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Mutual Stories


Open-minded Roommates: Self-pleasure Night

Sometimes (self)-pleasure is all they need after a rough week.

Since the day Kim and Sarah first masturbated together, it became a common occurrence. It was nice, but due to their class schedule and coursework, they were often in a rush, which frequently necessitated a quickie. One exception to this rule was their bi...

Open-minded Roommates: Sarah Gets Home Early

Two weeks after introducing the new house rule, Sarah gets a surprise upon getting home early.

Sarah walked home with a spring in her step, relieved that her last class for the week got canceled. Her phone buzzed in her pocket right as Sarah unlocked the door of her home, which she shared with Kim, her roommate. Sarah halted to check her messages;...

A Walk in the Park

A simple walk through the woods turns into a frisky event with a new friend.

Leaves and long grasses brushed against my legs as I walked down the forest path. It was a tranquil place, the only sounds being birdsong and my footsteps. A private place as well, for I had yet to encounter another soul on my walk. In the quiet, my mind...

Eye to Eye

Their overnight date away from the kids didn’t start off the way they had expected.

The motel room was small but it was clean (since it was clean enough for Becky, it was certainly clean enough for me) and it fit our limited budget. The show at the casino (an additional twenty miles down the road) was not going to be anything spectacular...


In the mountains two quartets discover the wonder of same-sex love

  I don't care what they say; there's no better way to be intimate with three other people than to join a string quartet. Just how intimate I didn't find out till three years out of college. We'd met at the academy. I (Melissa) and my husband Jocelyn, the...

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Cumming Together

A classroom video chat becomes a mutual masturbation chat

“What the hell’s going on in there?” her father asked outside her bedroom. “Fuck,” she said, sitting up, dropping her sweater, closing her legs, and waiting, panting for air. Elvia was behind her computer wearing only headphones, a blue, silk organza ribb...

Jerking Each Other In My Dorm

Going in detail about my best mutual masturbation experience with another guy

I'd been waiting with my shirt off for after putting on some deodorant, making sure I looked and smelled decent. I had so much precum from our text conversation and imagining us stroking together in my dorm while waiting for him to show up. I put on a cle...

Sex and Bird Watching

Her face is lit with a devious innocence behind eyes that speak to me a thousand silent ways.

Somewhere along the way, I decide that drinking is the best way to cope – best being the operative word. Sure, I go to sleep happily sedated in some whiskey-induced high that distorts the shit my life seems to be wallowing in. It brings out all the things...

Two months later

A continued exploration of a new dynamic between husband and wife as they explore a fantasy.

Our sex life was on fire after the evening with Brad. We would talk about the "incident" with regularity at night. We were now having sex every night during the week and 2-3 times a night during the weekend. This pace hadn’t stopped since, and it was wort...

Fulfilling A Fantasy

An evening in leads to a lifetime of masturbation fuel...

Jayne and I had been good friends for a few years, having met at work. She's lovely with long shiny brown hair and a figure to die for. I was always very jealous of her large 36D boobs and they were often a source of amusement between us, always comparing...

Park Bench Adventure

A lunchtime mutual masturbation encounter in a public park

I work in an office in the centre of a small town and, at lunchtimes, I like to get out of the office and go for a walk. I like to go down to the nearby park, picking up a sandwich on the way and sit on a bench till it's time to get back. Now, I admit tha...

Janis Wants To Be Watched

Hot older woman wants to be watched by her young neighbor

I finally looked up to survey the room. After struggling to hold the door open while pushing my laundry basket inside, I instantly felt my face blush as I recognized the woman who was folding her lingerie quietly in the otherwise empty room. It wasn’t the...