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Cheating wife Stories

cheating wife

Jupiter's Eclipse

A Young Couple Falls to DARK Temptations

PJ was a light-skinned Guyanese-born Canadian man. Makoto was a beautiful woman of American and Japanese mix. They met through long-time mutual friends at a summer blowout pool party. Though they were physically attracted, the moment their eyes met, it wa...

Party With Pam

A scorned wife becomes a swinging wife at a house party

It started as a normal house party, a group of friends sharing food, drinks, and fun to celebrate a birthday. As the night wore on, a few couples left and only three remained, plus Pam. She had arrived alone, saying her husband, Don, was out of town. The...

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Part 1)

After I fuck Diane, she hooks me up with her daughter

I used to play cards with Diane and her husband, Jeff. My brother and Jeff went to high school together, attended a couple of years of college together, and joined the military together. My brother made a career out of serving in the military. Jeff met Di...

Tina Shapes Sally 7

My straight wife gets advice from her horny single school chum to brighten up our sex life

I was sitting watching the game on TV on Sunday afternoon. Sally was in the bath, relaxing off and shaving her pussy again. We had a marathon sex session on Saturday night, getting back to normal after the reduced sex of the previous two weeks when she ha...

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"A gobby and wristy doesn't sound too bad, mate," I replied with a grin.

Independence Day? Ah, yes, Christmas in July. Treason is the reason for this beautiful ass season, where we promiscuous gun-toting, bacon-eating, war-winning, beer-drinking, bar-fighting degenerates celebrate our Brexit. For some, it's the last day of hav...

Single Parent Club at Halloween

my wife helps out making sure all the local single parents get a treat

Wifey volunteered us for Halloween with the Single Parents Group. She prepared nibbles and titbits for the adult party. Myself, Charles, and Tony, took seven kids trick-a-treating for hours. Paul, Andy, and beers, swapped first, Karl, Robert, and whiskey,...

The Incident: Part 1

After a mysterious Virus outbreak Dr.Veronica Miles is recruited by the US Government but an incident in the lab turns her from loving wife to black cock whore .

They say opposites attract, and I also believed that when I met my husband, Wesley. My name is Veronica Miles. I have always been strong-willed and independent. I have always known what I wanted and followed my goal to the letter. I graduated top of my cl...

Tit For Tat

Husband gets a sudden phone call from wife at night.

David’s phone buzzed under his pillow, waking him instantly. He silenced it as fast as he could; even in the dead of night, the vibration sounded loud. He peered at the screen with his drowsy eyes to see who was calling. The incoming call was from his wif...

Fathers, Brothers, and Sons - Pt. 3

The fucking "Luke Takes Care Of His Family Show"

That wasn’t the last time that we had sex; far from it. If Allison felt the need, she would initiate, and I usually responded positively. If I felt the need, she never turned me down, no matter how tired she was. I was never cruel with her, always making...

Fathers, Brothers, and Sons - Pt. 2

An unimaginable betrayal. But why? And what comes next?

Neither of us spoke at first; I was too stunned, and she too ashamed. Finally, I asked in a raspy voice, “Why?” Her gaze remained steadfastly away from mine. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Luke. I… He was dying. And I was so… the depression, it was crushing me...

Fathers, Brothers, and Sons - Pt. 1

When is my son not my son?

It was a letter that upended my world. Not one of the “Dear John” variety; that would have been less painful. Nor was it a “We Regret To Inform,” but the sense of loss, while not as acute, was even more all-encompassing. No, it wasn’t a letter of the pape...