear in my own mind if I was being forced into it or if I wanted her to do it. Every time I thought about it, I got hard.

I didn’t see Tom fuck her, though two of her bridesmaids did. They showed me some pictures afterward but before the ceremony. She was in her wedding dress when they did her. He was naked when he fucked her He laid her back on a table and pulled the dress up, took her panties off, and just took her hard. I could see his cum leak on the dress as he finished. Ann and Tracy were careful to get Tom's climax and the cum that leaked on her dress in the pictures.

They both loved watching me be cucked like that. God, they loved humiliating me. The worst part was that I enjoyed my humiliation. I could feel my cock leaking into my pants. 

The contrast between her white dress, her white pussy, and his black cock, and black body was striking. Agonizingly erotic. I’d known I  was going to be cucked by Tom, and it was obvious that Tom was black, but those pictures of his cock moving inside of her white pussy, the contrast between all the white and his black cock, drove me nuts.

At the ceremony, I thought I could still smell his cum. It didn’t seem she even tried to clean up after.

Our vows were different too, I promised to be faithful till death do us part, but she didn’t. Hers were explicit, she vowed to be faithful except on our anniversaries. There were a few people there that I hadn’t warned. Humiliation in front of everyone there. They all knew that I was going to be a cuckold, that I already was a cuckold, and that it was going to happen again tonight.

Even that humiliation made me hard. I am a cuckold. It’s not just that I’m letting Julia fuck other men, it’s more that I seem to get off on it.

It’s not that I’m not who I thought I was; it’s that I’m not who I wanted to be.

Everyone at the reception saw Julia, Elliot, and Max get in the limo, with me getting in the front seat together with the driver. It was obvious to everyone what would be happening tonight.

When we got to our two-bedroom suite, Elliot and Max got undressed. While they were undressing, she told me, “I want them naked, but I want to stay in my dress. I want you to see me getting fucked while I’m still in it. I don’t have any panties on because I gave them to Tom when he was finished.”

I knew after watching them both take her that I was going to have to go into the second bedroom. I would be able to hear them, but I knew I had to stay away until morning

It was agonizing as I saw them kissing her, pulling her top down, ripping stitches as they did it, exposing her tits. Elliot started kissing them, and I could see he was nipping them, leaving tiny bite marks on them, sucking them, and caressing them. Agonizing but wildly erotic at the same time.

Max had pushed the skirt up so he could reach her pussy, and he started licking it. I couldn’t understand the noises she was making until she screamed, “God, I’m“ more noises, and then I heard, “Chase, God, thank you for letting me do this. It’s—it’s so intense, it’s overpowering.“

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She continued making noises until she tensed before spasming under their ministrations. She pulled Max up so he could fit his cock in her, and she sighed, Yes, that’s amazing. “ Then I could tell he was ejaculating, pulling out so some leaked on her dress.

They switched positions, with Elliot’s cock in her and Max kissing and biting her tits. It seemed like hours watching her revel in the sensations, but at the same time, it seemed to go so fast.

She gave a huge gasp as Elliot came and was able to leak more cum on the dress. Seeing their cum on her virginal white dress was absolutely humiliating. My cock was responding by oozing cum.

They got off the bed, Max and Elliot naked, standing in front of my wife in her disheveled dress partially ripped off. She looked at me and said, I want your last look at me tonight to be me naked in front of my lovers. I want you to know they are going to screw me until midnight, but you’re going to wait 'till morning to come to me. That’s when we’ll consummate that part of our marriage.

They took her wedding dress off; what was left to take off? This dress wasn’t going to be passed down to anyone.

I could see the bite marks and bruises on her tits; they were going to be noticeable for a week, I could tell.

There she was, looking well fucked, marked by her lovers, naked in front of them. She was anxious to continue, and I had to leave. She told me to leave the doors open—the door into their bedroom and the door to mine. She wanted me to hear them screwing her. I was glad I still had my clothes on when I left. I'm sure she missed being able to humiliate me by showing them my cock leaking cum in front of them.

The rest of the time until midnight, I could hear muffled gagging sounds as they took her mouth, and I could hear them as they talked about more lube when they took her ass. More than once, I heard her scream. God, she was screaming their names. It was during one of her first screams that I finally orgasmed. My hand was relentlessly trying to make me come. I finally heard a shower as they cleaned up, and I heard them as they kissed her goodnight.

I finally got to sleep around one in the morning, and I slept till eight.

I’d humiliated myself in front of the woman I loved, I’d humiliated myself in front of the woman that loved me, and I hated it. I hated it until I brought up the images of Julia with their cocks in her and her expression as she let them take her, control her, and bite her. That was when I realized just how much of a cuckold I was.

When I went to her, she’d cleaned up the room, made the bed, and showered. The wedding dress was not visible, and she’d covered up the marks on her breasts, so they were barely visible. There was almost no sign of the slut that I had seen with Max and Elliot.

She invited me into her bed and said, “Chase, now we are beginning our real marriage. I needed them last night, but it’s you I want, and I want you now.”

She had on a soft pink, translucent negligee that looked almost as virginal as her wedding dress. I made short work of getting her out of that, and she welcomed me.

Our first anniversary

For the next several months, I was able to keep the thought of our anniversary at bay. But as the date approached, I finally asked her, “On our anniversary, Julia, what are you picturing happening?”

