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Picturing Her Night Out Finale

Pictures of his wife's night out send him down a twisted path

Trish reentered the guest room, and the sounds of two bodies slapping together hit Brad’s ears before he even saw them. “Hey, Betsy,” Trish hummed and turned the camera toward the bed. “Your husband wants to watch.” “W-what?” Betsy gasped. She lifted her...

Picturing Her Night Out Ch 2

Pictures of his wife's night out send him down a twisted path

Brad swallowed deeply. His eyes drifted back to the last image. Yes. Please. He waited for the next photo, his two fingers and thumb jerking at his cock. Instead, another message appeared, and it made him moan in perverse decadence. Say please send me mor...

Picturing Her Night Out Ch 1

Pictures of his wife's night out send him down a twisted path

Brad’s phone buzzed beside him, the screen lighting up to reveal the image of his smiling wife. The anxious husband stopped pretending to watch TV and snatched the device from off the armrest. It had been over an hour and a half since his last message, tw...

The Cub, The Bear And The Cougar

A young man finds a new way to express his sexuality with a bisexual kinky couple.

A notification pinged Josh's phone, a message on one of the gay apps from an account named Bi4Top. "Hey stud, you lookin?" That was all it said. He'd normally ignore messages like this. But it had been a while since his last hook-up so he decided to give...

A Mother's Curiosity

A sexually frustrated and curious mother looks to her son for answers.

The Caraballo family consisted of Wayne, Lillian, and their son James. They lived in a ranch in the Midwestern part of the United States, away from the chaos and judgments of modern society. If you saw where and how they lived, you would think they were l...

Little D and the Cream Pie Surprise

A POV story following the new cuckold life of a black wife's tiny dick white husband.

It’s been a long day at that boring 9-5 job of yours. Sure, it brings home plenty of bacon, and keeps your wife happy and living in a lifestyle you’ve both become accustomed, but you can’t help but feel like something is off when you pull into the drivewa...

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Elaine Rides Again - Part 2

Elaine wants bigger and better...

On arriving at the lakeshore. Elaine finally spoke. “P, there’s something I have to tell you,” she said. I had a feeling where this might be going. Having recently taken a job in the city, she was probably thinking about the distance between us and how mu...

Elaine Rides Again - Part 1

She knew she couldn't continue to take what was never enough.

It was nearly thirty minutes now, not a word had been spoken. As I drove, I could see Elaine was biting her bottom lip. She wanted to talk, but couldn’t. This was ominous, I thought. I knew she wasn’t herself when she had arrived two hours earlier. I had...

Jessica's New Toy - Part 2: CLICK

Jessica already has the key to Jack's heart. Is she about to get the key to something even better?

“Don’t cry.” The woman Jack loved and lusted over had used his worst insecurities to crush his ego like a grape and the tears had begun to flow. He deserved it for being such a little pervert, but it still felt as though his world had turned to ash. “Don'...

Jessica's New Toy - Part 1

After a year of teasing, Jessica decides to make her best friend into her new plaything

Jack was in love with Jessica. It was an open secret between them, unspoken but potent, a gravity that shaped both their lives. Unfortunately for Jack, Jessica, his one true love, was also a shameless tease. She loved nothing more than flirting with boys...

Jennifer's List

Jenny's teased Jack to the limit and beyond - now she needs to take control of her horny BFF.

Jack was in love with Jenny, and Jenny knew it. It went unspoken between them but not unacted on. Jenny was a shameless tease. Normally the guys she teased asked her out, sooner or later, and she was able to tease them more intimately, but Jack was differ...

Cuckold Therapy: The Mentus Method

My wife and I are mentally conditioned to enjoy hardcore cuckolding scenarios...

Jess was an hour or so into her therapy session when the nurse led me through a confusing set of hallways to a nondescript door marked "Stimulation Room 4". I could hear my wife's moaning faintly through the door, but when we entered the room I realized s...

Good things come in small packages - Chapter 10

Mandy's fucked, and Michael's cucked.

The heavy beat of the music thumped through my chest as Christine lead me onto the dance floor. We danced to one song, which then seamlessly blended into another. Tonight Christine was dressed in a thin, apricot-colored blouse, and a short, black mini-ski...