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The Big Reveal Goes Wrong

"Julie decides to tell her husband that she and I are having sex."

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The last thing I wanted was a prolonged secret affair with my best friend’s wife, but we had to let Julie decide when to tell him. Luckily, my wife did more than support the effort, she was instrumental in making it all possible. Now that Julie and I have had sex, I found myself unable to stop double-thinking everything I said around Chris. At last, Julie was ready to tell Chris.

Chris had invited us for dinner on Saturday. It was two days after Julie and I went all the way, not just foreplay like our previous meetings. Dinner had been arranged the previous week. We would share a meal and then either play some games or find a film to watch together. We were a flexible group.

Julie had proposed a plan to Draya and me. She tried to tell Chris what we have done and just couldn’t bring herself to say the words. She decided it might be easier to show him rather than tell him. Her idea was to find an opportunity for me to start having sex with her while Chris is out of the room. That way, when Chris returned he would find us going at it and everything would be out in the open.

It was a perfect plan. My hormones were pumping before we arrived. We had our usual babysitter and got in the car. As soon as we were on the road my wife started chanting like school kids do. “Ray and Julie fuck behind his back. Now they’re gonna show him how it’s done.” Most of it sounded childish and I didn’t pay much attention. When I heard her say, “...spread her legs and fuck that cunt,” I was shocked.

“Holy shit, Draya!” My wife had never used that word except to complain that it’s too vile for civilized conversation.

“I know,” she sounded ashamed. “It was all I could think of to rhyme. I had to use it.” At least she was entertaining.

Draya got more serious as we approached and said, “Make sure you let Julie decide when it happens. Chris will like anything, anytime. Julie will be nervous.” She had a huge grin and I knew she was plotting something. I had to push for her to share. “I feel a bit like I own a horse and I’m hiring out my stud to Chris to fuck his mare.” She put a hand on my cock and gave it a squeeze. “Have fun tonight, my stud.”

I would kiss her if I wasn’t driving. We parked outside their house. I kissed Draya before we got out. “Thanks for sharing me.”

Chris greeted us at the door and invited us in. Julie was in the kitchen. The open kitchen and dining area made it easy to socialize while she prepared dinner and Chris poured drinks.

“Wow, you look great, Julie.” I had to say something. Julie usually wore nice clothes, but this time she had a tight, yellow dress and white heels, showing most of her legs. She said thanks, but avoided looking at me. I could tell she was blushing.

When Julie eventually turned, I could see the shape of her nipples. They were hard and she was not wearing a bra. Draya slapped my arm to stop me staring with my mouth open, which made Julie grin.

Chris invited me to sit in the lounge and I couldn’t resist bringing it up. “Did you see Julie nipping out? What’s that about?”

“No idea,” Chris shrugged. “I thought she must be in the mood. I put my hands on her boobs and got my hands slapped away. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

We had our usual banter, with low voices. I said, “You could suck her tits through that dress.”

Chris said, “It would be better if you suck her tits while she bounces on your cock.” And that was how many of our conversations went.

I managed to find an opportunity to properly greet Julie with a hug when she didn’t have her hands full in preparations. I whispered, “Your tits are distracting, but amazing.”

She giggled and whispered back, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” I leaned back and she gave me such a lustful look that it stirred my cock.

“I can’t wait for dessert,” I said with a smile.

Before long, everyone was sitting down and eating. Dinner was perfectly normal. Conversation was lively, as it often is. Chris was a little on the quiet side, but often is. We discussed all kinds of things. Nothing sexual came up, except in my pants because I could not wait to fuck Julie. It amazed me that I was so drawn to her small boobs, just because her nipples were visibly protruding through her dress.

When everyone had finished, Julie started clearing the table. I got up to help. Chris excused himself to go to the bathroom. Once Chris was out of the room Draya helped and we all switched into fast mode. The table was clear in a flash.

Julie grabbed a bottle of lube and stood next to me. With lube on her fingers, she pulled her dress up. Just like she said, there was no underwear. She began smearing lube on herself. I let my shorts drop to the floor and stepped out of them. “Do you need a little stimulation?” Julie knelt before I could answer and took my cock in her mouth.

