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Hotwife Challenge

"She accepts her husband's fun and daring challenge"

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The dryness of my mouth was contrasted by the juices seeping through my thong. After a long time of insisting, I had accepted my first hotwife challenge from my husband. We had participated in the lifestyle as a couple, but I had been hesitant to do anything by myself until he came up with a way for me to involve him.

The challenge was simple but the execution turned me into a nervous wreck. The first part was done, I had called the handyman and lied about something I needed fixed, which had me waiting in the living room wearing a robe with only my wedding day thong underneath just like my husband had planned.

I didn't know who was going to show up, how we would look or if he would even accept to be part of our daring challenge. Those factors filled me with anxiety but they were exactly what excited my husband. He was confident that no man would reject me, not when most of the extra weight I carried went to my lower body to give me a curvaceous appearance.

While I waited for the knock on the door, I teased myself over the soaked fabric of my thong. My body was committed to the challenge, surpassing the uncertainty in my mind and giving me a much-needed boost of confidence.

Who is gonna be the lucky guy, I thought, commencing a fantasy scenario that brought me closer to my husband's vision.

By the time the handyman arrived, I had taken myself to the edge of an orgasm a couple of times. I was ready, the moment to make my husband proud as a hotwife was here. From the instance I greeted him at the door, I felt as if he knew exactly what I was up to, and I had to remind myself that the uncertainty was all in my head.

He looked handsome in his uniform, with a scruffy beard, broad shoulders, and a sharp, clean haircut. I couldn't complain, I had hit the jackpot and my body was screaming for me to go through with my husband's plan.

I couldn't stop my face from turning red amid the small talk. "Um, yeah, It's the faucet upstairs," I said.

I led him up the stairs, each step seemingly increasing my heart rate, knowing that my robe was short enough for him to look up and see the bottom of my ass cheeks as my hips swayed.

He followed me into the bedroom, where I hesitated for a second before pointing him in the direction of the bathroom. This was the make-or-break part of the plan. I had gone over it so many times that I could hear my husband's voice in my head saying, he goes into the bathroom, you get in bed on all fours.

Part of me, my older reserved self, wanted to abort the scene but my husband's trust and support ushered me forward. I did just as he'd said, letting my robe fall off my shoulders to leave me with just a thing string protecting the purity of our marital bed. Doing this alone felt different, like I was betraying my husband, but I had to remind myself it was similar to the times when he'd sit in the corner of a hotel room and have me perform for him with another man.

You've turned me into a such a slut, I spoke to my husband in my mind as I looked down at my wedding ring.

When I heard the handyman's utility belt, I knew he was coming back out and that he would see me offering myself to him. My husband had reassured me plenty of times about this moment, but it didn't make me any less anxious.

"The faucet seems to... be working," he said, trailing off as he spotted me.

I closed my eyes and kept quiet, heightening my ears as I listened to him approaching. There was no going back, my husband's eroticism had led me here and it was now all in the hands of a stranger.

"Oh, I get it now. You're in need of a big tool," he said, adjusting on the fly to his roleplaying persona.

He stood behind me on the edge of the bed, working to unleash his awakened monster while taking in the visual of my flesh. Being a handyman, he was used to getting right into the job, and he did so by pulling my thong to the side, the same one my husband had removed on our wedding night. It was a similar moment except for the fact that I was more aroused than I'd ever been, with my clitoris and slit swollen in anticipation.

He was mere inches from penetrating me when I interrupted him, "Wait, can you, er, record it for my husband?"

This had been my husband's idea to include himself in the moment, which had been the deciding factor in me accepting the challenge. He spanked my ass, leaving behind a delicious sting as he walked over to the nightstand to retrieve my phone. I unlocked it for him with my fingerprint and opened the app for him to record my depravity for my husband.

"What do I tell him?" he asked, positioning himself behind my exposed hotness once again.

"Make...make fun of his dick," I said, staying on track with the plan.

He recorded a close-up of my pussy then bounced the weight of his cock on top of my ass. My pussy reacted to the touch. I could feel he was big, with a heavy and thick shaft.

"Bet she doesn't moan like this for your little dick," he said as he typed the caption.

He disappeared his length into me, making me do just what he said, moaning loud enough for my husband to hear on the video clip. He began thrusting into me, making my cheeks crash against his thighs until he reached the video time limit and the recording ended.

"Just sent it to that poor bastard," he said, placing the phone on the bed.

He grabbed my hips and resumed the motion of his hips. For him, he was just getting some free pussy, but for my husband and I, he was ruining our marital bed in what was our ultimate cuckold fantasy.