She hugged me, kissing me, saying, “I want the whole day, until midnight. I’m not sure if you’ll want to be there,” She stopped talking for a moment, then continued, ”Or not. Do you want to watch or imagine what they are doing with me? Um, I’d like you to help, by putting their cocks in me the first time. Then you can watch them again the first time, and only then go into a separate bedroom. Whatever you can do, though, If it's me and them alone? “ 

I looked at her, saying, “They, them?”

She looked at me before continuing, ”Yes, Chase. Them, I’ve already picked the two men. You’ve never met them, and if you can’t watch, you never will. Darling, I know you’re looking forward to it, and knowing I’m fucking other men, I think... you’ll, God Chase, I know you’ll get more out of it if you’re watching them.“

Chase, you’re a cuckold—a true cuckold. You’re not just a man who is gritting his teeth when I cuckold you. You enjoy it, you love seeing me be fucked. Accept it, revel in it, and savor the emotions you feel while I’m being fucked.“

I tried on the label of true cuckold, just for fit. I knew I didn’t want to watch, but I was also realizing she was right; I needed to actually see it happen to make it real. I wanted her to make it real; What Julia and I did was make love. I wanted I needed to see Julia being fucked.

Julia was right; I’m a true cuckold. I want to feel the humiliation of watching. I wanted her lovers to see her husband watching them fuck her. I took what Julia had said and wrapped myself in it.

I had just finished realizing I was a true cuckold when I felt Julia unbuttoning my shirt and my trousers, and suddenly I was naked in front of her. She led me into the bedroom, where she undressed for me and then pushed me onto my back on the bed. We had a sensuous, loving time that ended with two orgasms from each of us.

It was wonderful, but it solidified the realization that I was a complete, true cuckold. It wasn’t who I wanted to be, but it was who I actually was.

As our anniversary came closer and closer, I became more and more on edge. I needed to see Julia being fucked. 

On our anniversary, she met them in the lobby of our hotel, and they spent the rest of the day being tourists in SF, Julia and her two lovers. I have no idea what they did; we never spoke about it. I do know they had dinner somewhere, and Julia texted me to expect them at about eight in the evening. I was in our room waiting when they came in. I knew she’d left with her bra on and was wearing panties. She wasn’t when she came back to our room.

Julia started undressing Latent first. It was obvious from his accent that he was Jamaican-black. I was standing there watching as she was kissing him, biting his neck, and when she had him naked, she leaned over and put his cock in her mouth with an, “umm, tasty.”

Next, she started on Brian, who looked English, with freckles and pale skin, but didn’t have an English accent. When she got him naked, she started stroking his cock until she started getting him to leak from his tip. Then she did the same for him. She kneeled down and put his cock in her mouth. I could hear her humming around his cock.

Latent, got behind Julia, reached around her, and started fondling her tits. She was enjoying what Latent was doing, but then he started slapping her tits, turning them pink. God, I could see the bliss cross her face as he continued. She was becoming more intense with Brian’s cock until he pulled away. 

Brian's cock was a bit wider than mine, while Latent’s was about the same. Somehow, this was important to me.

There was a sharp pair of scissors on a table that I hadn’t seen, and they cut her clothes off. They started with her sleeves, then the rest of her blouse, exposing her tits. Both tits had one big suck mark and a couple of smaller ones. When they cut her skirt off, it was obvious they hadn’t stopped with her tits, she had bruises on the thighs, and there was cum matted in her bush.

None of them acknowledged me at all. Julia was focused on Latent and Brian—what she was doing to Brian, and what Latent was doing to her. Everything was so erotic; my cock was so hard, I was afraid it might split open.

Latent pushed her onto the bed, spreading her legs apart, and I could see her pussy. All I could think was, God, it looked well used, well fucked, swollen, red, and with cum all over it. His cock was ready to take her again. Julia was whispering, “Latent, I came so hard before; please do it again.”

He approached her pussy with his cock, and Julia was writhing on the bed. I could hear her saying, “God, please, I want your cock to take me again. Cuckold Chase again.” I saw her reach down to his cock and force it inside her.

She just sighed and moved together with him. That was when I saw Brian get on the bed. He moved up, holding his cock, and started fucking Julia's mouth. It was clear she was reveling in the sensation of having two cocks in her simultaneously 

When Brian released his cum in her mouth, leaving cum dripping from her mouth, I came too. In a few minutes, latent came also, and his cum oozed from her pussy.

After a few minutes, Julia got up and sent me into the second bedroom ‘till morning. I spent most of the rest of the time picturing her with their two cocks taking her. That and trying not to hear all the sex happening in the other room.

At midnight, I heard Latent and Brian leave, and Julia took a shower so she’d be clean in the morning.

I lay there in the darkness, reliving last night. I hated watching Julia with them. I was seeing her on the bed with two men I’d never met, pleasuring her. The sounds of her ecstasy as she was being taken and her animal passion was overwhelming. They were defiling my wife right in front of me. They had no regard for me.

I hated watching, but I couldn’t look away. I needed to see her submitting so completely, surrendering her body to their needs. The smell that combined their cum with her juices as they came in and on her was making my dick hard and leaking cum in dribbles. I couldn’t come; I just dribbled my cum uselessly on the floor.

When I woke up, the sheet was wet and smelled like my cum.

When I went into the main room, Julia was in her robe, innocent looking, sitting on the couch. She welcomed me with a kiss that extended into a passionate embrace. My cuckoldress, on our anniversary. I’m a true cuckold.

Written by keylime314159
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