Julie got me hard pretty fast with her lips tight and bobbing her head quickly. I was panting in no time. She stood up and leaned over the dining table. “Is this good?”

Seeing Julie just bend over for me was incredible. “Fuck yeah.” I answered.

Draya said, “She means for discovery, Ray.” She walked out towards the stairs and back to see how it will look when Chris returns. “Perfect,” she declared.

With one hand on her back, I stepped forward, holding my cock up to her pussy. There was plenty of lube, so entry was comfortable. Julie and I sighed in unison. I stood still for a moment. My hands were on Julie’s hips and my pelvis up against her butt. “Even if we don’t move, I really love being here, Julie.”

Julie looked back over her shoulder, “Thanks, Ray. I like it, too.”

Draya gave me a subtle thumbs up, encouraging affection between us. What I did not say was that the physical joy is putting my cock in her pussy. The emotional joy is that the pussy belongs to Chris’ wife. I began to move, slowly fucking Chris’ missus. I liked the rhyming sound of “Chris’ Missus” in my head and felt a little guilty that Chris was the biggest reason I wanted to fuck Julie.

Lust soon got me on track. We fucked a gentle but steady pace. Draya sat down on the other side of the table and held Julie’s hand while we fucked. We kept a smooth rhythm going. Julie was beginning to moan, but keeping it quiet.

Then we heard Chris. “Julie,” he shouted from upstairs. It repeated a few seconds later.

“I better see what’s wrong.” We stopped and Julie went to see Chris. She pulled her dress down, but it was partly folded under and wouldn’t go down like it should. Half her butt was exposed. The front was a little lower, but barely covering her front.

I heard some muffled conversation and a few seconds later, Julie returned with a frown. “Chris isn’t feeling well, so he’s gone to lie down.” She took a deep breath and let out an equally big sigh. “Draya, I’m in the mood now. Can I still borrow your husband?”

My wife smiled. “Of course, you can.”

Julie took my hand and led me to the lounge. She got on the floor, leaning on the middle of the couch, expecting me to take her from behind again.

Holding Julie’s hips and bumping her ass is a highly pleasurable experience. I was on autopilot and could have stayed there for ages. Draya sat on the couch next to Julie. After watching the two of us for a few minutes, Draya asked if she could join in.

My wife took off her skirt and panties, dropping both on the floor. Draya sat on the edge of the couch and put one leg up on it. Julie moved over and started licking my wife’s pussy while I continued to fuck her. Draya is much more subtle in her moaning. I could tell she enjoyed what Julie did with her tongue, and I was perfectly content sliding my dick in Julie’s pussy.

Chris would go out of his mind with excitement if he knew what we were doing. It was a novel setting for me, having sex at Chris’ house. Even better was fucking his wife in his house. Julie asked me to be more gentle. She didn’t mind hard sex, but it made licking Draya difficult.

After a while, the girls seemed to have communicated with each other without speaking. Draya asked me to stop and both of them moved. They swapped places and wanted me to stay where I was. I picked up where I left off, only now I was fucking my wife while she licked Julie. It was also the first time I had sex with my wife at Chris’ house.

It soon became clear that I would cum first. I asked where I should do it and Julie immediately answered, “I want it.” Draya and I were both surprised. With a sheepish look on her face, Julie said, “Sorry, I just love the way Ray looks at me when he cums in my mouth.”

I got up, brought my cock to Julie and let her suck me to the finish. I grunted and swayed a little and then shot my load into her mouth. Julie held on to me, not letting me out of her mouth. We both watched each other. She kept a snug hold of my cock with her lips and never took her eyes off me. Less than half my length was in her mouth, but she carefully swallowed what I gave her. A little extra suck and lick of the end left me fairly clean when Julie eventually let me go.

“That was hot, Julie. Thanks.” I kissed the top of her head. I’m not so keen to kiss her lips after she swallows.

“Yeah, hot and salty,” Julie replied with a mischievous look in her eyes.

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The ladies were still hoping for more. They opted for a sixty-nine, lying on their sides with Draya at the back. This gave me a view of Julie’s skinny ass and pussy from the chair where I flopped.