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I gripped the sheets beneath me, wincing in a mixture of pleasure and pain every time he bottomed out. I couldn't tell exactly how big he was, but with my husband's size, it wasn't difficult to find other men more endowed to play the part.

From the times other men or my husband had recorded me taking a big dick, I knew what the view looked like for him. My round cheeks rippling, his cock slamming between them, and my pussy adding more and more natural lubrication every time his shaft reappeared from my depths. However, my biggest turn-on was hearing his moans over the sounds of my cheeks clapping and my wet pussy repeatedly welcoming him.

We were lost in pleasure until we heard the notification sound of my phone. He slowed his rhythm to pick up my phone. "He's taking the kids to grandma's, so that you can enjoy being a good slut," he said.

My pussy convulsed involuntarily at the thought of my husband wanting to prolong my session as long as possible. "Tell him that...he's a good cuck," I told my new, impromptu bull.

He delivered my message, then continued carrying out my husband's wishes. I had been a fuck doll countless times, but this experience was building a unique, profound orgasmic tension.

No longer worrying about how much time I had left before having to pick up the kids, I arched my back at a greater angle and encouraged him, "Pound my fucking guts."

He alternated spanking my cheeks, stinging them until they felt hot and turned bright red. My moans exposed me, letting him know that as a proper hotwife, I liked it rough. I enjoyed seeing them take out their sexual frustrations on me, whether they weren't getting what they wanted at home or elsewhere, they could turn into savages with me.

He pulled on my hair with both hands, maintaining his steady rhythm that made my juices drool onto his cock and down my inner thighs. His punishing strokes were fitting for a woman breaking her marriage vows, even if it was happening at the behest of my husband. Being a repairman, he would not relent until his job was finished. He relished forcing out moans that proclaimed my naughtiness.

"Show him, show him," I urged him, wanting him to record the finale for my husband.

He quickly got the phone and captured his final few thrusts before our bodies climaxed in unison. Deep long strokes ignited my pussy into a scorching orgasm that made my legs tremble. This were the type of fuckings my husband said that I deserved. My moans narrated the pulsing spurts of his cock that coated my walls with his warm, plentiful load.

He pulled his retracting cock out of me and gave my husband a view of my creampied, overflowing pussy. "What do I tell him now?" he asked.

"I'll handle it," I told him. "Thank you for doing this,"

"My pleasure," he said. "Looking forward to your next service call."

After walking the handyman to the door and getting his personal phone number, I returned to bed with a satisfied smile on my face. I edited and trimmed the clip to my liking then added the caption, "He ruined my pussy and our marital bed," before sending it to my husband.

"That's so fucking hot, baby. I'm coming home right now," he eagerly replied.

I stayed in bed, enjoying the relaxation that came with a good orgasm, and thinking about how my husband had been right in saying that our new venture would bring another level of excitement into our lives.

When he got home, he hurried upstairs and found me in the bathroom about to hop in the shower. "No, wait, I want to reclaim you," he said.

"You don't want me to shower first?" I asked, giving him a puzzled look.

He shook his head, giving me a mischievous look as he grabbed my hand and lead me into our marital bed. He got between my legs, seemingly hesitating about tasting my glazed labia. He stuck out the tip of his tongue, mere centimeters from tasting another man's triumph on me.

"Do it, babe," I encouraged him, knowing that it was something he'd always wanted to try.

The fulfillment of our fantasy with the handyman had him buzzing with an unprecedented arousal that broke through his inhibitions. He gave my pussy a quick, small lick to familiarize himself with the taste. I could tell he found it a bit unpleasant by his facial expression but that soon gave way to a smile of accomplishment. He licked along the length of my slit until his tongue had cleaned the crusty leftover of the handyman.

"C'mon, I think you can still get some warm, sloppy seconds," I said, helping him on top of me in the missionary position.

He kissed me, sharing a hint of the handyman's taste with me, and pushed himself comfortably into my gaped entrance. One of his favorite parts about sharing me was reclaiming my pussy, especially when he could tell that I had been stretched out by a bigger dick. He enjoyed depreciating himself while knowing that I belonged to him in the end, and that he ultimately controlled my pleasure and those of the men he shared me with.

During our passionate lovemaking, he whispered the next challenge into my ear. It was much more daring, but before I could even think about it, my pussy accepted the challenge by convulsing and tightening its grip around him. He wasn't used to my pussy reacting like that for him, and it was enough to overwhelm him over the edge. I welcomed my second load of the day by looking up at the reflection of pleasure on his face, knowing that I could enjoy the sexual adventures of being a hotwife, but that my heart would always belong to the love of my life, my husband.

Written by Issabela
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