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Erotic Plateaued Bliss

"Glistening from wetness Drenched in stimulated Leakage..."

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Long ropes of white
Spurt sequentially
From his long throbbing hardness,
Splashing down and
Plastering her breasts
Until her nipples
Are covered with
His warm milky core.

Glazed in his
Warm bodily ejection,
She moans loudly
As she slowly
Takes a finger
And circles her
Stiff nipples
Now shining in his stickiness.

He watches as she
Plays with her protrusions
Spreading his climax
All around
Her dark centers
Of pointed bliss
Until they goldenly glisten
In the dim light of the room.

She then licks her finger
And groans "mmm"
As she takes in
His tangy taste,
And swallows hard
Feeling it coat
Her throat
Evenly all around.

He glances down
To see her womanhood,
Both sides,
Glistening from wetness
Drenched in stimulated
Leakage that has
Pooled on the sheet
Beneath her.

His hand covers
Her sensational spot
Of wet glory,
And she shivers
From his warm touch
Anticipating his tickling
Tingles of pleasure
Along her divide.

She feels his finger
Sink slightly inside
Her hot wet labia,
Enough to feel
Each sliding stroke
He gently makes
Back and forth
Inside her wetness.

Moans escape
Her full horizontal lips
As the feelings
Envelope her body
That he evokes
From his tender tracing
Of her engorging
Perfectly centered brim.

She trembles softly
With tensing pulses,
And gasps hard
When his finger
Pushes through her wall,
Penetrating her
Hot moist
Tight opening deeply.

Heat travels over her
As he rapidly
Glides in and out,
Finger fucking her
Until slurping sounds
Erupt and fill
The room with
Passionate pings of lust.

He watches her
Grip the sheets
Wrinkled under her hot
Sweat dolloped body,
So tightly until her knuckles
Turn pasty white
Trying to keep
The intenseness inside.

She can’t, however,
With the building pressure
That travels down to
Her pink internal walls
That grip his finger tightly,
One last time,
With a very firm
Climaxing attention.

Suddenly, she lets out
A bellowing echo
That fills the room
As her core
Explodes violently
All over his hand
Now petting her
Gushing geyser.

Now over, he climbs up
To her where
He wraps her
In his arms,
And together
They fall into
A passion filled sleep
Of erotic plateaued bliss.

Written by SensualDesires83
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