I wasn’t sure if the girls had orgasms, but didn’t want to intrude. They seemed very happy to pretend they were on their own. I marveled at this wonderful evening and could not believe Chris managed to miss it entirely. This was supposed to be the big reveal.

By the time the girls finished, I was nearly ready to go again. They told me we should call it a night. We both kissed Julie goodnight and she tasted like pussy.

The following morning, I was expecting to get a call, message or something from Chris. Nothing. We took the boys out for the morning and Draya spent some time on her phone to Julie. She informed me that Julie was so frustrated that Chris was ill and messed up her plans that she didn’t tell him anything. She sounded almost angry about it.

My most wicked idea formed in a few seconds. “Call her back and ask her to talk to me.” Of course, Draya wanted to hear my plan first. She liked it and made the call. After the call, we had a task. When I could get away and leave the kids with my wife, I made a visit to the adult shop. Draya arranged to deliver our gift to Julie that afternoon and helped her plan what to do next.

We asked Julie to give us a call after 9, so the boys would be in bed. Draya was ready with her phone and laptop, sitting on our bed with drinks and popcorn. The call came about 9:15. It was a FaceTime video call, which Draya answered on her mac with a 15 inch screen. Julie greeted us in a hushed voice and then put her phone on a shelf. It would be mostly behind things, so Chris would not spot it. “Is that okay?” She asked because she couldn’t be certain what her camera was showing. Draya told her the view was fine and that we would mute, so there was no sound from us.

Our view showed us the living room. We could see the couch and a little to each side. Julie wore her little black dress that reached mid-thigh and heels with bare legs. Bare legs were essential for our plan. For a few minutes, we just watched Julie sitting and fidgeting until Chris arrived. She sat sideways on the couch, and asked Chris to sit on the opposite end.

Sounding very nervous and insecure, Julie told Chris she confided in someone that he wanted her to have sex with someone else. Chris became very attentive, turning sideways to watch her closely. She said she let the guy touch her.

I knew Julie was scared that Chris would get upset. He was in perfect form, for him. Chris leaned closer and asked, “How did it feel to have another man touch you?”

Julie did not expect a question like that. “Come on, Julie,” my wife said. We knew she would not hear us, but Draya couldn’t help it. We watched her try to figure out how to answer him.

“Good, I guess.” It was okay, but she should have been more positive. Chris asked her what else happened. Eventually, Julie confessed to giving a blowjob. She started to look upset, for being a bad wife. That was when Chris got up to give Julie a kiss. They kissed for about a minute.

“Aww,” Draya said, “He really does like her being a slut, doesn’t he?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying for years.” I got a look from Draya for sounding patronizing.

Chris sat on the floor with his arm around Julie when they continued. She asked if he was jealous, and his reply matched his fantasies exactly. “No, it’s not jealousy. But, I wish I had been there to watch it. I want to see you take another man in your mouth. I want you to look at me while you please him.” More casually, he added, “You can look at him, too. But, don’t feel like you’re cheating. Do it because you want to do it, and I want it. Think of it as an activity that involves us both, even if you’re the only one making contact.”

Of course, he asked who it was. Julie said he didn’t want to be identified yet. This led her to the plan we suggested. “After talking about you with him, he wants me to ask you to do a few things before we go any farther.”

This set Chris off balance a little. It was his turn to be nervous when he asked what she wanted him to do. “The first one is to prove you are turned on by the idea of me having sex with another man. Will you sit there and jack off without touching me?”

He asked if she was serious. “Really?” I didn’t think he and Julie had ever masturbated in front of each other, so Chris was nervous about doing it.

Julie said, “Yeah. If it will help, I can talk about giving him a blowjob.”

“Yes, please,” Chris replied as he started taking off his pants.

Chris was half erect already and did not take long to be fully hard. My wife said, “I thought he would be smaller than that.”

“No. We are similar in size. He’s just a kinky bastard.”

We watched Chris stroke himself while looking at Julie. She pulled out a small towel and placed it under her legs, to protect the couch. “I want you to cum on my legs.” This shocked Chris, because Julie never particularly wanted cum on her. It gave him another boost of excitement.

Julie made a few comments about sucking my dick. They were nothing particularly graphic, but it kept Chris excited. After a few minutes he was ready to cum. Julie uncrossed her legs, keeping them together and asked him to, “Get cum on both of my legs.” She asked him to stay below her knees so he didn’t get any on her dress.

Chris held his dick really close to her legs before he started to cum. He grunted several times and moved his cock after each shot. There were six or seven spurts of cum and then dribbles at the end. He rubbed the head down one leg to get as much as he could on her.

“Thanks,” Julie smiled at her husband. Chris thanked her and gave her a kiss. “The next part I admit I don’t fully understand. I am supposed to ask you to wear this.” Julie brought out the gift I picked up for her: a metal cock cage.

Chris was shocked. “What?”

Julie remained calm while she explained. “Well, the man I met and sucked said he would love to have sex with me. But, if you want to see anything then he wants you to - I’ll try to remember how he phrased it. He wants you to ‘forfeit your right to my pussy’ as long as I’m having sex with him.”

“That sucks,” Chris said. It took a few minutes. Chris took her suggestion that he might want privacy to put on the cage. He left the room with it in his hand.

Meanwhile, Julie used her fingers to spread the cum on her legs. It looked like she had it covering most of her shins. She nearly licked her fingers clean, but made a face and turned towards the camera. “Sorry, only yours belongs on my tongue.” She wiped her fingers on the towel instead.

“Yes,” I cheered.

My favorite part was watching Chris come back wearing the cage and handing the key to Julie.

“Thanks,” Julie said. She lifted a thin chain around her neck, which already had a key, and added the second one to it. She had both keys to the cage on Chris’ cock.

“There is one last thing I need you to do, Chris.” Julie waited for Chris to sit. “My partner is not ready to reveal himself to you. But, he has agreed to give you photos of me. All you have to do for this is lick my legs clean.”

Chris’ jaw dropped. So did mine.

I asked Draya, “What’s Julie doing? She is supposed to tell Chris that it’s me if he licks it off.”

My wife put a hand on my arm, her usual first comforting move. “Sorry, honey. Julie still isn’t sure if she’s ready, so I gave her the idea of offering a photo or video as a smaller step towards revealing you.” She gave me a kiss. “You can wait a little longer.”

Chris didn’t do anything for a minute. He asked if he could have the key back and take off the cage. Julie said, “Of course you can, but then I won’t have sex with him. It’s his demand, not mine. Only one dick allowed in my pussy. He said if you really want to see me fuck him you’ll do this.”

“Shit,” he was exasperated.

Draya spoke through her popcorn. “This is better than tv. Do you think he’ll do it?”

“I do. Just wait.” I replied.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later, Chris slid down to the floor, leaned over Julie’s legs and started licking. Julie looked at the camera, she couldn’t believe Chris was doing it either. Luckily, Chris didn’t see her look at the camera.

“Wow!” Draya exclaimed. “I really didn’t expect that. Isn’t he going to hate you when he finds out it’s you?”

“Maybe briefly,” I answered. “But I will be his favorite person in the world once he sees me with my dick in his wife.” I sighed, “Now, we own his cock.”

My wife disagreed. “Technically, Julie does. But, I think I can get her to give me the keys. We can put them in our safe. I will work on Julie.” Draya smiled.

Chris got up and walked out of view. When she was alone, Julie came towards the camera and picked up her phone. She spoke softly. “How was that?”

Draya took off the mute. “It was great, Julie. Well done. Keep those keys around your neck until we meet.”

I couldn’t keep quiet. “Julie, I can’t wait to fuck you in front of Chris.”

Julie smiled and blushed. “I better go.” She looked over her shoulder. “I think he’s coming back. Bye.”

Draya closed her laptop and put it away. She took off her clothes, leaving everything on the floor beside the bed. She got back into bed, bringing the popcorn with her. Sitting on top of me, she sank down on my cock. She fucked me slowly, while eating popcorn and feeding some to me.

Written by Spooge
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